Is Chuck Pagano an Elwood no-brainer?

I was born in 1960. Menards in Cheyenne where I Buy my building materials was born in 1960. The Broncos were born in 1960. Elwood was born in 1960. Chuck Pagano was born in 1960.

I would graduate from Longmont High School in 1978. My only athletic achievement was wrestling JV at 98 pounds. Because I was the smallest guy at Longmont, they talked me into wrestling. When there wasn’t a 4 foot 9 95 pound sophomore wrestler on the opposing team, Coach Van would put me against dudes in the next weight class. I got slaughtered. I would then regress to smoking weed at the Flagstaff mountain and playing foozball at “Just for kicks” in Boulder. I was one of the best foozball players on the front range. I used to make fools of the football players.

Meanwhile, Chuck Pagano was over at Fairview High School becoming a football rock star. Elwood would be at Granada Hills throwing for 5000 yards in fricken High School. WTF? At Longspeak Junior High, I played intramural football as a 4 foot 8 “80 pound” Ronnie Hillman style running back. I got slaughtered. I was a solid baseball player though. I ended up being a catcher. I had a shitty glove so when The A team pitcher threw his 85-mile per hour balls, my had would be swollen after every game. The sound of stitching sizzling through the air would end with a massive sting to my palm when I couldn’t net it. It was torture.

I became a Bronco fan in September of 1973. We would talk about The Broncos, John Ralston’s Bronco replay, Floyd Little and Lyle Alzado on the bus to school. Back then, the required clothing attire for a front range adolescent Bronco fan was Converse allstars, Levi 501 shrink to fits, and a baseball shirt from the Sports center on Longmont’s main street. Back then we dragged the main street on Friday and Saturday nights and got drunk on Mickey’s big mouth. I drove a gray primer 1951 Ford F1 with a farmer’s junkyard flathead V8. Oh and a 40 horse 1967 VW bug. I was a high roller. I then went off to the Air Force.

What elevates Chuck Pagano ahead of other coaches is that he dealt effectively with a Manning-less team. A feat that Kubiak and Elwood have yet to achieve. Pagano maintained the Indy organization until Andrew Luck had his NFL crisis and a season-ending injury. Today, Andrew Luck is killing it again. Pagano is also a safety dude, hence, he would focus a bit on elevating the secondary. The dude is a polished individual also. I think he would love to hang out in Denver. He has paid his dues. I need you to call him in for an interview and treat him to a steak and some shots of proper 12 Maybe he could arm wrestle Shanahan and engage in feats of strength.

Musgrave has actually done a good job play calling and upping the Denver offensive game. For the most part, he made the right calls, but Keenum simply couldn’t get it done. In the scheme of things Musgrave has taken the Bronco offense to a much better place post-Kubiak. Then again, Keenum has quickly adapted to a young receiver corps after losing pro-bowler catching machines. As it is, there is extreme synergy between Keenum and Musgrave. The only elements missing now are a reps and more reps. I think we have to stay this course for 2019. Keenum and company are only a few thousand reps away from solid synergy with the youngsters. He proved this during late season. Keenum will be solid in 2019. No doubt in my mind.

Pagano takes Denver to the playoffs the first year in office. I give him a shot and lets get this thing back to the level we are accustomed to. If Pagano’s health issues preclude him from being a head coach, he could be offered a secondary coaching job. I think a Pagano no-fly zone would be epic.

I need a 2019 draft class CB and SS. Screw fee agency. lets get the best secondary college football has to offer.

Oh and lastly, Boulder Fairview sucks and “Longmont Trojans rule”

“Make the Broncos great again!”

Happy New year!!!!

I have to go and work on my house!!!!!! Later!!!!!

Saint Joseph negotiates one last turd game before his career in Denver defecates the sheets

Is it time to role the carcass on to the litter extension and strip the bedroll? I am having visions of the Ralston Purina sign on I-70 just east of the old mousetrap and “Bronco Replay!”

