China sides with Trump against Kim Jong Un

My uncle Mike would lie about his age and join the Marine Corps at 16 years old during the Korean conflict. On his way to Korea, he would have liberty in Japan and visit the ruins of Hiroshima. While fighting in Korea, he would be captured by the North Koreans. For two years, he would remain in a North Korean POW camp. During this time, the North Koreans would torture him by pulling all of his teeth out. Uncle Mike at 18 years would finally escape when he and another prisoner overwhelmed a guard and took his weapon. They would then kill a few more. Just before he escaped the compound, he would kill the fella that tortured him.

Today, Donald Trump has done what every president since Truman has failed to do.  He has coerced China into a stand with the UN against North Korean  madness.  Wow, Trump and Truman. That is kind of weird….

Kudos for employing every manner of diplomatic sanctions and keeping your shit together.

Meanwhile, Black NFL players are taking a knee during the National Anthem and shitting on Old Glory.  The morally bankrupt liberal yellow press is foaming at the mouth.  The Millennials with zero moral compass don’t believe in anything.   Tim Tebow kneeling before God was unacceptable, but NFL players defecating on the flag in front of hundreds of millions of people was politically correct.

Kim Jong Un, the disgustingly heinous fat assed little rocket boy doesn’t look too happy. Instead of coming across the Yalu, the Chinese are freezing banking assets, halting trade activity, and sticking a diplomatic dick between his grotesque pouty little bitch lips.

It is really too bad that the North Koreans do not have the balls to shoot this brutal dictator between the eyes.  Maybe one of his teenaged sex slaves could step up and poison the son of a bitch.


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Kneeling Broncos adversely affecting Elway car dealerships

John Elway is in a conundrum.  Elwood does not have a Ford dealership. Today, Ford is making way better trucks versus Dodge and Chevy. In fact, Ford trucks are less expensive with better quality.

Over 50% of Bronco fans are Republican. Because John Elway allowed 32 Bronco players to shit on the flag, these Republicans will be buying Fords instead of Elwood transportation products.

While Elwood is a Colorado favorite son, he is not invincible.   Until I see a behavior change related to the 32 coddled overpaid Bronco players that shit on the flag, I won’t be considering a car or truck from Elway. Then again, I am a Ford man and would never consider Dodge or Chevy products. I will leave that to the Democratic Socialists and their Greek Columns at Mile high.

The 32 Bronco players that shit on the flag are doing a disservice to Colorado youth and validating inappropriate behavior.  As a conservative, I won’t be getting off on watching commiserating coddled and overpaid liberal political activists running around in leotards and catching a turd.

The NFL feels they have replaced religion as it is. Now they think that they are in charge of the groupthink and politics. Soon, instead of winning football games, they will be limelight seeking political activist morons that comment on everything.

Say, has Von Miller even made a sack in 8 or 9 games. Maybe you should send him on his way and get Shawn Phillips out of retirement. Maybe Mommas should let their children grow up to be Cowboys? As it is, if Von Miller has his face on a Ford dealership, I am not buying there. I don’t buy from folks that use Von Miller, the foul farting freak that shits on the flag. His politics stink like a Greeley feedlot.

Ford today, symbolizes the Party of Lincoln, emancipation, equal rights and strong families.  Chevy symbolizes stifling unions, commiseration, and bailouts. Von Miller stands for the BLM. Von Miller chose not to stand with the black female cop and mother of 3 that was executed by a BLM sympathizer. Maybe he should be selling used Chevrolets in Chicago?

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Time for Trevor Siemian to show task oriented leadership

I flew globally with the USAF and USAFRES for close to 2 decades.  As a C-141B and C Flight Engineer, I was expected to leave all my problems in the parking lot at the  Command  Post.  As soon as I threw my bags on the crew bus, it was all about completing the mission. It was not about the last fight with the wife or the D that the kid got a report card. It was not about politics, religion or economics. It was about going from point A to point B and delivering the cargo to the troops. It was about going into Baghdad at night without getting shot down and picking up 200 wounded. It was about respectfully transporting the flag-draped coffins of our patriots that gave their final measure for our freedoms.

