The reemergence of the Bronco halftime adjustment

Many of us remember how the Broncos could make halftime adjustments that ultimately won the football game.  We saw it over and over and over again pre and post Mcdaniels the hated one.  In fact, the Shanahan halftime adjustment was a thing of beauty. The Broncos could be down by two scores and then methodically play Bronco football and win the battle.

Many of us saw how Peyton Manning made up for Kubiak’s obsolete play calling. Once the fella with the long neck and forehead road off into the sunset, even the worst defenses in the NFL had Kubiak’s number. At that time the second half adjustment was going the way of the dodo and became completely extinct when the three QB stooges ascended the thrown. At first, the three stooges could only score in the first half. The second half was basically an adventure in 3 and outs and interceptions.  During Vance Joseph’s first year as head coach, special teams sucked, and the Bronco offense could not score in the first or second half.    Bronco fans never saw a halftime adjustment only 30 minutes of laughable failure and shitty play calling.

Case Keenum was failing miserably against the Raiders. His numbers suggested that he had traded skill sets with Chris Simms or Osweiler. The guy that was one play away from the Superbowl looked like the first QB to be cut from preseason. At the end of 30 minutes, Bronco fans were faced with a John Gruden Raider win here at home. Elwood was in the booth nursing shoulder pain and drinking Pepto-Bismol straight from the bottle. Kubiak with sweaty palms was dropping another betta blocker and picking through the vegetable tray. Thunder hiked his tail and shit on the field. The barrel man rolled over in his grave.  Stokley mumbled “wait til next year” and went out to mow his lawn. Things looked bad.

Then ol Musgrave and Keenum made that halftime adjustment. Like some deep sea creature that was thought to be extinct re-emerged. It was like Stonewall Jackson over running the flank at Chancellorsville.

The first thing the Broncos did was run the ball down Gruden’s throat. We did not see Ronnie Hillman getting arm tackled by a drunk old geriatric cheerleader. We did not see Kubiak calling a play up the middle on third and long.  We saw play calling that has evolved. We saw Musgrave taking the reins of a bucking Bronco that has engaged in  2 years of failure.  Ultimately we saw a Bronco team making an identity adjustment along with embracing a different paradigm.  An offensive play calling paradigm that everyone else went to 3 years ago.

It is great to see Musgrave adapting to a more advanced role for the Tasmanian Devil. It is good to see that Jake Butt is a gamer.  It is good to see that Keenum has nuts of titanium. It is a good thing that instead of crying in the black hole, we kicked Gruden’s ass. It is a good thing that the Broncos now have a running game. It is a good thing that the Broncos are finally playing Bronco football.

Going into the game with Baltimore, we must pay strict attention to Yiadom’s youthful play..  Flaco is going to do a redo that burned The Broncos in 2012. I expect, Roby to get a pick 6.  I need you to watch some film….I need you to serve Flaco a loss.  Lets get this done….




Americans will stick with Trump

Bob Woodward hasn’t increased GDP growth from 1% to almost 5%.

Bob Woodward and Obama haven’t created the lowest unemployment rates for minorities in history.

Last week Obama went to South Africa to praise Mandela while turning a blind eye to white farmer genocide. He then breaks presidential protocol and badmouths a sitting president? He attacks Trump about some NAZI gibberish even though his democratic stupid party is closer to socialism, fascism, and Nazism than the party of Lincoln.

Obama’s entire administration focused on division, race hatred and taking advantage of other people’s tragedies.

Just like Woodward, Obama has zero class.

Americans will stick with Trump.

Lastly, we must thank Trump for saving us from a lying and conniving corrupt political whore.

Americans still want to know how deep the Obama Clinton deep state goes and who executed Seth Rich.

Sometimes the most brilliant and accomplished among us have a small screw loose. We then surround our selves with intelligence and filter our thought processes.

Keep the faith Uncle Donny!

Just look sharp in public, give us a big smile and a thumbs up….

Screw these liberal scumbags that have nothing better to do than commiserate in the face of success. They are called losers.



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Bob Woodward’s “All the presidents men” catch 22

It seems that Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein cut their teeth on Watergate. Their investigations into the Watergate break-in of a George McGovern campaign office launched their careers. They also wrote a book about it: All the president’s men!  A movie was then produced starring Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman. The selection of Redford and Hoffman would forever corrupt Woodward and Bernstein’s self-concepts. Today, they are basically old geriatric liberals doing the bidding for the liberal yellow press.   In fact, as the newspaper goes the way of the dodo, the ends of the Woodward and Bernstein era are coming to a close.

