Denver Bronco fans want Kyle Lauletta

let us look at the Senior Bowl and all its variables. A group of strangers comes together along with a hodgepodge of different coaches. They then practice for a couple of weeks. Specifically, the quarterbacks only have a few reps with the newly assembled wide receiver and tight end corps and have a limited opportunity to develop timing and synergy with the players. They have to make due with the players they are given.

Kyle Lauletta seemed to be able to immediately adapt to new players and playing schemes and excel. He built synergy on the field immediately and was a demonstrative gamer. If we look at the tape, we see a quarterback that does everything that Siemian cannot do. He reads the field, throws to any player on the field, and is extremely accurate. Lauletta’s ability to adapt, his super quick release and his deadly accuracy are things to behold. When we look at his highlights, we also see a guy with a cannon arm that can drop the ball on a dime.

The Bronco fans want a grassroots QB that they can watch grow.  Kyle Lauletta is the exact same size as Elwood at 6′-3″ 216. Lauletta can scramble like Elwood and has a skill set that is much like Joe Montana and Drew Brees.

Elwood needs to retain Siemian, Lynch, and Kelly and bring in Lauletta for the preseason.

Both Cousins and Keenum are not worth the big money and would be a waste of cap. We want a rookie QB this time.

Kyle already has a superior media interaction set and the core of a nasty NFL animal. You can see it in his eyes.

If I am Elwood, I pick this guy up and feed him from a fire hose to include the Denver hurry up offense. I retain Siemian for his Manning Corporate memory.

A good offense begins with a good defense. Defenses keep QBs on the field. Defenses win Super Bowls. Pick up, Lauletta  “Elwood,”  and use cap space for the D and O-line.


The Trumpmeister delivers an epic State of the Union address.

Many of us miss the days of Ronald Reagan and his wonderful State of the Union speeches.  They were believable and delivered a message of hope.  The twang in George Herbert Walker Bush’s voice made his State of the Union addresses torture to listen to. Slick Willy’s speeches were outright lies. George Walker Bush’s WMD rhetoric was a joke. The way he spoke his words were simply laughable. With Barack Hussein Obama, I did not believe a damn thing the $10 trillion deficit dude said. All of his rhetoric was simply bullshit.

All in all, the presidents between Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump were simply special interest liars who did not fulfill promises. What we got was “read my lips, depending on what the meaning of is is, I will not use the military for nation building, and you can keep your doctor!”

Donald Trump is keeping his promises. Even then, the Democratic Socialists and their liberal yellow press are in a full court press slamming Trump. Trying to watch a PBS channel before the Trump speech, was like watching botoxed old has-been socialist in a libtardia group commiseration session. How odd, Barack Obama goes in with a high approval rating and delivers epic lies not from the heart and he gets a  Nobel Peace Prize.   Trump delivers, and he is painted as a failure? Trump will see a rise in his approval rating. A big rise. Trump spoke truth from the heart. He is also doing what he ran on…..

Donald Trump makes the Democratic Socialists in the House and Senate look like an unhinged and a mentally unstable carnival show.

Trump offered a compromise on DACA and a pathway to citizenship for the border wall.  In response, the libtards sat their indifferent with a negative grimace on their self-serving faces. It seems that the billionaire is outsmarting and outmaneuvering the psychologically damaged dumb shits that make up the Democratic party.

Senator Schumer looks like the scum bag that got his ass kicked in high school. In fact, all of the Democratic Socialists would not stand for most of the things that Trump made statements about. They did not cheer unemployment numbers or job creation for minorities. The did not cheer the 401Ks of hardworking Americans. They did not cheer the pillars of society or stand with the police officer or soldier.  They did not clap for the $24,000 standard deduction, the lowered corporate tax rate or companies coming back to Detroit. Hell they did not even applaud wage increases for hardworking Americans.

In reality, the Democratic Socialists looked like a bunch of commiserative chimps in $1000 dollar suits that had nothing to offer the American dream.  All they want is to marinate in their petri dish of control, blame division, commiseration, race baiting, class envy, and wealth distribution.  They suck…

Donald Trump delivered one hell of a good speech, and I believed every single word he spoke.

Schumer is a disgusting piece of partisan hack shit.

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If Elway trades away Demaryius Thomas, he is a dumb ass.

Peyton Manning turned average wide receivers into 1000 yard receivers and good wide receivers into 1500 yard receivers.  In 2011, Thomas would be limited to only 11 games and even Tim Tebow got 550 yards of production from Thomas. Since his 2011 injury, Thomas has been able to fight through low-level injuries, and avoid the injuries that would end an NFL season. Under Manning, Thomas was a 1500 yard beast. Trevor Siemian tried to maintain a high completion percentage with Thomas when Manning road off into the sunset with his long neck silhouetted against the light.

