Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval on trade mission in Cape Town South Africa

The philosophical rift between Democrats and Republicans could not be wider these days. Democrats like  Jackie Rosen support open borders,  zero national sovereignty, societal division, limited GDP growth, every manner of freebie and a universal basic income.  They also prefer an unlevel playing field as it relates to trade. They even support a nuclear North Korea and the DMZ  in lieu of a unified Korean peninsula.  Lastly, they crave bad relations with the former Soviet Union. Above all, however, folks like Jackie Rosen demand that our Supreme Court justices defecate on the Constitution and legislate social idiocy from the bench. These premises support the conclusion that Jackie Rosen is part of the unhinged liberal left. Positions that simply do not ride in the Great Silver State.

Jackie Rosen was comfortable with anemic economic growth during Obama’s 8 years in office and 7 years of Continous Quantitative Easing. However, she is uncomfortable with Trump tax cuts, and 4.1% GDP growth.  A successful Republican-led economy is like Kryptonite for Rosen style Socialists. They require a deadbeat economy in order to ply their trade of defeatism, division, class envy, and Marxist diatribe. In order for the Rosen style Democratic Socialist to thrive, Nevada must have a crappy economy.

It was just last week that Barack Obama was in South Africa bad mouthing the US economy and US leadership. He also elevated the liberal yellow press as if it really wasn’t special interest-backed fake news and partisan leftist propaganda. In reality, much of the liberal yellow press is controlled by only a few corporations. Hence, the idea that much of the liberal yellow press is “Free press” is like saying The North Korean Times is a free press.

During Barack Obama’s speech in South Africa, he touted his Marxist support of a universal basic income. So, in Rosen and Obama’s world, everyone gets free everything. They won’t tell you where the money is supposed to come from. Of course, the money would come from the bulk of America’s GDP. Instead of 4% unemployment and the lowest rate of unemployment among minorities in history, a Rosen economy would rival the ghettos of  Liberia.

Anyway, Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval is in South Africa on a trade mission. Apparently, they have experience in water technology and alternative energy that might work in Nevada. Nevadans know that water preservation is crucial to Lake Mead as well as Walker lake etc. In fact, there might come a time when the level of Lake Mead is below the turbine intakes, hence, Nevada must invest in an solar energy along with LED technology.

The dudes from Hawthorne are simply tougher than those Fallon boys.  Ya gotta be tough to fly the heavies.

Face the Nation fixated on non value adding gibberish

The so-called experts on “Face the Nation” fixate on stupid issues. their production manager must be doofus or a demonstrative liberal dumkopf.

Just last week, Barack Obama bad-mouthed Americans while in South Africa. he then pledged allegiance to the communist doctrine of a universal basic income. That makes Obama a communist leaning perpetual warmongering neocon ass kisser. It also highlights how far left the uneducated liberal establishment has become.

For 8 long years, the liberal yellow press supported the mantra that all white Republicans were racist. The Democrats fixated on labeling folks racist, creating division, and never letting other people’s tragedies go to waste.  Americans were fed a steady information diet stream of liberal gibberish and social wedge issues. They then ran a lying, conniving and corrupt political whore for president. When they lost, the liberal establishment had an emotional breakdown. This mental breakdown then manifested itself into Trump derangement syndrome or TDS.  Kind of like the inverse and opposite of Obama sucks.

Today, the liberal establishment wants totally open borders, no rule of law and no ICE. This means that they do not believe in our national sovereignty whatsoever. In fact per liberal dogma, North America belongs to anyone and everyone.  next, Pelosi and Pocahantes will be doing cartwheels for MS-13 gang members complete with a stripper pole. Instead of focusing on some of the most ridiculous liberal platform issues, Face the Nation is fixated on what Trump and Putin talked about in a private meeting?

I am certain that they talked about Stormy Daniels unattractive boobs, and how Hillary Clinton cannot negotiate a few stair steps before doing an endo. I bet they talked about the Clinton emails that expose Clinton Foundation corruption and communication with DNC operatives in the FBI etc. But then again, they could have had a decent chat about the inept Bush/Obama doctrine and how to rebuild the war-ravaged Middle East.  They might have talked about Russian leveraging North Korea. They may have talked about how China is engaging in imperialism in the South China Sea as well. Or they could talk about social media stocks that have P/E ratios of 3400 and a how a fraction of a penny is considered solid earnings after 7 years of Obama quantitative easing. Maybe they talked about the plastic garbage in the ocean that is 4 times the size of Texas.

