Cuomo’s New York becomes one big “black baby extermination camp.”

In California, the homeless camp and shit on the streets of San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego. Even then, California governors seem fit to enable and facilitate illegal voting, entitlement for the undocumented and free health care. All of it for the vote. California has become a province of Mexico and all the identity politicians adapt their platforms to meet their needs.

In Texas, pregnant illegal immigrants dash across the border so they can dilate in the parking lot of a US hospital. They are then entitled to a free middle class life style. Other documented immigrant workers claim 12 children on their ITN tax return and routinely get $30,000 back from the IRS. Per sources, everyone is doing it. Hence, even-though they pay zero taxes, they get a $30,000 free paycheck. Meanwhile American workers are being taxed to death. Obama hires 16,000 IRS workers to attack conservatives while letting immigrants with legal or illegal green cards scam the system to the tune of $5 billion annually.

In New York City, members of the DAZI party call normal legal immigrants racist while targeting blacks for abortions. Planned Parent hood was racist organization for the purpose of limiting black population growth.

In New York, more black babies are aborted than born from the population. There is a horrendous level of abortions by black mothers and very few parenthood counselling sessions or adoption courses.

Both Hillary Clinton and Andrew Cuomo are closet racists and eugenicists that seek to fund black abortion in New York. They call pro-life conservatives racist while encourage and expand abortion rights for blacks in New York.

Andrew Cuomo has turned New York City into one massive black abortion concentration camp. A place where blacks are encouraged to kill their new born even when the baby’s head is dilating the vagina. The Nazis killed 6 million Jews. The American DAZI party as led by Schumer, Pelosi, Cuomo and Clinton are closet eugenicists that have turned New York City into a eugenics oriented black fetus extermination and concentration camp. In America, Blacks have killed almost 20 million of their own babies.

Andrew Cuomo ” I have become death!”

Andrew Cuomo is the Joseph Mengele of the DAZI party.

They laughed as they passed a bill that allows for infant murder even when the baby’s head is crowing out of the Vagaina?

We judge our society on how we treat the most innocent and vulnerable.

Andrew Cuomo is no better than a Nazi concentration camp doctor that experiments on babies.

He has become death.

Dummkopf Marco Rubio opposes Border Security

Senator Marco Rubio is a waffling dummkopf that does not rationally assess things before he puts his foot in his mouth. In fact, he has a history of saying stupid things only to retract them later and beg forgiveness. Now he is telling everyone that executive action on the Border Wall is not appropriate.

In 2001, George W. Bush exploited 911 to engage the country in two wars of choice. Even though the British Empires and the Soviet Empire failed to conquer Afghanistan, “Geedub” decided to invade Afghanistan anyways. The response to the attack on the Twin Towers could have been simply a B52 bombing campaign on terrorist bases in Afghanistan. Instead, the history major invades the country. Today 17 years later, the Taliban still controls most of Afghanistan, and the US propped up Afghanistan government cannot afford to maintain and army. Hence as soon as troops and money are withdrawn, Afghanistan falls back into Taliban control. The war in Afghanistan was basically 17 years of inept foreign policy.

Geedub then directed 911 rage to attack Iraq. Trillions would be spent along with hundreds of thousands of VA claims. The VA budget would balloon tens times in only a short period of time. Instead of a peace dividend, Geedub and Obama would add $6 trillion in war related expenses to our children’s tab. Obama would then turn his back on Iraq and allow ISIS to rise from the desert. ISIS would grow from 3000 piss-ant Sunni fighters to a large land army. Obama would ensure this reality by not protecting Northern Iraq banks that were plum full of cash. He paid no attention as Sunni terrorists and ISIS took control of billions in abandoned military hardware from Humvees, to armored troops transports, and fuel trucks. Now, the Democratic Socialists are bitching about a $6 billion border fence.

Of course, not to be outdone, Obama attacked Libya via the War Powers Act so he could spend billions on high tech weaponry.

Today the liberal yellow press wants the USA to stay in Syria in order to protect the Kurds. They were once antiwar in 2007 when Obama was running. They did not care about the gassing of the Kurds. It was more about not finding WMD. A Catch 22. However, as soon as Obama came out of the neocon closet, the Democratic Socialists were all about perpetual war and nation building. It was then completely OK for Obama to abandon Iraq and enable the total destabilization of the Middle East and the overrunning of Europe with illegal aliens and refugees. Because Trump wants to remove troops from Syria, he is wrong? Both Bush and Obama had no refugee plan in place when they attacked four different Middle East countries. Where was the liberal yellow press then?

It is a severe “Catch 22″ when the Democratic Socialists and the liberal yellow press want to protect defacto Kurdish borders in Northern Syria and thereby create a” Nation State” while condemning a border wall in the Southern USA. According to the liberal yellow press, it is OK to spend utter billions in Northern Syria to protect someone else’s sovereignty, but a border fence is immoral in America.

The Border Wall falls under the War Powers Act. The Democratic Socialists fully supported the War on Terror. They fully supported the War on drugs but now want to allow a steady flow of “killer drugs” across the Mexican Border. Yet another Catch 22.

There is no place in the US Constitution that says that a lower court can overturn the president as it relates to protecting the country. In fact, Donald Trump could use the War Powers Act to immediately redirect $10 billion in military ops tempo budget to the Border wall. As Commander in Chief he can then direct military assets and private sector contractors to the border.