The reason why the Broncos lost to the  Bills was that they had expended all of their mental focus and energy on making a statement during the National Anthem. They were more concerned with politics than football.

Trevor Siemian likes to limit the “Voices” well he allowed his team to engage a myriad of voices, and as a result, his passer rating was in the 50s and the Broncos lost to a lesser team.

Well, the Broncos can fixate on shitting on the flag or they can focus on playing football and winning the division. In fact, Trevor Siemian has utter millions riding on how he reunites the team and wins. He can remain lackadaisical as it relates to focusing his team and miss the playoffs or he can make the playoffs and earn a  5 year $100 million contract with an NFL team.

At this juncture, Peyton Manning would be chewing out the entire team because of last Sunday.

Trevor Siemian is going to have to show leadership so the 32 Broncos that kneeled during the National Anthem can pull their heads out of their asses.


BLM and NFL players versus conservatives, a glaring Catch 22

It used to be that there was an extraordinary bond between Bronco players and the families of Colorado. The behavior and lead by example demeanors of the players, whether black or white, were about mentorship, and role modeling for the family. This “Focus on the family and Colorado’s children was cherished and elevated.  The Bronco player exemplified and displayed positive character in front of the children. These positive postures were projected in order to better the mental health and educational endeavors of front range youth. We all need heroes.

Republican conservatives have always believed in strong families and strong family values. We believe that every household needs a mommy and a daddy. Every household must respect the pillars of society like teachers and police officers. We expect families to respect the rule of law, play by the rules, produce, and be accountable for their actions.

The Democratic Socialists believe that it “Takes a village!”  Well in this village, children without father figures are killing each other off. In this village, the children do not respect anyone or anything save a 9mm.  The rules of orderly society and opportunity have evolved into an epidemic of violence.  The sanctity of childhood robbed. The bond between responsible and appropriate police conduct and the village citizenry is broken. The role of the family undermined. Moreover, without family role models, and youth that are receptive to leadership, discipline, and learning,   we are creating generational social problems and generational liabilities. Sadly, some NFL players blame the symptoms on those that seek to fix the root cause of the problems with strong family values. They don’t blame those that exploit division and harvest other people’s tragedies. This makes these 32 Denver football players that kneeled during the National Anthem simply ignorant grandstanding morons.

NFL players are attacking Republicans when our platform supports the role of the family. What a Catch 22.

If the NFL players are so altruistic and morally superior to Donald Trump,  why not stand for the flag and kneel with law enforcement and Denver communities.  Why not lead by example in our school systems? This is what the Bronco player used to be about. They used to be about positive outreach and not misguided political grandstanding.

It is amazing how the media skewered Tim Tebow for kneeling to God, while elevating NFL players that take a knee during the National Anthem. While Tim Tebow is all about family values and strong role model ship, our current Broncos are all about simple-minded Catch 22 politics and losing football games.

Lastly, when an NFL player refuses to stand for the National Anthem, they are sending a message to Denver youth.  A message of defeatism, placing blame, and irresponsible behavior. They are sending a message to that 12-year old that is struggling. They are sending a message that the American dream is not worth fighting for.  They are telling Colorado youth that the flag is meaningless and not worth saluting.  To the adults of Colorado, the 32 Broncos that kneeled during the National Anthem, they are suggesting that half the population of Colorado Bronco fandom is racist. They want us to pay their big salaries, but they call us racists. What a glaring Catch 22.

I think the healing can begin by Trump apologizing for calling these 32  codled and overpaid ignorant  Bronco morons “Sons of Bitches.”


Trump baits NFL players and plays them like a Stradivarius.