Just the mere fact that Trump is talking to Putin is a good thing.I mean for those of us that served during the Cold War, talks with Russia are very welcome and screw the Crimea.

Lastly, maybe Trump and Putin talked about a 4.1% GDP growth and the lowest unemployment rates among minorities in history.

Say who is this Washington Post pseudo-journalist that talks copious gibberish? Did you pay her to show up or did she spew the gibberish for free?

The liberal establishment has become Dr. Strangelove. They have a strange love for supporting positions that are opposite Trump even though they are bizarre and stupid.

Today, the liberal yellow press has a lower approval rating than the US Congress and Senate. Maybe that is what Trump and Putin talked about!!!!


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Carlos, get your ass back here!

All the badass Bulldog has to do is take a deep breath, pull your bootstraps up and get your ass back in Colorado.

The decisions you make today will either haunt you or help you.

We always go out fighting for every single inch. You will be rewarded for stepping up hard like we all know you will.

Get on a plane and get your ass back here right now!

Go to and get a ticket out of Shreveport. Come on now…

It is time to get serious and lay down the Henderson law!!!!!

You have to show up to be taken seriously by the Broncos or the NFL.

You are not scared of a few other punks, are you?

Dude, I come back and kick some ass!

I used to wash dishes at LTU. Give me a break!!!!

Go Bulldogs!!!!!!




Unlike Barack Obama, Donald Trump understands macroeconomics

Barack Hussein Obama’s greatest private sector achievement prior to becoming president was buying a house. While president for 8 years. 90% of his economy was propped up by zero Fed rates and continuous quantitative easing. As soon as Trump becomes president, the stock market grows by 30%. Meanwhile, the Fed is taking the opportunity to raise interest rates 4 times in one year. So, it seems that the Fed is using the Donald Trump economy to extract itself from Obama’s  Fed rate propped up economy.

Barack Hussein Obama did not understand the dynamics macroeconomic policy.  He was more fixated on his “Kulturkampf” and elevating social wedge issues than leading this nation into prosperity. In fact, the Democrats answer to sickening GDP growth numbers was more government regulation, more taxes, and $10 trillion in added national debt. In response, Americans kept their money on the sidelines. The reality is that Americans did not trust Barack Hussein Obama’s tendency for massive wealth redistribution.

Maria Cantwell supported all things, Obama. Instead of GDP growth, she ran big companies out of Washinton State.

Today, Barack Hussein Obama likes to go to places like South Africa and bad mouth Americans. His massive wealth redistribution positions have now devolved into a universal basic income. Seems that King Hussein has become a full-on Karl Marx protege.

While King Hussein was giving us same-sex marriage,  and multi sex bathrooms in the school system, Donald Trump was cutting our taxes. While  Barack Hussein Obama was turning kindergarten into basic training for gender dysphoria, Donald Trump was giving us $9 trillion in GDP growth. While Obama gave us 8 years of his decadent Kulturkampf and no tragedy should go to waste, Donald Trump is fixing all things, Bush Obama. While King Hussein was abusing the Patriot Act in order to surveil Donald Trump, the Trumpmeister was telling us we can make America great again. He is now delivering on that message. How do you like them apples?

During each of two previous administrations, we averaged just over 1.8 percent GDP growth. By contrast, we are now on track to hit an average GDP annual growth of over 3 percent, and it could be substantially over 3 percent,” Trump said. “Each point, by the way, means approximately $3 trillion and 10 million jobs.”

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Majority leader Kevin McCarthy and Newt Gingrich give Elon Musk “mucho kudo”

It seems that Kevin McCarthy has the vision and intelligence to see the next chapter in our American history. Now that almost two decades of perpetual war are coming to a close, Republicans are looking for new ways to fuel the economy and ensure that Americans maintain their financial security going forward.   McCarthy seemed to be offering an olive branch to Elon Musk by touting Elon’s space program and autonomous vehicle program.  One can then infer strongly that the Republican leadership is considering the role of Lithium-Ion battery technology etc.

A robust lithium Ion mining and development program is a national security issue. Republicans are looking at the private sector as it relates to development etc. We understand that a robust electric car program and lithium mining in Nevada is crucial to this nation’s economic interests.

Republicans are filling the void with common sense approaches to economic progress now that the Democratic Socialists have imploded and require therapy.

Republicans are exploiting the current divisive gutter and malaise that the Democrats find themselves in.  We see the paradigm shift.

I think Elon Musk should take note given that McCarthy will be the next speaker of the house.


