The Raiders versus Chargers the real game to watch

John Gruden does not want to hang out in 115 degrees shitty Las Vegas.

When Elwood helicoptered in with the eyes of an NFL sociopath, he knew that his days were numbered. Like that spaghetti dinner that was put together from a hodgepodge of spice remnants, every NFL season can never be duplicated. If just one player of the 1728 players makes a mistake or is not in condition, the time-space continuum is distorted, and the road to playoff  Disneyland is altered. Even a simple double shot espresso or a domestic quarrel can change the outcome of a game. Every single physiological event related to the NFL player and coaches must be in extraordinary sync in order for a team to navigate and negotiate the NFL playoff and Superbowl matrix.

Rare are the quarterbacks like Bret Favre, Joe Montana, John Elway, Drew Brees,  Phillip Rivers, Alex Smith, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and a slew of NFL quarterbacks that refuse to quit and play 16 to 20 seasons. Some are subject to the ups and downs of the organization and watch as their chances for Superbowl Valhalla ebb, flow and subside.  For many, attaining the high water mark is a mystery. Other times, it is handed out on a platter. Some see repeated opportunity. Others will go their entire career with only a few playoff showings. Some, like Ben Rothlisberger, go 15 and 1 in their first-year and then win a Superbowl a year later. Everything is a roll of the dice. However, the dualism of mind, and body along with  leadership and teamwork, must be at 110%. Then the narrow path to greatness must somehow line up. A good head coach knows how to elevate the players every single game. Some have natural leadership, while others take a professional career of 30 years to arrive at that leadership destination. Others are winners as soon as they show up. Total crapshoot.

The game between Phillip Rivers and Derick Carr is a significant event and a canary in the coal mine. It could set the tone for 2018. The AFC West was supposed to be a tough division this year. Instead, Alex Smith and the Kansas City Chiefs had a fall from grace, and the Raiders regressed horrifically. Denver had an epic mental collapse as well. Phillips Rivers, on the other hand,  rose up in a new city and refused to give in. However, the laws of physiology are closing in, and the Denver Broncos will see an excellent opportunity to win again in 2018. Nothing is ever written in stone.

If John Elway is patient, he will give Vance Joseph the D-line.  He will then pick up Jon Gruden. This combination will exploit Vance Joseph’s steady hand while bringing in a Superbowl head coach. Elway will also keep Siemian around for the remainder of his contract because he is a badass with kevlar gonads.

I would do whatever I can to make the soon to be Las Vegas Raiders suffer. Make the land of gambling and decadence suffer. As far as KC and LAC, they are flashing in the pan as we speak. The road to redemption starts with division wins and Jon Gruden. You hear that Siemian?   It will be done in 2018 no if and or butts.

Move Vance Joseph to Bronco defensive coordinator

If Saint Joseph was Josh McDaniels, Elwood would change the locks at Dove Valley and send the lackluster rookie coach packing.

In much regard, St. Joseph is salvageable. Not as a head coach but as a defensive coordinator. Von Miller has given Vance Joseph a thumbs up, hence, Elwood might look into this.

Look what Vance Joseph inherited: Post Manning era; a cadre of ineffective coaches;  Kubiak obsolescence; a worn out defense; a Superbowl hangover and a quarterback merry go round.

Elwood thought that the Manning corporate memory could be continued with a plug and play quarterback like Trevor Siemian. This equation was further compounded and undermined by Mike McCoy and his Tiger tank assembly line playbook.  Basics and repetition gave way to complexity. The biggest factor was the curse the Denver Broncos endeared when they won symbolic Superbowl 50.  Superbowl 50, the mother of all Superbowl hangovers.

An organization does not endure a post-Manning era. In many regards, it was more severe than the post-Elwood era and Brian Griese. When Manning saddled up and rode off, he left a team that would soon succumb to an identity crisis.  A burned out Kubiak did not help. The final nail in the coffin was when they let “Son of Bum” scurry away to the Rams. Now the Denver D is a shadow of it’s former self and the Rams are a Superbowl contender. In a game of inches, that is just the way the pickle squirts. Just wait until Tom Brady and Belichick throw in the towel. Massachusettes will be whining for a decade.

