The talented Trevor Siemian teasing Elwood again

During this particular game when the TV folks directed their video feeds to the “Blackhole” executive box that John Elway was occupying, the glass and lighting obscured our view. We could not see Elwood’s expression when Paxton Lynch went 9 of 14 with an average completion yardage of 2.93 yards per throw. We did not see him grimacing when Paxton Lynch rendered a 38 QB rating while engineering one 3 and out after another. Then again, Elwood could not see the faces of the millions of Bronco fans as we watched Paxton Lynch simply suck.

John Elway has coddled his first round draft pick for quite some time now. Elwood let Tim Tebow walk after an extraordinary season in 2011. Elwood let Kyle Sloter walk after a 153 QB rating during the 2017 pre-season. It was clear to everyone that Sloter was a gamer and made Paxton Lynch look like shit.

The coddling climax of Paxton Lynch was a crying episode on the sidelines after a dismal performance.  Broncos do not cry in front of Raiderville! We kick their ass! WTF???All Bronco fans now know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Paxton Lynch is not an NFL QB. At this juncture, he is a liability and an unworthy distraction. The Bronco organization can no longer keep the fella around for the good of the team. In fact, the Broncos cannot grow out of its current malaise until it gets rid of Lynch. Elwood cannot build a team around Lynch. He cannot even keep Lynch around as a camp arm. At this juncture, Osweiler is the back up for the remainder of the season.

Waive Lynch!!!

Trevor Siemian, on the other hand, has buried all his demons and 86ed his self-fulfilling prophecy BS.  He tasted the bench, and he does not like it. He now will not listen to any other voices besides his own voice and desire to win. He will communicate with his team on the sideline, and maintain a positive outreach at all times.  It’s only a game, but Bronco fans like to win. There is no crying in football.

Lastly, Bronco fans are sick of the Lynch /Siemian QB controversy. We are sick of Elwood’s coddling of Paxton Lynch. In the past, Denver has cut way better QBs like Bradley Van Pelt , Brady Quinn, Kyle Sloter, and Tim Tebow. If Elwood can waive Lorenzo Doss for being late, Elwood can waive Paxton Lynch for being a demonstrative NFL bust.

As far as Trevor Siemian? His off the bench performance in the black hole just increased his value as a free agent. If he wins the final games of the season, he becomes the $50 million dollar man.

Elwood, dude, it is time to move on from Lynch. He is done in Denver.

Musgrave did a good job incorporating Janovich, Latimer, and Fowler. It seems that they can create much more separation than  88 and 10. Booker can kill it. Stay out of the middle on 2nd downs and play action out of the pocket Snake style. Janovich. Run drills with Latimer and FB/RB when you are flushed from the pocket.

Kudos to Sunshine for catching the ball void of the McKenzie grandiose caca.

If it was me, I would make Janovich dress like Rathman 44 and use his hands.

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Elwood reinventing Paxton Lynch in image of Tim Tebow

Elwood sent Tebow packing because he felt that the pocket passer was the only way to play football. In fact, he and the Bronco high command made it clear that the post-Manning quarterbacks would stay in the pocket until the cows came home or they were sacked for a loss.  Now, that is great when a QB can make quick reads, a quick release, and the receiver as adequate separation.  A QB needs all three elements in order to throw the ball. Of late, the opposing defenders have painted themselves on the Bronco receiver corps, thereby eliminating separation, reducing completions, and creating an environment for interceptions.  Just ask Osweiler when he forced the ball to Sanders and turned the ball over on downs with a minute remaining.

It does seem that there is not the QB /WR synergy that was there when Tebow threw to DT etc. While the Tebow wind up was long, when he saw a WR open downfield, he could float it into the arms of the receiver on a dime.

The Broncos have made excellent gains as it relates to the running game. CJ Anderson is in rare form, and Devonte Booker is a completely different animal this year. The Broncos have yet to really exploit Jamaal Charles and turn him into a Levion Bell or Chris Thompson.  This, I blame on the coaching and inept play calling. The Raiders will be blitzing to shake up Lynch, this is where they exploit Lynch and Charles.  Knowshawn Moreno was a champ at across the line of scrimmage tosses when he abandoned the  QB block and Manning melted back from the line of scrimmage and made an accurate toss.  Montana was excellent at this and his toss touch was way better than Elwood.   Siemian has this depth.