Realize, the Democratic Socialists did not attempt to use the lower court to interfere with Bush and Obama when they exploited the War Powers Act to attack other countries. using the lower courts to attack a presidential executive action that protects the country would not set well in the minds of 80 million baby boomers, independents, libertarians, and conservatives.

Marco Rubio’s position on the Border Wall executive action is absurd. Rubio made a fool of himself when he ran for president and now he is making a fool of himself again.

Marco Rubio is Nancy Pelosi’s pool boy and Chuck Schumer’s stupid bitch.

It is sad that Marco Rubio supports the DAZI party here in the USA. Previously he supported the Border Wall, DACA and comprehensive immigration reform. Now he has joined the DAZI party, and the illegal immigrant ” Reconquista.” I think he has played his last political idiocy card.

From Babbitt to Baghdad

Final cadre of the Mighty C-141

Chapter 1

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Random thoughts of childhood in the deserts and mountains of Nevada   (freedom defined)

My Father met my  mother in 1956 while stationed in Germany . His USAF radar unit was stationed at an old Luftwaffe airfield at Erding, Germany. My mother still lived at the farm outside of Hohenpolding which was 10 kilometers away. She worked at the base cleaning the billeting units. She rode her bicycle the 10 kilometers to and from work everyday. My father met her at a dance in Erding. Unlike many of the German women after WWII who gave into US soldiers, my mother would give Milton the full “no” treatment. Milton would not take “no” for an answer and became a pest. After a while, Rosina invited him to the family farm. The farm had been in the family name for over 300 years. My mother’s father had served as a German cavalryman on the Western Front for all of WWI. He was also a conservative senator during the Weimar Republic. When Adolf Hitler took over in 1933, Opa Zep would not take the oath to Hitler. The farm would then be taken by the Nazi party. Opa Zeppie would go into hiding and later spend time at Dachau concentration camp along with utter thousands of German WWI veterans that supported the Kaiser.

My mother had 6 sisters and 1 brother. The farm was 80 hectares and they grew hay for their milk cows. The farm was carved out of the lush and green Bavarian countryside. The winters were cold and white, but the summers were warm and conducive to farming. The clouds would roll off the Bavarian Alps and deposit rain pretty much every single day. Then the clouds would give way to the sunshine. Like clockwork, it would rain an hour or two and then turn shiny and warm.  

The cows would be pastured during the day. Later in the day, a bell would be wrung and the milk cows would head for the stalls for fresh hay and milking. During the 1930s in Bavaria, there were no milking machines. The 6 girls would manually extract the milk from the massive and healthy cows while they ate their fresh grass or hay. When Opa Zep would not take the oath to Hitler, the farm was nationalized and the family forced to live with relatives or friends. In lieu of eating healthy as a byproduct of farming, the family was reduced to poverty. My mother would be born two years before  Jesse Owens became the fastest man on earth at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. Rosina and her twin sister Magdalena would suffer the effects of malnutrition as infants. Later, while staying in the town of Dachau, she could actually see and smell the smoke stacks. The only thing that saved my German Grandfather from the ovens was that he was from a German family with a thousand years of pure German heritage as well as service as a cavalryman on the Western front during WWI.

My father was a very intelligent man and quite a talker. He learned how to speak German  quickly and fluently. He loved to talk of the farm and Germany. Whenever we revisited Germany later in his life, he would speak good German everywhere we went.  If the schnitzel was good, he always had the waitress bring the cook to the table.

He would then compliment the cook in German. Many times they would  reciprocate by giving him a free tall glass of beer and telling him to keep the beer glass.

My mother’s China cabinet was full of German beer mugs and glass. Germans love it when an American actually takes the time to learn German and speak it well.

During Vietnam, my father would send my mother tape recordings in German because she could not read and write English well if at all.

My father loved Germany. He loved skiing in the Bavarian and Austrian Alps. He loved the people, the food, and his newly acquired relatives. My parents would be married in an old German Catholic Church in Bavaria in 1957.

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The German farm house during the Iraq war.

My sister would be born on Amarillo Air Force Base, Texas in1958. I would be Born May 4th ,1960 at Westover, Air Force Base three days after Francis Gary Powers was shot down over the Soviet Union. I would get my middle name Andrew from my Grandfather. He was named Andrew Jackson Brodhead. He was named after president Andrew Jackson. My Great Grandfather on the American side would be named Andrew Douglas Brodhead after Andrew Jackson and  Senator Stephen Douglas. My Great Great Grandfather would be born in 1824 and be named Andrew Jackson Brodhead as well. Brodheads had been Democrats since the rise of Jacksonian Democracy. Today, the great Democratic party does not exist. It has become the Democratic Socialist party. The party of wealth redistribution, intolerance, a corrupt and worthless higher education system, the government takeover of healthcare, neo-moral relativism, gender confusion, celebrating sodomy, division, anti-cop, elevating racism, and a plethora of downright liberal stupidity. They are anti-Christianity here in America while supporting Islamic immigration. Islam, the religion of intolerance, sodomy with little boys, 8-year-old virgin weddings to old men, beheadings, stoning, zero women’s rights, amputation for low-level crimes, death for homosexuals, and terrorism. The utter lack of cohesive logical thought application is simply staggering.   

