Melania Trump winning propaganda war as Maxine Waters goes insane


Americans cannot believe a single thing that comes out of Hillary Clinton’s mouth

Donald Trump saved the American people from a lying, conniving, and corrupt political whore.

Trump is also fixing all the problems left behind from Hillary Clinton’s tenure as SOS along with the Winter Soldier’s ineptitude.

Trump is now faced with fixing Bill Clinton’s and Obama’s inept immigration policies as well.

In reality, all the Clinton’s have left after employing the tactics of societal division, labeling, and buffoonery is their delusional interpretations of reality.

All of the policies of the liberal left are inept from open borders to leave the Middle East in turmoil.

The only thing the Hillary the old political hag has to offer is partisan hackery based on delusions.



Congressman Jim Jordan exposes Deep State abuse of the 4th Amendment

When our Marines were fighting and dying in the streets of Fallujah for the rights of people 10,000 miles away, they were being stripped of their 4th Amendment rights here at home by George W Bush and his so-called Patriot Act.  While our armies were fighting special interest neocon perpetual wars of choice, our buddy Geedub was creating a massive computer surveillance industrial complex. As the IEDs were blowing nonarmored Humvees apart,  Geedub was creating secret  FISA court systems that shit on the Bill of Rights.

It is said that J. Edgar Hoover used the FBI to investigate congressmen, senators and even presidents. When he died, his file cabinet became an object of extreme interest.

During the Watergate commission, Hillary Clinton was a young staff attorney. the Watergate Commision was investigating Nixon and his possible role in the Watergate break-in. The Nixon tapes became a fixation after Howard Dean turned against him. The Congress and Senate would force Nixon into giving up the tapes. Ultimately Nixon would resign after there was evidence that he was involved with the Watergate break-in.  He was then pardoned by Gerald Ford.

Today, it is possible that the FBI colluded with the FISA courts in order to surveil Donald Trump. If this is the case, those responsible for this illegal act will have to go to jail. FISAgate, as it is called, makes Watergate look like an isolated event perpetrated by a few. FISAgate, on the other hand, is basically illegal tyranny perpetrated by a Federal organization.

It seems that the Mueller investigation is more about running interference for the FBI and its illegal use of the FISA courts than a real investigation. I think Comey tried to cut a deal with Trump before getting fired.

Shit just got real. What a catch 22: Mueller is investigating Trump/Russia collusion Based on Clinton’s Steele dossier when he should be investigating FBI. NSA, and Obama administration collusion and the complete abuse of our 4th Amendment rights. Mueller is looking for anything that justifies FISAgate in order to overshadow Federal tyranny.

We saw this coming. We knew that the Federal government would exploit the Patriot Act and surveil Americans along partisan lines.  It is time to shitcan the computer surveillance industrial complex and their partisan hack Gestapo tactics and restore the 4th Amendment.

As far as FISAgate, some people will have to go to jail.

Inst it a Catch 22 that the Democratic Socialist that label Republicans NAZIs are the ones that engage in Naziesque tyranny? All for a lying, conniving and corrupt political whore and their deep state tyranny. Oh my word!!!


Flotus and VP Pence working the immigration issue at both ends.

While the liberal idiot left of the Democratic Socialist party have become unhinged, the First Lady and VP Pence are working the immigration crisis from both ends. FLOTUS is touring the facilities that house illegal immigrants, while VP Pence and Karen are in Guatemala getting to the root of the problem.  Of course, Mexico allows the immigration death train to go unharassed from border to border.

Mexico refuses to secure its Southern border and still sees the lands of Guadalupe Hidalgo as simply lost territory or “Lostland!” Never mind that the Mexicans wanted to be part of the United States in 1848. At the time, the protestant dominated US government did not want a large population of Catholics. The WASP-dominated society in the USA wanted to populate its manifest destiny with white Europeans. Back then, the Protestant control group was biased against American Indians,  Catholics, Irish, Arabs, Hispanics, and people of color. These racists ideals were documented in books and then played out in Hollywood.   In fact, Hollywood did not change their racist leanings until the 1970s. Today, Hollywood elitist blame the party of Lincoln for everything. After decades of racist conditioning, they have turned against Republicans and employ the same tactics of labeling and undermining human equity.