The book was about investigative reporters bringing down a president etc. Back then, surveilling a presidential candidate was a severe no-no and illegal. The Watergate break-in cost Nixon his presidency.

Today Bob Woodward is on the other side of decency. Instead of investigating the surveilling of a presidential candidate while Obama was in office, he has turned into a  tabloid ghetto style reporter.

Yup instead of investigating Obama, Bob Woodward is badmouthing Trump via a so-called anonymous source in the Whitehouse.   What an epic fall from grace. In order to stave off insignificance and oblivion, he may have manufactured the content of his book void of an anonymous informant.

The Watergate break-in pales in comparison to the surveillance of Donald Trump by the Obama administration,  and the FBI. A few Watergate burglars are no match for the deep state corruption in the DOJ, and the so-called FISA courts.  In fact, the legitimacy of our traditional form of government is in the balance. Checks and balances have given way to a Federal government that feels they are on equal footing with the elected branches of government.

In lieu of going after the criminals that are destroying our republic, Bob Woodward could very well be a commiserative ass that does cartwheels for the liberal yellow press.

Instead of going after the style of criminals that he cut his teeth on, Bob Woodward is taking pot shots at Trump with gibberish from an anonymous informant? If George W. Bush had surveilled the Obama campaign, Bob Woodward and his possibly weird-looking friend Berstein would have gone off the viagra prescription, upped the beta blockers and went after Republicans with a vengeance.  Because Democrats were the criminals, Bob Woodward’s sinks back into the yellow press journalistic gutter where he now holds residence. He used to be an Edward R. Morrow. Now he might very well be a hybrid of  Jerry Springer and Al Sharpton begging for attention from Stephanopoulos. .

As it is, Bob Woodward adapts his views of reality and history in order to play to Trump Derangement Syndrome. Hence, his manufactured gibberish is only situationally valid.  He cannot be taken seriously and seems to be only an outlandish narcissist revising history and seeking attention.  The toxic and caustic concoction of a disturbed yellow press journalist exploiting lies for profit.

Bob Woodward seems to have become a political gutter trolling hypocrite.

What a catch 22. Bob Woodward is only altruistic along political lines. But then again, he works at the biggest political gutter yellow press newspaper in the US.

In the Bob Woodward yellow press world, there is fake news that applies to Republicans and outright manufactured propaganda that applies to the liberal foolery. Bob should have a threesome with Stormy Daniels and Omarosa Manigault.

In the final analysis, Nixon burglarized the DNC Watergate headquarters.  The Russians and Assange hacked the corrupt Clinton aiding DNC.  Obama and the deep state surveilled Donald Trump.  The yellow press and Clinton operatives then blame Trump for the DNC hacking via Russian collusion in order to run interference for Obama and the criminal deep state.  Its almost the same game plan as “All the president’s men!” only the inverse and opposite via bizzaro method. A plan hatched by an attorney that served on the Watergate Commission during Watergate.  Meanwhile, the same Watergate commission attorney destroys 30,000 emails linking her to pay to play politics while a government servant. Next, the Obama hatched DOJ and FBI are doing all they can to avoid detection of their systemic criminal behavior and abuse of the 4th Amendment.

Lastly, nobody died during Watergate only Nixon’s career. During the DNC’s corrupt practices of censoring Bernie Sanders, Seth Rich was executed. It was basically a hit job done by DNC operatives and possibly deep state operatives in the CIA or FBI. Yaa, FISAGATE goes much much deeper than Woodward’s All the president’s men.

To save our republic, there will have to be a commision on FISAGATE as well as Seth Rich’s death.

Then there is Woodward on the fringe exploiting Trump derangement syndrome to make a buck and run further interference for the DNC, Obama, and the deep state. With his emergence, I infer the last elements of the cover-up plan. The nuts do not fall far from the Clinton tree. We are prisoners of our past experiences. It is becoming clear that the Clinton blueprint and the current Russian collusion lie derives and applies elements of the Watergate cover-up. In fact, it is easy to ponder and digest this massive conspiracy that involves the deepest departments in government. It is called tyranny.

We should call the movie ” All the president’s men and women II” We wouldn’t want to be politically incorrect. This time Woodward could be played by Robert Deniro, and Bernstein could be played by Michael Moore.

I am a champ at deconstructing political thought processes.

What we got here is a conspiracy.