Elwood wasn’t wearing black gloves. The Kubemesiter was focused on the field. Was he looking at Brock and Roby getting burned? Was he looking at how Yiadom paints himself on veteran receivers? Was he pleased with how badass and explosive Freeman and Booker are? Did he reckon that the Broncos could be salvaged under St. Vance McDaniels Joseph? Did he himself insist that Elwood pull the plug on the ventilator?

Elwood looking pale backed into the darkness of his stadium suite. He wasn’t spitting sunflower seeds on the sidelines like he used to do with Manning throwing. He was just pale and processing all the ramifications of the 2018 season. Elwood had managed the two worst Bronco seasons since Charlie Johnson and Ralston Purina or was it 1967. Meanwhile, Kubiak seemed to already be starting to assume the discombobulated helm of the Bronco ship. At least it looked that way. Would tonight be the night they 86 Joseph and drink some Proper 12 with Shanny at the expensive steakhouse? Do Bronco fans look forward to another season with Saint Joseph and 20,000 no shows? Will they wait for the billboard?

It was obvious that the Denver Broncos were not playing for Saint Joseph. The entire game looked like an uncontrolled circus. With just a little more discipline and accuracy, the Broncos win against a much-depleted Ironman Rivers. Instead, it was a clown show.

Then again, this was not the Jacksonville loss that ended Elwood’s postseason shot in the late 1990s. This year the Bronco fan pain had been diluted and peppered across two crappy seasons or freak shows rather. Nobody cared as they left the stadium. Broncos fans had been inoculated after 11 wins and 21 losses. The only thing left now is calling Vance Joseph into the office, clearing the throat, and saying goodbye.

On another note, Elwood now owns the full spectrum of Bronco wins and losses. He engineered the best teams in Bronco history and the worst teams in Bronco history. The question is can he extricate himself and recreate winning seasons or is he obsolete and dense? Seems that Elwood is now in the trenches of loss with a big mountain of hard work in front of him.

It is clear that Elwood gave Joseph every opportunity to keep his shit together and he garnished one last turd game. Possibly one too many. Elwood gave Joseph everything from excellent draft rookies to FA and an almost Superbowl QB. Joseph and company, to include Musgrave, still could not get it done. The only consistency that will be maintained with St. Joesph around is inconsistency and consistent losses. Kudos Fox and Del Rio. One cannot come to any other conclusion.

The good news is that The Bronco players are still the best players. Elwood can plug the shortcomings with another excellent draft. Every year, Elwood has drafted superior secondary, D-line and O-line. In 2018, they finally departed from the Shanny plug and play RB scheme to picking up Royce Freeman. Today, The Broncos have extreme depth in Lindsay, Booker, Freeman and Janovich. Elwood could avoid a free agent high dollar WR and just get another extremely talented rookie. Give Keenum 4 or 5 WR virgins to cultivate. Moreover, he could consider an unknown college coach that pounds the basics and puts massive energy into training camp, preseason and the rest. The paradigm might need to be altered. Then again, it may take another season with Kubiak to understand this.

Joseph might be a good guy but he will cost the Bronco organization millions in post season revenue if he remains another season. Elwood cannot play shitty QBs in hopes of draft positions, and Shanny never did. Shanny fought for better than .500 football and was always in the middle of the win column or better. Elwood already played the “play shitty for draft position card”. It is now time for new energy, points of view and a hungry staff that gives it everything. After all, the Bronco players told you what you needed to know. Meaning they don’t play good football under Joseph. The court is adjourned. You can file an appeal.

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Federal government spends $2 billion a day to service national debt

When the economy collapsed under George W. Bush, hard federal revenue fell by 25%. However instead of rolling back government, Barack Obama increased domestic spending and surged in both Iraq and Afghanistan. At the same time, the Fed lowered the prime rate to .25% and left it there for 6 years. The Fed policies allowed Obama to monetize massive amounts of national debt and reissue low interest treasury bonds etc. The result was $10 trillion in added national debt in 8 years. Between Bush and Obama, the national debt increased by about $15 trillion.

