Trump and Kim Jong Un should meet at the Korean armistice agreement “table” of 1953

The requirements leading up to the 1953 Korean Armistice Agreement were quite lengthy.  Above all, the table that the UN forces and the  North Koreans met at, had to look like an equal plain negotiating table. These same requirements were also utilized at the Paris peace talks for Vietnam.

Adolf Hitler employed the same train car that the Treaty of Versailles was signed in for the negotiations with Vichy France after Germans overran France.

The Trump/Un talks must be at the same table that was employed in 1953. In a reconstruction of the original  1953 peace pagoda.

The content of the denuclearization of the Korean Penninsula and the demilitarization of the DMZ must start with a vision of Korean peace and partnership in the global community.  Just as  Abraham Lincoln sought a peaceful reunification with the South void of malice, Trump must orchestrate the same outcome in Korea.

Going further,  it is within the North Korean’s better interest to rid itself of nuclear weapons and become a nuclear-free zone like New Zealand etc.  Together, the North and South Koreans could unite and focus on a normal conventional weapons arrangement to counter China and Japan. The unification process must include a staged withdrawal from the DMZ. In addition, once the North Koreans give the UN their nuclear weapons, They immediately become eligible for world bank funds and inexpensive food goods from around the world. However, the introduction of capital investment must be along the lines of United states style corporate taxation protocols and free market style economies of scale.  In addition, profit from investment capital must be used to build economic infrastructure for the North Korean people.  The North Koreans would be limited to a 10% of GDP military spending arrangement. We cannot have a reboot of the Saddam Hussein oil for food type arrangement.

The power-sharing between North Korea and South Korea will be that of a united Korean States with free elections to follow by 2024.

The desegregation of the North and South Korean forces is probably a play it by ear thing.  We cannot have a military Coup De Tete etc.   Hence, the Unified Korean Forces must be broken up into separate commands for the foreseeable future.

The Trump treaty with North Korea should be signed in a reconstruction of the Peace Pagoda listed below on the border between North Korea and South Korea.  The event should also be inundated with Korean rituals of dance, food, and wine.

This is a new beginning for North and South Korea and its complete entrance into the global community. It must be treated with dignity while paying homage to its culture and tradition.

Dude this is like the fall of the Berlin wall….

Summating, the Korean DMZ and the US commitment to South Korea is a pain in the ass at the end of a long and costly logistics chain.  It is time to make the Koreans unify and release the American armed forces from this burdensome obligation. This is not 1953. It is the time of globalization and free trade. North Korea must be prodded into joining the rest of the world in prosperity.

America has no designs on ever attacking a free and peaceful North Korea. In fact, corporations will line up to take advantage of the North Korean people’s workforce.

It will be interesting to see if Kim Jong Un has the balls to share power and adapt to a hybrid communist/ free market capitalism construct.

The only reason why Kim Jong Un is willing to negotiate is that he is broke.  He will seek to maintain absolute power along with total control and profit taking via a state-controlled communism style industrial construct. Meaning, he will want to use all capital investment profit to fund his military and ability to stay in power. Hence, there must be negotiations that ensure free elections and an economy of scale that mirrors the South etc.

Once Trump has met with Kim Jong Un to discuss a few things, the USA must exit the situation and allow South Korea and North Korea a full year to debate unification and the power-sharing alliance. In the meantime, all sanctions remain in place.

Obama gets the Nobel Peace Prize and then does the neocons dirty work?

They said that Barack Hussein Obama was an economic messiah even though his greatest private sector achievement prior to becoming president was buying a house.  Obama would then go on to spending $10 trillion beyond hard federal revenue along with allowing the FED to run economic policy. In fact, almost the entire Obama era economic policy was supported by the continuous quantitative easing handicap, treasury bond reshuffling, toxic asset repurchases, zero prime interest rates, and debt monetization. Of course, Warren Buffet and his Berkshire Hathaway fund would be allowed to purchase billions in real estate toxic assets for pennies on the dollar. A gift from Obama for endorsing him in 2008.  By the time Obama finished his two terms as president, he would double the national debt from $9 trillion under Bush II to $20 trillion.  Now all future administrations will have to deal with the interest payments on $20 trillion.   Should Treasury bond rates go back up to Clinton era levels, the interest payments on the debt explode.