Bronco fans cannot put all the blame on Vance Joseph.  The man has an engaging personality, adequate experience, and press related interaction skills. When he gets knocked down, he looks at things rationally, pulls his bootstraps up, and moves forward with gusto. However, he is not a dynamic leader that instills confidence. His verbal diatribes are mundane and boring.

Elwood should move him to defensive coordinator to work with Miller and Company. Elwood needs to serenade John Gruden and bring him to town. Denver Broncos fans would be thankful.

Should Elwood simply fire St. Joseph at the end of the season, he will show an inept management prowess and extremely misguided patience and leadership. Elwood’s judgment of late is quite questionable. He keeps demonstrative failures around while booting gamers like Kyle Sloter. Either he is becoming incompetent or he did not want any winners around for the season so he could gain a top 5 draft pick. In the same vein, Joseph is either a talented man or a loser. It is hard to tell which side of the fence the leaf will fall. Elwood has enough credibility to pull off a smoke and mirrors campaign without the red flag being thrown. In essence, Elwood cried his one and only wolf. If he does it again, even the most stupid NFL pundits will call foul, and Elwood becomes the Pete Rose of football.

After the review, the ruling on the field is that Elwood saw the brutal 2017 schedule and threw in the towel before the season started. In addition, he hired a rookie coach to exacerbate the Bronco post-Superbowl post-Manning post- Kubiak malaise.

Give St. Joseph a shot at the Denver D, fire the special teams coach and pick up Gruden. Musgrave seems to be a likable guy and his efforts have made the Denver offense better.

In the meantime, Kubiak needs to baffle us with a brilliant display of NFL postseason recruiting.

If Elwood stays with Joseph and lets Gruden hang out with the Raiders, there will be a long road to redemption and copious pissed off Bronco fans. Gruden will give the Las Vegas Raiders just enough piss and vinegar for them to slap the Broncos around for the next 3 seasons you boob.

As far as Siemian, I keep him around for another year.

By Monday, Elwood will know if Lynch is a gamer or a high dollar camp arm.

As far as Osweiler, I think the team indicated with their body language that they don’t give a shit what happens to the rich boy from Montana.

Lastly, give Kyle Sloter a call and offer him 3 million to come back to Denver. He is a known quantity you boob.


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Watching Drew Brees on shrooms

In the Seattle area, there is a high concentration of Cambodian Seahawks fans. My best friend is married to a pure Cambodian princess who left the camps of Thailand and came to America. Her family is a hardy lot that never asks for a handout and has the work ethic of the German. My mother was a hard-working Bavarian farm girl that grew up in Hitler’s Germany, so I can identify with this hard-working immigrant family that endured Pol Pot.

When there is an epic Seahwaks game to be played, I sometimes get invited over to watch football and chow down on authentic Cambodian fare. On one particular occasion, the Seahawks were playing the Broncos in the Superbowl. I was given the prized invitation. The only thing on my mind was the big bowl of beef ribs, the hot pot, and the Cambodian egg roles. Of course, when I arrive at the door, I am greeted by 4 or 5 generations of Cambodians. The oldest would be the great-grandmother.  She would sit down and cross her legs on the floor like she was on the rice fields back home or in a Cambodian re-education camp.  The youngest would be utterly beautiful girls with designer jeans, thick black beautiful shining hair, and complete with social media, and $700 I-phones. They would all be wearing Seahawks jerseys from Cam Chancellor to Russel Wilson

So there I was watching the Seahawks with dozens of Cambodian Seahawk 12th men in a sea of blue and green. When Manning muffled the hike, the room exploded with cheers and 5 foot 6 Cambodians with shiny new jerseys jumping up and down. At that moment I found out that my dachshund Bandit was a Seahawks fan when he joined in barking fanatically with the hair on his back raised. So, there I was, an isolated  Bronco fan in the land of the 12th man and even my dog had turned against me. Alas, to sooth the pain of the Manning choke and memories of the 55 to 10, I would help myself to the Cambodian beef ribs and lick the bone clan. I would also avail myself of the huge shrimp in the hot pot along with heaping helpings of bok chow. They liked me because as a son of a German mother and a father that grew up during the depression, I would eat every single scrap form the big beef bones and moan with appreciative pleasure and thankfulness.

