My Nevada style Tarzan yell

As a child of the deserts and mountains of Nevada, I often practiced my Tarzan yell between the activities of Lizard hunting, and running amok or mucking out a horse stall.  The TV show Tarzan was a mainstay along with Johnny Quest, Bonanza, Gun smoke, and Dactari.

Today, I employ my excellent Tarzan yell to call conservatives so we can combat the idiots in the  DC jungle and folks like “Simple Kevin.”

Lastly, if the gal that published “Confessions of a Serial slut” can make money, I think from Babbitt to Baghdad  ( growing up in the Sweet promised land) can make some cashish and hit tens of thousands of Nevada voters…I could be wrong. What do you think Adam? A simple phone call neutralizes my honest power.  Maybe you can talk with Simple Kevin about Groom Mine? he could then have a session with Simple Sessions!

Flying M has a really nice airport. Awesome location for political retreats in a primitive area.





Understanding the mental boundry of the synchronicity.

For me, writing is a way of corraling the thoughts that course through my mind every second of the day. Writing about my robust military service from 1977 to 2006 has been therapeutic. As a c-141C Flight Engineer in the Air Force with 4200 flying hours, I was at the tip of the sword. I had gone from roaming the vast deserts of Nevada where every canyon was investigated to roaming the earth and investigating every manner of culture. 4200 flying hours on the C-141C Starlifter equates to about 1.7 million miles of world travel in support of our national interest or 25 times around the world.

When the C-141C was retired in 2005, I would retire in 2006. For the next 5 years, I would suffer from separation anxiety disorder.  I was used to processing world knowledge from a fire hose. My knowledge base for current events was massive compared to the average US citizen. When the fun meter was pegged during the Iraq war, my BP freaked and my mind became of manifestation of Pavlov’s dog. Whenever I even thought about rejoining the military, I would salivate and regress into anxiety and mental disorder. But then again, my father who was swirling the drain of Agent Orange death still wanted to be in uniform and serve his country.

So, there I was, a very intelligent human with a deep creative mind and packed full of worldly information. The cost of my world education would cost the tax payer’s utter millions.

Republicans believe in the knowledgeable and educated voter. Intellectuals are the first to get the gas chamber when a country plunges into chaos and regime change. We saw this in Germany, Russia, China,  as well as Cambodia, just to name a tiny few. However, the neocon power structure likes to recruit and elevate their own candidates for hire office. They do not want intelligence and worldly knowledge, they want a pretty face that can only regurgitate their neocon dogma. Of course, they will always call the candidacy grassroots which is an insult to all Americans and the idea of free elections.  If however, a purely grassroots candidate runs a few times, they are called a perennial candidate by the same people who pick and choose special interest backed candidates. This is called a Catch 22.

To date, I have gone from a fraction of a percent to about 8% without any support from the Republican power structure whatsoever.  I am now on the radar along with writing a book. In addition, I have close to a million in cash on hand, as well as, the ability to leverage way over a million. Should I gain the Republic nomination for the Washington 6th district, I will force the democratic socialists into raising money. I will have etched out my piece of history and will then move on.

Before I wrote the B-17 story, I did not know who Dean Heller was. I pulled the story’s content out of my vast mind and ability to put it on paper. In my writing, there are coincidences beyond belief from the colors of a horse to a fine female ass in some nice Levi jeans.  The  Brodhead story includes a robust relationship with the LDS folks from the Mormon Battalion to Genoa, Nevada, the Utah territory and the first Utah capitol building. The final kicker was the Brodhead Heller House in Pennsylvania.

I know the limits of my sanity. There are mental borders that I will not cross. You fellas read my shit and you tell me what the hell is going on?

From Babbitt to Baghdad was written before our American history was attacked by the Alt left etc. Our story parallels what is happening to this country to a T.  August 6th.  Am I the only one hearing mother liberty ringing the bell? Are we going to let the Alt left and radical groups sucker punch the American dream on our own free soil?