My father taught me to respect the pillars of society like police officers, and teachers. I never judged my parents for their positions on morality. Today, liberals have adopted neo-moral relativism positions on everything. They challenge folkways and mores of 10,000 years. Then they are intolerant of other people’s belief systems.  Some even feel sorry for their parent’s morality and belief system. They feel that they are enlightened while the 1970s free love baby boomer generation is obsolete. Aided by social media, many in our society have become thought police. They expect others to fall for the stupidity that they have fallen for. American exceptionalism has been replaced by $700 Chinese made smartphones, a bus ticket, and THX-1138 lemming-like mind control.     

The marriage to a German Catholic woman would not go over too well with Milton’s family. They were New Hampshire Methodists that had live in New Hampshire since 1800.  Congressman John Brodhead would be credited for bringing Methodism to New Hampshire in 1800. He would hold the same congressional seat as Franklin Pierce. The Brodhead and the Pierce family would be close friends and inter- marry.  Thornton Fleming Brodhead would be Franklin Pierce’s cousin and they would serve in Mexico together.

Laconia, New Hampshire was the place that the book and TV series Peyton Place was based on.

The Brodheads were from British Imperialist stock dating back to 1664. The progenitor of the family Captain Daniel Brodhead, and my direct line great plus grand father,  was from Yorkshire England. He would come to America as part of the Nichols Expedition.He would be “second in command” and led the 400 British troops that disembarked Man-O-Wars and took control of New Amsterdam away from the Dutch. New Amsterdam would then be called New York and English speaking rule established.  

In August of 1776, Col. Daniel Brodhead III , a great Uncle, would defend George Washington’s retreat across the East river after the devastating loss at “The Battle of Long Island.” He would then tend the fires on the Manhattan side as Washington’s troops escaped northward to Fort Washington and crossed the Hudson.

During the 1850s, Senator Richard H. Brodhead  would co-author legislation that funded the topography surveys for the transcontinental railroad. He was married to Jefferson Davis’s niece who was the Secretary of War under Franklin Pierce. Davis would oversee the topography surveys which would later become the transcontinental railroad across Northern Nevada and the creation of cities like Elko, Winnemucca, Wells, Battle Mountain, Lovelock and Reno Sparks. Richard’s legislation would also lead to the building of the telegraph across Nevada. It’s first transmission would be the tapping out of “the Battle Born state’s” Constitution. As part of the Postal committee, Richard was also involved with establishing the mail to Genoa, Nevada before the Pony Express. In addition, he voted to fund the Carson Fremont expeditions and cannon along with creating the Utah territory which encompassed Nevada..Copious roads were also funded, such as turning the Mormon trail from Salt lake City to California into a military road. Today it is called I-15. Thornton Fleming Brodhead would serve with Jesse Lee Reno in Mexico, as well as, the Civil war. Both would die in 1862 fighting for emancipation. Richard also voted to replace Brigham Young as territorial governor of Utah with a Col. Edward Steptoe. Ely’s Steptoe valley is named after Col. Steptoe.

After Westover, the family was stationed at Glasgow Air Force Base, Montana. Then we would move to Babbitt, Nevada the summer of 1963. A few months later, John Fitzgerald Kennedy would be assassinated. I was only 3 years old at the time, but my dad told us later that Kennedy’s assassination was a traumatic event. I was the same age as John junior, and my sister was the same age as Caroline  Kennedy. The Kennedy “Ich bin ein Berliner” speech was close to my mother’s heart.

Our first trip back to Germany was in 1965, We would fly on a Pan Am jet across the ocean to Paris and then on a piston engined prop job to Frankfurt. Even at 5 years old, I remember the noisy engine.

Babbitt, Nevada was a Federal housing project that was built to house the Hawthorne Naval Ammunition depot employees. When it was built, it was actually a segregated community until the Civil Rights Act of 1964. In fact, the town of Hawthorne maintained extremely racist segregation policies. Even when the governor of Nevada Grant Sawyer interdicted, several casinos and establishments in the town would not allow blacks until 1970. The Babbitt housing project also had a “Colored town” where several blocks were separated for African American families.

Even under this systematically imposed social privilege  construct, the African American families in Babbitt looked out for all the children that ran around the neighborhood. As young children we listened when someone yelled ” You best get home is getting dark”! We also remember the wonderful cooking smells that came out of the kitchens of the duplexes. All we knew is that these were good people and we attended school with their children. Every person that I knew put their best positive foot forward and cherished the community. In addition, these families were dedicated to the growth of their own children and demanded performance and solid behavior in school. Unlike many communities all the African American families in Babbitt enjoyed strong hard working father role models and wholesome mothers void of vice. These are some of the reasons why African Americans from Babbitt went on to be successful and able to compete at a high level for the American dream.The Mineral County school system did all they could to ensure that all the teachers supported equality.

My father as a senior NCO in the military never spoke ill of other races and never taught racism in our home. He based his opinions of people on content of character and that was it.

My mother’s first experience with blacks was when an all black Army unit came across the farm in Bavaria and liberated them from Nazi tyranny. Moreover, many of her German friends were married to African American GIs, so she was completely void of racist positions since the time she was 11 years old.. After a vacation at the Dachau concentration camp in the 1930s for not taking the oath to Hitler, Opa Zep capitulated and went along with his children being part of the “Hitler Youth” when the overzealous NAZI party officials came calling. It was either that or having the farm taken away again by Hitler’s NAZI party.