It is good to have a backup NFL team in the NFC.  For years, I would endure the Bronco collapse in the postseason. I would endure the Monday morning Bronco blues and the collective downtrodden behavior on the front range. I would endure several days of Bronco depression instead of focusing on what is real.

At this juncture, Trevor Siemian needs to binge watch Drew Brees film on mushrooms.

At this juncture, Paxton Lynch needs to listen to “This is the end”!



Getting down to business like the Tebowmeister

Blogging about politics and sports can be quite stressful. Sitting on my fatass and making value and performance judgments about athletes that give their everything is mentally unhealthy. It is like telling an Egyptian slave that he is not pulling the rope hard enough or striking the chisel. Somewhat like a foreman on the transcontinental railroad telling a Chinese railroad worker to hurry up after they have worked 14 hours in the Nevada sun. How about making judgments related to a migrant worker busting his family’s ass on a cotton field when it is 115 degrees out.

I am no more of an authority on football than a two-bit dirty whore in the streets of Mogadishu.

Now that the season is coming to an end, I feel like a piece of shit after commenting on the trials and tribulations of others. I know nothing about the Bronco locker room and have only been to one Bronco game during the late 1980s. I had the pleasure of seeing Elwood lose a game at the Coliseum. I was in the shitty seats and could not even make out the numbers.

So, now that the Obama era and his Greek columns of misery, racial division, potty politics, and class commiseration have come to a screeching halt, it is time to move on an make the money. Unlike Obama whose greatest private sector achievement was buying a house, Donald Trump is giving us a $24000 standard deduction and very generous 179 deduction incentives. It is time to build my house in Mead and spend money on the Colorado economy. Anyways, after buying a nice new 2017 F350 quad cab long bed 4 by 4 and a Nortrac 35 horse tractor, I am ready to write some shit off to offset capital gains on a property sale. Hence, I will not owe the libtards in Oregon a damn cent.In lieu of commenting on Siemian and Osweiler, I am going to focus on making some fucking money. Then again, Siemian might follow me and learn how to make and retain money or who cares.Unlike athletes, I started from pennies to make my millions. My graph of success is a steep angle and has had only a few tiny bumps since 1991.

One last shit game and it is time to put the Broncos to bed until Elwood and Kube fuck up the draft.

Maybe move St. Joseph to D-line coordinator and bring in Gruden to manage the punk from Wyoming. That way the 10 sack wonder doesn’t have a fit. Say is Shawn Phillips still playing? Didn’t he get 10 sacks for just a million? WTF? I figure with a few more  “dancing with the farts” and 58 is down to 5 sacks in 2018.

I vazzza goucho!!!





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Blogging about the Broncos is non value adding

The church of the NFL has replaced religion in this country. It used to be that Football was an after Sunday church affair. Over time, Sunday became Monday and then Thursday. Of course, we must consider Fantasy Football, a vehicle that entices people to live to eat and to breath football. Symbols like Tim Tebow would be sent packing , cuz, the church of the NFL no longer wants to compete with God.

It starts on Thursday when an FF player has let us say a wide receiver on his roster. The FF player watches intently to see if his player scores a few points here and there. He or she also looks at everybody else’s bench and starting line up along with the projected points. Once the Thursday game is over, the pathologically consumed FF player looks at the FA list and waits until Sunday. On Sunday, the FF player consumes tater chips and beer while watching 3 NFL games in a row. After that, they have to wait until Monday night to see if the DST will give up the ghost. Then they have to wait until Wednesday to see if their FA pick up goes through or not. Hence, the church of the NFL has expanded from one day a week to almost every single day of the week.