Today, the Mexican government is all in on the “Reconquista!”  American corporations invested heavily in Mexico after NAFTA.  We then heard the “giant sucking sound” that Ross Perot warned us about as millions of jobs went to Mexico. In addition to heavy corporate investment, the USA buys 80% of Mexico’s exports. In return, Mexico channels a massive stream of illegals to    America’s southern border. To Mexico, all the territories taken during the Mexican American war are still theirs.

Today the Democratic Socialist feel that the USA does not have a right to its own sovereignty.  They do not understand that the USA is a sovereign state and a republic based on the rule of law.  We are not a nation-state as in France, Germany or Mexico but a multicultural melting pot. Our national language is English. Countries cannot prosper with competing languages. Immigrants must give themselves freely to total assimilation.

Today, the unhinged Democratic Socialist party is clinging to the Hispanic vote. They are not the party of legal immigration. They are the party of open borders and an unabated stream of illegal immigrants. They do not want to secure the border and control immigration because this reality would preclude exploitable social wedge issues and false propaganda campaigns.

Anyways, VP Pence is in Guatemala asking the questions and the FLOTUS is making certain that the children are being treated with the utmost respect and humanity while being separated from their folks. coyotes, and human traffickers.

There is a difference between full assimilated dreamers and many of the low education illegal immigrants from South America.  Every single dreamer I have ever spoken with speaks perfect English without an accent and has only learned American History.  When I ask them about Mexican history, they shrug their shoulders and say I am an American and learned American history.

Republicans and the unhinged Anarchist Democratic Socialists must come together and pass a DACA bill while securing the border. It is only going to become worse and worse as the pro-life poverty-stricken South American Catholic demographic continues to illegally immigrate.

The Democratic Socialist support of uncontrolled illegal immigration is such a “Catch 22!’  All of the Great Society social net programs and Obama’s healthcare objectives cannot be financed by low education South Americans that will work for poverty-level wages under the table. They then send their wages back to their homelands.  Illegal immigration lowers legal Hispanic wages. Great Society programs and Obama’s wealth redistribution health care agenda scam that has tripled policy costs can only be financed via merit-based immigration. Sadly, folks with doctorates from India will make us stronger while that South American family will be a liability that refuses to learn English and will expand the welfare nanny state.

America’s immigration policy must focus on recruiting the best most talented people that bring “game”  to the table. Who else is going to pay for the Federal Leviathan and social net programs for 80 million boomers? Hmmm Maybe ask Maxine Waters if that Guatemalan with a 9th-grade education that cannot speak English will pay her Congressional salary or her mother’s social security check.



Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval still hanging out in Barcelona



The Silver State governor declined the newer hotel for an older and established hotel in the heart of Barcelona, Spain. The room smelled of old lathe and plaster, clean sheets, and trim wood. The bathroom was tiled in exquisite fashion. A large window was shaded to the street. A door led to the veranda. Once the door was opened, it would let all the sounds of Barcelona in.  A Fiat horn blast here, the sound of a Volvo semi screeching to a stop there. Beeps off in the distance. Below, hundreds of well dressed Spaniards walk to and fro.  Younger girls with beautiful long black hair and perfect figures walk side by side. An Old man with an old leather hat sits on the corner bench smoking a pipe and reading the paper.  A fresh wind blows in from across the Mediterranean blasting the long sheer curtains to the side. A shopkeeper sweeps the cobblestone entryway.

In the mornings, the Silver State governor would dine outside on wonderful Spanish fare complete with a tasty double shot cappuccino.  To look busy, he would thumb through his $800 cell phone while glancing at the lives and cultural behavior before him. This day found the governor much more rested and somewhat acclimated to the  European time zone. However, to jump-start a busy day, he tosses back a second espresso. Later he will drink a glass of Alka-Seltzer and hit another espresso or maybe drink a cold Spanish beer with his staff overlooking the Med.  The light o day will give way to the cool evening. He and his staff will reflect on almost 8 years of excellent service to Nevadans.  They will be comfortable in their chairs and soft-spoken while life continues to consume time.

He ponders the days of Francisco Franco and looks skyward for the hint of a German fighter from the Condor Legion. He wonders what the world would be like had Franciso Franco allowed Hitler land access to the British guns of Gibraltar.