The Brodhead solar energy bill will require mortgage providers to fund residential solar systems as part of the mortgage process. This will usher in an energy renaissance that will increase GDP growth to insane numbers.


Leader McCarthy & Speaker Gingrich Live on Facebook

Always great to spend time with Newt Gingrich! Check out our FB live discussion 👇

Posted by Kevin McCarthy on Tuesday, July 24, 2018

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The Republicans cannot let this FISAGATE tragedy go to waste

Since the time of Lyndon Baines Johnson, Republican presidents really have to screw up not to get re-elected. Nixon would toss his legacy down the toilette when he engaged in Watergate. Ford would pardon Nixon and then watch from the oval office as Saigon fell and utter thousands of  South Vietnamese fought to be extracted to  US aircraft carriers. After that, Jimmy Carter strolled into the Whitehouse.

Jimmy Carter had to adjust the American economy to strictly butter after the “Guns and Butter” of Vietnam and Nixon taking us off the gold standard. Americans would see extremely high-interest rates as farms went bust. Even then the GDP growth would be insane. The Iran hostage debacle, a failed military mission, and Carter’s morose malaise and sweater selection would spell the end of his tenure.  Reagan would throw fiscal sanity to the wind and embark on massive deficit spending. The collapse of the Soviet Union and Reagan’s approval rating would allow George H. W. Bush to be his successor. However, even with an awesome military victory during Desert Storm and superbly honoring mandates,  Bush Sr. would only get one term. It was either the economy stupid or the heinous twang of G.H.W. Bush’s voice that ended his presidential career. Listening to G.H.W. Bush stating “read my lips” with that heinous twang was like fingernails on a chalkboard.

The economy would bounce back hardcore during Bill Clinton’s tenure. A combination of the rise of the computer information age, and baby boomers turning 45 propelled the economy. Bill Clinton would be known for absconding the social security surplus to declare a general surplus along with the cum stained blue dress. Al Gore would be denied the presidency and then launch into global warming scare tactics.

George W. Bush would use the symbol of 911 to attack Iraq after quickly dispatching the Taliban in Afghanistan.  Just as LBJ, George W. Bush wanted to max out “Guns and Butter,” hence, he launched this country into close to two decades of perpetual war. While our troops were fighting and dying in wars of choice 10,000 miles away, Geedub would defecate on the  4th Amendment and establish the computer surveillance industrial complex. While he was spending trillions on wars of choice, the real estate market and the stock market would collapse via the derivatives market.  The mighty American economy would fall to its knees.

Republicans would run Juan McCain in 2007. The guy who never saw a military conflict he did not like. Seems that Americans did not want McCain with access to the football given his hatred for the Soviets etc.

Barack Hussein Obama would come out as a neo-con and spend more on war than any other president in history. While he was destabilizing the Middle East in full, he was exacting a kulturkampf here at home. The Fed would run monetary policy and allow Barack Hussein Obama to run up $10 trillion in added debt.  The entire King Hussein era was propped up by Continuous Quantitative Easing. Barack Hussein Obama would never let other people’s tragedies go to waste. His domestic policy was poddy training the school system, elevating sodomy, cop hatred, racial division, class envy,  attacking faith-based religious groups, and telling our children that abortion was ok at Notredame.  Above all, every single domestic issue was blamed on white Republicans.

Now it seems that King Hussein’s administration may have engaged in a Watergate-level surveillance event.

We cannot let this surveillance tragedy go to waste. Americans do not tolerate this type of illegal underhanded BS and will vote against anyone that does.

Democrats came down hard on Richard Nixon. It is time to come down hard on them. What comes around goes around.

FISAGATE could well be the most criminal event perpetrated by a presidential administration in history.  Their behavior and criminal tactics must be exposed and prosecuted if we are to save our acred form of government. We can just call it a continuation of Obama’s transparency.

It is time to pound on these heinous liberals that do not think the law applies to them.

Obama badmouthing Americans in South Africa






“And a politics of fear and resentment and retrenchment began to appear, and that kind of politics is now on the move. It’s on the move at a pace that would have seemed unimaginable just a few years ago. I am not being alarmist, I am simply stating the facts. Look around. (Applause.) Strongman politics are ascendant suddenly, whereby elections and some pretense of democracy are maintained – the form of it – but those in power seek to undermine every institution or norm that gives democracy meaning. (Applause.) In the West, you’ve got far-right parties that oftentimes are based not just on platforms of protectionism and closed borders, but also on barely hidden racial nationalism. Many developing countries now are looking at China’s model of authoritarian control combined with mercantilist capitalism as preferable to the messiness of democracy. Who needs free speech as long as the economy is going well? The free press is under attack. Censorship and state control of media is on the rise. Social media – once seen as a mechanism to promote knowledge and understanding and solidarity – has proved to be just as effective in promoting hatred and paranoia and propaganda and conspiracy theories. (Applause.)” Barack Obama  2018  South Africa



Ok, who told the FBI to elevate the “unverified” Steele Document?