It used to be, that NFL teams were immune to societies thought processes. Only TV and the Newspapers had access to NFL figures. Today, because of social media, everybody has a say in things or so they think.  Everyone can blog or tweet about how Emanuel Sanders cannot connect with Paxton Lynch at point-blank range or how McKenzie fumbles or does not know how to go out of bounds. We can blog about how Brock Osweiler is a stagnate QB that has not made one single improvement since San Diego in 2015.  We can tweet about Trevor Siemian and how he is giving his damndest to improve only to get hurt every few games.

Blogging about the Broncos is a non-value adding event that allows us to regress into stupidity. Even though we cannot throw a football the length of a driveway, we become authorities on the church of the NFL.

The NFL and the myriad of offshoots want to draw us in and rein over our limited attention spans. As a result, the average NFL fan can even peer into the psyches of the NFL organization itself. This reality has gone far beyond the original intent of simple entertainment.  I many regards, the ending of the NFL season is as cherished as that first night of Sunday night football on free TV. During the NFL season process, something is taken from us. Our time on this earth is squandered. We are not able to do chores or value-added activity. We are not able to spend time working out or enjoying nature. Instead of going for a hike, we sit on our asses, eat garbage and watch the NFL Gods and disciples launch a pigskin turd out their ass and exercise on national TV.  We watch as Vance Joseph simply sucks as a coach. It is time for John Gruden or watching Bronco football is a heinous waste of time.

Love it how as soon as “Son of Bum” goes to the Rams, they have a Superbowl defense. and the best Orange Crush Defense in Bronco history looks like epic shit under St. Joseph.

Love it how Trevor Siemian with a grade 5 shoulder separation played better football then Osweiler and Paxton Lynch.

Love how St. Joseph let Kyle Sloter walk after a 153 QB rating in pre-season.

If I am Elwood, I give St. Joseph and his entire shitty entourage the boot next Monday morning.  I keep Siemian around and give him one more shot.

But then again, you may have to see Paxton Lynch average 3 yards a reception, throw for 50 yards a game, zero 3rd down conversions, a  45% completion rate and a  20 QB rating before you pull the plug.

St. Joseph did his job. His ineptitude dragged the Broncos into the gutter and have allowed for a 1st round QB pick. A first in Bronco history. It’s time to throw a $58 at him like a New Zealand whore and walk the hell away. I reckon it was all planned or Elwood the apostle, is losing that winning edge.

Anyways, wait until Next year.


All is well in Broncoville


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Deconstructing Elwood’s “Scheming”

Every move that Elwood made after Josh McDaniels was run out of Denver on a rail has been for the better.  He hired John Fox,  boned up the Orange Crush D, shitcanned Orton, and elevated Tebow. He also recruited franchise pro bowler wide receivers and a first ballot hall of fame quarterback.  Then he listened to Jack and drafted Brock Osweiler for back up quarterback. About this same time, Jack, son of Elwood told the Bronco kingdom that he was not interested in playing football. Unlike the Manning boys whose foreheads were shaped by football helmets like Chinese mistresses that have their feet bound, Jack was thinking about college babes and doing his own thing. Alas, Jack may not have been a great football recruiting talent when he coaxed Elwood senior into drafting Osweiler.

To spread the glory, Elwood then sends John Fox packing who was extremely successful in Denver and brought on Kubiak after a final dismal performance in Houston. Kubiak and Manning would then limp towards SB50 supported by the best Bronco Orange Crush defense in history.  Kubiak would bench the aging Manning and dangle the playoffs in front of him as part of an extreme behavior modification program, for the guy that threw 55 TDS in one year. Elwood would perform an exorcism on the postseason Manning choker by benching him for Brock. However, even with a Superbowl team to support him and 4 years of repetition and tutelage from two of the best quarterbacks in NFL history, Osweiler would peter out in 2015. Peyton Manning would then make that one last push at his post season mental Stalingrad and win Superbowl 50. Of course, the Osweiler petering would manifest itself into chronic and systemic shitty QB production. Cleveland was right, and Osweiler’s 2017 production are the final nails in his NFL casket.