In 2017, Thomas was able to amass close to 1000 yards through 3 average quarterbacks, a new coach, and a mid-season change to the offensive coordinator. Demaryius Thomas makes average NFL quarterbacks look good.

Emmanuel Sanders, on the other hand, struggles to stay on the field and is plagued with injuries that severely affect his overall performance.  He seems to be going the way of Champ Bailey with chronic foot and ankle issues. During his last three games with the Broncos, even average cornerbacks covered him like they were tattoos. Paxton Lynch could not connect with Sanders unless he was tossing from point-blank range. Even then, Sanders could not catch the ball.  Emmanuel Sanders and his off the field alleged predatory sexual advances are quite suspect and a distraction to the locker room.

At this juncture, Elwood needs to see what effect a fella like lauletta has on the Denver Bronco receiving corps. Chances are, that he would be able to exploit  Demaryius Thomas, as well as Cody Latimer, Henderson, McKenzie and the sunshine boy. Broncos fans want a grassroots rookie QB. We don’t need another $30 million year QB.

Demaryius Thomas is a franchise player in the mold of Rod Smith or Jerry Rice.

Should Elwood let Thomas walk, he might need to be diagnosed for CTE.  Thomas is a Bronco for life while Sanders is a come and go….

Demaryius Thomas is a 1500 yard Julio Jones on an NFL team with a mid-tier QB. As it is, he was the only WR keeping the Bronco receiving game alive in 2017.  Elwood needs to look elsewhere.

Of course, after, Von Miller’s basement reality show, he might be an 8 sack dude in 2018. Might start looking at Chubb.



Kyle Lauletta embarrasses Allen and Mayfield at Senior Bowl

Elwood seems to have an aversion to people named Kyle. He let Kyle Sloter walk with a 153.7 QB rating in the preseason in favor of Machine Gun Kelly’s nephew.

Meanwhile, the Vikings will be plunging Keenum, Bridgewater and Sam Bradford down the  FA toilette soon. Chances are very good that Kyle Sloter will be the Vikings starter in 2018. In an ironic twist of fate, the Broncos are left with the high dollar average injury prone scraps for FA QB fodder.  I am getting the same feelings of Bronco malaise as when Cutler was traded for Orton and Simms was elevated  as the backup QB.

Kizla says that Siemian hates to throw to the middle. Siemian was ridden with timing and accuracy issues along with tipped balls which resulted in interceptions and turnovers.

At the Senior Bowl, while all eyes were on Allen and Mayfield, Kyle Lauletta simply looked like Drew Brees on a good day and killed it. Lauletta has an extremely fast release and is a thread the needle passer. His quickness, tempo, and accuracy make Siemian and Paxton Lynch look like they play in slow motion. Lauletta’s ability to launch the football at extreme angles while at a full gate to his left is unbelievable. We remember when Montana attempted this style of throw and broke his back. Kyle Lauletta is dangerously accurate. He may not have a cannon arm, but his skills set would make him an extraordinary fit for the Broncos current offense. Lauletta plugs all of Siemian’s shortcomings.

The Broncos need to keep Siemian around for 2018 just for his Manning corporate memory.

Kyle lauletta would allow Elwood to focus on Bradley Chubb, Vita Vea, linebacker positions and a Talib replacement.

Chances are that Lauletta would gell with McKenzie and Henderson as well.

Elwood likes his tall QBs. He then never plays them and lets them regress into insignificance. Elwood hates gamers that do not fit his paradigm. The Broncos love to dumb down quarterbacks and make them play obsolete offensive dogma.

As far as St. Joseph, the Senior Bowl, and the Allen, Mayfield play would not translate well into a winning season in 2018. They would only add to the Broncos ability to dumb down an offense. Lauletta brings instant game despite Vance Joseph’s 16 to 45 Senior bowl coaching prowess. Lauletta is a game changer and a plug for all things Bronco. His play would be a force multiplier and add a high-value raw resource to Bill Musgrave’s offense.

If Elwood cannot see Lauletta’s plug and play ability, he probably needs to go into a senior management concussion protocol. I need Elwood to give the boy from the Keystone State a call. Bring him in for an interview and a steak dinner. Let him party in the Choice city, and cross country in the mountains.

I bring in Lauletta to compete with Siemian, Lynch, and Kelly. The Broncos already have a Josh Allen in Paxton Lynch. They have a really good back up in Siemian and a possible starter. The Broncos would do better with Bradley Chubb in the first round…..


The death of John Quincy Adams on the U.S. House floor

On the 21st of February 1848, John Quincy Adams would collapse on the House floor and die two days later.  Congressman Richard H. Brodhead would be present.

