Margaret Brennan coaxing out questionable Intel from James Clapper

Given that all terrorists do not use the internet or cell phones to communicate, The NSA has been reduced to sifting through infinite terabytes of cellphone data, internet porn, facebook drivel, and every other manner of information age social media.  It is a given that Bluffdale Utah’s 90,000 sqft surveillance entity is full of all the unsavory habits of the American people.  Millions of man-hours and billions of dollars are spent to surveil the American people.  Of course, there are the FISA courts that will allow a surveillance warrant at the drop of a hat.

The objective is to find out if Clapper’s NSA  FISA court approved Trump surveillance based on Facebook ads and an unverifiable Steele Dossier.  Was the Obama DOJ so damaged and indoctrinated to Obama style Democratic Socialism that she made unethical and illegal decisions based on social media drivel and fake intel?

In the case of Russian meddling in a US election, some have said it amounted to 3500 Facebook ads attacking both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump ( Uncle Donny).  Apparently, the Russian FB ads were quite ineffective and did not go viral like “Two girls and a cup” or “Monkey throws feces.” However, the Mueller investigation is somewhat like a baboon throwing feces at Trump and seeing if it will stick.

It is now clear that the FBI, as James Clapper stated, installed the most benign form of intelligence gathering when they spied on the Trump campaign.  Instead of two burglars at a Watergate hotel room sifting through McGovern’s stuff, the Federal Bureau of Investigation used taxpayer resources to surveil a presidential candidate without real due process. Before Obama, this would have been considered illegal and the extreme tactics of  Hitler, Stalin, Khrushchev, Brezhnev, or Kim Jong Un.

The Obama administration engaged in outright lies more than any other president in U.S. history. It is not farfetched to infer that Obama and his cabinet conspired with the NSA to surveil a presidential candidate based on here say and social media drivel.  Hillary Clinton engaged in “Filegate,” and Obama simply did not want to be outdone.   I mean they blamed Benghazi on a video, therefore, accusing Donald Trump of Russian collusion based on a FB ad is not beyond them.

James Clapper seemed to have unwittingly let that cat out of the bag while under the Margaret Brennan waterboarding.  It might be that the FISA court allowed surveillance on a presidential candidate based on FB ads and a fake dossier. As head of the NSA that used paper reports, he may not have had complete control of the NSA and a few rogue entities. At a minimum, however, he should have kept track of FISA court warrants.  If he didn’t, he was incompetent. Then again, Hillary Clinton did not know what a classified document was and played the insulting stupid card as well.

The NSA, FBI, and CIA are clinging to silence because they were engaged in illegal activities along partisan lines.  The entire Trump witch hunt is based on manufactured nonsense and illegal activities.

Maybe if Hillary Clinton was the CEO of Facebook, none of this would have happened. Instead, we would be treated to extreme censorship and wholesale indoctrination. Of course, the NSA, FBI and CIA would not care because they like to fellate the big government Democratic Socialists that make a habit of lying under oath.  It is called the deep state.

At no time in American history has the Federal government engaged in such levels of tyranny and partisan hackery.  J. Edgar Hoover and his sore asshole must be turning over in his grave.

Lastly, the Clapper interview was the wholesale display of counterintelligence softening and propaganda techniques. He is going along with a  pre-predicated script that will downplay the illegal aspects of Obam NSA behavior. Next will be a fall guy or gal and an apology. Meanwhile, the real players will go free…


James Clapper now engaging in a campaign of evasive ignorance

My father retired from the Strategic Air Command and spent 6 months at a radar site in Vietnam that sat on a hill that was contaminated with Agent Orange.  His life would be shortened by decades because of the exposure. My uncle would fly the B-29 around Groom lake filming nuclear test explosions. He would later succumb to cancer. I would serve from 1977 to 2006 and end my career serving in Iraq for 18 months doing medivacs on the Mighty C-141.  Brodheads have been serving in uniform since we took New Amsterdam in 1664. We would fight for independence, Guadalupe Hidalgo,  Manifest destiny, and Emancipation. We would fight for freedom and democracy. When we took the oath to uphold the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, we did, no if and or buts. But then again, we served at the Dorchester heights protecting the guns of Ticonderoga in addition to being Laffeyete’s Aid-de-Camp.

CBS helped James Clapper rehabilitate his reputation and establish terms of endearment via an interview.  They would elaborate about James Clapper being the son of an Intelligence officer.  Whippty friggin do.