Another season in Denver meant that Manning would need a kevlar walker so he rode off into the sunset with the sun silhouetting a big cowboy hat atop his long neck and 6-inch forehead.

Elwood, in Manningesque form, would alienate Brock Osweiler so he would go to Houston and be a demonstrative failure. A parting gift for Kubiak. Then he would get Osweiler back for pennies on the dollar. Of course, Osweiler despite his best efforts remained the stagnate player he became at San Diego in 2015. So much so that none of the Broncos listen to him when he shouts on the sideline after a lackluster drive. In fact, Osweiler got as much attention as a prisoner shouting out while in the confines of a soundproof Utah gas chamber just before the cloud is released.

Kubiak would give coaching one last shot in 2016. Siemian would seem to be a successful faux Manning for several games and then have to play the remainder of the season with a grade 5 shoulder separation.  Siemian would injure his left shoulder 3 or 4 times in about a season of play. The last time he was injured his shoulder almost popped completely out of the socket not unlike ripping a turkey leg off the carcass at a Christmas day dinner. Even then, Siemian remained expressionless and did not utter a whimper when they carted him off the field. If Paxton fails against Kansas City, he may throw a sobbing tantrum like an infant at a Walmart toy section.

Elwood knew what he was doing when he hired Vance Joseph to replace Kubiak.  hiring Kubiak as an NFL talent recruiter should have said it all. It means that Vance Joseph is only a transition coach and meat for the NFL slaughter. This scheme is driven home by Vance Joseph taking a playoff team into the gutter.

Like a Greek tragedy, Elwood is giving Paxton Lynch one last chance to save himself from being placed back into the matrix of oblivion and among the unknown hoards of earthly human fungus.

Elwood is going to use the same script he used successfully before: Bone up the D, draft a 6 foot 5  and 250-pound pocket passer with a large forehead,   and bring in new coaching talent. John Gruden.

At this juncture, the collective soul of Osweiler, Lynch, and the St. Joseph’s entourage are as toxic as a 2010 Josh McDaniel’s shit at a Mile high parking lot portapotty.  As soon as the season ends, in lieu of riding off into the sunset, they will be simply released.  In a game of inches, they have fulfilled their end of the  2018 NFL draft scheme bargain.  Its either that or Elwood is a dummy which is not the case. Too bad Elwood cannot play the Dumervil fax fiasco on his high paid D guys that have seen better days and take up 75% of the cap.

As far as Siemian, I keep him around because he has huge nuts made of titanium and the pain-threshold of a James Bond movie villain. Plus, he just needs just a little coaching from a Gruden organization to eclipse Cousins.  Meanwhile, Elwood has really bad taste in Chinese made aviator jackets. Wonder what a free steak would taste like?

Jon Gruden

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Elwood fantasizing about Lamar Jackson

Even though Elwood showed up at the potatohead bowl in a cheap Chinese aviator jacket to watch Josh Allen,  his laptop computer screen saver has a nude centerfold of Lamar Jackson.

Elwood now knows how valuable Tim Tebow’s running ability was. NFL defenses continue to adapt to the accurate pocket passer turning them into 1-dimensional players. While Manning was one of the greatest pocket passers in history, Elwood’s attempt at maintaining post-Manning synergy with Siemian and Osweiler continues to decline. Had Elwood talked Tebow into staying with the Broncos as a Kubiak style long term back up, Denver would be sitting pretty right now as it relates to the QB position.

Despite Brock Osweiler’s best performances and faux Manning impersonations, he has failed to elevate his play. At this juncture, Osweiler will probably get on his knees in front of Elwood and beg for the backup position.

Osweiler has been presented with the opportunity to play for Denver as a starter in 2015, as well as  Houston for a season. he is now playing with several of the team members he played with in 2015, yet he cannot raise his play. In fact, his play remains as stagnate as it was when Manning was put back in charge at the end of the season in 2015. Osweiler has had over 25 starts to prove himself, yet he continues to suck.

