Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval stands with transgendered Nevada National Guardsman

The proof is in the pudding.

Military organizations have been a bastion of racism, prejudice, and intolerance for literally thousands of years. As humans evolved from hunter gatherers to agriculture based societies, there was a need for a warrior class that would defend the clan and crops or capture new territory. Military institutions would evolve from spears and sticks to robots, digital battlefields, body armor, and GPS guided surveillance drones.  Even then, militaries across the globe strive for complete standardization and identity-less troops. Basic training is designed to tear down an individual and remake the individual into a homogenous identity-less person that meets rigid physical and mental standards.  During basic training, strong willed individuals that cannot adapt to the military pathos are removed.

Examples of extreme prejudice in the military are how the Irish were treated during the Mexican American war, the Confederate army executing black union soldiers or the Strategic Air Command’s indifference to black oppression.

In much regard, military organizations naturally default to the principals of Maslow’s hierarchy. A big part of being part of a military organization is belonging. Then again ignorant people with low self-esteem are the first to engage in exclusion.

Over the past several years, the US military has worked hard to reduce institutionalized racism, sexism, and intolerance.  The benefits are manifested in a much more cohesive fighting force and a much more positive work environment where people work together. The focus on the individual must be defined via content of character, works, and deeds. We have to look at an individuals performance and how they actually get the job done. In the case of a Nevada National Guardsman, that individual seems to adhere to a high standard of conduct, military bearing, and task oriented competence. In addition, the Nevada National Guard has money, time and training invested in the individual. It would be a detriment to unit readiness to force this person out of the military because of gender dysphoria.

However, the Obama era transgender policy encouraged folks with gender dysphoria to join the military for free transgender reassignment surgery.  After 18 months, an individual could request gender reassignment. Of course, that individual would then not be eligible for deployment for up to 18 months.   Instead of diligently training for their primary job, their focus would be on gender reassignment etc.  Some military schools cost the tax payer upwards of a million dollars for training. The unit then spends countless man hours training an individual to do their assigned job in the military. Aviation jobs in the military require focused individuals that can fix aviation assets  competently anywhere in the world or people die.

In a time of intense war ops tempo and world wide deployment, we cannot tolerate folks that cannot be deployed and carry their weight. Otherwise, other folks have to pick up the slack. This is not fair to others because ” intense ops tempo” as a negative effect on the organization, families, and the mental health of the individual. This effects unit morale and ultimately Veterans Administration spending etc.

It is clear that Sgt. Sam Hunt is a very sharp troop that takes the job seriously. This individual also engages superior interaction skills, is positive, and speaks very well.  If he does the job to an acceptable standard, this individual must be retained and treated with professional indifference and tolerance. This.s called intelligence and dedication. It is called acceptance of the facts.

As we all know, the military is full of soldiers that just do enough to get by, engage ghetto level communication skills, and never amount to a hill of beans. Someone has to rise to the occasion. Hunt seems to be a competent patriot, that is proud to be in uniform, and takes the job seriously.  This is called a human asset that contributes. Lets us employ the better aspects of our angels.

Good luck!

My old 728th commander, I used to fly with… I learned from the best….



Mari N. St. Martin
Communications Director
(775) 684-5670

CARSON CITY, NV – July 27, 2017“Yesterday, upon learning of the President’s Twitter announcement that transgender individuals will no longer be allowed to serve in the United States military, I immediately requested information on what protections the State could put into place for those individuals serving in the Nevada National Guard. Under advisement of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, I have directed the Nevada National Guard to make no modifications to the current policy, unless instructed to by the Secretary of Defense. Nevada has a long history of treating our military and veteran community with the dignity and honor they deserve. In the past I’ve signed into law protections for these vulnerable communities, including Senate Bill 148 which requires the Nevada Department of Veterans Services to provide resources for LGBT veterans that were dishonorably discharged because of sexual orientation or gender identity.

As Commander in Chief of the Nevada National Guard, I support Guardsman Hunt and am thankful for his longstanding service to our state and country. We will serve all of the members of our military as well as they  serve us and give them the full respect they have earned. They deserve nothing less.”   — Governor Brian Sandoval  





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North Korea: Deploying more THAAD systems, the Aegis cruiser, and high velocity kinetic energy weaponry.

There is no need for saber rattling about North Korea

The height of utter idiocy is requiring an environmental impact study before deploying more THAAD systems in South Korea?

Kim Jong Un threatens a nuclear strike on the US on a weekly basis. Now, according to some experts, North Korea can hit the US with ICBMs.