It must have been a sight to behold when a platoon of well uniformed African Americans came across the farm leaving liberty and freedom in their wake. This event permanently tempered my mothers views on race relations.  In our home,it was forbidden to engage in racist diatribe or posturing. Sometimes, however, children will be children and engage in regression. I personally apologize to some that I may have said some nasty things to as a child..    

Anita Weakly was the smartest student in the Mineral County school system.     

The Hawthorne Naval Ammunition depot is the largest ammunition storage facility in the US and possibly the world.  The Babbitt housing housing project had streets that were named after US Naval ships. We lived at 1202 Lexington avenue. It was the last duplex unit on Lexington, avenue before Hawthorne proper at the time. The Strategic Air Command radar site my dad worked at was a block away. The radar site looked like two huge golf balls. It also sported other radar equipment that would fry birds when they flew by too closely. We did not have a phone. My dad walked to work a block.

The radar site was called the Detachment 12 of the 1st Combat Evaluation group. It also went by the Hawthorne bomb plot. B-52 aircraft would fly bomb routes across Nevada and simulate bomb releases over targets in Nevada. The radar site would track the aircraft while it engaged in electronic countermeasures and chaff dispensing. They would also score the bomb release point using radar, speed, triangulation, and winds. In 1966, Milton would be sent to Vietnam and direct B-52 strikes as part of “Operation Combat Skyspot.” The ground directing radar site would be called OL-25 in Dalat, South Vietnam.  The radar site sat on top of a hill that had been exfoliated with Agent Orange. The air conditioning system at the revetment radar trailer and other buildings would concentrate the Agent orange off-gassing. Many 1st Combat evaluation members that served at the site succumbed to physical ailments and ischemic heart disease. As it was, the members of the 1st Combat Evaluation Team, increased B-52 bombing accuracy by 90%. They could put the bombs right along the fence line at the “Siege of Khe Sanh.” They also bombed the hell out the Ho Chi Minh trail.

Many from the 1st Combat Evaluation Group members that were stationed at the Hawthorne radar site served in Vietnam. The Vietnam radar site was situated on an Agent Orange exfoliated and contaminated hill. The off gassing would be concentrated in the radar trailers via the air conditioning systems. Countless members that served at the Hawthorne site would later succumb to ischemic heart disease and other Agent Orange related diseases because of their service in Vietnam.

When I was just a wee lad growing up in Hawthorne , Nevada, I had the chance to shake hands with Nevada Governor Mike Ocallaghan. We were attending an Armed Forces day military demonstration at the Hawthorne Naval Ammunition depot firing range and the Governor showed up. He is lucky that he showed up because the base put on a hell of a show.

The Hawthorne Naval Ammunition Depot ordinance range is situated on the west side of Walker lake against the mountains. It was just south and west of what used to be Navy beach. That was 45 years ago, and Walker lake has since retreated. What used to be Navy beach is simply a tree line next to dry grass land and hundreds of yards from the water.

The Marines were entrenched from north to south and parallel to the mountain range for about 300 feet. The small gymnasium style grandstands were maybe 6o feet behind and parallel to the firing line. . To top that off, two M60 Patton tanks were at each end of the stands.  In the middle of the trench line were arms of every caliber etc. All of the communication between the Marines was over a loud speaker as they engaged in a mock fire fight against a bunch of junk cars.

The show did not start until the sun went down. Then all hell broke loose.

The tracer bullets were insane. The ordinance delivery evolved from M-16s to 30 caliber machine guns, and then they started shooting off a couple of  fifty caliber machine guns in full auto. At the apex or climax of the event, every single weapon on the line poured massive tracer fire onto the junk vehicles 200 yards away. The tracer and weapons fire looked like streams of molten metal. The stream of lead created a V shaped light pattern that was extraordinary and full of sound. The sound could be felt like little thumps to one’s heart and chest. Even Claymore mines were detonated. Finally, the tanks would shoot off their big guns as we all held our ears. I remember the concussion and dust that emanated from around the tank as the gun went off.  At the end of the show, a fighter from Fallon NAS ,or maybe it was an F4 Phantom from the Reno Air Guard, flew over and simulated the dropping of a napalm bomb. In reality, it was just several drums of diesel with C4 charges attached timed to look like an aerial ordinance delivery.  Either way, the diesel bomb looked like a mini atomic bomb mushroom cloud and lit up the entire area. The illumination was so fantastic that it silhouetted the 7,000 mountain in it’s back ground. The mushroom cloud and the entire event was burned into the mind of the 11 year old. It also demonstrated the awesome fire power that a platoon of Marines can lay down on the enemy.

This is one of the reasons why I joined the Air Force. The Marine firing line and it’s ability to destroy human life was quite sobering. Plus my Dad was Air Force. I dedicated my career to being a C-141 Flight Engineer and transporting the wounded and not taking lives.  Some of us simply cannot fathom taking anyone’s life from them even in wartime.

Today’s weaponry can literally tear a human to shreds before the dead remains even hit the ground. I pity the enemy when they have to go up against a platoon of well trained and well gunned Marines.

The Governor was just a few feet away in the stands with us, and was totally amused, and awe struck.

That was the only Governor I had ever met, but I remember him as a robust, jovial, warm  and smiling man with a good spirit and a wonderful laugh. He became one of my heroes. From that day on I cherished my meeting with the Governor of Nevada.