Hillary Clinton would be sitting in the Whitehouse had it not been for one significant event. During Superbowl 50, the entertainment powers that be allowed Beyonce to perform at halftime. The country was ridden with epidemic killings by police officers. Of course, the rise and advertisement of the BLM movement by the yellow press would end up promoting cop killing. Even a Black policewoman with a family of 3 would be executed by a BLM sympathizer.

Anyways, with hundreds of millions of people watching, Beyonce and her dancers would dress up like street whores with black panther hats and erotically dance while spreading their legs like dirty prostitutes. It was a political stroke of genius to allow this on Superbowl Sunday. Utter millions of white females across America looked on with disgust, associated the scene with Hillary Clinton and voted for Trump.

By calling folks that do not stand for the National Anthem “sons of bitches, ” Trump brought out the worst in the NFL Superstar. I guess, these NFL Greek Gods feel that half of the NFL fans are racist white people.   The people that pay utter thousands for season tickets are racist. The folks that pay their million dollar salaries are all racists. Folks that used to buy cars from John Elway.

Trump basically baited NFL players into making fools of themselves… Nice..

Trump sided with the American flag and 32 Bronco football players shit on the flag and sided with BLM cop killers.

Stroke of genius…..



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Denver Broncos team take a knee ...


Well its time to simply stop watching the Broncos play


Football is somewhat like 11 grown men playing with a turd. The turd gets launched from the center’s ass to the quarterback. The QB then decides what to do with the large piece of shit. He can hand off the turd or throw the turd.  People love to see the turd go deep. There is nothing like John Elway throwing a turd spiral 80 yards.

Today Bronco players are now refusing to stand for the National Anthem because of racism and taking a stand against a white president.  Even though Donald Trump is not a racist, the mere fact that he is white is premise enough for the liberal left to label him as racist.  Fellas that are collectively making millions of dollars are now labeling white Bronco fans as racist.  If you voted for Trump, then the Bronco football players are not entertaining you because you are racist.   They are not playing for veterans either. They are playing for those that voted for Democratic Socialism and an old lying and conniving political whore. Overpaid men-children that are elevated above the citizenry like Greek Gods. Instead of going outside for a walk or taking a hike in the Rockies, people in Colorado wear Orange and stay glued to their TV watching others play a game. Well if you cannot stand for the Red White and Blue, then I cannot wear your orange. Hows that?

Anyways, the holy church of the   NFL is now not only a house of worship, it has become a house of political correctness and political activism. In fact, Bronco players now feel that standing for the national anthem is beneath their status. A flag that stands for liberty, freedom, and equality is meaningless to Von Miller and the rest of the Black Broncos. Sure, we know racism exists. American law is ridden with equal opportunity requirements. However, all positive hard working people with a robust content of character have a shot at the American dream. All of us. But, instead of collective commiseration, one simply has to set goals and let nothing stand in their way.

Well, I think I will side with that 91-year-old Marine that fought in the Pacific at Peleliu, Guadal Canal, or Okinawa. I will stand with the Tuskegee Airman that was shot down over Germany.  I will side with the fella that trudged through the Agent Orange polluted jungles of Vietnam.  I will stand with that 18-year old that went door to door in Fallujah.  I will stand with that Black female police officer and a mother of three who was killed in the line of duty. I will stand with that Black educator who teaches every day in the inner city and seeks to better the lives of those that need it the most.  I stand with the Back father that works hard and is a strong father figure for his family’.  Conservatives believe in strong family values and healthy environments for children. I will stand with the Black pillars of society and not an NFL football player that defecates on our flag. These are my heroes and not some overpaid NFL  entertainers.

I have been a Bronco fan since 1973. However, at this juncture, All the Broncos that refuse to stand for the National Anthem, can stick the football up their ass.  In fact, go fuck yourselves. I am personally done with watching Bronco games. I won’t watch condescending holier than thou overpaid pussies play with their little turd ball when they cannot stand for our flag. As it is, you pieces of shit have politicized football and that really sucks. While the rest of us toe the line, work hard and live on our hard earned money, you overpaid morons peg the fun meter, act like idiots and shit on the flag. You are not role models for our children or anyone.