Lamar Jackson seems to be the turbo version of Michael Vick minus the torturing of dogs in the backyard. He can throw, scramble and rush for copious yards every single game. Of course, that could change with one devastating hit from a nasty  NFL Free safety, but anyways.

At this juncture, Jackson seems to be a better fit for the Broncos given the inept and porous offensive line. If he could not connect downfield, he could run like Tebow. Chances are Josh Allen could become a stagnate bust like Paxton Lynch, hence, the Broncos need to look at a QB with a greater dimension in the mold of Vick and Wilson. It’s either that or Baker Mayfield.

As far as Cousins, Washington will not let him walk after the RGIII fiasco. Moreover, Elwood does not have very much cap space to play with given how much he is paying several players on the defense. In reality, Elwood could get away with trading off Miller and Talib and then be renegotiating with several other defensive players. The Broncos have been very good at drafting corners and safeties.

The Broncos are now in a full-on rebuilding year.  They might consider building around a drafted QB.

This Sunday will tell if Paxton Lynch is a gamer or simply not worth a shit.

As far as Siemian? I keep him around for the backup and shit can Osweiler and Lynch. The Post Manning protege era is a bust.

As far as Lamar Jackson while he considered an athletic freak, it will only take one injury to reduce him to RGIII status. Lamar Jackson is almost an exact clone of RGIII down to the 40-yard dash time. etc. Sometimes it is better to go with the 65/250 QB that doesn’t get hurt.

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Time to get it over with

I was 13 years old in 1973 when John Ralston would talk about the Broncos during  “Bronco Replay.” Listening to Ralston was like listening to Walt Disney, but instead of trains, wild Indians, and fairies, Ralston rattled on calmly and sedated the fans after a Bronco loss. Back then, one could tootle along I-70 and see the big Ralston Purina sign along the freeway. When we headed to Stapleton, we would drive by the stench of the oil refinery and look for Quebec street. My aunt lived on Newport next to the base. Once the family shopped at the Lowry BX and commissary, it was off to Magdalena’s house for authentic Bavarian food. The two four-foot ten-inch tall identical twins had to live next to each other after marrying Air Force GIs in post-WWII Germany.

In August of 1973, I became a Bronco fan. Before that,  I was a Cowboys fan and watched them on Doug Brown’s color TV on the base in Hawthorne, Nevada. The Cowboys and the deserts Nevada would become Boulder County and the Broncos.  The Landry offense would become “wait until next year”!

Elwood showed up about the time my father had a heart attack related to cigarette smoking and Agent Orange exposure in Vietnam.   Coloradans would then be treated to one winning season after another. We quickly forgot the oil shale crisis, the drought, and the stagnate Colorado economy.  Like a puppet master, Elwood entertained us. Of course, when he left, that job fell into the lap of Brian Griese, Jake Plummer, and others. We had a front row seat to Shanny’s breakdown and RGIII folding a knee. We vomited when Mcdaniels was here and were horrified about Travis Henry’s 11 illegitimate babies. We sobbed when Darrent Williams was gunned down and perplexed and saddened when Kenny McKinley took his own life.  We have been through copious as Bronco fans over the years. While we love the game and love to win, it is still just a game.

At this juncture might as well give Paxton a shot at Kansas City.

At this juncture, we must all take the opportunity to be thankful that we are blessed with loved ones and have our collective health while we are on this planet. Football is just a game. A game where many players give their all and succumb to the injuries that are part of it. They give their destruction to us for our entertainment. They work hard to entertain us. We will never endure the physical pain and mental suffering a Bronco player goes through when he blows out a knee and is cut from the team. All we want to see is that long catch or the touchdown run. Somehow, our lives are better when the Broncos win. Somehow the unifying theme of being a Bronco fan allows us to belong. It is part of our holiday cheer. It is part of our existence and heritage.