Of course we need the free press, however, even the most stupid people understand that the Liberal Yellow Press are partisan hacks that engage in false propaganda. In fact, the news cycle over the past 10 years has been all about division and exploiting people along emotional argument. Forget the facts. Clapper playing the free press card was an incompetent attempt at supporting the 1st Amendment. When he is part of the deep state, he suppresses the 1st Amendment completely. What a disturbing “Catch 22!” Using the Liberal Yellow press and an insincere attempt ta supporting the 1st Amendment to run interference on your  known abuses of the 4th Amendment is insulting.

Every single individual that leaves a position of extraordinary power and control goes through extraordinary separation anxiety.  History is casting doubt upon James Clapper’s honesty and integrity. After all, James Clapper lied to our faces about Prizm and the mass surveillance of the American people. He basically implemented G.W. Bush’s surveillance tyranny. He pulled his pants down, bent over the Bill of Rights and shit on it.

Americans must know if James Clapper applied a delusional version of patriotism and protecting national security when he was working for Obama. Americans must know if he had a direct hand in manipulating the FISA courts into allowing surveillance of Donald Trump or if a rogue department of the NSA  was involved. Does the rabbit hole connect Loretta Lynch and Obama.

A man’s honor and integrity are more important than a partisan presidential administration. In fact, we in the military have always stood on Duty, Honor, Country.  Nowhere in our code of integrity does it state that we use Federal government resources to surveil presidential candidates.

Americans must know if the Obama administration descended into a KGB style surveillance gutter. We must know if Obama and Clapper engaged in tyranny.

As legacy Air Force, I personally need to know if an Air Force officer abused his position along partisan lines. If he did, it is a disgrace to the United States Air Force uniform.

Lastly, history will reflect that James Clapper did indeed lie to America about the abuse of our 4th Amendment. Soon, we will know if the behavior was repeated during the Obama administration when  Clapper and his rogue FISA courts colluded to surveil a legally elevated presidential candidate.

Uncle Donny,  please come out in support of a DACA extension.

Uncle Donny’s  scorecard:

MS-13 “Animals”  A plus

FBI campaign spy  A plus

Exposing deep state tyranny A Plus

Standing against the separation of children from illegal aliens    A plus

Korean Unification  A plus

3.7% unemployment A plus

Hundreds of billions in extra hard Federal revenue A Plus

Reducing the Federal Leviathan   F

Shitcanning Jeff Sessions F






Moon Jae-In and Kim Jong Un take matters into their own hands

The North Koreans signaled that they want to exchange re-unification dialogue with the South Koreans instead of Donald Trump.  They did so by employing their modern day version of Pyongyang Sally and a  North Korean Military High Command ass hole as reunification negotiators with the USA.  Both Choe Son-Hui and Ri Son Gwon both insulted the VP Pence which made it inappropriate for Donald Trump to meet with Kim Jong Un in Singapore.  It is clear that the North Koreans want to deal directly with the South Koreans as it relates to reunification. The previous scripted media events are meant to isolate Donald Trump and the USA from the talks.

Next, Kim Jong Un closely hugs Moon Jae-in for the propaganda cameras.  So, first they alienate the USA and use that as a propaganda prop for North Korean State-controlled media, and then they meet with Moon Jae-IN and show scripted benevolence. They even play the Kim Yo Yong card.

The ultimate goal for North Korea has always been to rid the Korean peninsula of US troops so they can annex the South.

If you will notice, Kim Jong un’s hug is encompassing. It is like he is consuming South Korea with China behind him. Pure symbolism.  To the North, the American presence on the peninsula is an insult and an inconvenience. North Korea is still a satellite state of China. Their 30-year plans are devoted to the assimilation of South Korea into the communist State.

Kim Jong Un is attempting to take the South Korean president as a fool.

North Korea is a highly controlled police state. The North Koreans are engaging in a strict regimen of propaganda theater.   In essence, they are blaming the USA for everything and then spreading the lies via its State controlled media. if they have a bad harvest, it sets the stage for a people’s revolution. The current media fiasco points the balme at the USA.

In response, Donald Trump must turn the heat up on China sanctions, and allow the North and South to set the stage.

Remember, Kim Jong Un’s North Korea is a communist concentration camp with zero human rights. They will want to unify on their own terms and assimilate South Korea into their State controlled hell hole.

Donald Trump should put the Singapore Summit on hold and see what structure comes out of the current event in Panmunjom.

This is per unadulterated visual propaganda techniques designed to isolate America. Let us put the initial process in the hands of the South Koreans and see if they are fools.