During Manning’s first Superbowl loss with the Broncos, Russel Wilson held a clinic on how to run the ball. While Russel Wilson can read the field and throw quicker than Tim Tebow, he was basically Tim Tebow lite when it came to running.  Tebow, on the other hand, ran over people in Beast Mode fashion. Then again, Russel Wilson is a champ at running to the sideline and extending the ball for a yard more as he goes out of bounds. All the while, he is looking for a receiver.   Russel Wilson also knows how to straight arm better than any other QB in the league. Tim Tebow was excellent at this as well. Above all, Russel Wilson knew where the first down marker was and had to the quickness to run the angle.  He also has eyes in the back of his head like Elway. Siemian is so focused on throwing, he gets run over from behind.

Back when the Broncos had Clady, the Big O,  Kuper, and Vasquez, a QB could roast marshmallows.  The shitty O-line started during the last part of Manning’s Bronco tenure. It was a surprise that he made it out of Denver without a walker.

Elwood wanted Siemian to be a Manning style pocket passer. It worked at first, then it debilitated to constant 3 and outs. Like a trooper, Siemian stayed in the pocket and attempted to read a field with painted on receivers. Eventually, when nothing evolved, the pocket would collapse and Siemian would hold on to the ball.  Even when he was flushed from the pocket and 20 yards from the line of scrimmage, he would not throw the ball away.  He did this over and over and over again.  Of course, they would run the ball up the middle on third downs and lose a yard. Last year, they did this over and over and over again.

Now, Vance Joseph is so paranoid about losing his job, he is begging Paxton Lynch to run the ball like Tebow when he cannot throw. Wow, what a concept!

So anyway, the Broncos are simplifying the playbook and asking the QB to run when rushing lanes become available. Imagine if Tim Tebow had backed up Manning for 4 seasons like Brocko Osweily coyote? The Broncos would have a really good  QB that could throw the ball and run over linebackers.

Dude, go out and play some damn football and take no quarter. Do not be paranoid and cut it loose.

Good luck Paxton.


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Elwood guillotines Brock Osweiler

We all knew that Elwood was a pathologically motivated quarterback that simply would never quit. He never quit until he had two Superbowls under his belt. We saw the concern in Elwood’s eyes when he helicoptered in for a first down.  His eyes showed a man that was both desperate and tenacious beyond comprehension. A man that wanted to bury his three previous Superbowl losses and capture all the glory he had worked for.

So, then after a second Superbowl win against his nemesis Dan Reeves, Elwood played around with his car dealerships and a successful tenure in the arena league. After Josh McDaniels swung a wrecking ball through the Denver organization, Elwood would be requested by big Pat and John would answer the call. The effect on the organization was immediate. Once Orton was benched, Tebow would be elevated after the billboard event, and go on to kill it in 2011.

Many of us were sickened when Elwood sent Tebow away after a miraculous season and a massive postseason win over Rothlessdingbat.   A feat that eluded the Snake and freaked Shanny out.  While the boy’s mechanics needed work and he could not hit the broad side of a barn sometimes, he is the best that humanity has to offer with a heart of gold. He was exciting to watch and made us feel good. When Elwood brought in Manning, it was like he was the Benedict Arnold of general managers.   Bronco fans had suffered through one Manning beating after the next. It seemed the only way to beat the Colts was to go full   Tonya Harding on Manning’s  throwing arm when he showed up at the hotel.  Of course, all business Peyton would endear himself to Denver fans by laying waste to the NFL like never before.

Now, after Brock Osweiler was 86ed by Houston and then cut by the winless Browns during pre-season, Elwood is demoting the boy from Montana further after only 3 games. I guess Elwood is going to give Paxton Lynch a shot and see if he will sink or swim.