It is time for the US military to deploy as many THAAD batteries in South Korea as possible. In addition, The US Navy must deploy and rotate copious Aegis cruisers off of North Korea.

It used to be that MAD or “mutually assured destruction” included a ban on anti ballistic missile systems. It was said that anti ballistic missiles made nuclear war more feasible. However, in today’s world,  the US must maintain a robust R&D and deployment program as it relates to anti ballistic missile systems and technologies. In addition, the THAAD and Aegis systems must have nuclear artillery tipped anti ballistic missile capability.  This would improve the kill capability of both systems to 100 percent. The alternative is a “Fat Man or Little Boy” nuclear payload being delivered to  Seattle and killing a million people.

By now, all of North Korea’s nuclear production sites have been mapped via GPS.  The US Navy must have an all UAV carrier that is capable of launching hundreds of disposable UAVs with high fragmentation explosives and bunker busters.  We also need a robust arsenal of  40,000-pound bunker busters. This would allow a conventional strike against North Korea’s massive anti aircraft battery system.  Otherwise, the US would lose copious aircraft during a retaliatory conventional air power strike.

America and South Korea do not want a war with North Korea. Kim Jong Un is so unhinged that he would use nuclear weapons on the US or Japan if attacked by South Korea.

Of course, America would have no alternative but to turn North Korea into a sheet of glass.

America must be able to eliminate the North Korean ICBM threat before it starts a greater nuclear war. It has been at least ten years since the DOD successful intercepted a medium range ballistic missile with an anti ballistic missile off of Kwageleen.  In addition, the Navy has developed an electro magnetic gun system that can shoot several kinetic energy fragmentation projectiles 100 miles at Mach 7. This technology could be deployed on the South Korean peninsula at hardened locations.

While the offensive use of nuclear weapons has always been out of the question, a reliable ABM system is essential to America’s national security.

In the case of North Korea, the concept of MAD or mutually assured destruction is not a consideration. We must be able to eliminate any North Korean nuclear threat or offensive nuclear action, and then turn North Korea into an ashtray if they chose to attack us.  It would be like the scene in Shane where Stonewall pulls his gun and then gets blown away because he was stupid…Kim Jong Un has stepped up to the nuclear plate, so America is no-longer limited to conventional means.  This time there won’t be a Chosin reservoir, a Pusan perimeter,  or a million Chines troops coming across the river,  only a North Korean wasteland.


Lastly, our status with North Korea has not changed. Kim Jong Un knows that if he ever uses a nuclear weapon, the US will have the moral high ground to launch a nuclear counter strike.  This nuclear counter strike would destroy every major military installation in North Korea. It would also kill hundreds of thousands of North Koreans and return the North Korean economy back to the stone age.

In reality, South Korea is not worthy of going to war over. They are just a pain in the ass at the end a super long military logistics chain. Moreover, It would take a military airlift campaign larger than Desert Storm to bolster American forces in the region.  So, we are best to sanction North Korea and wait them out. Korean troops are not like Iraqi soldiers. They will fight to the death. Instead of a conventional war, wait till he launches a nuke, shoot it down and then turn North Korea into a sheet of glass.  Another scenario is to simply withdraw American troops and let the Koreans figure out their own destiny.





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The US Federal: government a clear and present danger to the American dream

The Dotcom bust and 911 were a grotesque catalyst for change in America. Politicians were coerced via political donation streams to expand every manner of the Federal bureaucracy.  George  W. Bush would get the ball rolling by the wholesale creation of the Computer surveillance industrial complex in addition to the Department of Homeland Security.  he then absconded the 4th Amendment and shit on our Bill of Rights. Next, curious George would start the Iraq war and perpetuate the destabilization of the Middle East.  The Bush Doctrine was code for perpetual war profits.

Barack Obama, the one-time anti war candidate, would come out of the closet and declare himself a neocons’ neocon and double down on all things Bush. he would surge in both Iraq and Afghanistan and spend more money on war than any other president in history.  In Afghanistan, the cost per kill would exceed millions. Of course, Barack would turn his back on Iraq and allow radical Sunni Islam to reclaim land and control they had lost.  He would attack Libya for Hillary Clinton. Remnants of the Clinton days and Bill Clinton’s miserable attempt at taking the publics mind off of the cum stained blue dress screwing interns with a cigar. The Obama foreign policy would result in the accelerated Islamification of Europe, rapes, and terrorism.  he would then seek to import sleeper cell Jihadists in order to justify Bluffdale Utah.