Brodheads helped pass legislation that created the West Wing, the East Wing, the Congressional Dome and Congressional Library. In 1851 the Library would have a fire and burn 2/3rds of the books along with the bulk of Thomas Jefferson’s writings.  During the 1850s, then-senator Richard H. Brodhead would author the legislation that purchased the remaining Thomas Jefferson writings.  Brodhead bitched about the cost of the Congressional Library rebuild. At the time, we thought $91,000 was a lot of money. Today, the government spends $4 trillion a year.

Today the chambers that Brodheads funded and built are full of Democratic Socialislist that will shut the government down to support the rights of illegals.

The ghost of John Quincy Adams is said to walk the halls of the Capitol building.

Vote for Pedro…..


Richard Brodhead (US Senator from Pennsylvania).jpg



Susan “Dynomite” Hutchison a hard act to follow

Rare are the individuals that can maintain a successful political media presence. Many will say stupid things off the cuff without filtering the message. In fact, the political world is full of idiots that say the stupidest shit. Like me for instance.

Susan “Kid Dynomite” Hutchison will be a hard act to follow given her exceptional communication abilities and fundraising prowess. It is demonstratively evident that Susan knows how to raise funds. In the fundraising world, she is a Babe Ruth. She should be Trump’s Press secretary.

Hopefully, she hangs around and helps the Heimlich dude maneuver the current level of fundraising.

Lastly, While you might find me obtuse, please do not find me being anything more than that. Otherwise, your perceptions are completely skewed…..

Oh , and do not worry, I won’t be an obtuse bother going forward. During the 2016 election campaign for House, I was presented  “one” single Twitter like from a Republican party associate, hence, I am used to the silent treatment.

Anyways, I am building my wife a vacation home in Colorado, so my priorities are a little different these days. At almost 9% of the vote, I feel honored. In addition, the reality had a healing effect on my core.

Please forgive me for the pathos I generated and let me just end this fixation.

I have decided to set my sites on being a world-famous singer, cage fighter, and Wolverine hunter in Kamchatka.

Good health to you folks…






Nobody listens to “Yellow press commiseration” about Trump

I voted for Gary Johnson, but, now that Trump has been in office for a year, I am very impressed with the Trumpmeister.  In the scheme of things, he is a genius compared the race baiting and labeling Democratic Socialists party and their yellow press brethren.  Journalism has been replaced with a bastardization of Rosie O Donnel, Jerry Springer, and Joseph Goebbels. In other words, state stupidity and lies over and over again until they are accepted as truth.

The Trump administration negotiated with China and pushed China into sanctioning North Korea. As a result, Kim Jong Un dressed in Western clothing sat up straight and is begging South Korea for an invite to the Seol Winter Olympics.  Kim Jong Un is now open to dialogue with South Korea because of Donald Trump. In addition, Donald Trump is open to dialogue with “Lil Kim” as well.  As we recall, Clinton, Bush, and Obama based their North Korean foreign relations on appeasement.

Next Republicans rolled back copious EPA idiot regulations and Obama land grabs.

Trump and conservative Republicans revised the tax system and provided America’s tax paying citizens a $24,000 standard deduction. For many, Trump taxation will put hundreds in the pockets of hard-working American families and also reduce Obamacare costs via subsidies.  If one makes $48,000 a year, the $24,000 standard deduction qualifies American families for huge Obamacare subsidies every month. trump cuts will have a remarkable effect on the millions of Hispanics with large families. This is why the Democratic Socialists are grandstanding on DACA and engaging in the Schumer shutdown.

Trump lowered corporate taxes. As a result, Apple is repatriating billions of dollars and will invest $350 billion into the American economy. Fiat Chrysler is coming back to Detroit and other corporations are lining up to bring their money back to the USA. In one year, the 401Ks of hardworking Americans have seen a 40% rise. Moreover, Trump has applied a stable hand to FED rates. Unemployment among minorities and whites are at 50-year lows.

As we recall, Obama shut the government down over Obamacare. The shutdown was blamed on Republicans. Now the Democratic Socialists shut down the government for the rights of illegals and the liberal yellow press blames Trump. The Democratic Socialists had an opportunity to discuss DACAand bring the shutdown to a closure, but took the option to turn the fiasco into free press.

It is clear that the only platform issues the Democratic Socialists have are commiseration and labeling Americans, racist.

The Liberal Yellow press are no longer journalists. They are a collection of commiserative and biased liars and the propaganda arm of the  Democratic party.

In the real world, Trump is stable and the liberal yellow press is simply lying morons with a grotesque, skewed and obtuse propaganda agenda.

Trump put tens of thousands of dollars in my pocket and I will reciprocate by investing in America. The Democratic Socialists and the yello press have done nothing for this America except call me a racist for the last 9 years.