When Barack Obama became president, he was given a Nobel Peace prize for being black.  During the 2008 presidential election, Obama would apologize for America in Berlin. He would then leave the Germans a million dollar cleanup bill. Then, as soon as he is president, he drops to his knees and performs oral sex on the neocon agenda.  He would surge in Iraq and Afghanistan and attack Libya. Obama wanted to attack Syria until he was talked out of it by Putin. Obama then abandons Iraq and allows 4000 ISIS troops to take all the gains made by American soldiers.

The Bush Obama neocon penchant for wars of choice resulted in the overrunning of Europe with Middle East refugees. Many of the refugees were simply young men seeking to avoid war in their homelands. Many would go on to rape young girls in places like Germany and Sweden. These Muslim men treated German girls like they were unworthy non-Muslim trash. Others would shout out that they were going to screw all the German girls and eradicate the German race through breeding.  So, just as Obama left Berlin a mess in 2008, he left Germany a massive mess in 2017. However, instead of apologizing for his heinous foreign policy, he bad mouths Donald Trump.

Barack Obama did not earn the Nobel Peace Prize. Obama was not a peaceful man. In fact, he was a closet neocon. During his entire presidency, he was at war and spent more on war than any other president in history. Obama also used the Patriot Act in order to put presidential candidates under surveillance.  of course, the Obama administration was ridden with lies. Going further, the Obama Administration was an adventure in lies, public deception, and  Goebbelesque propaganda techniques.  Everyone in his administration was willing to lie, deceive and engage in Watergate level ethics violations in order to orchestrate a smoke and mirrors campaign and stay in power.

Instead of dealing with North Korea, Obama kicked that can down the road. Instead of dealing with Iran, he paid them off.

Obama should shove his Nobel Peace prize up his ass.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump is fixing all of Obama’s messes and the Liberal left won’t even thank him for it.

The liberal yellow press has always stood with the stupidity of Obama and the liberal left. They are morons.


Vance Joseph reloads with A plus rated 2018 draft class

Vance Joseph spent the clip in 2017 with a 5-11 record. Even with the 3 stooges quarterback musical chairs from hell, the Broncos still won 5 games. Now, Vance Joseph has swept the casings off the porch and shoved a new clip into the scheme of things.

In reality, the biggest and most positive change to the Broncos in 2018 was the acquisition of Case Keenum. Unlike Siemian who lost himself in a self-fulfilling prophecy and engaged in the voices of lost confidence, Keenum won’t let go of the winning bone without a crowbar pounded and wedged between his molars, while sedated of course.   If 2017 is any indication, Keenum is a stingy little bastard that plays well beyond a game manager. We saw this when he went against awesome NFC teams and kicked their ass. In fact, Case Keenum’s road to 13 and 3 came against the absolute best NFL teams of 2017.  In comparison, the trifecta of shitty Bronco quarterbacks was the laughing stock of the AFC West.

Once the Broncos won Superbowl 50, and Manning road off into the sunset with his long neck and forehead illuminated against the sunlight, the Broncos were ripe for an exorcism. The Kubiak Houston malaise had also ascended upon the Bronco locker room.  It was time for a change of coaching. Vance Joseph was the transition coach. Because of professional respect, he will be allowed to stay after a 5-11 record, because, Josh McDaniels the hated one, was afforded the same opportunity.

With the 2018 draft, Vance Joseph dropped the spent clip and shoved in a new magazine of talent. Elwood and the Kube, have provided all the talent they could possibly muster and then some to ensure that Vance Joseph is successful. Their actions have also given Case Keenum copious tools in order to be successful. Keenum has been given top-notch non-jaded virgin players to mold from the beginning. He has also been given arguably the best NFL defense for 2018. Now it only comes down to works, deeds, reps, and memorizing a solid playbook that capitalizes on strengths. Oh and a damn hurry up offense you boobs.

Should Vance Joesph parade or orchestrate over a losing season in 2018, Elwood will have the moral and ethical management high ground to shit can him.  I do not think this will happen.  This is a new Bronco team and they are hungry. They will lay waste to the AFC West this year.