On the 4th of July, the entire town would head to Sportsman’s beach on Walker lake. The gentle slope of the beach and road system allowed for the parking of hundreds of cars or something to that affect. Some would arrive early to get the best seats for the coming fireworks show. The town folks would float a barge out to the center of the lake that was inundated with fire works. The fireworks show would be incredible. Then, in the middle of massive fireworks show, a mysterious and massive sea creature would emerge on the lake from the darkness. It would be “Cecil the Serpent!” Once the frightening serpent would be in full view, fire would come from his nostrils and scare all the people. When the show was over Cecil would submerge into the depths of the lake and travel via large water caverns to Pyramid lake. Sometimes, he would show up at the “Arms Forces day parade” and drop “Cecil turds” and candy out his ass. Today, a Cecil horse shit turd is worth copious money.

We had a black and white TV and only two stations. There was only CBS and NBC. Walter Cronkite was on CBS and Walt Disney was on NBC. I remember the Vietnam body count. The NBC peacock in black and white signaled that we were on the channel for Walt Disney. Which was on at 7 PM Sunday nights.  We always had to take baths before we could watch Walt Disney. At 8 pm, we had to go to bed while my father watched the FBI with Efrem Zimbalist jr. Sometimes we would get to watch the FBI during the summer months, otherwise, it was off to bed at 8 PM on a school night. Today, the FBI is a Deep State entity that engages in corruption and illegal surveillance along political lines. Today, two TV stations has become 5,000 and rampant fake news along political lines.

Atop the old refrigerator sat the AM radio.  It was white with big red knobs. It was a tube type radio and could only pick up one or two  AM stations. There would always be a moment of silence when Elvis came on. My German mother loved Elvis. In Babbitt, Nevada during the 1960s, the station only played country music. Rock and Roll could only be listened to on TV shows like Ed Sullivan. Nevadans were reactionary and thought rock and roll polluted the minds of children. My first rock and roll album was Neil Young  “Crazy horse.” Then again, one could go to Reno and listen to FM.

At the radar site, he was the NCOIC of operations. He was always training people. He could talk about every aspect of electronics and resite Ohm’s law to the fullest from memory. He also taught gun safety. later, he would have a part-time job cutting hair at the base BX. To save money, the enlisted would bring their kids to our house and get free hair cuts. It was always the same. Inevitably, the kids would all get the Milty cut of bleeding on the sides and short on top. After a while, many kids in the neighborhood had LBJ/Milty style crew cuts. I would be 12 years old when I finally said to hell with your crew cuts.

I remember how my dad could actually fix a tube type TV or radio. He had attended the New Hampshire technical institute and studied electronics before he enlisted. The first color TV we watched was over at Doug Brown’s house at the new senior enlisted quarters on the base. Doug went full on when he bought his TV. It was a huge RCA with wood cabinetry, a record player stereo with dual speakers and a min bar. I think it even had a radar dish. Whenever the Cowboys were on, we didn’t watch our little black and white. We would go to Doug Browns and watch Roger Staubach on his TV.

When the TV burned a tube out before “Old Yeller” or “The yearling” it was a family crisis. If it went out during Daniel Boone, Bonanza, and Gun smoke,  it was damn tragedy. I remember my Daniel Boone coon skin hat and musket. Of course, this became a Daisy model 1895 Winchester bb gun. That in turn, became a Marlin 3030 or 12 gauge shotgun.

During the American revolution, Brodheads fought alongside George Washington for 8 long years. We believe that American patriots must maintain an arsenal in their homes to include assault rifles and copious ammunition. The NAZIs taught us that even the most advanced society on earth can turn against a population, build concentration camps and exterminate innocent human beings. Only soft in the head liberals that will offer their wrists and the wrists of their children believe in laying down their arms. This buckaroo from Northern Nevada does not trust any government. It is all for country, not big government,  and that includes being heavily gunned and not marching freely to the slaughter. Big government has a tendency to cultivate overzealous and power hungry bureaucrats that will shit on the Bill of Rights and treat the American citizens as cattle. Americans must be vigilant and willing to “lock and load” to maintain our God given freedoms.For those that violate an individual’s home, let them feel the lead of their mistake.

Today, the DAZI party in America has regressed in a NAZIesque style. Today they openly support execution of 9 month old babies and want to turn America into a Dachau baby killer concentration camp, complete with medical experiments and the selling of baby parts. Hitler Youth programs have become LGBT youth programs in the school system. Illegals have more right to life on American soil than the hearts of the innocent unborn. They believe in removing all symbols of Christ from the school system. Like Lenin and Stalin, they believe that religion is the opiate of the people and actively seek to replace Christian values with “Anus based Spirituality!”

Babbitt, Nevada was a safe community. My sister and I would walk to school every day. Even at 5 years old, we would run all over the neighborhood.  All the parents knew who you were and where you lived. Even in a previously segregated community, everyone looked after the children regardless of color or ethnicity. We knew every family on every street by name. My father never spoke ill of other races, hence, I was not taught racism in the home. As an Air Force NCO, my father adhered to Martin Luther King’s position of judging people by “Content of character!” Milton spoke highly of folks that did their best. He made certain that that the Airman and NCOs in his charge treated everyone with respect and the dignity they deserved. He relished young men and women that showed up to work in clean khakis and put their best positive foot forward. He loved it when a minority refused to engage in commiseration and then competed at a high level. In the electronics field, the unit required intelligence, learning and listening skills and the ability to become a working asset. He did not care if you were from Mars as long as you showed up on time, within 35-10 and got the job done.  He had nothing but respect for hard working people. In fact, he was very proactive when it came to speaking highly of hard working minority troops.