Yeah, call me a perennial candidate. I will fight for liberty until I die. Just like we have for 350 years on this continent. I am here to keep us on the tracks. My honesty, integrity and even keeled common sense are second to none. When we base our existence on honesty to a fault, we become stronger as individuals and as a country.  The strongest arguments are formulated from a strong base of reality and honesty. We learned this from the Chery tree.  So, pick up the phone and call the US DOJ about Groom mine getting a jury trial. Let us maintain the honesty and integrity of Laxalt/Nevada and “The Sweet promised land!”

Simple Kevin has a history of elevating simple jacks that regurgitate the shit that is put in front of them…They always lose and make the republican party look like asses.

I got no place else to go!!!!

Now if you will excuse me, I have to plan my week and fix some rentals before going back to Colorado and building a house for cash in a million dollar neighborhood.


My Nevada Tarzan  Yell can be heard here. .

Bronco Kyle Sloter needs an NFL agent

So, even though Kyle Sloter is a completion rate king, Elwood is sticking with Osweileresque Paxton Lynch as second string QB.  The Broncos will string Sloter along during the pre-season and then offer him a $40,000 job on the practice squad.  This is basically a one bedroom apartment in a low rent district in Denver and three bowls of rice a day for the Montana arm.

Elwood is quite stingy when it comes to paying quarterbacks. I would call his bluff. While Elwood is a Hall of Fame QB and epic team manager, he is not always right, so don’t give him power over your self-concept.

If I am Kyle Sloter, I get an NFL agent and throw out some feelers. I would only accept a backup QB position and at least $1 million contracts with a 1/2 million guaranteed money.  It is guaranteed that the Patriots and other NFL teams have Sloter on the radar.

It is guaranteed that the Patriots and other NFL teams have Sloter on the radar.

Meanwhile, Osweiler is sucking in Cleveland and is circling the drain. Of course, he will take millions back to Montana and probably not give a shit. Maybe give Cleveland a call….

As it is, Paxton Lynch should be headed to the practice squad…


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Bibi meets with Putin

When I was just a wee lad growing up in Nevada, I had to find things to do to occupy myself. We only had two TV stations and AM radio. There was no internet and Atari computers were a decade away. So, as a child of the Nevada deserts and mountains, I had to find other morose things to do for fun.

Nevada has copious different species of ants. They come in all sizes and colors. The most interesting Nevada ant is the huge red Fire ant. It comes with huge jaws and a very robust and effective stinker. There are, however, a black species of huge ants in Nevada as well. The desert in Nevada is dotted copiously with ant hills.

If one disturbed a Fire ant hill, within seconds, all the warrior ants would exit the holes to investigate. Soon there would be hundreds of warrior ants running amok looking for something to sting or dismember.  Once there were millions of ants running to and fro, we would shovel them up and put them in a paper bag. Next, the contents of the bag would be transported to either a big black species ant hole or a small ant species hole. We would then dump a hundred warrior fire ants on another ant colony. Of course, millions of opposing warrior ants would attack the  Fire ants and an epic battle would ensue. The big ants would go 1 or 2 on one, while the small black ants would attack a single red Fire ant with a dozen troops.  The red Fire ant would put up a huge fight and pinch copious little black ants in half. Once the battle and carnage were over, the corpses of the fallen would be dragged into the hole for consumption. This same strategy was levied on the Middle East. But unlike Fire ants that would fight to the last ant, copious Muslim men ran to Europe leaving their families behind. One could also assert that the current BLM/Antifa versus Republicans is kind of the same strategy.  Bus in some leftists and drop them in a white supremacist shithole and watch the media dismember and divide the minds in American society. While the carnage ensues, send 4000 troops to Afghanistan? The neocons and Democratic Socialists know how to manipulate and exploit the various ant hills. They have elevated it to an art form.

Sending 4000 additional troops to Kabul is kind of a superb bait and switch. It is also a litmus test to gauge public reaction to the emergence of the heinous machinations of the Pence style neocon. It is not about winning, it is about $100,000 C-17 sorties and exploiting war for profit. Today, Mike Pence is the brain bug behind the post-Obama rise of the neocon agenda. He just did a shopping for wars tour in South America and came up empty handed. In order to satiate his war mongering military industrial complex donor list, they offered up 4000 more troops to a 16-year-old $trillion war.