Keenum is like Elway, he understands the equation to winning in the NFL is complex and ridden with setbacks. He also knows that the way we define success is how we pick ourselves up after a setback and engage our future with vigor.  Keenum has taken the hard road and has never had a damn thing handed to him on a platter.  That reality, my friends, makes all the difference.

Gruden, we are coming for you and your punks!


2018 Broncos Draft Class

Round Pick Player Position School Info Highlights
1 5 Bradley Chubb OLB North Carolina State Scouting Report Video
2 40 Courtland Sutton WR SMU Scouting Report Video
3 71 Royce Freeman RB Oregon Scouting Report Video
3 99 Isaac Yiadom CB Boston College Scouting Report Video
4 106 Josey Jewell ILB Iowa Scouting Report Video
4 113 DaeSean Hamilton WR Penn State Scouting Report Video
5 156 Troy Fumagalli TE Wisconsin Scouting Report Video
6 183 Sam Jones OG Arizona State Scouting Report Video
6 217 Keishawn Bierria ILB Washington Scouting Report Video
7 226 David Williams RB Arkansas Scouting Report Video

David Williams might be gold for the Broncos

The Arkansas Razorbacks offensive line did not look to be the greatest in the SEC. Even then, whenever David Williams got the ball, he found a hole and rushed for nice chunks. He is also a very good blocker.  This could be the case of a solid RB in an underperforming O-line.

The last Razorback running back to make an impression was Peyton Hills.  While Hillis is just a little bit bigger than David Williams, their strength stats are very close.

If David Wiliams is as good as his size, strength,  raw talent and intelligence suggest, the Broncos will have a really nice RB corps. In the past, many drafted runningbacks never make it off the practice squad. Hopefully, 2018 will see a RB depth chart of Freeman, Booker, Williams, and Henderson.  Three big bruiser backs and a smaller change of pace finesse runner.  As it is, the Broncos now have 4 solid running backs with good hands, speed and skills.

In the past, the Broncos have introduced practice squad runningbacks piecemeal. We saw this with Capri Bibbs and others like Jerimiah Johnson.  The collective effect has always been unsatisfactory. Instead, the Broncos should commit to 4 running backs at the start of the 2018 training camp and simply rep them out. The focus this year must be about standardized runningbacks that know the playbook like the backs of their hand.

The bottom line is that Broncos now have 4 very good running backs. All they need are reps and tosses in order to become a standardized group of badasses. Reps and tosses. Reps and tosses. Reps and tosses.

Williams could be a low mileage model of Royce Freeman.  He looks to be quite intelligent and disciplined. Nice pick Kube.

Andy Janovich’s role must be expanded to include rushing duties and soft hands in the backfield and across the line of scrimmage. We have to know if he is a 1 yard per carry Juwan Thompson or a Rathman 44  style fullback.


Elwood rocks the final rounds of the 2018 draft

It was a Saturday night in Longmont, Colorado, and I was invited to a birthday party. The party would be held at the Old Chicago pizza place on 119.  During the 1980s, I would come back to Longmont on leave from the Air Force. Back then the Old Chicago Pizza parlor would be almost standing room only. The 30-foot long bar would be packed with beer drinking Bronco fans. The only interruption to Bronco talk would be the guzzle of a fresh tap beer or a fine assed Colorado babe clad in new Levi shrink to fit 501s.  When Elwood showed up, the take would intensify with hopes of a Bronco Superbowl.  The party atmosphere on the front range would be a welcome reprieve from pushing maintenance stands through 2 feet of snow at 45 below zero at a  B-52 SAC base in the upper peninsula of  Michigan.  This April evening would be a social delight some 40 years later. The pizza was excellent.  The folks were nourishing. The locally brewed hefeweizen was cold fresh and tasty. The 6-foot flat screen was showing the final remnants of the 2018 Bronco draft.  Mike Klis was tweeting the results, while Elwood and his suit and tie brethren were completing an excellent 2018 draft. Meanwhile, we would talk of Riley Odoms, Rick Upchurch, Gradishar,  and Lyle Alzado to name just a few.