It is almost like Brock Osweiler’s career is being guillotined in a Saudi public square and Elwood is putting the average QB out of his NFL misery. Personally, I think Osweiler deserved one more game. But it seems that Elwood is getting the last laugh once again. Either way, Elwood was a brutal QB and now he is a brutal  NFL executive.

Hopefully, Paxton Lynch is the second coming of  Bradshaw. If he sucks like he did in 2016, the stonework on his NFL epitaph will start in earnest.

Back in the day, Jay Cutler said he had a better arm than Elway. Of course, he would go on to be less than Plummer. Hopefully, Elwood can get a jab in when the Broncos play Miami.

I am not a journalist. At CSU, I majored in poverty and minored in drinking beer and chasing women in the Choice City. My GPA was just a little higher than Rick Perry’s.

Brock Osweiler ain’t no Uncle Rico. He has $40 million in the bank at 26 years old. I don’t think  “poor me” is in the cards.



John Elway will focus on Denver Defense overhaul

The first thing that John Elway did when he became the general manager of the Denver Broncos was to embark on a major overhaul of the Orange Crush defense.  As a former quarterback, he understood all too well how a good D-line keeps an offense on the field.  Elwood’s revitalization scheme enabled the Broncos to keep it close until Tebow decided to do his signature 4th quarter comeback.

John Elway’s very costly defense allowed Peyton Manning to make a  substantial run for the Superbowl in 2012 and then a Superbowl appearance in 2013. Of course that year, the Seattle Seahawks had a bad ass defense of their own and Russel Wilson did not suffer from Manning’s  “Postseason repetitive loss disorder!”

Along the way, the Denver D would keep Manning on the field so he could throw 55 touchdown passes in one season.   In 2015 at Superbowl 50, the Denver D would so abuse Cam Newton that he almost quit football after whining in front of the press. Von Miller would cap off the Superbowl effort with a dancing with the stars gig where he would  “cut the cheese” on the dance floor.  Today, while his sack production is on its way to 14, the rest of his overall Bronco D stats are dismal.  In addition, the Bronco DST is rated 27th in FF. They have become the loose dirty bitches for even the most tragic opposing offensive lines. The “No-fly zone” has become frequent flyer miles on a discount airline purchased on Priceline.  Even if the Denver DST keeps the Broncos on the field, the Bronco QB cadre sucks so bad that they cannot even convert a 3rd down.  Its like Tebow all over again, but the Denver offense never makes a 2nd  half adjustment or a 4th quarter comeback.  In fact it is like Orton on opium.  Scratch that, the Denver QB situation is on par with a post surgery Chirs Simms after almost dying on the field. At this juncture, Denver would benefit from a Tebow that runs over defenders if he cannot throw the ball. Instead, the  Bronco QB cadre becomes incapacitated with the slightest abuse by an opposing pass rusher.

Elwood prepared Manning for Superbowl 50 by benching him under the guise of a plantar fascia issue.  The Denver D would keep Osweiler in it so he could exact his low QB rating and stumble through the last wins required in 2015. Then Elwood took Manning off the bench in hopes that he would not relapse the umpteenth time in the playoffs.

Manning road off into the sunset with a second epic Superbowl win instead of a pathetic win over Rex Grossman and dozens of losses in the postseason. After Manning road off, both Indy and the Broncos would become nonentities and the Jaguars of 2017.  Elwood sought to stiffen up the offense and create a better pocket for Trevor Siemian and a better run game. Trevor Siemian’s response was to engage in personal head games and regress into insignificance.  Brock Osweiler was to be the knight in shining armor, but could only muster a 4% completion rate increase and interception events that mirrored Trevor Siemian.

At this juncture, Elwood will have to focus on replenishing the Denver D-line. They need young and hungry leadership in the locker room and on the field. As far as Von Miller, he got paid. They may want let him walk and save cap space. As it is, his production is not as good as  Shawn Phillips who was paid only a million for one season and 10 sacks. As it is, there is a massive disparity in Dline compensation contracts. Some get the minimum while others are paid like a Superbowl contending QB. That has to breed discontent. In the past, the Bronco defense was better and much more cost effective and efficient with less talent when solid coaching was present and they worked together.