Lastly, don’t ever think that you can now pay homage to veterans and Americans that put their lives on the line for freedom.

You suck!!!




Denver Broncos team take a knee ...


Kneeling during the national anthem before ...


Trump needs to police his nuclear war rhetoric

A year ago, Donald Trump did not even know what the Nuclear Triad was. Today, he is engaging  Kim Jong Fat Boy Un in nuclear saber rattling.  Not only that, he is sending USAF aircraft north of the DMZ over international waters in an attempt to bait “little Rocket Man into employing his massive anti-aircraft missile system.  This show of force is basically unnecessary and dangerous.  If the little penis North Korean fat boy is willing to launch ICBM test missiles into the Pacific, he will not hesitate to shoot down a B-1 bomber. The next action will be put in Donald Trump’s court. Of course, should Donald trump retaliate against North Korea,  Little Rocket pig boy will then go nuts and attack Seoul.

The carnage will not end there. After a bloody war, if North Korea is threatened to be overrun, they might lob a nuke at Tokyo.

Trump and Pence have not thought this through. Then again, Mike Pence is the Grand Wizzard neo-con point bitch for the military-industrial complex. He is currently applying Goebelesque propaganda techniques to Venezuela in hopes of a war and profit taking.  Of course, North Korea is out of Mike Pence’s intellectual and appropriate foreign relations depth.  That makes him dangerously inept as it relates to North Korea.

In lieu of saber-rattling in hopes that “little Rocketman” plays a bad hand, our national interest dictates that we put the North Korean dilemma square on China’s shoulders.  China wants international trade and the ability to wipe domestic made products off of the shelves of every G20 nation and third world shit hole on earth. The trade imbalance based on devalued currency and an 8 to 1 worker ratio allows China to build a massive shipping fleet along with naval infrastructure.  China grows stronger economically and militarily at the expense of the rest of the world. They then turn a blind eye to North Korea’s nuclear insanity. At this juncture, they cannot have it both ways. China must step up to the plate and apply full economic, monetary and trade sanctions to North Korea. It’s either that or  G20 trade sanctions on China.

As far as Trump’s nuclear saber-rattling, the diatribe is both beneath his station and an insult to Americans. Given that North Korea has stepped up to the “Their assured destruction” stage, “silence and sanctions” are all that is needed at this point.  Kim Jong fat pig boy Un simply wants attention.  Don’t give it to him. Let us focus on a nuclear-tipped ABM system and domestic issues shall we.

Americans are not simply dogs, pigs, and monkeys for nuclear testing.

Get a grip Trump and Pence, otherwise, you look like nuclear war mongering idiots and an insult to the Republican party.

Kim Jong Un the “Little Rocket fat pig boy”


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Donald Trump attempting to bait Kim Jong Un into Gulf of Tonkin style incident

In a press release, Pentagon spokesperson Dana White said the mission was “the farthest north of the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) any U.S. fighter or bomber aircraft have flown off North Korea’s coast in the 21st century, underscoring the seriousness with which we take [North Korea’s] reckless behavior.”

When Adolf Hitler attacked Poland, here in the United States, even during a great depression, Americans were dead set against entering another European war. Even when Japan was overrunning every major city on the coast of China and seeking to control shipping lanes all the way to Australia,  Americans weren’t interested in a war in the Pacific either.  This would change on December 7th, 1941. After the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, it gave politicians in Washington DC  carte blanche to act against Japanese Imperialism.

Of course, Hitler made it easy for US intervention in the European theater when he declared war on the US after Americans declared war on Japan.

Once WWII was concluded, the war economy and war production would succumb to massive budget cuts. The cuts were so deep to the military-industrial complex that they welcomed the Korean conflict. War production would reignite profits for the military-industrial complex.  Once this war was concluded, warmongering politicians would be looking for another war. This war would come by the way of Vietnam and escalate via “The Gulf of Tonkin incident”  LBJ would use Tonkin to justify the full invasion of Vietnam to counter the so-called Domino effect.