Riley Odoms started playing for the Broncos when we moved to Boulder County after Vietnam. He would still be there when I finished my first term in the Air Force. From 1972 until Elwood showed up. Riley Odoms put up huge numbers pretty much every single year.  Today, with Elwood in charge, the Broncos have entered a tight end musical chairs fiasco.

I remember watching Odoms final spring training camp and his getting cut.  The vision of Odoms attempting to juke a linebacker after the snap was disheartening. It was the end of a magnificent Bronco era.  We all bowed our heads and paid homage to Denver’s best TE in Bronco history at the time.  Odoms legacy would not be outdone until Shannon Sharp came around.  It blows my mind that Odoms is not in the Bronco ring of fame. In fact, it is superior bullshit.

I attempted to retrieve the draft information on my cell phone only to be chided and interrupted by the folks I was dining with. It was clear that the no-brainer selections of the 2018 draft had given way to the real meat of the deal. Elwood and company were taking meat and potato late round players that will make an immediate impact. We saw this with Rod Smith. We saw this with Mr. Harris etc. As it is, Elwood and his entourage got down to business in a realm that the amateur observer never fathoms.

Anyways, between the excellent pizza and two heffs, I was unable to grasp the impact of the 2018 draft. See you tomorrow. Hopefully, I don’t have a hangover.

Lastly, damn good work…







Elwood forges ahead with new WR corps to support DT and Sanders

In the NFL, nothing is written in stone. A lackluster wide receiver could be here today and gone tomorrow. Some cannot leave the college behavior behind and get caught with weed by a Lousiana redneck police officer in Monroe. Others at 5 foot 7 simply cannot do shit on an NFL field. Others are overlooked and then leave to become pro bowlers elsewhere. Its all a matter of attitude, priority structures, skill set, interaction demeanor, work ethic, and repetition. Then again, we see it all in the NFL. Like when Brandon Marshal cut his hand hitting a fish tank. In Denver, we are looking for balanced people who lead by example and never ever give up. After all, life on this planet is a one time gift and there are no mulligans, especially after a shitty season at Milehigh.  One leaves their behavioral issues at the house when we head to the “Command Post” for a mission to the sandbox shithole. The same goes for the NFL player.  There is plenty of time to act the fool when you are cut from the practice squad.

Save your money and don’t end up like Terrell Owens broke as hell. Don’t be smart on the field and stupid with the bank account. You only get one shot.  Save it for old age like smart people. Take a balanced approach to all things and shun excess.

Elwood and Coach Vance have signaled that they want a receiver corps that can perform void of fumbles or being stupid enough to get busted for weed. In Denver, we lead by example for our citizens and their children. We have always been an upstanding team with caliber individuals that are mentally and socially balanced on and off the field. Social and professional respect is a force multiplier. One feeds the other. Then we never second guess ourselves ever. We simply work harder and focus.

They have just picked up two WRs from the draft with excellent resume’s Now it is just a matter of repping out.

Gruden, we are coming for you!!

Why Johnnie Gruden you look like someone stepped all over your NFL grave. Give my regards to Carr and Punk Mack!





Like gravity, the Broncos will regain their composure in 2018

For all practical purposes, the Broncos have been exorcised of the Superbowl 50 post-Manning malaise. The Post Houston Kubiak coaching staff and infrastructure has been replaced. The playbook has been simplified under Coach Musgrave. The Broncos harvested the 2018 free agency and filled several needs in premium fashion. The Broncos are also replenishing the herd with excellent draft picks as well.

In reality, had the Broncos had a decent quarterback in 2018, they would have easily made the playoffs.  As it was, the 2017 Bronco schedule was brutal to the beholder at first. At first.  However, the Raiders lost their Derick Carr edge.  Kansas City saw a late-season collapse.  Of course, Ironman Rivers put together a good show in a new city only to fall short at the end of the regular season. The 2017 schedule looked tough, but things change overnight in the NFL.

Elwood is drafting once again to win the AFC West division. Siemian mistakes and inability to make secondary reads will be replaced by a seasoned quarterback in Case Keenum. The porous O-line was bolstered by a pro bowler. The wide receiver corp now has an additional Julio Jones sized player. The running back corps has what could be the second coming of Terrel Davis. The 2018 Bronco running back corps is stacked like no time in recent Bronco history.