Not to be out done, Barack Obama would not read “the Affordable Care Act” and introduce America to the government takeover of healthcare. He would establish the healthcare industrial complex and the 4th rail of politics.  Then Obama’s welfare warfare elite could then vote for their entitlement at an enormous cost to working Americans. The democratic socialists believe that free health care is a right and those that make a livable wage have to pay for it. In Washington state, Obamacare premium costs would triple in cost from $250 a month to over $800 for a 50-year-old healthy female. The wealth redistribution scam did not end there. For folks who sold a house for capital gain had to then pay back Obamacare premium subsidies.

Obamacare is a wealth redistribution scam that takes as much cash fuel out of the private sector as possible. When people have to pay 3 times as much for health care, it will eventually kill off the American economy.

Lastly, Americans must rise up and take a chainsaw to the Federal leviathan. They are a Clear and present danger to the American dream and a lavish Jabba the Hut parasite that needs to be reduced at every level.

Lets first start by the complete repeal of the Obamacare industrial complex.

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Trump putting an end to the absurdity of the Obama era LGBT movement

In reality, the “Don’t ask don’t tell” policy in the military was a good policy. This allowed homosexuals to serve in the military free of harassment by homophobic soldiers.  In addition, their path to unit acceptance, preeminence, and promotion would not be clouded with oppressive views by those that are in the power construct. Then, once they have completed a 20-year career and earn all the lucrative bells of whistles of a military retirement, they can be as gay or lesbian as they want without fear of being discharged etc.

Of course, Barack Obama would react to the LGBT movement in order to secure a very profitable LGBT political donation stream. Gays and Lesbians under Obama were granted the right to marry and serve openly in the military. For many folks, marriage will always be between a man and a woman.

Barack Obama went beyond common sense when he attempted to poddy train the entire  United States education system with the idea that an LGBT individual could use any bathroom they chose.  In fact, he was introducing and encouraging “gender confusion and gender conflict”  in our school system. In essence, he was encouraging state run entities to teach gender conflict issues and open the door to dysphoria for our impressionable children.  This would be akin to turning the entire school system into a  massive LGBT recruiting leviathan. This social engineering plan is completely counter to folkways and morays of thousands of years. Moreover, it is not the job of the state to encourage gender confusion. It is the role of the family to decide what is best for their children.  The school system is only there to teach reading writing and arithmetic and prepare students for vocational training or college. Sexual education should only encompass the reproductive system and how to engage in safe sex etc.

Barack Obama doubled down on all things LGBT when he pushed the Pentagon into providing sex change operations for military personnel with gender dysphoria. Hence, anyone that wanted a free sex change could join the military. Then after 18 months, they could have the surgery performed.  The costs would be enormous. In addition, a sex-changed soldier would not be deployable for up to 18 months.

Another aspect of the military funding sex reassignment surgery relates to VA benefits. Many individuals that have sex reassignment surgery are subject to mental illness, and depression. So not only would transgendered first termers not be deployable through out most of their first  4 years,  as well as the costs associated with reassignment, they could be granted VA benefits for the mental health issues related to Pentagon provided reassignment surgery.

Part of military service is being mentally and physically prepared for worldwide deployment. When a soldier is fixated on gender dysphoria, and sexual reassignment, they are incapable of being part of a cohesive fighting unit. This is not the case for Gays and lesbians. The only issue they have to contend with is unit acceptance.

Donald Trump put his foot down on Obama’s over the top LGBT theatrics for campaign donation streams. The military cannot be exploited for sexual reassignment surgery. People with gender dysphoria would become an economic burden and undeployable.  If they want a sex change operation, they can go to Trinidad.

The LGBT crowd will have to be satisfied with marriage equality and Gays and Lesbians being able to serve openly in the Armed Forces. As far as encouraging gender dysphoria in our school system, that is not the job of the US education system. .


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Consolidating Medicare/Medicaid and getting rid of Obamacare

Obamacare must be shitcanned!

The Democratic party has been responsible for creating most of the Federal national debt.  While Social Security is an appropriate program and safety net, many of the other programs are costly, unsustainable and drive up the national debt.

Obamacare is a wealth redistribution program that tripled policy costs on Washington state residents.  Prior to Obamacare, a healthy 50-year-old female could get a Washington state sponsored policy for $250 a month. This included dental and vision.  Obamacare policies now cost over $800 without subsidies, hence, a family of two 50-year-olds must pay $1600 a month for two policies.  This is basically $18000 a year or close to 40% of the average household income in America. Of course, those who pay zero taxation and show a low-income status either get Obamacare for almost free or Medicare etc.  Then, when someone sells a house for a capital gain,  they have to pay back Obamacare subsidies. In reality, Obamacare has taken at least 25% of a family’s discretionary income and given it to those that pay zip into the safety net or Federal taxation. It sanctions those with a livable income and rewards those that give nothing to the greater good. It has also created a 4th rail of politics.