So, Elwood could look for a better QB in free agency or use a draft pick on a rookie QB.   If past is prologue, the best bet is to recruit a new cadre of defensive animals. The Elwood D strategy worked for a decade.

As far as Siemian, he and Kubiak junior need to sit down and binge watch Joe Montana films. Meanwhile, the Kubemeister is busy looking for cheap D-line animals that have not made it on the radar. Alas, Manning will soon get tired of singing an insurance jingle and want the NFL limelight again. He would make the best offensive coordinator in history.



Broncos start pre-season early with the firing of Mike McCoy

The Broncos started the game with the Bengals by pounding the run game. The results were encouraging. It seems that CJ Anderson can find the hole in the middle, while Booker likes to punish defenders on the outside. The Broncos have yet to exploit Jammal Charles and his hands in the backfield or across the line of scrimmage.

Brock Osweiler can throw the ball, however, he does not read the field well and fixates on who he is supposed to throw to on the play call. He then forces the ball and turns it over on downs. He struggles to maintain a 50% completion rate. When the Denver offense was on its way to winning Superbowl 50, Osweiler’s completion rate was above 60%.  This performance was after several years backing up Peyton Manning. With the firing of Mike McCoy, the playbook will be reduced and Osweiler’s completion rate should improve.  As it is, the Denver playbook must be reduced to a simple cause and effect play scheme. When you pound the run, it opens up the downfield. When you open up the downfield, it opens up the seam and screen, across the middle and TE possession receiving.  Where is the superback?   I mean, where is the believable play action and hurry up offense? Even then, however, Brock Osweiler has to be able to read the field better.

I believe with a simple playbook and a hurry-up offense, and Siemian would do way way-way better.

It is clear that the Broncos are now in a rebuilding year. The Denver D that kept Orton and Tebow on the field has become a soft post Superbowl entity that has lost its way. Of course, if Elway is willing to part ways with Tim Tebow after a playoff appearance, he will not think twice about purging the defensive herd of primadonnas that are more mouth than performance. The primadonnas that kneeled during the National Anthem and then enabled 6 straight losses. Meanwhile, there are hundreds of NFL players that would kill to be a Bronco. People do not realize what they have until they lose it. The mental bubble melts away and cold reality sets in, and when it is over, it is over.

As far as Roby, we know he does better. Simmons is simply a probowl badass. Maybe Miller should cut some more farts on the dance floor.

At this juncture, Elwood must divvy up the remaining Bronco games between Osweiler, Lynch, and Siemian.  Bronco fans need to see how each learns and applies a simple playbook. While Siemian plays well in pre-season, he falls flat during the regular season. Paxton Lynch was not good during 2016 either. Brock Osweiler adds more dimension to the offense, but he has yet to carry the day. If Jake Plummer had this offense against the Steelers, he would have killed it. Even Tebow would be rolling down the runway hardcore with this offense.

Trevor Siemian still has value as a free agent. His failings could be cloaked within Mike McCoy’s dreadful and short tenure. Siemian could simply opt out for the remainder of the season and get picked up by another team for $5 million with a signing bonus.  If past is prologue, he will devastate the competition in the preseason and then play .500 football if he is lucky. He could also try and raise his play in Denver and kick some ass.

Vance Joseph has maybe two more firing cards to play and then he is done in Denver. If the Defense is any indication, Woods is an epic downgrade from Wade Phillips.  Special teams are barely keeping it’s shit together. Osweiler throws a pick 6 in the end zone after an awesome drive.

Lastly, Osweiler may have one more shot at the Raiders game.  If the playbook is simplified, and he still cannot raise his completion rate and move the chains, the Broncos must put in Lynch and let him sink or swim. As it is, the Broncos have three quarterbacks with their backs against the wall. In fact, one can already hear the hammers pounding the nails into the wood of their professional coffins.

One thing we do know is that DT can haul ass!

Siemian pay attention…..Pull your bootstraps up and make it fun like Tebow. Put the shove a few inches below the turmoil. Positive communication and elevating others…..