Extreme upgrades have been made to the Denver defense along with retention of many of their best.  As we recall, the 2017 Denver defense was ranked at the top. in several categories. The Denver D is always a Superbowl caliber defense.

2018 will see a Bronco team that is renewed and full of competitive vigor.

During the Bronco Seahawks Superbowl, the Seahawk “Legion of Boom” seemed to have gravity on their side.  Whenever the football was close to the goal or anywhere on the field it was sucked into the end zone like it was succumbing to the gravity of a black hole.  The Seahawk defense played like they were inhuman.

The demons are gone now and the Broncos will regain their composure like gravity. This is a very talented group. All they need is the smell of Raider and KC blood and all bets are off.  The tweaks are being made. All that is left is “never quit!”






Elwood replaces CJ Anderson with Royce Freeman

If college stats are any indication, Royce Freeman is an extreme upgrade to CJ Anderson.  Freeman was a 1600 yard all-purpose back in his Senior year at Oregon. 1639 yards to be exact. If we look at the combine results, Freeman and Anderson are very close to each other in physical strength. However, Freeman was bigger and better than Anderson in college. In 2017, Freeman saw 60 receptions or an average of 5 tosses a game. Freeman was a 1500 yard back. CJ Anderson was a 400 yard back.

The Broncos like to take perfectly good running backs and commit them to play piecemeal.  In DeAngelo Henderson’s case, they demoted him for a fumble. They even played Jaamal Charles sparingly after he averaged more than 4 yards a carry. Of course, they then would run it up the middle into a wall of defenders on 3rd down only to have to boot it away the next down.  Instead of allowing the player to get back into the saddle after being bucked off, they relegated the offender to the bench. It was not the fault of the playcalling when the Broncos could only negotiate 2 yards a carry. It was always the fault of the new running back. Devonte Booker would fumble on his first carry and then bounce back. In 2017, it was all Anderson and Booker.

Of course, Isaiah McKenzie was given ample opportunity after serial fumbles but did not amount to much in his rookie year. He may continue to be a nonvalue-adding distraction in 2018.

Now that the Broncos finally have an early round running back in Royce Freeman they must play him through thick and thin. He will then get a feel for the blocking synergy and rise to the occasion. If Royce Freeman is treated like Jamaal Charles or De Angelo Henderson, the Broncos will ruin a really good running back. In Denver, Ronnie Hillman was an 800-yard running back. When he was released, he became a 50 yard running back and then relegated to insignificance. Freeman could be a 1000 yard back out of the box. He might even be a TD level performer.  Hopefully, he does not struggle and get relegated to the practice squad like Jeremiah Johnson.  What a crap shoot.  

At this juncture, Elwood has fixed the running back and wide receiver issue for the better.  It will be interesting to see if Elwood actually employs Sutton and Freeman or relegate them to an ineffective secondary role and simply dabble. Manning threw the ball to everyone. Siemian fixated on Sanders and DT while Latimer and Fowler were wide open.

Odds are that St. Joseph will ruin Freeman by playing him sparingly instead of putting him in the trenches from the start. Odds are that Courtland Sutton will only see a few throws a game and be relegated to a secondary role in favor of Thomas and Sanders.

Lastly, if Freeman is as good as his college record, please play him from the start. Just play him next to Booker and let’s make the playoffs. As it is, the Broncos now have a really stacked running back depth chart with Booker, Freeman, and Henderson.  Now just play these fellas.





Jarvion Franklin the dude with Robert Newhouse legs


Elwood Takes Royce Freeman in the 3rd. Yes!!!!!


Elwood has addressed two pressing Bronco deficiencies. By drafting Bradley Chubb, they have neutralized any Gotsis or Wolfe issues. Moreover, they have Von Miller 2.0 on the right side.  This means that the Raiders, Chiefs, and Chargers will have to double team both Chubb and Miller. If all goes as planned, the Bronco D will be the sack epicenter of the NFL. At a minimum, Elwood got his version of Derek Thomas or Lawrence Taylor.