Now the Fed is rapidly increasing the Fed rate under Donald Trump. Obama’s economy was on a steady handicap diet of low-interest rates and continuous quantitative easing. Donald Trump’s economy is on its own and burdened with inappropriately fast interest rate increases. The reality is that the U.S. Stock market is dangerously bloated. Raising interest rates will compel investors to harvest the market and seek safe haven financial service stocks, and CDs. Then the Democrats will blame Donald Trump?

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The interest payment on the national debt during the Clinton 1995 federal budget year was about $232 Billion for a national debt of approximately $5 trillion. The Fed rate under Clinton was over 5%. The national debt is now 4 times the size of the Clinton era debt. Once the Fed rate increases to its traditional 5%, the national debt interest payment hits close to $1 trillion as treasury bonds mature and the Federal treasury borrows new money. Hence, the interest payment on the debt will cost $3 billion a day. This number is predicated on a national debt that remains at $20 trillion. This is simply not the case. Donald Trump is now adding about $1 trillion to the national debt every year. If past is prologue, all future presidents will add a $trillion a year to the national debt every year from here on out. This means that the federal government will spend $4 billion a day to service the debt by 2025. Currently, that is the best case scenario. If the stock market shits the bed as Fed rates rise, the wealth effect will deplete along with hard Federal revenue.

The bad news is that any austerity measures by the federal government via tax increases will remove cash fuel from the economy and reduce job creation and stock market investment. Combine this with Fed rates increases and a 1/4 of the “Federal Budget deficit spending” going to servicing the debt and we are on a really bad economic course. A collapse of the Stock Market reduces the 401Ks of 80 million boomers to a pathetically small government check, and massive healthcare benefits that are twice that of Germany per capita. The third rail of politics along with Fed and Federal Government ineptitude will eventually collapse in on itself. All of it is phucked up.

As it is, Senator Schumer shutting down the government over a $5 billion border-wall is inept folly.

Sadly it was Bill Clinton who kept government spending in check. Reagan, Bush 1, Bush 2, Obama and now Trump added to the national debt. Their collective economic stupidity along with Fed tinkering will soon have to pay the piper.

I get my middle name from Andrew Jackson. My grand father was Andrew Jackson Brodhead. My great great grand father was Andrew Jackson Brodhead. He was born in 1824. The first year of Jacksonian Democracy. Jackson hated the centralized banking system. Today, the Fed can screw presidential administrations and collapse the economy along political lines and the globalist agenda. Obama was coddled. Trump has been given no quarter as it relates to interest rate increases. Sad but true. Meanwhile Apple is buying back stock at a massive rate as their $1000 cell phones aren’t selling. I will stick with my Moto X4 for $200 bucks.

Summating: We could have paid the piper in 2008. Instead, the Fed and the Obama administration conspired to pad Wall street and pass a $10 trillion dollar bill to our children. the sub-prime mortgage crisis and derivatives fiasco have become a severely bloated stock market and perpetual trillion dollar yearly Federal deficits that will sink the entire world economy.

Dickhead Schumer should cut a Border wall/ Daca deal and focus on reducing government spending and freezing Fed rate increases. Otherwise, he is a nonvalue-adding and an inept moron.

Obama’s “continuous quantitative easing” the gift that keeps giving

Hey Steny here is a dose of the reality that you created!!!!

It should be called Obama’s Continuous quantitative interest on the national debt.

While Barack Obama engaged in petty social wedge issues, perpetual war , regime change and orchestrating a massive Middle East refugee crisis, the Fed ran the economy. The Fed maintained almost zero prime interest rates during the entire Obama presidency. Americans were offered .15% interest rates for savings accounts. Hence, Americans invested heavily into the stock market.

Other aspects of the Obama era was a toxic asset and Treasury bond repurchase. The Fed would buy U.S. Treasury notes so the U.S. Treasury could issue new low-interest bonds. Some would call it debt monetization. Meanwhile, Obama pushed the pedal to the metal on government spending and doubled the national debt from $10 trillion to $20 trillion. Of course now as the Fed raises interest rates rapidly during the Trump administration, the interest on the national debt will eclipse Medicare, Social Security, and the military by 2021. So, while Obama was shipping arms from Benghazi, creating ISIS, and elevating sodomy to the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman, he was also spending money like an idiot. His economic incompetence has created a national debt payment problem that every president will have to deal with forever. In fact, the Bush and Obama debt will probably bring the government to its knees. The victims will be seniors with zero COLA increases and artificially created inflation via printed FIAT currency.