Mike Pence fancies himself an effective leader with superior altruistic international relations skills. He can deliver a line of bullshit like a Hollywood movie star. He is not believable. He is a dyed in the wool Bush donor-list cock sucking neocon. His foreign policy has no rhyme or reason. It isn’t about world leadership. It is about finding avenues for war profit. As we recall, Trump’s campaign donations dried up until he put a neocon on the ticket, and then the money flowed like the Truckee in January. Now the donor list wants payback and has sent the neocon errand boy out to find a war. Pence was a piece of shit when he was in the senate. Now he is a piece of shit as VP.  He is like a Pseudo conservative Republican version of LBJ waiting for the reigns of neocon power.

It won’t be long before Pence engineers a CIA backed gun and weapon running scheme to Venezuela. South American leaders put him in his place as it relates to military intervention in Venezuela. Pence forgot about the massive refugee crisis his neocon agenda created. he now wants to do the same thing in South America. Not learning from his own neocon mistakes makes him dangerously inept on the world stage and a dick.

Another epic battle would be between a locusts and Fire ants.  The trick was to pluck the jumping legs off before disturbing the ant hill. Once the ants were running amok, one dropped the grasshopper at the opening of the hole.  In just a tiny moment, a dozen fire ants would be all over the Locust stinging and clawing.   The Locust would forget that his legs had just been violently pulled from his torso once a Fire ant sunk his stinger into his eyeball. Of course, the Locust would kill a few of the ants while attempting to flee with 50 ants on his back.  Within a few minutes, the grasshopper would be subdued, then the harvesting would commence.   It would not be long before every scrap of the grasshopper was down the hole.

Big Fire ants and big Black ants are like Sunni and Shiite Muslims. All you have to do is pull the legs off of people like Saddam Hussein, and the ant hills attempt to kill each other off. The world buys some popcorn, kicks back and watches intently as the Islamists destroy each other. While the two religions are killing each other off, they cannot unite.  Simply a rudimentary and brutal way of undermining the balance of power in a region. Of course, we then must consider the Iranian ants.

Lastly, the Brodhead name is a name of honor. We have helped build this country and our legacy makes Pence look like a stupid inconsequential neo con opportunist nincompoop. I made my millions in the private sector. I do not have to kiss anyone’s ass. As an intellectual educated in Mineral County, Nevada,  I know a bullshitter when I see one.  My dad would say”That’s how the pickle squirts!”   See you in Gardnerville or maybe not….


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PM Netanyahu said at the outset of his meeting today with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Sochi Russia


Photo by Alexey Gromov Click Here to Enlarge Picture

“Mr. President, I thank you for our meetings today, as they are important for Israel and Russia. I take this opportunity to also thank you for the pensions agreement, which benefits citizens of both countries and for your personal decision to help our Red Army veterans of World War II. We, and I, never forget the historic role that Russia and the Red Army played in defeating the Nazis. We say that at every opportunity, and it was recently also said in the Knesset.

As you know, Mr. President, that is the reason I initiated the construction of a monument in Netanya commemorating the Red Army and its involvement in the Second World War, a monument which you personally unveiled. And in that context, Israel obviously has no objection to including Russia in the Sobibór Memorial Site. A Jewish officer in the Red Army led the heroic uprising, and he is a national hero, for good reason, in Israel and in Russia.

Mr. President, in the past few years we have met to discuss not only our bilateral ties – we are continuously working on them – but also the situation in the Middle East, which is now changing rapidly. Iran is increasing its efforts to establish its military foothold in Syria. That is dangerous for Israel, the Middle East and, I believe, the whole world. Iran is already in advanced stages of taking over Iraq and Yemen, and in effect it also controls Lebanon.