Elwood also fixed some glaring wide receiver issues. The Broncos lost Cody Latimer and Benny Fowler.  Isaiah McKenzie may not make the depth chart in 2018 and Carlos Henderson has not outground adolescence. Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders were the only real wide receivers left on the roster after the free agency took its toll.  It is not clear if Jordan Taylor can bounce back after a major surgery. Elwood had no choice but to pick up a big and fast WR from the draft. He did just that when he drafted Courtland Sutton in the second round. The only problem is that the last 3 Bronco quarterbacks made little use of the wide receivers beyond DT and Sanders. Last year, Sanders could have a rookie cornerback riding shotgun in his shorts and Siemian will still throw to him. No wonder Latimer and Fowler left town. Today, Sanders is having laser tattoo removal performed because of the opposing team cornerbacks painting themselves on him.  Kudos for  Sutton.

The Broncos have two draft picks during the third round. They could take Lauletta if he is still on the board. They could then take a dude like Javarion Franklin, a 6-foot 239-pound workhorse, who oddly enough, has Newhouse’s thighs. The RB looks to be an old school no frills bruiser that can run and catch. He also looks to be a QB blocker with a presence of mind.  What is glaring is that he is hungry for the toss and has a great situational awareness beyond the line of scrimmage. While Franklin is not the fastest dude on the field, he makes up for it with soft hands, excellent spin moves, and solid jukes. He might be a CJ Anderson 2.0. Franklin has hue legs and looks like he can run through defensive guys. he looks like he is meant to be an all-purpose guy in the mold of Devonte Freeman. If he is legit an can negotiate 4 yards a carry, he becomes a CJ and Janovich replacement.  He may not have Barkley’s 29 bench rep, but he has massive legs and would be a short yardage animal.

If Elwood picks up Lauletta in the 3rd, the rest is gravy. Franklin is down the line and might be gone by the 4th.

Franklin looks to be a chiseled version of Chubby bear Anderson with Newhouse’s legs. if you watch the film, he is always open when he leaves blocking duties. Perfect for Keenum dump offs. The same style of dump offs that padded Cousins stats.




Elwood needs to stay away from tiny running backs and wide receivers

The Broncos have not had that good of luck with tiny little backs like Quentin Griffin or Ronnie Hillman. In fact, the history of the tiny little  Bronco running back is not really that good in Denver. As we recall,  the folks in the “Legion of Boom” descended on Ronnie Hillman and basically took the ball away from him like he was a little bitch. Hillman could also be arm tackled by a drunk old meth whore on Colfax. Over the past three years, CJ Anderson rose to the surface as the best RB option in Denver. Alas, he was let go at his apex just as Knowshon Moreno was allowed to walk. I guess “Greek” knew something was up.

Now that Saquon Barkley is headed to New York, the stable of remaining 2018 NFL draft running backs is reduced to a homogenized hoard of average dudes.  Many are basically a reboot of your basic 5’10″200-pound 4.50 40 dudes that are really nothing special. Of course, there is Nick Chubb and Royce Freeman, and a few others, however, does one waste a draft pick on a running back in the second round? Ther has to be a 6 foot 225 running back in the mix that did not make the combine but has all the fundamentals. The Shanahan RB rule is once again in play.

The Broncos did not do well when they picked up Isaiah McKenzie. The dude turned out to be a shitty punt returner that engages in theatrics and then fumbles the ball. In reality, he is too small to play in the NFL and is weaker than Ronnie Hillman. At this juncture, he is taking up space. The Broncos need to look at a 6-5 wide receiver in the mold of Odell Beckham junior or Julio Jones. But then again, that might not be a good fit for Case Keenum, given that he does not have a Cutler arm. hence, the Broncos might focus on a possession receiving WR and TE.

The Broncos are in a draft predicament. They could take really bad ass D-line folks and some really fast conerbackage or they could take average offensive guys that may not make any improvement to the running game.

The Broncos have engaged in a TE marry go round as well. They gave away Virgil Green, and now have a corps of average TEs with few receptions. Then again, the TE position is really hard to fill.  Where the hell is Jake Butt?

Nick Chubb can haul ass but he already has knee issues.