Robert McNamara would later share the reality that the Tonkin incident was a lie.

Bush Junior would exploit 911 to attack innocent countries and start wars of choice in the name national interest.  His war profiteering donor list would make billions. Of course, trillions would be slipped to the coming generations so the military industrial complex could make a few bucks.

Today, Donald Trump is learning that he cannot attack North Korea conventionally without a “Tonkin incident” or a blatant offensive military action by North Korea. As it is, most Americans feel that both Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un are simply unhinged world leaders engaging in theatrics.

The Pentagon knows that we do not use nuclear weapons offensively.   The only way to justify the nuclear option is in response to  North Korean using nukes offensively. Kim Jong Un , the fat guy with the weird hairdo, little girl lips and a small penis knows, that if he uses nuclear weapons on Seoul, Guam, Alaska or any territory under America’s protection,  Pyongyang turns into an ash heap. Of course the North Korean fat boy should realize that it won’t be a single 50 kiloton  “Fatboy” detonating over Pyongyang, it will be upwards of 50  huge megaton   (MIRV) Multi  Independently targeted re-entry vehicle thermonuclear warheads paying a visit to every single military installation in North Korea.  Kim Jong “fat boy” Un should realize that utter millions of North Koreans will die and their society reduced to radiation sickness, starvation, a 7th-century third world shithole. It will be like dumping a 5-gallon gas down an ant hole and torching it off.

In order to create a “Gulf of Tonkin Incident so the Bush/Pence donor list can start a trillion dollar war with North Korea, they are dangling a B-1 in front of Kim Jong fat boy Un and his Russian made anti-aircraft missile system.  Good ol neo-con Pence has upped his game and is now attempting to bait the North Korea fat ass into making a stupid mistake. Should North Korea shoot down a B-1 over international waters, Pence and Trump will have the political justification for a war with North Korea. Of course, North Korea will counter an air strike with 10,000 pieces of artillery firing on Seoul.

Trump and Pence are dangerous neocon-ass kissers that are playing with people’s lives. They are actually trying to bait North Korea into a Tonkin style incident so they can start a war.

It is an insult that Trump and Pence are actually using  Air Force B1 crews as carrot bait to start a war.



Wonderful buying experience at Bill Pierre Ford in Seattle

For my entire life, I have been driving used cars.  Today, I have a slew of old BMWs with upwards of 300,000 miles. As an auto mechanic for several decades, I maintained these vehicles well. I would always pay cash for a car so I never had car payments. I would also only buy liability insurance. The money I saved would go to real estate investing in Tacoma.

My wife and I never had cable TV during our entire lives save a few years. It only took a month for us to realize that cable TV was an expensive time suck. As far as cell phones, for many years, we were happy with entry level flip phones or landlines.  The savings from avoiding Pay TV, expensive cell phones, and collision insurance, would basically pay the mortgage on an entry level rambler in Tacoma. That is, of course, before the current real estate bubble.

Anyways, After cooking a  fresh transmission pulling a 5th wheel up the “Ike gauntlet”  and breaking down on  I-70 just below Eisenhower tunnel, my wife said enough is enough.  She then insisted that I buy a new truck. The 1997 Ford F250 with Cummins 5.9 turbo diesel and super duty trans would be taken off the interstate front line and relegated to ” in town”  Lowes runs or dump runs.  I felt bad because I had just rebuilt the entire suspension and brake system to basically new specs. The truck would get 23 MPG empty and feel like a brand new 1997 Ford F250 4×4 even though it has 300,000 on the chassis. Moreover, the 5.9 liter 2003 Cummins common rail turbo diesel is sporting a young 60,000 miles. In addition, I had just rebuilt a super duty 4r100 for it and it was working flawlessly. At this juncture, I will keep the 1997 Ford F250 for the dirty work of building houses and moving earth. The 2017 Ford F350 power stroke will be the interstate cruiser between Washington state and Colorado. The interior sound level is like a high-end Mercedes plus one can haul sheetrock.