China and North Korea want control of the peninsula and all of the South China Sea. This whole event is a script geopolitical power play orchestrated by China and North Korea.

lastly, the Hongkong model for assimilation back into mainland China after decades of British rule is a fine example. Perhaps, Trump needs to bring in the Brit that facilitated the Hongkong reassimilation. He would be a wealth of knowledge.

Yaaa, continue to work towards meeting in Singapore….  In the meantime, the North and South need to work on a game plan that addresses free travel and the deconstruction of the Police State.  This is going to be a long and drawn out process dealing with power obsessed mad people in a communist police state shit hole

Next we will see Kim Jong Un doggie styling Moon Jae-in.



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The China and North Korea problem

In reality, China does not want a reunified Korean Penninsula unless it is a completely communist entity. North Korea has been a buffer zone for China since 1953. It is certain that if North Korea gives up its nuclear weapons, they will then be protected under China’s nuclear umbrella. Hence, North Korea becomes part of the mutually assured destruction policy between China and the USA.

North Korea will want to create a deal where the USA withdraws from the DMZ in exchange for denuclearization.  Once the US military has left the Korean peninsula, they will attack South Korea.  The peaceful reunification of the Korean peninsula is a pipe dream. One faction is based on a despotic communist dictatorship  model and the other is based on free capitalism and democracy. They are incompatible with one another. The goal of North Korea has always been to annex the South or  “Anschluss.”

China engages in currency devaluation. In addition, their worker ratio of 8 to 1 is wiping domestic made products off of every single shelf in the world.  A large percentage of the American economy is merchant activity based on China trade. Should the USA and China regress into a trade war, US employment is affected along with hard Federal revenue. The National Debt of $21 trillion rises, and it takes more revenue to service the yearly interest on the debt.  Meanwhile, the farming industry tanks because China is not buying their groceries.

It is clear that China will perform in the North Korean political theater for a little while. Meanwhile, they want the rest of the world to turn a blind eye to their South China sea imperialism.  In the end,  in exchange for a de-nuclearized North Korea, China will still have a communist buffer zone on the Korean peninsula. However, there will still be Chinese nukes protecting North Korea. China will also have control of the massive South China Sea shipping lanes, oil, and fisheries.

The Chinese president has stated that he will not assist North Korea if it attacks  South Korea or the US. However, he indirectly stated that China would defend North Korea if the USA made a pre-emptive attack. One could accurately infer that once the North Koreans eliminate their nuclear weapons and the DMZ is abandoned, China and North Korea will enter into a treaty.  Then, North Korea will engage in a reunification war with the South.   The sanctions will be lifted and the North Koreans will have the fuel to conduct a military campaign.

So, in exchange for sanctions and denuclearized North Korea, China gets the Spratly’s and millions of square miles of the South China Sea. The same playbook that the Japanese applied in the 1930s.

It is best to continue the hardline sanctions and see how China’s intentions evolve.

I think China and North Korea are playing Trump.


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Trump cancels meeting with despicable North Korean despot

Donald Trump was the first president in history to talk China into applying sanctions on North Korea.  This alliance came about after Kim Jong Un ran his big mouth about attacking the US with nuclear weapons. As we recall, Kim Jong Un threatened Guam and eventually the US mainland. All the while, each missile test came closer and closer.

In the old west, if someone stated that they were going to shoot someone and then reached for their holstered revolver, they were met with a bullet in the forehead or a couple 45 caliber rounds center mass.  Given that Kim Jong Un and all his communist cronies are simply big mouth bullshitters, the USA did not perform a preemptive strike on missiles that were on the launch pad.

Trump had it all lined up for the despotic fat ass with the tiny and pouting dick sucking lips. He had it all lined up for the fattest man in North Korea. A country full of mentally and physically unhealthy communists that need to be put out of their misery.

Of course, the disgusting and heinous little rocket man that is so fat and repugnant that he cannot wipe his own ass had to piss on the parade. The gelatinous head of North Korea had to employ a military high command asshole and a caustic bitch to do his bidding.  Ri Son Gwon would prove himself to be a tough-talking ignorant fool, while  Choe  Son Hui is the contemporary version of Pyongyang Sally.

The reality is that the North Korea power structure is simply a gang of mentally unhealthy and nasty people. They are not civil enough to negotiate with. They are also not compatible with re-unification because they will seek to consume the entire peninsula with their communist dictatorship. Kim Jong Un is no better than Pol Pot or Saddam Hussein. Instead of power-sharing, Kim Jong Un will attempt to turn South Korea into a Cambodian re-education camp.

At this juncture, the only thing the civilized world can do is apply sanctions and starve the regime into submission. The goal should be regime change and a people’s revolution.