Mr. President, we are all defeating ISIS in a concerted international effort, and that is welcome. What is not welcome is Iran moving in everywhere ISIS moves out. We do not forget for one minute that Iran continues to threaten Israel’s destruction every day; it is arming terrorist organizations and is itself instigating terrorism; and it is developing intercontinental missiles with the goal of arming them with nuclear warheads. For all these reasons, Israel continues to oppose Iran’s entrenchment in Syria. We will defend ourselves in any way against this threat and any threat.”

leveraging lithium to sanction China

An important byproduct of the neocon’s anti-solar and pro-oil stance is the existence of a pathetically small lithium reserve.  While the US may have massive gas and oil reserves, its lithium reserves are a fraction of China’s. The worldwide demand for lithium is a vertical angle. The mineral allows electric cars to go 300 miles on a charge or power cell phones and lap tops for hours and possibly days.

The military also requires cutting edge batteries for all the high tech weaponry and computer related battlefield stuff.  Without lithium, the US military is at a very distinct disadvantage compared to the posture they enjoy today. Just try and use night vision goggles or a battlefield lap top with lead acid batteries.

China is on the cutting edge of battery production and all the technologies that go along with it. It is not clear if China’s manufacturing base could survive on just China’s lithium production. Would they be able to manufacture all the car batteries that their manufacturing base needs or would the absence of secure lithium logistics bring their economy to a stand still?

Mike Pence visited South America last week when North Korea was threatening Guam with an ICBM test.  He met with several leaders. A couple of these countries have massive lithium mining infrastructures. In fact, besides Australia, South America has most of the world’s known lithium reserves. Bolivia has a massive lithium area that sits at 11,000 feet. It can be seen from outer-space.

Expanding US trade with South America would benefit the Western hemisphere and isolate China. Should the large G20 nations put tariffs on lithium destined for China, they could cripple China’s battery business. Without these batteries, several sectors of Chinese industry would suffer tremendously.

Lithium must be treated as a resource that is very important to the US national interest. It is just like weapon system computer chips or fuel. We must start importing massive quantities of lithium and at least match China’s lithium reserves. Perhaps, the US should ask Chile, Bolivia, and Argentina to direct all lithium production to the US market for a period of 6 months.   In addition, it is within our national interest to subsidize lithium battery production.

A G20 lithium cartel could leverage China into bankrupting North Korea.



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There is no need to leave with honor from Afghanistan

I flew 227 out of McChord AFB. Here she is hauling the last of our military out of Vietnam.

There is no need to leave Afghanistan with honor because we all know it was simply a war for special interest to make money.  So,  playing the honorable exit caveat card is insulting and simply an ignorant premise that only low-level money hungry neo-con chimps will introduce! 

Donald Trump’s latest speech on Afghanistan was basically a rewrite of the Nixon strategy when he ran as an anti war candidate against Hubert Humphrey.  Of course, Nixon would change his mind on a quick troop withdrawal from Vietnam in favor of staying through out his first 4 years in the Whitehouse.Now, Trump is dusting off the Nixon playbook and is willing to abuse the War Powers act.

Barack Obama would also employ the Nixon strategy when he ran in 2008 against the pathological war monger John McCain.  Obama said the surge would not work and then surged in Iraq and Afghanistan.  In Iraq, Obama would honor the “Bush status of Forces agreement” and abandon Iraq. He would then turn his back as 3000 Sunni ISIS fighters took great swaths of Iraq and plundered Iraq banks of billions.  With ISIS at the door step of Baghdad, the Russians would sell the Iraqi government old Soviet made ground attack fighters. As it was, Iraq was on their own. In this case, there would be no fall of Saigon and the Shiite controlled government would hold on to power by their finger tips.

Obama, the closet neocon, would hand off the Afghanistan conflict to Donald Trump. Then as a shiny object to run interference of his inept handling of Charlottesville, Trump would announce a surge in Afghanistan. This decision reminds us of Bill Clinton attacking Moammar Gadaffi in order to take our minds off of Monica Lewinsky’s cum stained blue dress.Today, we now know what the meaning of IS IS is.