In addition to paying huge Obamacare premiums, our Middle class pays more and more for senior health care.  Over the years, workers have paid into   Medicaid/Medicare, however, the payroll deductions are only a slight fraction of the true cost of these programs.  Seniors on Medicare only pay a fraction of Medicare outlays via extremely artificially low premium costs. The remaining balance is then slipped to our children in the form of national debt. This is called generational theft. So, while Obamacare recipients pay artificially high health care policy costs, seniors pay artificially low policy costs and the balance slipped to the children.

Because of senior citizens vote, politicians never vote for Medicare premium cost increases. Meanwhile, those that do not vote have had their healthcare delivery vehicle bastardized and their children’s wrists chained to the loom of big government and the products of Democratic Socialism.

Barack Hussien Obama has created the 4th rail of politics where a demographic can vote for free entitlements.   Now, the so-called conservative Republican politicians are kowtowing to Obamacare in addition to massive increases for the military industrial complex.

The DC politicians propensity to maintain their own power construct is destroying the American dream.  Donald Trump has fallen into the status quo of doing  DC business instead of being a good one term president that takes a wood chipper to the Federal leviathan and it’s massive welfare warfare state.

The reality is that Obamacare must be eliminated.

The reality is that Medicare policy costs must be increased to reflect the true cost of senior care. Most Medicare recipients pay only $134 a month for $10,000 a year in Medicare health care costs.

The reality is that we must reduce the Federal parasite before it kills the host and the American dream.

The reality is that the Democratic Socialists want all  American family non-discretionary income directed at freebies for their voting block and away from the job creating private sector.  This means that people who pay nothing into the greater good can vote for their own entitlement at the behest of others.

Medicare and Medicaid can be fixed to a great extent by the following measures:

  1. Increase Medicare policy costs on seniors  “$250 a month”
  2. Population based block grants to states
  3. Need-based Medicaid requirements
  4. State control of Medicaid
  5. Insurance across States lines
  6. Complete repeal of Obamacare now!
  7. Tax credits for healthcare insurance
  8. %50 subsidies system for low-income families
  9. Minimum $200 policy cost for Medicaid
  10. Medicaid back up rider policy  insurance for pre -existing conditions

“When the people find that they can vote themselves money that will herald the end of the republic.”

― Benjamin Franklin

Ten Years of Health Insurance Table


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Design ideas for the Walker River State Park

When a massive volume of water evaporated from Walker Lake due to an extended Nevada drought,   residents in Mineral county turned to the Walker River “elbow” for fishing. Even then, it would not take long to catch all the fish. Now that the East Walker river will become a state park, here are a few ideas:

The 26 miles or so between Yerington and the elbow should have an 8-foot paved bike path.  This would allow bicyclists to ride a 50-mile round trip. In addition, there should be bicyclists use only tent campground 13 miles in.  The first 3 miles at each end should have motorized vehicle roads and 100 pull through RV spots.

As part of the Walker River State Park, there should be a trout fish hatchery.

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Time for Susan Hutchison to be the White house press secretary?

A whole lot of Republicans weren’t too happy when President Trump hired Sean Spicer as White House press secretary. While Spicer’s Republican outreach is admirable, his demeanor as press secretary was like a bull shitting in a China shop. In addition, his power hungry political control freak issues might work in a back office, but not on the national stage.

It is time for Donald to look at Susan Hutchison for White House press secretary. In the scheme of things, if Spicer is a 3 as it relates to communication prowess, Susan Hutchison in a 9.9. In addition, she would change the entire press secretaryship into something positive.







Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval becomes chair of the Governors Association


Like an Energizer Bunny on steroids and Tesla batteries,  Brian Sandoval continues his ascent within the Republican party.  Even  Colorado governor  John Hickenlooper has a smile on his face as Vice President Mike Pence congratulates the Silver State Executive on his newly elected chairmanship of the Governors Association.  Mike Pence’s eye contact with Sandoval speaks a thousand words. Apparently, Mike Pence realizes that Nevada’s first Hispanic governor represents 70% of the West’s Latino vote. He understands that this really bodes well for Republicans for 2020 and 2024.