North Korea is basically a large concentration camp of mentally unbalanced tyrants. The only way North Korea moves forward is if these tyrants are euthanized.

Lastly, the North Koreans are going to run their big mouths one too many times while conducting missile tests.  Given all the stupid gibberish that comes from the North Koreans about nuclear attack, we will have no choice but to start taking out their missile launch sites when a missile is in the fueling stage. Thanks, Choe you nasty bitch.

All the North Korean military has to do to join the modern world is take their AK-47s and blow away the North Korean High Command and Kim Jong Un. Just pick up your weapons and kill them…..Then your families will live in freedom instead of squalor in a repressive police state.

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North Korea’s Choe Son Hui is a caustic bitch

Choe Son Hui, a vice-minister in the North Korean Foreign Ministry, said if the US continued on its current path, she would suggest to North Korea‘s leadership that they reconsider the planned summit between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.
“Whether the US will meet us at a meeting room or encounter us at nuclear-to-nuclear showdown is entirely dependent upon the decision and behavior of the United States,” Choe said in comments carried by North Korea’s state-run KCNA news agency Thursday.
Kim Jong Un is now hiding behind the caustic words of one of his foreign minister vice bitches.
It is clear that the China sanctions are working.
The North Koreans want to cut a deal but want everything handed to them on a platter before they do anything Even then, we do not know if Kim Jong Un will give up his nuclear weapons.
At this juncture, Donald Trump needs to put the North Koreans off for a year.
Choe Son Hui should simply shut her kimchee stinking mouth.
Choe Son Hui should know that one single B-52 or Virginian class attack sub could lay waste to their communist petri dish shithole. She should understand that should Kim Jong Fat ass every launch a nuclear weapon, the USA will simply kill off the entire population of their country.
I say blow off the talks and turn the screws on this nasty talking communist regime..The North Koreans treat their people like shit. They also treat the rest of the world like shit. They are a country of mentally disturbed communist despots. The North Korean high command and all its cronies need to be put out of their misery. They are incompatible with the rest of the world.  They are insane. They are like mad dogs that need a bullet in their brains so the North Korean people can be free.
It is clear that the China sanctions are having a devastating effect on the North Korean power structure.
Given how nasty this Choe Son Hui talks, the USA must consider calling the deal off completely.
Lastly, there will come a time when the North Koreans will deploy their liquid fueled nuclear bullshit and we will have no choice but to take it out on the launching pad.  So, Choe run your stupid mouth…..

Is North Korea running interference for the China imperialism over the Spratly Islands?

It almost seems that Kim Jong Un is waving the shiny object on unification while China seeks to take the Spratly Islands and control the entire China sea. Trump is fixated on North Korea’s reunification lie while China exacts its imperialistic designs on the massive shipping lanes of the South China Sea.



Donald Trump will have to put North Korea on the back burner

The Trump administration has grave concerns over three different regimes: Venezuela, Iran and North Korea.

The problem is that the Trump administration must standardize it’s approach to each country. We cannot be offering an economic reward to North Korea and allowing the current despotic regime to stand while applying a different standard to Venezuela or Iran.

The North Koreans understand that if they ever use a nuclear weapon, the United States would turn their country into a sheet of glass. They also understand that the US and South Korea will never engage in a pre-emptive attack, hence, The US and South Korea need to do nothing.

The North Koreans think they can blackmail Trump into lifting sanctions and giving copious freebies. They talk of a peaceful reunification and then do not show up to the meeting. They also employ an individual from the North Korean military high command as the chief negotiator.  Right off the bat, the dude comes off as a hard line North Korean military asshole.

The focus for North Korea must be on regime change. To do this, Trump must make certain that China applies its sanctions.

The reality is that the current power structure in North Korea is incompatible with the rest of the world. They are incompatible with reunification. Regime change must start from within.

When the North Koreans backed out of the reunification meetings, it gave DonaldTrump an ethical reason to scrub the entire reunification plan. Kim Jong Un is not sincere, hence, we must double-down on hardcore sanctions and then wait him out. he must be scolded each time he regresses into the same old North Korean bullshit. In the meantime, we must map all the GPS coordinates of his military high command, fuel dumps, air bases, heavy armor and artillery locations.

Trump must come out and state that the North Korean talks will be put off until next summer. In addition, he must make another trade trip to China and reaffirm China’s commitment to sanctions.

Complete economic isolation of North Korea should be the goal. regime change from within should be the goal.




The Democratic Socialists are willing to destroy the Bill of Rights

The Federal government is full of self-serving and overzealous employees. When these overzealous power hungry heathens are combined with Democratic Socialist politicians, tyranny ensues.