Soon, the governor will not want to come back to Nevada and relishes the thought of living in an old condo in downtown Barcelona.


John Bolton paving the way for Trump/Putin meeting

During the 2016  presidential elections, Americans watched in horror while Hillary Clinton sought to destroy all the gains made from the Reagan/ Gorby era and reignite the Cold War. She would then blame Trump for Russian collusion to run interference for the Obama deep state and FBI, CIA, NSA malfeasance.

During the late 1970s, I would serve as a B-52 Crew Chief.  My uncle had previously flown the B-52 on nuclear airborne alert. As a B-52 Crewcheif, I had the honor to serve on nuclear alert as well. At the time, there were 20 Bomb Wings and 300 B-52s constantly training for a nuclear attack on the former Soviet Union. At any given time, there were over 100 B-52s  locked and loaded with nukes ready to drop up to 1200 nuclear warheads on the Russians. Moreover, there were hundreds of sub launched nuclear weapons as well as intercontinental MIRV ballistic missiles directed at military installations all over the countries of the Former Soviet Union. However, given that the USA did not condone a first strike policy if an alert  B-52 became airborne during a Claxton, it meant that there were thousands of Soviet missiles inbound. Hence, life, as we know it in the world, would only last between 1 5 and 30 minutes more.  The B-52 Crews would take off, and be safe in the air as Barksdale AFB became ground zero for a nuclear strike. They would leave when life was normal and maybe come back to 1000 Hiroshima level destruction events.

Today, John Bolton is paving the way for a Trump/Putin meeting. Thank you, For the love of Pete, thank you!!!!

The Obama administration did little to maintain relations with the Russians. He was too busy, utterly destroying the Middle East balance of power and creating the worst refugee crisis in Middle East history.  As a result of Obama’s inept foreign relations prowess, ISIS retook large swaths of Iraq in addition to almost overrunning Syria. Obama’s refusal to renegotiate the “Bush Status of Forces Agreement” and maintain a military presence and rapid reaction force in Iraq resulted in a refugee crisis from hell.  Even today, Jordan is host to 1.3 million Syrian refugees. The ineptitude of the Bush and Obama administrations resulted in the worst foreign relations policies in US history. In reality, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama’s international relations prowess resulted in humanitarian crisis and disaster. Of course Bush Junior did not consider the refugee when he engaged the Bush perpetual war doctrine.  The world would not benefit from the collective stupidity of the neocon ass kissing warmonger and the incompetent Chicago community activist who got a Nobel peace prize for being black.  Of course, the “Winter Soldier” did nothing for us either.

Back in the USA, the liberal yellow press and the ignorant will consider a Trump/Putin meeting as continued collusion. They are stupid idiots. The democratic socialists and their liberal yellow press brethren are the stupidest people in America. Schumer, Pelosi, and Waters are demonstrative cases in point.

Did Brazilia in the 1990s. Hope you enjoyed the variety of meats at the dinner.

The objective will be to combine the USA and Russian influence to oust Bashir al-Assad and resecure Syria.  However, the current Syrian government must stand with a new symbolic leader. We will have to institute a Marshal plan doctrine. Let us get this done, shall we?



Harley Davidson abandoning American workers and blaming it on Trump

Trump has become the pivot man for every manner of nonsensical gibberish.  On the immigration front, the liberal yellow press skewers him for policies implemented by Clinton, Obama, and Bush.

At the foreign relations front, the liberal yellow press totally avoids Obama’s role in creating a massive refugee crisis that has caused humanitarian problems from Jordan to Germany.

Of course, the liberals in Congress call Trump racists even though he has done nothing in his past to support this conclusion.

The biggest blame game perpetrated on Donald Trump has come from Harley Davidson. Imagine that. In order to make Harley Davidson’s more inexpensive to build, they are moving production plants to Thailand and blaming it on Trump? So, the American made motorcycle manufacturer will be building motorcycles in Thailand and blaming it on Trump! WTF!!

Uncle Donny, you need to back off the tariff rhetoric. Give it a rest and focus on illegals and North Korea…

I ride a red Victory Vegas.