The picture below is also a harbinger for 2020 politics.  John Hickenlooper, Colorado’s governor, is a moderate centrist and could possibly be the front runner for the Democratic party as it relates to a presidential bid in 2020. By 2020, the Democratic party will have exorcised Clinton dynastic politics. While Bernie Sanders,  the socialist fraud is looking at another run in 2020, Americans are looking for a traditional moderate centrist like Hickenlooper and not commiserating socialists like Bernard.

Governor Brian Sandoval or “Sunny” maintains an impressive positive demeanor and social outreach.  He always defaults to the positive and shuns negativity or placing blame. 

However, just below the surface of this kindred spirit lies a very talented and disciplined political animal. Currently, the Silver State exec is posturing to become the locus of control for  Republican clean energy politics.  He understands that solar power will employ utter thousands of fit Hispanics who make up the bulk of the alternative energy workers pool in the great West. In 2008, the Democrats absconded the environmental movement when Ralph Nader dissolved into insignificance. Today, Brian Sandoval is cultivating and will harvest millions of environmentally friendly Hispanic voters.

Sandoval will represent solid environmentalism, efficient health care systems, education, and 70% of the Hispanic vote.

Blah blah blah blah!

Anyways, after spending the spring and part of the summer in Boulder County, Colorado doing a remodel, it is time to head back to Tacoma and finish up the barbershop. I will probably attend the Gardnerville event but don’t expect me to approach anyone.  I have demonstrated my dedication to outreach and that is as far as it goes.  Then it is down to Pahrump, up to Beaver Utah and back to Colorado to break ground on my custom home build.  I am now dabbling in becoming a contractor. In March, we sell another house in Tacoma.   I also have to get some VA blood work done to see if my weight loss in Colorado from construction work has had an effect on my sugar levels. Either way, I need to lose another 20 pounds.

Veterans go on to lead by example in the private sector. We exploit the promise of America. A promise that we laid down our lives for.

The Raiders suck!

Go Broncos!









Trump leading us into great days of prosperity

Gas and diesel here in Colorado are $2.10 a gallon. Once Donald trump became president, all the Republicans with hard earned money came out of the wood work to invest in Colorado. All around the front range, new home building has become in earnest. This is what happens when

This is what happens when a  divisive wealth redistributing community activist whose greatest private sector achievement was buying a house leaves office.  Of course, Obamacare tripled policy costs on hard working Americans and steals housing capital gains as well. If the American economy is truly going to be great again, the Federal leviathan must be reduced. Obamacare must be eliminated,  and capital gains tax reduced to 15%.

Meanwhile, the trump-meister is losing weight and looking handsome.

It is time for the Senate and House to go full  “Stiglitz” on the divisive democratic socialists signature wealth redistributing Obamacare full retail health care ass raping fiasco and start over.


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Tim Tebow batting .327

Even though Tim Tebow could not hit the broadside of a barn when he was the quarterback for the Denver Broncos, he was exciting to watch. Many Bronco fans looked forward to another season with Tebow at the helm. Tebow made us forget Josh McDaniels, Jay pussy Cutler. and the pathetic duo of Kyle Orton and Chris Simms.  Of course, John Elway decided to go with Peyton Manning, and Broncoville was blessed with  4 seasons of hall of fame play.

Tim Tebow would fail in New York and be rejected by the Patriots as well, but he kept trying.  Then after a stellar performance during the preseason with the Philadelphia Eagles, he would again be cut ending his NFL career for good.  Many of us thought that he could still be successful with another NFL team that could adapt to his playing style. That would not be the case.  Instead, Tim would look at a career in baseball with all the doubters in trail.

Today, Tim is batting .327!

Today, Tim Tebow is strongly poised to become a Major League Baseball player. When he is, he will have millions of people thrilled to see him play.

Good job Timmie!!!

Tim Tebow is a refreshing character and a diamond in the rough. While Americans are being bombarded with media fake news and filth along with all manner of violence and contempt for order, Tim Tebow maintains discipline and optimism.  While many in society blame society for their failings, Tim Tebow is in the trenches, setting goals, practicing and executing with tenacity. He leads by example and always puts his best foot and demeanor forward.  he is about fair play and leadership that our children can respect and emulate.  Tim Tebow’s  good character runs deep, and he is a wonderful example of a humanbeing.

It is not how many times one is knocked down, but how many times we get up, brush ourselves off, and get back in the saddle. Tim Tebow defines American exceptionalism and our children can look up to him.

Thank You, Tim, for staying your course!!! You are an inspiration to all of us….