We needed some new cars. She was driving a 1995 BMW 525IT with a second engine and 300,000 miles on chassis. The original motor had 300,000 when it jump the timing chain in the driveway. The car was well maintained and had airbags so I put a 90,000-mile motor and trans in for $900.

We did end up buying a new 2016 F150 with a 2.7-liter twin turbo. The truck was almost as fast as a Mustang in the quarter mile and got 23 on the highway, but the towing capability was basically useless.  When we towed 6000 pounds on I-5, the truck bobbed and weaved like Floyd Mayweather junior. We had no alternative but to trade it in and take a slight loss so we could upgrade to an F350  quad cab turbo diesel. Then again, I would only lose $2800 over a years time.

I am the cheapest fella that ever lived. Buying a new car from a dealer was foreign to me. Trading a new truck in with 3700 miles and taking a loss, for me, was a heinous thought. In addition paying $50,000 for a truck was a grotesque level of blatant consumption. But for all practical purposes, it had to be done. I would shop the internet for a month looking at dealer specials. I also attempted to leverage dealers across the Puget Sound.

I finally found a nice 2017 F350 quad cab Powerstroke diesel for $47,974.  It was an XLT package with all the tow goodies and a Sink 3 dash display.  I was satiated and told Jessica at  Pierre Ford that I was ready to close the deal. Several people were looking at this truck, so I had to make no bones and move forward. I showed up at the dealer with my trade in.  When I arrived, I found that the truck also had King Ranch chrome 19-inch rims, which freaked me completely out given that they sell for $2000 used on Ebay.  Within a few minutes, they had my trade-in value set at $25,000. This was a lot given that they had the F350 at $13,000 below MSRP.  We wanted the $1250 discount for using Ford financing, so we opted to put an additional $13000 down and financed $15,000. My first payment will come from my BECU Heloc and pay down the balance to $1000 to avoid interest payments at 7%.  But hey, I saved $1250 up front. I will keep the Ford financing for 6 months.


Even though I was an ASE certified technician and was  a successful vehicle repair shop owner, with decades of experience, the Power Stroke is a complex vehicle. I opted for a $2700 Costco 10 year warranty and closed the deal.  This means that I am covered from bumper to bumper for the next 10 years if anything fails like a transmission, motor or turbo etc.

The folks at Bill Pierre Ford were simply amazing. The professional demeanor and customer fulfillment acumens are second to none. This says a lot given that I am an old school auto mechanic that always bought used and never set foot in a dealership. But then again, I wanted a new Ford truck and even a used Ford diesel on Craigslist would cost over $40,000.  Then one does not know if the used truck has been chipped and abused. As it is, I spent only $10,000 more and got a beautiful and new  Ford truck with a bumper to bumper warranty for $50,000. Not bad for a truck with 440 diesel HP and 925 foot lbs of torque.

So, if you want a really good truck buying experience, then talk with Jessica at Bill Pierre Ford. She is a cheerful and articulate gal full of positive energy and competence as it relates o Ford makes and models. She will even let you test drive a Focus RS when you go and get the additional down payment at the BECU service center on Lake City Way.

Sadly, I will have to break the news to the 1997 Ford F250 Cummins diesel with super duty trans that it will be moved to the bench.  As far as the old BMWs with a collective 700,000 miles, I may have to donate a few to disabled veterans.

Getting rid of well-maintained vehicles that only consume fuel and inexpensive Walmart Supertech 20w50 oil saddens me to no end. But hey, I gotta new truck….. A new truck with cutting edge emissions control . Hoohrah….

As far as the Focus RS all wheel drive with 350 horse, I will stick with my 2016 Focus St with 252 horses at a price point of $18995 from Bickford.  If I want a few more ponies, I will chip it and update the turbo. The Focus RS however, handles like it is glued to the road with no body roll and insane levels of torque on tap. I will stick with the wild west version front wheel drive Focus St hot hatch….