Congress must move to expel Maxine Waters

Maxine Water’s expulsion from Congress should be put up to a vote. At a minimum, the US Congress must move to censure this woman and her heinous divisive acts.

In Oregon, a Christian business refused to bake a  wedding cake for a gay couple. As a result, the State of Oregon fined the business hundreds of thousands of dollars and drove the family into bankruptcy.

Had the Red Hen refused service to a gay couple, the liberal media would have skewered this restaurant and called for fines etc. Because, Sarah Huckabee Sanders,  a Christian conservative, and a Trump cabinet member was refused service,  the liberal yellow press does not care.

because Congresswoman Maxine Waters called for basically harassment and violence towards the trump cabinet, Paul Ryan must move to expel or censure Maxine Waters.

Maxine Waters has gone mad. She is a disgrace.

The Brodhead resume


King Abdullah II Visits with Trump, VP Pence, and Pompeo. (update)

King Abdullah II has been leading Jordan now for close to 20 years.  He has successfully led through all the turmoil and the refugee crisis that was created by George W. Bush, Barack Hussein Obama, and Bashir al Assad. Through thick and thin he has remained a valued partner and a respected asset in the world community. He has led Jordan with an “extraordinarily brilliant,” innovative and balanced hand. He has been a visionary that has implemented very good and sound policies for Jordan and the Jordanian people. In the scheme of Middle East things, King Abdullah II is the top dog as it relates to being a good man and a positive solid leader of Islam. He is second to none.

Under King Hussein, his father, Jordan did engage in the Arab Israeli wars, however, he later adopted moderate policies that focused on Jordan. King Hussein and Queen Noor led with kindness, dignity, strength, and a pragmatic approach to the world community.  King Abdullah has built upon his father’s reign in a wonderful fashion during extremely trying times. In many regards, King Abdullah II has eclipsed his father’s legacy with every manner of good deeds and thoughtful leadership. He has kept his country together and always moving towards prosperity via, new technologies, alternative energy paradigms, innovation, education,  and modernization. Simply brilliance in action.

No leader in the Middle East has been more humane, strong, peaceful and ruggedly successful as King Abdullah II. Kudos king dude!!!!

All Americans familiar with Jordan’s proud history respect, admire and support King Abdullah II. He and the Jordanian people are cherished friends.

Thank you, sir,  for your fine leadership and service to the Jordanian people.

Your father would be very very proud.

Death took your father way to young. He had so much more to offer this world and the Jordanian people.

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Elijah Cummings the delusional propagandist

In  Elijah Cummings world, the southern border must be wide open so millions of illegals can pour in.  Elijah Cummings does not recognize the sovereignty of the United States of America. He is more concerned with serenading illegal Hispanics than securing the border.

In Elijah Cummings world, the taxpayer must foot the bill for detecting and capturing the millions of illegals that attempt to enter the USA. Once an illegal family is caught, The hundreds of thousands of illegal families must be housed together in utter tens of thousands of family housing units. In addition, they must be fed, clothed and given free health care while they await trial.  Then they are supposed to be released while awaiting sentencing etc.

Elijah Cummings calls the current immigration crisis a false crisis? WTF?

All conservatives are asking for is a border wall, with high-speed patrol roads. After that, we will debate comprehensive immigration reform.  We must build a wall.

Trump should extend DACA and not punish the sins of the father. He must also transport these children to better accommodations.

Separating families sends a strong message to the illegals that Mexico lets cross its country.

It is time to leverage the Mexican government into dealing with South American illegal immigration and Mexican illegal immigration. Mexico actually has facilitated the current immigration crisis by allowing the train system to transport illegals to their northern border.

All Elijah Cummings has to offer is anti-Trump propaganda while doing nothing to facilitate a bipartisan effort.

The liberal yellow press has elevated this issue so that partisan hacks like Elijah Cummings can exploit it in a re-election year. The no accounting partisan hack is a delusional non-value adding propagandists that simply lies to our faces to get re-elected.

So, Elijah where are we going to get the money for 50,000 family housing units?  Why not build a wall instead and shut off the flow of illegals?  How does a congressman that is sworn to protect the Constitution also support massive illegal immigration? Elijah, you are not sworn to defend the Mexican Constitution or are you?