If Elwood says you are soft, you are! Then again, he never ever quit playing hard every single game as a Bronco…

Suck it up!!!






Demarcus Ware continuing to lead by example

DeMarcus Ware simply applies a can-do attitude and positive demeanor to everything he does. He can compete in any venue.  The greatest achievement of a father is to bestow and condition the best in a child. Demarcus is doing this via, good humor, role modelship, love and caring.  He takes things seriously but insists on fun and enjoyment in everything he does.

I guess the Broncos miss him and it shows on the field.

Alas, he is in the family zone now and lives every day with passion, love and caring.. Dudes epic…



Final Vale View house build design

summation of design changes:


These are the original elevations before extending garage and squaring off great room

Left elevation    “revision completed”

  1. Stunning Craftsman Home Plan - 23256JD - 20


Right elevation  needs to be done…

  1. third car garage will be extended per  foundation structural  drawings
  2. The two-foot double gable will retain stone as depicted
  3. the main gable end immediately adjacent to the  16 foot garage door gable will be extended to accommodate an 8 by 8 garage door.
  4. The 8 by 8 garage door will retain the same arched detail and stone.


Stunning Craftsman Home Plan - 23256JD - 22


Front elevation Done

Stunning Craftsman Home Plan - 23256JD - 19


Rear elevation

  1.  Chimney is omitted
  2. the  north windows at the end of the outdoor living area are omitted and replaced  with chimney and siding
  3. Great room gable end extended and squared off per foundation plan..
  4. Garage gable extended -er foundation plan.


Stunning Craftsman Home Plan - 23256JD - 21


The origins of libtardia

Back in the Old West, and during the fulfillment of our manifest destiny, the primary means of communication were the printing press and telegraph line.  Before the transcontinental railroad, the mail service took weeks or even months to go from sea to shining sea. Merchants could simply load their wagons with goods and travel from town to town to off their wears. As towns grew, folks would set up shop and stock items. Soon, other stores would arrive and competition would set in. Goods that once sold for 10 times wholesale would then become affordable. This affordability would allow for more growth an prosperity.

Today, the merchant that used horse an oxen to transport the goods and services from dusty town to town has been replaced by globalization and a Chinese worker ratio of 8 to 1 along with artificially devalued currency. These 30 year communist China economic plans have stripped domestically made products off the shelves of every first world county. That German-made cuckoo clock is now made in Shanghai.  That RCA color TV has become a flat screen TV made in the suburbs of Beijing. Another by-product of centralized manufacturing in China is the rapid rise of Chinese shipping and logistics.

The most profound aspect of the information age, globalization, and China devalued currency and prison labor pay is the domination of inexpensive laptops, pads, and cell phones.  These new technologies and the global networks are allowing even the most benignly stupid people to pitch a bitch. The internet and social media have become venues for ignorant liberals etc. In between the stagnate service based economy job of selling Chinese labor camp products, the proletariat of the ignorant, have found a voice via the internet. However, instead of intelligent thought, they have defaulted to the spewing of divisive gibberish, revisionist history, race baiting,  gender idiocy, anti-common sense, and outright lies.  They could not pick up a book and learn history, but they can easily be manipulated into believing social media based propaganda lies. Even if the actions of the current president are demonstratively sound as it relates to the latest successful executive trip to Asia, the libtards will exact a way to delegitimize the effort based on the race of the president and his political party.  Hence, the normal common-sense of the past has been replaced with social media generated “libtardia!”

However, libtardia is not limited to just the internet, it has infected every media venue from free TV to Cable. The big 3 of CBS, NBC, and ABC, have become 5000 channels competing for an audience. real journalism has been replaced with low-level gibberish of the libtard and the targetting of audience and advertising based on perverse political stupidity. In reality, the liberal yellow press and the Libtards are simply stupid people with a $700 cell phone.