It is time for “Nuclear tipped anti ballistic missiles” to counter North Korea

I knew that once Donald Trump had a few months under his belt as president, he would fully assimilate successful old-school public relations skills.   This was made evident during his spectacular UN speech.  In the past, however, VP Pence would step in after a Trump media regression and smooth things over.

The neo-con donor list forced Trump into putting Mile Pence on the ticket. As we recall, Trump only had a few million in his campaign coffers at the time. Once he attached Pence the neo-con to his presidential bid, the neo-con money poured in.

Mike Pence is now the point man for foreign relations. His first objective was to window shop for wars of choice. Unlike Obama who hugged Hugo Chavez, Pence wants to turn Venezuela into an exploitable battlefield. Pence never learn from other peoples mistakes. He did not learn from the Shaw of Iran, Iraq,  and Libya. Hell, he did not earn from El Salvador and, Nicaragua either. Instead of fixating on the epidemic of black youth killings in Chicago, Pence is fixated on more regime change and more weapon sales.

The only things that have slowed down Pence’ss shopping for wars tour were Hurricane Harvey and Irma. In order to not look like Bush and Katrina, Trump and Pence quickly reacted to the needs of Texas etc. Realize that Texas is also ground zero for Republican conservatism and donation activity. Meanwhile folks in Lemmon Valley, Nevada are becoming sick from stagnating flood water. Except for a few million in flood relief funds, Pence and Trump have turned a blind eye to Nevada’s flood water victims.

Instead of fixating on Venezuela, Americans must be fixated on a massive anti-ballistic missile system.  Venezuela is not a priority. Protecting a major US city like Seattle is.  What happens in Venezuela has zero effect on our economy. A North Korean nuke launched from a sub and hitting Seattle would kill millions, and destroy the epicenter of the US aircraft industry. If the twin towers are any indication, a nuclear strike on Seattle would devastate the US economy and facilitate the democratic Socialist march to a socialist police state.

As far as North Korea, a conventional war would reduce Seoul to rubble. An offensive nuclear strike by the US is not part of our nuclear weapons policy. Mike Pence suggesting that America would use nuclear weapons offensively is the diatribe of a madman.

North Korea has stepped up to the nuclear table. They are now under the rules of  MAD policy, but instead of “mutually assured destruction,” the US would turn North Korea into a sheet of glass. In addition, we can change the term “mutually” by the funding and development of a proven and robust anti-ballistic missile system that goes beyond THAAD and Aegis.

Mike Pence never served in uniform. He is simply a  shrewd lawyer, talk show host, and neo-con politician.  He is currently employing Goebbelesque tactics on Venezuela.  State a lie over and over again until it is perceived as truth. It is clear that he fancies himself the  Grand wizard neo-con point man.  Instead of fixating on fixing Obama care, and passing Donald Trump’s 2018 budget, he is, like the neo-con always do, window shopping for war.

Madmen like Hitler and Kim Jong Un will vehemently protect their power until they are operating from inside a  Berlin bunker. They will marshal the full destruction of their own homeland for power’s sake. This suggests that Kim Jong Un would use a nuclear weapon on Seoul. This reality supports the use of nuclear-tipped  Aegis anti-ballistic missile systems in order to reduce missed intercepts to zero.  We have to make it clear to the North Koreans that we can shoot down anything they launch and then reduce Pyongyang to a Hiroshima style rubble pile should North Korea ever use nuclear weapons.


“To ensure total destruction of a launched North Korean nuclear ballistic missile, we must employ nuclear-tipped anti-ballistic missile capability and modify nuclear protocol. President Trump must call for a meeting with the Joint Chiefs of staff. They must work on a “Presidential directive” that details the use and deployment of nuclear-tipped anti-ballistic missile systems on Naval ships off the cost of the Korean theater.   This will be the only way to effectively detour and protect Seoul from nuclear holocaust.”  Stephan Brodhead September 20th 2017