The American taxpayers must know if the Obama administration colluded with the DOJ and FISA courts to surveil a Republican presidential candidate. We must know if the FBI, and NSA actively supported this illegal event and the resultant ongoing cover-up!

Look,  Donald Trump was a national TV figure for utter decades. He is not a traitor.  The Mueller probe is simply smoke and mirrors in order to run interference for tyranny.

History has shown us that populations have a way of attacking their own rights. Hitler, Lenin, and Castro come to mind. Here in America, factions in our society are actively seeking to undermine the 1st Amendment, the 2nd Amendment, and the 4th Amendment.

If one wants to express their 1st Amendment rights, they must be politically correct. This idea of political correctness even infects our school systems. In lieu of 1st Amendment rights, the school system is actively indoctrinating school children along political, gender, and envrofascist lines. The role of family morality undermined in favor of neo-moral relativism and decadence.  Religious symbols removed and replaced with basic training for gender dysphoria and identity politics.  It takes a village has morphed into it takes a Cambodia re-education camp.

Instead of using Federal funds to protect our schools, they use taxpayer money to surveil Americans and presidential candidates. Instead of surveilling terrorists that are not on the internet and cell phones, they log all of America’s electronic behavior at Bluffdale, Utah.

The Federal Government is now coming after politicians. They are now actually undermining the 4th Amendment to surveil presidential candidates with Federal government resources. This makes Watergate look like an insignificant event.

Our freedoms as Americans are in the balance. The Democratic Socialists want to fill the country with illegals. They serenade MS-13 gang members. They support Hamas over Israel. They don’t even show up in Jerusalem when a new US embassy is open.  They bad mouth tax cuts and a growing economy. Above all, they are willing to destroy the Bill of Rights and engage in surveillance tyranny.

The US Congress, Senate, and Executive must reassess the Patriot Act and the NSA’s computer surveillance industrial complex. Soon, the Federal Government will be surveilling them. Of course, State and local politicians will be next followed by school teachers, and policemen. Soon, the Federal government will create a Fedayeen  Saddam style surveillance entity.

There was a reason we have the 4th Amendment and we can now see it being attacked by the very government that is supposed to protect it.

It is time to purge the Federal Government of those that will actively undermine our Bill of Rights.  Those that have violated the public trust must be hunted down and removed from their posts. This is not about Trump, it is about folks that have engaged in tyranny.  Let us squash them before it becomes systemic.



WASHINGTON – MAY 08: (AFP OUT) U.S. President George W. Bush (L) speaks as former director of the National Security Agency Gen. Michael Hayden looks on during a personnel announcement May 8, 2006 in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, DC. Bush nominated Hayden to be the new CIA director. (Photo by Roger Wollenberg-Pool/Getty Images)

Eric Holder and James Clapper starting to freak out

The Obama administration was full of corrupt individuals. Susan Rice was the point woman for blaming Benghazi on a video. Hillary Clinton destroyed thousands of emails and used her SOS position to jet set for Clinton Foundation donations. We must also remember “File-gate.”  Eric Holder was involved with “Fast and Furious.”  Loretta Lynch was an extreme partisan hack that would bend DOJ department rules to facilitate whatever Obama or Bill Clinton wanted. In fact, the Obama administration eroded many norms.

James Clapper lied to America’s face when he said that the NSA was not surveilling American Taxpayers. He stated this lie in front of the US Senate.  Obama lied to our faces as well. In fact, Obama lied to the American people on a routine basis. Both the Obama administration and the Clinton administration were able to get away with many illegal things while the DOJ turned a blind eye. During these administrations, judicial ethics were constantly compromised.

The American people must know the level of corruption between the Obama administration and the DOJ, FBI, CIA, and NSA. The American people must know how the Patriot Act is being illegally manipulated by our Federal Government.

Donald Trump has the right to face his accusers. He has a right to know if the information that is being gathered by Meuller is from credible sources or simply hearsay.

Holder and Clapper understand that the Patriot Act has been illegally exploited to undermine the Bill of Rights.

Surveillance of Donald Trump over the Steele Dossier is just the tip of the iceberg. The Congress, Senate, and Executive will now have to look at the continued viability of the Patriot Act, Prism, and Bluffdale, given that the Federal Government is now attacking the presidency.  As it is, the Obama Administration may have violated Donald Trump’s 4th Amendment rights.

The Federal Government has basically shitcanned the 4th Amendment and has adopted the surveillance tactics of a despotic government. This is called tyranny.