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Idlib is not our problem


While I like Nikki Haley, her latest diatribe on Syria is worthless.

The Assad regime does not deserve our help. In addition, the Syrian conflict is not worth an intervention with Russia. As it is, Russia is strategically located in an area that protects Syria’s access to the sea. They are also a military and political buffer between Lebanon/Israel and Syria. Israel is currently working on good relations with Russia, hence, they probably do not see the Russian air base as a threat to their sovereignty.

The balance of power suggests that we allow Assad to squander his forces further.  Even if he takes Idlib, his military will be weakened.  This bodes well for Israel.

None of the Islamic factions or rebels in Syria are worth our support. In fact, the sooner Assad takes Idlib, the sooner he turns his forces against pro-American Kurds.

The best option is to turn Idlib into a UN zone. Next would be making Syria get rid of Iran and Hezbollah. However, UN money would allow the current radical Islamists and rebels in Idlib to maintain control. Syria would then turn its military towards the Kurds.

The current Syrian civil war is not different than the Lebanese civil war. Sometimes you have to let things play out.

It is clear however that Assad’s forces are quite weak.

Idlib is not our problem.

Hanz Morgenthau and balance of power in the region would suggest doing nothing.  Then again, 3 million folks from Idlib may want to seek refugee status in Lebanon as well as Jordan.

The dialogue should be started with the Russians, Syrians, Hezbollah, and Iran related to the massive humanitarian crisis that will ensure with a campaign against Idlib .

Nikki it is time to hold talks….

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Congressman Greg Walden and Susan Hutchison support responsible forest management

Year after year after year, Washington, Oregon and California are plagued with wildfires. Idiot let it burn liberals like Maria Cantwell and Jay Inslee will blame it on global warming. Inslee will then use the false premise to push a costly pollution tax.

For years,  Oregon Congressman Greg Walden has been pushing for responsible forest management to include biomass harvesting. Because of beetle kill, there are literally millions of acres of forest across the west that are dead and dried.  This renewable natural resource could be harvested for inexpensive building materials, however, Maria Cantwell would rather let it burn.

These serial fires brought on by beetle kill produce millions of metric tons of carbon. Even then, Jay Inslee feels that a carbon tax on seniors is the way to go. What a snake oil salesmen.

A better alternative would encompass local private sector biomass harvesting.




Syria is a victim of it’s own history

The John McCain funeral was quite surreal. At one time, John McCain was quite anti-war and encouraged the removal of our Marines from Lebanon after the bombing of the Marine barracks in Beruit. At the end of his political career, however, McCain never saw a war of intervention or regime change he did not like.

Today, Syria is in a civil war that is not much different than Lebanon. However, given that Syria has conducted war against Israel along with being a former satellite of the Soviet Union, the US does not have a warm spot for the dictatorship. It does not help that Syria is aligned with Iran as well as Hezbollah etc. The Syrians have also gassed its own citizens, so the USA helping the Assad regime related to Idlib is probably not in the cards.

Apparently, there are about 30,000 jihadists under arms controlling Idlib, a city of 3 million.  So a tiny fraction of a percent of Jihadist controls 3 million people. Its either that these 3 million people are too afraid of 30,000 Jihadists or their lives are better without Assad.

The liberal yellow press and the deep state used John McCain’s death to bash Donald Trump. Again, John McCain did not support intervention in Beruit back in 1983 before he became a Lyndsey Graham style warmonger. I think we should honor John McCain’s positions on the Civil war in Lebanon by staying out of Syria.

If however,  Trump wanted to support an asshole dictator that gassed his own people and would genocide Israel if he had the chance, it would only take a 200 C-17 airdrop mission after securing the Idlib airport. Just as McCarthur went to Inchon to cut off the North Koreans and Chinese, US forces could establish interior lines and squeeze the jihadists against the Syrian government forces. Within days the rebels would collapse. Oh, but Iran is in Syria and that is a deal breaker. Oh, and the Syrians have been assholes in the region for basically a half century.

Netanyahu said just fence it off and let them fight it out.  For when the corrupt factions of Islam are fighting between themselves, They are not fixated on killing Jews.

In reality, the Russians, Iranians, and Turks need to back off and let the Syrians decide their own future. That would be a John McCain circa 1983 position. Since the liberal yellow press is honoring McCain and Bashing Trump these days, then honoring John McCain’s Beruit barracks position would be in order.

Oh and lastly, Iran funded the suicide bombers that killed 241 Marines in Beruit. Syria is now a satellite of Iran and Hezbollah. Victims of their own history of being assholes.