As a child, my dad never conditioned me with constraining or institutionalized dogma. He wasn’t even a disciplinarian. He only got pissed when I blatantly stepped out of bounds. Just like the deserts and mountains of a free Nevada, he let me determine my own slate and never imposed societal ignorance on my being.     

We had to be home at 5 pm for my mom’s good cooking. If one did not make it home at 5 pm, one would almost get the belt. Plus my mom would be pissed. My dad had a homemade belt made from a deer he had shot in the Belknap’s of New Hampshire. My 5-foot tall German mother new how to use it.  Her specialty was hitting the legs with the belt. As an ADHD psycho brat, I was used to the belt. Even the Mineral county school district teachers loved to beat on me. I cannot remember how many times Nevada teachers paddled my ass. Today, a kid that suffered from my level of ADHD would have been under severe medication. In Nevada, humiliation and the paddle got the job done.  The paddling only made me mentally tougher. Today, they medicate kids into submission.

I was the absolute “Swat King” at the Mineral County school system. My 6th grade teacher would use me to discipline the entire class on a routine basis. She had a high performance  board of education that she would apply to the seat of knowledge. Her paddle was a thing of beauty. It was one of the school paddles that was probably made from the lumber that built the first school building. The wood of the paddle was burnished  with palm sweat, filth, and remnants of previous ass tissue inundating the main body of the paddle. It had a browned heat signature from thousands and thousands of good ol Nevada swats. It also had several manufacturing updates to include a leather handle and  a cross drilled ventilated surface.

Whenever a student was selected for punishment, an eerie silence would descend over the classroom.  The teacher would swipe away the contents at the top of her desk like she was going to engage in an act of lustful sex with her lover. Then she would bend you over the desk and make certain that the ass was at a perfect angle to the swing of the paddle. Her swing was strong and true and could compete with a Tim Tebow home run swing. During the paddle swing, the cross drilled ventilation would create a “Stuka Dive bomber whistle”.  The key to a really good swat is to maintain a perfect orientation to the buttocks surface of the victim. The apex of the adolescent’s ass curvature must be parallel with the surface of the paddle striking area. The velocity of the paddle must be modulated. At higher velocities, the student will pass out instead of enduring the infusion of pain that accompanies paddle contact. The paddle velocity must be just fast enough so the student remains conscious as the the pain of a blistered ass envelopes the senses. If all goes well, the sound of a “swat” will be followed by a rush of pain and then a massive burning sensation as the epidermis of the ass is violated with extreme pregudice and  malice. Once accomplished, the student would then be sent back to their desk to sit on their burning ass flesh. The planets would align and meaningful learning could then take place.

.  During the episode, and once the stinging swat was applied to my ass, Mrs. E’s eyes would roll back in her head  and she would engage in an undulation of pleasure like an orchestra maestro conducting Beethoven’s 5th.

Mrs’ E put so much velocity on the paddle that the lighter students would actually lift off the ground. Oh and on the way back to one’s desk, one dared not cry. You had to suck it up!!!!

Mrs. E was the best looking teacher in Nevada. She was a spitfire and I deserved all of it. Her beauty and looks would be burned into my brain for eternity.

Today, I would write a check for that kind of genuine love for education. Throw in some handcuffs and lets get started. How about a cage fight at the MGM Grand?

The Navy base had a really nice indoor pool and gym. During the hot summer months, we swam several days a week. When I was about 11 years old, I went to the Hawthorne swimming pool. The life guard at the pool was MiMi Nelson, a beautiful blonde. We are not talking about a run of the mill blonde, we are talking about a beautiful blonde that could compete with the best looking women from Iceland to Sweden. She had a superb figure and wore a bikini. She had the sweetest ass you ever saw. From then on, we always went to the Hawthorne pool to see MIMI Nelson. In fact, we would act up so she had to blow her whistle and come down off her life guard chair. All the guys at the pool would watch with their chins dropping as MiMi strutted back to her seat. She was a sweetheart and everybody loved her. He sister was slightly taller and a smashingly beautiful brunette. They were the best looking girls in town. Even at 58, I can still see her sitting in that chair with dark sunglasses and a visor hat on.

I had a massively big mouth and an insatiable appetite for attention getting behavior. I had to be neutralized like a T34 tank unit  before the main assault of learning could take place in the classroom. In actuality, I grew to like negative reinforcement and punishment. I would become the pivot man and whipping boy in the military for the 4 decades I would serve. Sometimes it takes a half century for an individual to learn from his or her mistakes or how dysfunctional low EQ can become.