The Left Coast could be considered the epicenter of libtardia.  At one time states like Washington and Oregon maintained a level of political common sense. Today, in places like Tacoma and Seattle,  politics has devolved to the cell phone-toting politically ignorant walking dead that have become infected with the libtardia virus. leaders are voted into office based on identity politics, and their penchant for societal commiseration, and wealth redistribution. The Libtardia proletariat is so stupid that they will even vote for people who will enact massive taxation schemes and drive property taxes through the roof. They even cheer as these identity politics nincompoops run big business out of the Northwest.

It is clear that the Democratic Socialists and the liberals are a menace to themselves and the free world. They are no different than the decadent and unemployed scum that roamed the streets of Munich streets in the 1920s and 1930s. The sooner the population figures this out, the better it will be for all of us. The Democratic Socialists are simply an extension of the Government class and the welfare class. They have devolved to division and identity politics to get their way and exploit hard working tax paying citizens. If they are not stopped soon, Tacoma will have property taxes like New York City. That, my friends, will be the end of prosperity in the Northwest.



Donald Trump extremely adept at foreign relations

Donald Trump just finished an extremely successful foreign relations visit to several Asia  Pacific Rim countries.

No president dating to the Chiang Kai-Shek era has been able to endear himself to China’s leadership like  Donald Trump.  In fact, Donald Trump is the first president to motivate China into sanctioning the psychotic Un dynasty. It seems that China is now willing to modify their relationship with the failed and infected obsolete communist dictatorship petri dish known as North Korea.  In the foreign relations scheme of things, this is a huge and significant event, that ranks up there with batting .300 or throwing 55 touchdowns in one season. At any rate, Trump’s triumph in China ranks with Nixon’s trip to some degree. Of course, it was Nixon that opened the door to China’s economic rise, while Trump’s visit was about leveling the commerce field and sanctioning a madman. A balanced approach to historical cause and effect. This puts Trump and Tillerson in the functionally sane category.

Donald Trump is demonstrating a high level of IQ and EQ as it relates to foreign relations and our national interest.

As a by-product of this very successful trip to the Pacific Rim, Russian president Putin is extending a sincere hand to President Trump and suggesting that America completely disconnect itself from the Clinton/Obama generated Trump /Russia collusion gibberish. As Putin stated, the Russian collusion diatribe is simply DNC generated nonsense.  This, from a one time KGB operative. With dwindling birth rates, an aging population, and a massive land mass bordering a polluted and overpopulated China, it is in Russia’s national interest to maintain strong ties with the USA. I don’t know how to say  “lebensraum” in Mandarin.

It is clear that a few private sector studs are making the Clinton/Obama foreign relations policy look ineffective. It seems that when Hillary Clinton was SOS, all she used the post for was free taxpayer paid transportation for the Clinton Foundation. Her tenure was a disgrace.

Rex Tillerson is doing a splendid job at this juncture. He and the  ” Trumpmeister”  are making the Bush and Obama presidencies look extremely inept. The “Trump Doctrine” takes a pragmatic and communicative approach to international relations and leverages commerce, trade, and diplomacy in splendid textbook fashion. This is why we elevate successful private sector businessmen to positions of authority versus entrenched career politicians that have lost their minds.

As far as Putin, we must get back to a Reagan /Gorbi style of  Russia/USA conduct. President Trump has been presented with this wonderful opportunity and should exploit Putin’s offer. We need help restoring the construct that maintained the balance of power in the Middle East. As far as the Steppes of the Ukraine and Russia, millions of Russians and Ukrainians died at the hands of the Germans on this massive buffer zone. They will work their problems out on their own.

VP Pence and the beautiful and genuine 2nd Lady heading to Texas to follow up on FEMA efforts after the hurricanes.

It is clear that division and stoking the embers of class envy, resentment, racism, and socialism have been replaced with old school positive and competent leadership. How refreshing…..

Anywasy, have to get back to polishing my $5 million portfolio…See ya

Good Job Rex…..


Children wave U.S. and Chinese flags as President Donald Trump arrives at Beijing Airport, Wednesday, Nov. 8, 2017, in Beijing, China. Trump is on a five country trip through Asia traveling to Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam and the Philippines. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)


The author served from 1977 to 2006 and flew close to 2 million miles in support of our national interest.