Anyways, it might be that I am getting old at 57, but it is time to get this damn season over with and wait until next year. This year has been a painful mental rollercoaster and extremely hard to watch. It is also time to be thankful for all of our loved ones and the gift of life.

Merry Christmas!!

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Isaiah McKenzie will redefine himself against the Redskins

With Emanuel Sanders dealing with nagging ankle issues and being sat for week 15, McKenzie has been presented with a tremendous opportunity.

The Bronco quarterback musical chair fiasco has not been kind to Emanuel Sanders. Of course, Peyton Manning elevated Sanders into a top tier Wide receiver after several sub 600 seasons with the Steelers.  He would go on to kill it in Denver. In 2014, Sanders was slowed down when he took a massive hit attempting to complete down the sideline. Manning seemed to not be the same guy after the incident either. Even then, Sanders maintained synergy with both Manning and Osweiler in 2015 gaining top-tier yardage.  His efforts allowed the Broncos to be successful in the post season in addition to winning SB50.  During the 2016 season, Sanders was able to maintain a good reception rate with Trevor Siemian and eek out a third straight 1000 yard season.

During the 2017 season, Sanders was off and on. Most of the time he struggled to gain separation. This coupled with little synergy with the 2017 version of Trevor Siemian and his reception numbers plummeted. Siemian forced the ball to Sanders over and over again to either see meaningless short yardage catches that did not move the chains on 3rd downs or copious drops and interceptions. fantasy football players saw a player that would go from 15 to 20 points a game to serial 1 or 2 point games. The QB musical chairs did not help. When Paxton Lynch was at the helm, he could not connect with Sanders at point blank range.

When the plethora of Qbs did not have to force the ball to nice guy Sanders, they would then be able to connect very well with Fowler and Latimer.  Even then, we still do not know if the receiving yardage problem is QB based. Given that Demaryius Thomas has been able to still gain close to 900 yards in 14 games, the jury could come to a verdict on Sanders quite soon.

As far as McKenzie, his one arm ball handling and theatrics made him look like a fool during his rookie year. He learned the hard way when veteran players kicked his ass.  However, given that McKenzie always employs one arm to hold the ball, it will take awhile for him to learn to place both hands on the ball.

Brock Osweiler has proven to be the most accurate QB on the depth chart. At best, he can mirror Manning level synergy with Bronco wide receivers.  We saw this in 2015 and glimpses against Indy. At this juncture, we will not talk about Osweiler worst-case scenarios.   The NFL demon that occupied the Broncos has risen from the regular season Bronco corpse and possessed the Seahawks.  Even now, Russel Wilson is vomiting up pea green soup. Therefore, Osweiler and Mckenzie should have a good day. It is a matter of separation and two hands on the football.  Give it hell fool!!!

Sanders hates being left behind. He will heal up and give it hell next year. By then Osweiler will have exorcised his demons and proved himself worthy.

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Elwood sniffing around Josh Allen town

When one attends Colorado State and parties in the Choice City, one does not think about the University of Wyoming. In fact, while we are tossing back a Flat Tire, and belching out in Old Town, we are more apt to talk about the brews, the babes, and the Broncos then the mobile home dotted landscape of Southeast Wyoming.  The only college town that is worse then Laramie is Pullman, Washington. The cold winds that blow across I-80 are the farthest things from our minds when we are rocking and rolling on North College in FC. The Cowboys suck!!

Brodheads voted for the legislation that created the Nebraska territory as part of the Kansas, Nebraska Act. Laramie was situated in an area that was part of Nebraska territory at the time. But just like the QB musical chairs of the Broncos, parts of Wyoming would be divided up several times between the time it was acquired as part of the Lousiana Purchase and when it became a state.  Of course, Brodheads also have their name on the legislation that created and funded the topography surveys for the Transcontinental railroad. Jefferson Davis the secretary of war, and uncle by marriage would conduct the surveys.