In today’s world, there is no swatting. The educational bureaucracy ascends over the overactive child like modern day “Marathon Man” or Joseph Mangele proteges, complete with steel rimmed glasses,  and a spurting syringe, while uttering “is it safe!” After the patient is sedated, they enact their liberal social dogma agenda. The child then returns home, and eats garbage on the dollar menu at McDonalds. Their parents are too tired from working low paying jobs to tutor. The child then retreats into their rooms to play violent video games until they go to sleep. In lieu of going outside and playing, they incessantly surf the net or engage in social media on their 700 dollar smart phones. This after several years in child care concentration camps. America is producing a generation of over-medicated sedentary children that gorge themselves on fast food and conduct video violence as a national pastime. The combination of safe zone liberal BS. lack of quality nutrition, lack of exercise,  and video violence suggests that our society will become full of mentally and physically unhealthy people with zero coping skills. These are the folks that will be tied to the loom of Democratic Socialism. Even now, the Federal government and state education entities are engaging in a massive propaganda and behavior modification scheme in order to create greater receptivity to a full-on socialist tax structure. All this so the Federal leviathan can maintain its Jabba the Hut parasite status.

In California, the education system wants to teach Kindergartners that there are 15 different genders. Liberals in California want to abscond the natural development and sanctity of the child and offer it to the LGBT movement. Marriage was simply not good enough for the LGBT movement, they are now coming after the children. Primary school is now becoming basic training for LGBT indoctrination. Instead of teaching ABCs and 123, they want Kindergartners to learn the politics of gender dysphoria. Never before have we allowed the liberals in society to infect the school systems with this level of perverted political dogma. Pediatricians from across the united States of America have stated that this is massive institutional child abuse.

In New York, Liberals will execute a baby by injecting poison into its brains as it’s 9 month head is emerging from the vagina. In New York, a baby can be murdered at 9 months. Liberals will murder a child at 9 months and then if they are born, they play with their gender identity like mentally disturbed Hollywood celebrities. This is called evil.

As always, America must condone strong families, solid mother/ father role models, nutrition, physical conditioning, listening skills. and long term focus and drug free learning environments. Otherwise we are creating just another class of social stratification. A strata of physically and mentally inept computer junkies hell bent on immediate gratification. It does not take a village of liberal crap, it takes “The family!”    

The Mineral County school system was quite anti-marijuana and for good reason. Marijuana consumption destroys the child’s ability to learn and retain. In fact, children who smoke marijuana as adolescents will see their IQ drop by as much as 20 points. In a service based economy society that sells Chines products, there is already a radical economic stratification process going on. Adding marijuana to the mix condemns the child to low wages and and unnecessary economic stratification.. Today, any child that shuns drugs, internet fixation, and sedentary behavior has a leg up on learning. America’s high technology sector is starving for children that retain solid learning and attention skills. Marijuana is just an education destroying passing fancy. It is only for fools that want to destroy their brains and be relegated to life long low paying jobs and servitude.

The Mineral county Primary school was only a few blocks away. Mineral county only had one classroom per grade. I remember only  25 to 30 kids per class. My classmates were the sons and daughters of every military service, as well as , Federal employees and local whites, blacks, and Hispanics. I would attend school with the same classmates year after year.  I was the big mouth in the class with the Napoleonic complex. I was very small as a child. In fact, I did not make it past 5 feet until 10th grade. Today, I am close to 6 feet and 250 pounds with the Napoleonic complex of a 4 foot tall  65-pound 6th grader.

During recess, the girls would play jacks, jump rope or do hopscotch. The asphalt next to the schools was inundated with chalk lines. During recess, all the young bodies were moving. Energy was being consumed. It was like the Olympics. Over there would be a kid doing the monkey bars. Over here, kids would be swinging a 20 foot jump rope with kids lined up to jump. The noise of happily playing children was loud and nurturing to the soul.

During recess, the boys would be engaged in playing marbles in the sand or racing little toy cars down the slope of the asphalt. The Variety Store has a large selection of marbles to include steelies. We got so good we could hit a marble from 20 paces. The competition became horrendous as lesser players sweated and sought to retain their last marble. Some would pull out the steelie and simply break the other kid’s best marbles. Geno was the best marble player. After only a few weeks, he would own everyone’s marbles. He was like the Tiger Woods of marble playing. Once he won all the marbles, however, he would dump the entire coffee can of marbles on the asphalt and watch as all the marble-less players fought for their old marbles. In variably, one would always lose the steelie.

Today, children stand around looking at cell phones and surfing social media.

For a child, Babbitt had everything. We had a wooden baseball stadium complete with dugouts and a grandstand. We had a massive playground at the Safeway. We had fence-less massive tracts of desert and mountains to roam. There were no computers or violent video games.Children did not stay in the house and sit on their asses. Children went outside and ran a muck. We rode bicycles or walked for miles in the desert.  

Both Hawthorne and the Naval base had horse stables. Hawthorne had its own rodeo arena too. When we moved to the base, we got horses too. My dad traded a 38 special and $85 dollars to Mr. Simpson for Chipper. he then bought Swinger from Mr. gray for $150.

The Safeway playground was 2 acres of grass, huge swings, a huge metal missile with three levels, a huge slide and a huge carousel. The swing set had to be 20 feet high with sturdy chains. One could literally swing the height of a house. The playground carousel was huge. If there were 5 or 6 kids on it, we could get it going so fast that the riders would get pinned to the side posts from centrifugal  force. So, as long as the kids kept spinning the carousel, one was pinned. This was predicated on kids of equal body weight on opposite sides of the carousel. Sometimes a big kid would show up and spin the carousel for several minutes. After awhile, the kids would be sick from dizziness and beg to be let off. In Babbitt, we had a designated big kid whose only purpose was to spin the carousel. He would become part of the “Babbitt Hall of fame” as the guy who could spin the carousel and make kids puke. Whenever there were kids at the park, it would only be a matter of minutes before he would show up to spin the carousel. Soon, we would get all the kids in the neighborhood to ride the carousel and let the big kid pin them to the posts like a fighter pilot in a G-force machine.  