It gets better and better by the day. The Patriot Act being abused to meet partisan political objectives on full display.

America wants to know if the Winter Soldier, the guy from Kenya, and the lying, conniving and corrupt political whore were in on the surveillance of Donald Trump.  In addition, John McCain should call it quits for the love of Pete.

Rand Paul needs to request a Senate investigation into the Obama administration tampering with an election. They tampered with Israel’s election, hence, it is logical to conclude that they tampered with the 2016 elections.

Obama /Clinton style democrats have the propensity to be more associated with NAZIs and Fascists then Conservatives. As always, they are on the unhinged liberal left lunatic fringe, while conservatives stand with the Republic and Constitution.

It is now clear that the Carter Page FISA application was based on extreme hearsay by a single individual related to the Steele Dossier. A Dossier bought and paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign. The question is: Who in the FBI carried the torch and elevated  Hillary Clinton’s fake intelligence? Every single individual that engaged in the elevation of a fake dossier along political lines must be fired.

In the liberals world, it is a no-no for the Russians to surveil the corrupt DNC,  however, when the FBI surveils a presidential candidate via the Steele Dossier at the behest of Hillary Clinton, it is ok? WTF?

It is clear that James Comey may have run interference for Hillary Clinton because the FBI is in deep kimchee.  It may well be that The FBI, Barack Hussein Obama, John Kerry, and Hillary Clinton conspired to rig an election via a fake Steele Dossier? This is insane!

The Carter Page FISA application has been released, however, it is highly redacted in the name of national security. In reality, it is highly redacted in order to insulate the FBI and the Obama administration. The redacting is for their security and not ours.

The House and Senate must now subpoena, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, and every single FBI agent that had their mitts on the fake Steele dossier.

Americans must know where the rabbit hole ends and if Obama was the Madhatter.

We do know that John Kerry was involved.  We must know the names of every single individual who was involved in the surveillance of Donald Trump. We must elevate another investigation. The American people demand to know if the Obama administration engaged in an event that made Watergate look like a misdemeanor.

Check out this bad ass article.


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Clapper points the finger at Obama (The Mueller Massacre begins)

Well, well, well! General Clapper seems to be turning on King Hussein.  He is giving the Obama legacy “the Clap?”Now watch as Democrats seek to turn the Mueller investigation off.

During the My Lai massacre, the defense for killing woman and children was: I was just following orders.

General Clapper now understands that his actions will go down in history, thus, he is turning on Obama and pointing to the “chain of command.” As commander in chief, Obama had the ultimate authority in directing surveillance against Donald Trump. Clapper saves his Air Force legacy by putting the locus of control on Obama.

So, we have the “Winter Soldier” lying to us or Clapper lying to us?  Who are you going to believe: A 4-star Air Force general or the Winter Soldier who bad mouthed our troops in the field? The current propaganda campaign by the liberal yellow press emulates the Benghazi lie. In fact, Obama was the biggest presidential liar in our lifetimes.

The Mueller Investigation is turning into the “Mueller massacre!” The only caveat is that it is exposing the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton in all their corrupt glory.

It seems that Obama was the one that started the ball rolling on the most corrupt presidential act in history. This makes Watergate look like children’s play.

So, two legacies are at stake.

Either John Kerry just lied to our faces or Clapper did.

Trump now has to let this investigation go full tilt.

It is time to bring Clapper in front of the Senate and put him under oath.

Clapper can still save his legacy by coming clean and standing in defense of the Bill of Rights and the  Republic. He either wears the Air Force uniform proudly or he is just another Chelsea Manning that took it up the historical ass for Obama and Clinton.

General Clapper swore to defend the country against enemies both foreign and domestic. At this juncture, it is becoming clear that Obama and Clinton were domestic enemies of our great nation.  He needs to come clean or his entire professional career goes down the Clapper crapper.

He will be the guy on the Air Force shitlist hall of fame that stood idly by and let a president off the hook for heinous crimes. In essence, Clapper goes to his grave a treasonous asshole.

I throw Obama under the bus and save yourself.

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