Just as it took years of arbitration and war to create Sykes Pecot, it will take years of arbitration to fix this third-world shithole. and it’s kaleidoscope of Islamic fundamentalist psychopaths and idiot control freaks. After all,  bore from 7th-century dogma, Islam is a religion of control with no regard for human rights and the rule of law.



John Kerry’s manufactured la la land

The Winter Soldier was all in with Harry Reid related to bad mouthing George WMD Bush and his Iraq war of choice. George W. Bush, the history major that never showed up to fly at his Vietnam avoidance Texas Air Guard unit did not understand history.  During his debates with Al the sky is falling Gore, Bush junior said the military was not for regime change. He then harvested the symbol of 911 to launch a war with Iraq. All the while the Democrats beat the anti-war drum over and over again.   Harry and Barack said the war was lost and the surge would not work while our soldiers were in the field.

The Bush presidency was put through the economic test three different times. First, it was the dot-com bust when the tech sector waited until the Clintons were clear before it imploded. The Y2K fiasco staved off the bust so the Clintons could take credit for the economic prosperity only the baby boomer demographic and the info age could provide. Next, it was 911 . Of course the Congress, Senate and Executive would exploit the symbol of 911 to usher in the computer surveillance industrial complex.  The dot-com bust would become Bluffdale and the wholesale surveillance of everything electronic.  911 would allow George Bush to start two wars of choice. One in Afghanistan and one in Iraq. Instead of one police action that lasted 10 years, Geedub wanted two wars that would cost the taxpayers trillions.  Today, we have been in Afghanistan for 17 years.  Of course, John Walker Lindh is still in prison when Obama pardoned traitor Manning because he grew tits and was a symbol of the LBGT movement. Then, the derivatives market shit the bed and created the great recession.

Barack Obama, like the Winter Soldier, cut his teeth on the anti-war movement.  Kerry would give aid and comfort to the enemy and bad mouth the soldiers still in the field. Barack Hussein Obama stated over and over that the surge would not work when our 18-year-old Marines were going door to door in Fallujah. After he was elected, Barack would allow John Boehner to talk him out of his neo-con-ass kissing closet. Then old Barack Hussein Obama would double down on all things Bush.  He would surge in both Iraq and Afghanistan, engage in regime change in Libya and encourage an Arab Spring. Then he turned his back on Iraq and let some pissant Sunnis almost overrun Baghdad.  He then sought to affect the Isreali elections and surveilled the Associated press along with the email and cell phone accounts of foreign leaders. Meanwhile, he sought to allow men with razor stubble, fake tits, and a wig to use the little girl’s room in the school system. He also attacked the traditional family and elevated sodomy to the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman.   While his Kultur Kampf was in full swing, he doubled the national debt. His monetary policies bloated the Stock Market as well.

The hallmark of the Obama era was the Middle East in turmoil, division and race labeling here in America along with blaming conservatives for everything. .

Barack Hussein Obama would lie to our faces about a catalog of important issues from inexpensive healthcare and keeping your doctor to NSA surveillance of Americans.

The Democrats then wanted to shove a lying, conniving, and corrupt political whore down our throats for president in 2016. Meanwhile the Bush/Obama deep state exploited the illegal FISA courts to surveil presidential candidates. Donald Trump would inherit a very corrupt FBI, NSA, CIA, and DOJ that only seeks justice along political lines.

In the final analysis, John Kerry is living in some kind of la la land. Just because Americans were fed up with the Bush dynasty, the Clinton Dynasty and Barack Hussein Obama’s heinous and divisive America does not mean America is going backward. It means that we are fixing all the bullshit and returning this country to greatness.  We are taking our country back from basically 16 years of abuse, division, and Federal tyranny. We are saving this country from liberal idiots such as yourself and the socialists that make up half of your stupid party.

Lastly, we also have to fix 16 years of inept foreign policy and retake the moral high ground that is America.   Starting with Syria. Our current environment is nothing like 1971. There is no comparison between a few scum bag Antifa idiots and the folks that protested Vietnam. Are you kidding me! In addition, Most of the stoners that dropped acid at Woodstock are now conservatives paying huge healthcare premiums because of Obama. Even at their worst, they were not as stupid as a Bernie Sanders socialist.  Dude you are living in Lala land. Hillary tried to play the Woodstock card already and it failed miserably.  The only thing the Democrats have are an open borders agenda and calling Republicans racists.  You actually call the party of Lincoln, emancipation and equal rights the racist party?  Bizarro propaganda and revisionist horse shit…

Kerry’s   “moment of crisis” is really a bunch of deep state scum bags commiserating. We just lived through 16 years of crisis. 16 years of extremely inept foreign policy, domestic policy, trade policy, monetary policy, and the list goes on and on and on.