The guy whose greatest economic achievement prior to becoming president was buying a house turned out to be no economic messiah. Instead, we got a big government idiot and a closet neo-con. In fact All of Obama’s policies were a failure from the Middle East to managing domestic issues and government spending. He basically phucked everything up.

Obama ran interference for his neocon perpetual war penchants and money spending by dangling social wedge issues in our faces. He ran interference for economic incompetence by attacking traditional marriage, inspiring division along racial lines, and poddy training the school system.

Today Steny Hoyer is simply full of shit. Steny Hoyer paraded over $15 trillion in national debt and now he is telling us that Trump is having a temper tantrum over $5 billion for the border wall. Obama was willing to shut the government down several times over petty issues while running up the debt by $10 trillion.

This is the reality of a trillion dollar national debt interest payment and the ultimate tax on government and Fed stupidity. This is the reality that Obama, Steny Hoyer, Schumer, Pelosi, and George W. Bush caused. This the dose of reality that all Americans must now face. Steny Hoyer’s reality!!!! Steny, quit running interference for your ineptitude and just resign. You have done enough!!!! You and your buddy Schumer have done more to destroy the American dream than any other politicians in US history. For the love of Pete just resign already. You worthless condescending revisionist ass!

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Image result for fed interest rate chart
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The Democrats used to be the party of Manifest Destiny

When my great plus grand uncle was a senator from Pennsylvania, the Democratic party was the party of “Manifest Destiny!” President James Polk and the Democrat party were on the forefront when it came to funding the Mexican American war and taking the lands of Guadalupe Hidalgo. Once Mexico had capitulated, populating our Manifest Destiny began in earnest. President Franklin Pierce and the Congress would be extremely busy performing topography surveys, naming territories, planning, and building transportation infrastructure and extending the reach of the Postal Service. legal immigrants from all across the world would flood into America. Today, Democrats shame legal immigrants from Europe and call them racist in favor of illegal gangs, thugs, drug dealers, and rapists. They are the party of the illegal immigrant.

Democrats from the Northern areas were still lukewarm on abolishing slavery. The Southern Democrats wanted to maintain slavery. In addition, Democrats wanted a transcontinental railroad that serviced Texas and the southern parts of the new territories in order to expand slavery. To circumvent this political reality the Wilmot Proviso was put forth. The Wilmot Proviso as written would not allow slavery in the newly acquired territories of Guadalupe Hidalgo. So, the great Democratic party of the 1850s was for both slavery and the fulfillment of our Manifest Destiny. Today, Democrats want to open the border and create slave wages for legal Hispanic immigrants. They want to drive down wages for legal immigrants by expanding the illegal immigrant labor pool via porous borders. Democrats have always been about slave wages for minorities. That is why they avoid cutting a deal for DACA children. They don’t want a border wall and they want DACA children to live in fear. They want legal immigrants to earn poverty-level wages. Donald Trump put thousands in the pockets of legal immigrants via tax cuts. All the Democrats offer are freebies, an illegal invasion, and men with fake tits and a wig using the little girl’s room.

Today, Senator Schumer’s Democratic party want to give back the territories acquired by the Mexican American War. He feels that a country with competing languages can stand. He feels that our Manifest destiny belongs to South American illegal immigrants. He believes that our great country does not have a right to national sovereignty. He belives that America should look like a third world socialist shithole

During previous years, the Democratic party believed in Christian values and religion. Today, they have elevated sodomy to that of the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman. They have replaced symbols of Christ in our school system and offer the sanctity of natural child growth to the LGBT movement. Democrats want Kindergarten to be basic training for gender dysphoria and the poddy politic. In the Democrats world, Jesus has been replaced with “anus based spirituality.”