The trillion dollars that were spent in Afghanistan could have funded a massive anti ballistic missile program in the US. It could have funded a Long range strike bomber program and a new generation fighter program.

The six trillion spent on Iraq and Afghanistan could have built a  health care clinic system across the entire USA. Instead, we spent it on pissant Muslims 10,000 miles away that run from their posts.

The Taliban allowed Bin Laden to stay in Afghanistan for a couple million dollars. 911 was a direct result of US forces being in Saudi Arabia. Most of the 911 highjackers were from Saudi Arabia. In fact, some of the folks in the Saudi government were involved with the 911 highjackers.

Afghanistan could have been handled by a contingent of B-52s, B-1, and B2s along the lines of air power use in North Vietnam. Bomb the hell out of them and then leave them to their own devices. Instead, the US military industrial complex used Afghanistan as a remote training field at $100,000 a C-17 sortie. Now, Trump wants to leave with honor?  It does not matter if we leave now or 10 years from now. Afghanistan will revert back to its shithole-ness and buy its products from China. So, really, it is basically stupid imperialism. Moreover, nation building is based on lies. Bush junior would lie about using our military for nation building in 1999, attack Iraq, and send 18-year-olds door to door in Fallujah? Now there is a back log of 500,000 VA claims.  The political parties are willing to plunge our children into debt so their special interest donor list can make a little money on weapon sales.

How about simply abandoning Afghanistan. We can then all buy popcorn, kick back, and watch Afghanistan fold like South Vietnam. It would be a valuable history lesson for a nation that repeats the mistakes of the past.

As far as Trump. intelligent Republicans now have to take a pause in the face of Trump’s serial foo pas and executive malaise. Trump’s foreign policy is ridden with dangerous stupidity.  From not knowing what the nuclear triad was to surging in Afghanistan after 16 years of failed occupation? My word!!!

Let us start the Alt-centrist movement. A movement of intelligence and not stupidity.

The war pigs have screwed the Afghanistan war sow for all its worth. Now Trump wants to little dick the swine as a right of war powers act abuse passage.

Congratulations Trump, you are now a war pig and a neocon !

“And it’s one, two three, what are we fighting for don’t ask me I don’t give a damn next stop is Afghanistan!”

Special interest wars of choice are not honorable, they are “wars for profit”  while slipping the bill to our children, therefore, leaving Afghanistan with honor is a stretch of the imagination and a Catch 22. As it is, Donald Trump’s presidency is entering the stage of stupidity and has devolved to kissing the ass of the neocon. It is clear that Trump is creating T & T Enterprises.

All the kidding aside, Trump’s new strategy in Afghanistan is the inverse and opposite of William McChrystal’s assessment and strategy of winning the hearts and minds with 40,000 more troops. If we consider McChrystal’s position, Trump’s new strategy will create more opposition and more chaos and terrorism in Afghanistan. The Trump approach is completely disconnected from reality. But then again stupid people that espouse stupid foreign policy do not learn from other people’s mistakes. trump’s new strategy abandons endearment and hearts and minds in favor of terrorist killing in Afghanistan. The collateral damage will create more Afghanis willing to pick up and AK47 or strap bombs to their chest. If we consider McCrystals positions as sound truth, the Trump’s new strategic positions are inept and designed to create a worsening situation in Afghanistan. This would then create the premise that Afghanistan requires more troop involvement. Of course, this opens the door to mission creep.  The strategy employs the same inept strategies as Obama’s importation of Radical Islamist jihad sleeper cells with zero vetting in order to justify the wholesale surveillance of the American people. Create the conditions that allow for the maintenance of perpetual war in Afghanistan. This is called wagging the tail of the dog.

Lastly, the only way the budding Afghani government can fund a military sufficient to defeat the Taliban and maintain viability is via total state ownership of Lithium mining and trade. should the Taliban have control of lithium mining, it would be like Saddam Hussein and oil production for military hardware.

Is the trump strategy directed at US and corporate control of Afghanistan’s $3 trillion in lithium natural resources?