Kerry’s real crisis relates to almost 50 years of dedicated service to our Federal government.  The dude needs to go sailboarding and cherish the rest of his time on this earth. Instead of being a part of the division, he should be a part of reuniting us. His equation is a corrupted file….

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John Kerry attempts to validate his foreign relations ineptitude

John McCain evolved from troop withdrawal from Lebanon after the bombing of the Marine barracks in Beruit to a warmonger that shopped for wars and did cartwheels for the military industrial complex.  In fact, he became quite OCD as it related to everything Russian. Then again, had we spent 6 years at the Hanoi Hilton because of a Russian made anti-aircraft platform, we would have a deep-rooted pathos against the former Soviet Union as well. Of course, this deep-rooted pathos was one of the reasons why Americans did not want John McCain with his finger on the nuclear trigger. It seemed that Americans trusted a stoner from Kenya more than a patriotic Vietnam vet.

When Sarah Palin talks, she sounds like she is a forcing a shit on the toilette.

John Kerry evolved from the Winter Soldier to the Neville Chamberlain of the Obama administration. He fixated on an Iran nuclear deal at the behest of everything else. The Middle East would plunge into turmoil under Obama. First off, however, instead of jet-setting for Clinton Foundation donations and pay to play politics, Hillary should have been fixated on revising the Bush Status of Forces agreement in Iraq.  At a minimum, we should have staged a rapid reaction force there. Instead, Barack Obama leaves with the kitchen sink and focuses on a stupid war in Afghanistan. Then he and John Kerry allowed ISIS to reconquer Sykes Pecot territory all the way to the doorstep of Baghdad. Putin would then bail out John Kerry’s severely inept foreign relations prowess by giving Iraq old beater ground attack fighters. Apparently, Obama was more fixated on allowing men with razor stubble, fake tits, and a wig the ability to use the little girl’s room than protecting the gains our troops made in Iraq after a decade of blood was spilled. .

As far as Syria, John Kerry did not know who to back. During Obama’s red line BS, it was Putin to the rescue again. The Russian president saved Obama and Kerry from a major foreign relations disaster. Had Obama and the Winter Soldier weakened Assad’s forces via a 4th Middle East war in 12 years, ISIS would probably have been able to overrun Syria. Then, instead of a  pseudo-moderate Syrian government that allows religious freedom, Syria would have seen a bloodbath along religious lines. Moreover, the US would have hundreds of thousands of troops still in the Middle East at the cost of trillions.

In the final analysis, Obama and Kerry allowed 3000 pissant Sunnis to almost overrun Baghdad. They failed to provide aircraft assets or even rudimentary ground attack fighter support even though Kuwait International is minutes from the battlefield by air. Obama treated Iraq like it was Vietnam and turned his back. As far as Syria, Americans cannot believe a thing that Kerry or Obama say about it. Putin basically ran Obama’s foreign policy in Syria.

Anyways, Kerry also did nothing about North Korea and then bought off on the Iran nuclear deal. He did nothing about Iran in Syria or its role in financing Hezbollah etc. Today, Iran refuses to leave Syria and is sending ballistic missiles to Iraq in order to threaten Israel.

It is a good thing that the Obama and Kerry era is over. With their ineptitude, they did more harm than good. Kerry’s foreign relations prowess was at less than community college 101 class level.

Lastly, the Bush and Obama administrations perpetrated the worst foreign policies in our nation’s history. John Kerry was also ill-prepared to clean up the mess.

If the Lebanese Civil war is any indication, we must let the different idiot  Muslims factions kill each other off until they themselves want peace. We also know that it takes brutal dictators to keep radical Islam in check. Of course, Geedub had to learn this lesson the hard way. That is because he was a stupid president and a regime-changing deep state neo-con ass kisser.

If John Kerry was so quick to bad mouth our soldiers in the field during Vietnam, how on earth is he an expert on Middle East affairs?  How on earth can he formulate a sound opinion on Muslim psychopaths? Especially after Obama said that nothing could be done about the impending Sunni Shiite Civil war. In fact, that was Obama’s foreign policy in a nut shell.



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