Laramie, Wyoming would have its beginnings on my birthday May 4th, 1868 when the Transcontinental railroad laid the tracks there.  Just 92 years before I was born.  A batt of an eye in the scheme of things. Abraham Lincoln would be laid to rest on my birthday 1865. On May 10th, 1869, the Golden Spike would be driven signaling the completion of the railroad. On May 10th, 1865, the Michigan Cavalry would capture Jefferson Davis in a dress while he was escaping to Texas.   I am building my second home in Weld County, Colorado. Weld County was created as part of the Kansas Nebraska Act. My corner of Weld County is situated in Mead, Colorado with views of Longspeak. Way cooler than living in stuffy Parker.

Jefferson Davis would manage the Pacific railroad surveys and direct several Army officers to conduct the surveys under the direction of President Franklin Pierce, a cousin by marriage to Thorton Fleming Brodhead. Thorton would serve with  Franklin Pierce in Mexico along with Isaac Stevens the first territorial governor of the Washington territory.   Stevens would be part of the Pacific railway surveys along with McClellan or  “little Mac.” Thorton would raise the 1st Michigan Cavalry in 1861. Both Thorton and Isaac would die on September 1st, 1862  fighting for emancipation.  The 1st Michigan would become part of the Michigan Cavalry brigade under George Armstrong Custer. Davis would also direct John W, Gunnison to do parts of the surveys. During the 1840s, Brodheads would vote to fund the Fremont Carson expeditions. During the American revolution, Brodheads would serve with George Rogers Clark, the older brother of Lewis and Clark fame. While we cant throw a pigskin 80 yards, our efforts established English speaking rule and spanned a continent.

On May 4th,  2014, a time capsule would be buried as part of the 150th birthday of Nevada.  Not sure if Gov. Sandoval meant to do this. Soon the Raiders will suck in Las Vegas.  Of course, the Brodhead name is on the military road that emanates from Salt Lake City and goes through Las Vegas as well.  May the 4th be with you.

The only thing of value in Laramie Wyoming, besides cheap steaks, and awesome views of the Medicine Bow mountains is Josh Allen. The tall QB seems to be a very good pocket passer that can heave the ball on the run. Unlike Johnny Football or Baker Mayfield who are small and look like Willie Wonka  Oompa Loompas in leotards,  Allen is a big dude. He reminds me of a star trek clone of Brett Favre fresh out of the invasion of the body snatchers factory. He is quite quick to set his feet in the pocket, as well. Other than that, he seems to be a multisport athlete from a small town. Elwood likes him because he also played baseball. Sounds like he is stubborn as hell and doesn’t let shit bother him either.  Kubiak who was poddy trained on the Friday night lights in Texas probably has a  last picture show style crush on the dude.

Love the way he uses his legs for leverage when he heaves the ball 50 yards in the air while in a full gallop. Wonder if the coddled one cried in front of the mirror when Elwood showed up at the potato bowl in a cheap Chinese aviator jacket?

Yupp #17,  is a mean and nasty small-town kid from Firebaugh with fire in his belly.  What a way to mess with Osweiley Coyote.  The pathologically consumed competitive duo of Wood and Koob have a new protege in their sites. But then again, the Montana boy from Flathead highschool may have something to say about that when he doesn’t make a single mistake on Sunday.  Get some Brock and keep your flat head.

Meanwhile, the Broncos are going to let Broncko Osweiler “the Gimp” out again to lay waste to the Washington Redskins. Osweiler plays at least .500 football and is a known quantity. He will only get better once the washboard roads have ended.  Allentown is an unknown. Chances are he will be a Paxton bust. Then again, he could be another  Mathew Stafford.  Seems like the NFL demons have left the Bronco corpse and have possessed the Seattle Seahawks.

Brodheads left England on Man-O-Wars in 1664 to take New Amsterdam and name it New York. I would return on a C-141C Startlifter during the Iraq War. I wore a real flight Jacket while Elwood wears a Chinese made copy purchased from Walmart. WTF???

Get some Brock!!!! Dude!! Get some!!!

All is well in Broncoville