The biggest asshole in the Democratic party is Chucky Schumer. The pointy nosed scoundrel changes his mind at the drop of a hat. He used to support a border wall. Now he refuses to negotiate a $5 border wall and has shut the government down to the tune of $1 billion a day. Then again that is small change for the Senator from New York. During his tenure, he has overseen over $15 trillion in national debt. Then the liar and conniver slips the bill to our children and blames someone else.

Sadly, even though Donald Trump will work a deal on DACA, Schumer wants to shut the government down instead.

Chucky Schumer will try to lie his way out of this government shut down. It wasn’t Uncle Donny who added $15 trillion to the national debt like Chucky. Uncle Donny added jobs and cut taxes. Chucky on the other hand has his thumb stuck up his ass and is adding a $ billion a day to our children’s national debt obligation.

All the Democratic party is fixated on today is asshole worship, open borders, sanctuary cities, race labeling, division, gender pronouns, socialism, justice via social media, and giving our national sovereignty to illegals for the vote.

In the scheme of things, Chuck Schumer’s legislative achievements are embarrassing. He should just live in Venezuela or Cuba because he hates America. He hates all the things that Democrats used to fight for. Senator Schumer is a lying and conniving failure, a joke, and a national embarrassment. He should resign or simple off himself for the good of the country.

Bronco offense and play calling improved over 2017

Many of us remember how lackluster the Kubiak play book was when Peyton Manning left the building and rode off into the sunset with his long forehead silhouetted against the light. Once Lord Manning was gone, all the demons of inadequacy descended on Denver. Siemian would make a stand early in the 2016 and then it was the “Greek Columns” all over again.

During some games, the QB rating was less than 25. If one got a dollar for third down conversions, one might buy a meal and drink on the MD dollar menu. Other times one would have to sift through the dumpster behind Safeway. Special teams sucked. Half time adjustments did not exist. By the end of 2017, none of the Denver trifecta of shitty quarterbacks could score in the second half. Things would change when Keenum showed up.

Musgrave was stuck in the Kubiak era as it related to play calling in 2017. The Broncos would then make wholesale adjustments to the running game and how they used running backs in 2018. The playbook was simplified and Musgrave and Keenum sought to be more inclusive with the WR corps. Today, the Broncos have a solid running back corps with Lindsay, Booker and Freeman. Today, the Broncos have depth in Sutton, Hamilton and Patrick. They just need play time and reps.

Keenum and Musgrave lost two pro-bowl caliber wide receivers. Had DT kept a head of steam and Sanders had remained healthy, the Broncos would have made the playoffs. As it is, Case Keenum entered a situation that was somewhat in turmoil.

Case Keenum is a scrapper and does not quit until the bell rings. He seems to have quickly adapted to Sutton, Hamilton and Patrick along with the TE merry go round.

We cannot blame all of the Broncos ills on Vance Joseph. In reality, the Broncos made extreme improvements over 2016, and 2017. However, there is something wrong in the motivational skills area. The Broncos gave up the ghost a few times during winnable games and came on strong during super hard games. It seems that Joseph cannot push the pedal to the metal and keep it there. He just can’t put a fire under the ass. As it is, everything was basically fixed offensively. The execution was there, but the overall consistency lacked. Just a little more piss and vinegar and discipline would have served the Broncos well. After all, the Broncos laid waste to the best teams in the NFL.

Lastly, the foundation of a winning season is mostly in place. It is just a matter of more team building, motivation, and repping synergy. In addition, Elwood needs another epic draft to fill in the No Fly Zone and offensive line. Elwood needs to go into 2019 with a bunch of young and hungry high performance college critters.

I bet the Broncos dominate in 2019 if Joseph stays or goes. Elwood might give Joseph 6 more games to prove himself. If he fails, move Musgrave to head coach and make due until 2020. If the Bengals want him, good riddance…..

The Broncos could have won the division if they beat Ravens, Jets, 49ers, Raiders, Cleveland, and Houston. They even had a shot at KC. They would have been at least 13 and 3. They just didnt show up.

Elwood should take the opportunity to purge the Bronco cap ahead of 2019 draft.

The Broncos are plagued with high wage players that are injury prone. In reality, Elwood could purge the cap with many of the high paid players and make due with just the draft.

2018 Bronco draft recruit cornerback Isaac Yiadom seemed to start off a little weak but quickly upped his game. If he continues along his current performance gradient, he is a starter in 2019. Elwood should concentrate on a 2018 drafted CB. Bradley Roby will probably want big money. He can be replaced by an early round CB.

Elwood saves huge money now that DT is gone by offing Ron Leary, Emmanuel Sanders, Jake Veldheer, and Brandon Marshal.

Jake Butt and Heuerman are injury prone.

The focus on the 2019 draft is as follows:

Offensive tackle



Middle line backer


The current Broncos RB and WR corps are solid. Elwood might consider one more WR or focus on repping the current youngsters.

As we recall, the Broncos made due when they offed Rahim Moore and then Aquib Talib. A starter in Denver, Moore went the way of the dodo rather quickly. Although Roby is a CB, he could go the way of the dodo on another team. Simmons, Harris, and Yiadom are the core of the No fly zone. Three additional drafted high speed rookies fill it in at $1.5 million a year.

Case Keenum needs another year in Denver. However, if Hogan and Grayson are nothing more than camp arms, then Elwood needs to look at another drafted QB. This Shurmur fella has size, an arm and some wheels.

Senator Chuck Schumer caused the government shutdown

Senator Chuck Schumer is a nasty and disgusting partisan hack that is more interested in open borders than negotiating a simple border wall deal. No other U.S. Senator in recent memory besides Harry Reid generates so much public resentment and disgust as “Chucky”. He makes Pocahontas look like a saint even though she is basically an irrational and stupid dingbat.

Nancy Pelosi is another politician that does not represent the interests of the United States of America.

Chuck Schumer is a grandiose liar and a traitor to our national sovereignty.

Schumer needs a little refresher training on the Obama era and zero Fed interest rates along with continuous quantitative easing. The Obama economy moved along at a snail’s pace and did not even replace job loss due to baby boomer retirement attrition. When Trump was elected the Stock Market exploded and there was a hiring frenzy. The Fed began raising interest rates quite quickly because Trump was in office. We knew this would happen. Trump then put money in America’s pockets by passing a massive standard deduction to offset Fed rate increases and keep the economy fueled. He also lowered corporate taxation. The results manifested in almost 4% GDP growth. All these tax deductions were pushed through by Republican votes, hence, Schumer and his pathetic Democrats had nothing to do with our spectacular economic growth. He is just an asshole. Oh Schumer is responsible for tens of trillions in national debt.

In reality, the Fed forced people into the stock market for 10 years now. The Stock Market is bloated and requires a market correction and it has nothing to do with Donald Trump ‘s cabinet activity, Syria, or the Border Wall. However, Fed rate increases do have something to do with the market correction.

Chuck Schumer is a revisionist historian,a liar, and a conniving scoundrel. He looks like a scum bag pick-pocket in “Oliver!” He used to support the Border wall, but now he doesn’t because he has Trump derangement syndrome.

Chucky has been throwing a temper tantrum ever since Hillary the lying conniving and corrupt political whore lost the election.

Chuck buddy, give up $5 Billion for the Border wall and we will talk about DACA.

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Broncos Hamilton, Sutton and Patrick continue to grow

Even-though Darth Raider offed the head of Thunder and threw the horse’s head into the stands at the Black Hole, all is not lost. There was no crying, only an epic Bronco ass beating by the Raiders. John Gruden looking a bit like OBI One Kenobi, minus the hoodie, could be seen on the sideline with a superiority complex and shit eating grin. Or was he Yoda with a boner? Oh on second thought, that was Derek Carr. To date, John Gruden is charging about “$2 million a win” from his 10 year $100 million contract. Saint Joseph will leave Denver with 11 wins.

Perhaps, Elwood should get on his hands and knees like a Muslim and offer Lord Manning a $110 million 8 year contract as head coach. Give him a mansion in Parker too. What the Broncos need are regular Manningesque ass chewings on the sidelines. Oh, and there is no one at Stanford that will save you.

In Bronco land, Saint Joseph’s coaching method, motivational skills, and targeting are about as accurate as a Starwars Storm Trooper on Quaaludes. Meanwhile, Elwood looked like he was suffering from Kellyesque dopamine depletion during a post-ecstasy bummer episode. Complete with black driving gloves, many of us were waiting for Elwood to dawn the Darth Vader Helmut and do a jig in the box. One can only assume that his private sighing was accompanied by his thumbing through Walter Football for 2019 draft picks and Milk of Magnesia straight from the bottle. The good news is that the salary cap has been reduced by millions with the departure of a few folks and an achilles tear. At this juncture, Elwood might consider reducing the salary cap to the league minimum for the 53 man roster. He would save a hundred million a year until Mahomes shits the bed or Ironman Rivers gets dementia. He could then keep Joseph around for laughs and beat him at golf.

I lose to the Charges just to piss off Any Reid so he has to update his medication list.

Today, it looks more and more likely that Jake Plummer will be welcomed to the Bronco Ring of Fame. It is now clear that he ranks number 3 as the best Denver QB in Bronco History. What other conclusions can one come to when every QB except Morton sucked. Just a side note.

Case Keenum’s QB record looks almost exactly like Trevor Siemian except Case Keenum can actually score in the second half. However, not to be out done, Keenum is now throwing copious Siemianesque interceptions into, now get this, 4 man coverage!!! WTF?.

The Bronco O-line looked good all year. They looked like shit at the Black hole. The Musgrave dump-offs behind the line of scrimmage are now doing nothing.

It is certain that Devontae Booker is way better than Royce Freeman and has continued to elevate his performance curve. Because of this, Elwood will let him walk in 2019. Of course someone else will pick him up and he will go for 1500 yards.

So Elwood could start by cutting Saint Vance McDaniels Joseph and replace him with a High School coach. Or better yet an unknown college coach. Just for the hell of it. The Broncos could then play .500 football and wait until Von Miller’s contract expires or he plays like inevitable shit. Whichever comes first. . As it is the Broncos are the new Cleveland Browns under Elwood. Might as well put up a nude centerfold of Bernie Kozar in the briefing room.

Elwood is backed up against a wall. He has to keep Keenum for another year. Ok, let us start looking at draft picks again. As it is, once again, it is a long way there if Saint Joseph stays in town. Oh and at this juncture, Musgrave needs to do some Peyote in an Indian smoke hose or risk becoming Kubiak once again. He could try some of that John Lynch goat piss concoction. One more thing: Woods is not bulletproof either.

I kind of like a Raider ass beating for Christmas. Reminds me of the 1980s.

I miss Tim Tebow!

Merry Christmas

Democrats wanted to shut down the Government in favor of infanticide rights

When pro-life Republicans wanted to eliminate Planned Parenthood funding when America found out they were selling baby parts, Obama threatened to shut the government down. He then closed national parks and did not let veterans visit war memorials in DC. He also threatened to cut Social Security checks as well.

Today, Donald Trump is threatening to shut the government down because the Democrats will not fund the Border Wall to the tune of $5 billion?

Democrats will shut the government down to maintain infanticide, but securing the border is a no no? America allows 1 million people a year to enter the USA legally , but illegals are more important?

Democrats will shut the government down in order to maintain illegals right to life in America, but, the beating hearts of the innocent unborn are subject to dismemberment and their body parts sold off for profit?

Democrats insisted on removing religious symbols from our school system. They destroyed the sanctity of marriage in favor of sodomy. Now they are seeking to turn the school system into LGBT recruitment centers and Basic Training for gender dysphoria as early as Kindergarten. The sanctity and natural growth of the child is being offered to the LGBT movement. Symbols of Christ replaced with rectum based spirituality and gender pronouns.

It is clear that the democratic party is the party of decadence, ignorance and un-American activity. They bitch about Trump removing troops from Syria while refusing to fund a simple border wall. In fact, Democrats spent trillions in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and Syria, but feel that $5 billion is unworthy when protecting our border? WTF?