The park swing was so large that we could put a wooden pallet from behind Safeway on it.  We would use two swing seats and expand them. Then we would put the wooden pallet between the seats. The spacing of the wood boards would lock it into place. Then, several kids could jump on it. So, 4 or 5 kids would be on this pallet swinging 12 feet in the air. Then like characters in “Lord of the flies,” we would try to knock each other off to see what happens when a seven-year-old gets ejected at 10 feet from the ground.

In the Babbitt housing project, there were playgrounds every few blocks.  Each had an awesome selection of playground equipment. One of the swing set areas was dominated by a 2-year old that always had a huge turd in his diapers. He was the spitting image of Bam bam. He once offered me a fist full of melted M&Ms that had been in his hand for an hour. He was always snotty nosed, dirty-faced with a baseball sized turd in his undies. By the end of the day, the diaper would actually be dragging the ground. Other than that, he was a gangsta and a dear friend.

The baseball stadium was the most epic, however. We had a huge covered grandstand, lights, a scoreboard, back stop, and real dug outs. The grass was green, and we even had a snack bar and game announcer over loud speaker. My first team was called the Dodgers. We had real blue and white baseball uniforms, and blue hats. That year, we were beaten by Paiutes from Schurz, the Black Aces. They had a little league pitcher that had the fastest curve ball in the state of Nevada. He was probably 5 feet  7 inches tall and weighed over 200 pounds. His chest and waist were basically the same diameter. He employed a most devine pitcher’s wind and sweep his 20 inch inseam legs like Vida Blue. He could throw a really mean curve ball that was much like a bolwer’s curve. His fast pitch had incredible velocity. Sometimes the laces of the baseball would come loose while making a buzzing sound as it traveled through the air. If he hit you with the baseball from an errant pitch, it would cause internal injuries or break an extremity. He would strike everyone out and we were lucky  to even score a point. Meanwhile, except for a few players, they would score during every inning. The next year, I was on the Naval base team and we were called the Stingrays. The 250 pound 12 year old Piute Indian pitcher on Soviet made steroids moved or something. That gave the Stingrays an opportunity to slap around these little league Ghost dance warriors. We beat both Schurz teams that year. In fact, we kicked their asses after years of their dominating baseball. . That year, I became the catcher instead of an outfielder. Our teams were made up of every ethnicity and branch of service. Little league fosters belonging and team building skills. These style of inclusive activities are positive and nurturing for children in general.

When I was playing outfield, I remember having to cross my legs so I didn’t piss my pants. If we played a good team, I was stuck out there for days on end.  I once had a slight problem with my shit/fart diverter valve and sorted of soiled my nice Dodger uniform. I had to play the rest of the game with a poopie in my drawers. It is very difficult to look cool at bat when their is a shit kiss in the Haines.

After school on the way home, I would often poop my drawers before making it to the bathroom at home.  Every morning my 4 foot 10 inch tall 110 pound German mother would get us ready for school like a elf military drill instructor. She would yell at us to get moving with her signature Bavarian accent complete with spitting and rolling her RRRS like she was from Tijuana.  Sometimes, she would call me a “dummkopf” or yell out “shintakloomp!” I never found out what “shintakloomp” meant, but I have a feeling it has something to do with stepping in cow shit. I can still smell the brown paper bag and the contents of a bologna sandwich and apple. There was never time to sit on the pot, so off we went to school with a full load.  

Upon reflection, the Mineral County School system’s salmon cake delight Tuesday was the culprit. The rich seafood fare was overwhelming for a 5-year-old’s system. Apparently, ADHD, salmon cakes, and my mother’s anal retentive school day  morning drill did not mix well. In addition, “shitting ist verboten” in school when the bathroom is right off the classroom. I mean whenever a 6 year old did good ol number two while class was in session, the kindergarten class and the first grade class would be treated to the bouquet.  

After school I would make it to the playground across the street from our house, walk like I had a stick up my ass and accidentally cut loose after a tremendous sphincter/colon battle that lasted blocks and blocks. As a last resort, I would sit on the swingset seat and ponder my next move. Inevitably, once I got up and my hands touched the gray galvanized handles of the slide, my sphincter would give up the ghost. I would engage in the throes of a moaning and  grimacing pirouette as I filled the Fallon NAS PX “Fruit of the loom “ shorts with salmon cake poopoo parfait. Once I arrived home, my mother would know immediately that I had shit my pants again. She would yell out “sssssstinken” in a heavy Bavarian accent. It was the Mineral County School system salmon cakes I tell ya!

If we weren’t playing baseball or  hanging out at the Safeway park, we were playing in the tree line that circled the base and housing.Once we were tired of that, we would go lizard hunting in the desert or walk to Walker lake. A good Nevada lizard hunter knew all about Nevada lizards. In fact, there were dozens of different species that one had to out smart and hunt down. The easiest to catch were the “Horned Toad” or  “horney toad.” If one held them by the horns and let them dangle, they would do the cha cha. Next came the little gray sand lizards. Occasionally, we could catch a Western banded gecko. The next most common lizard was the black Skink. The fastest lizard was the zebra tail. The biggest prize of them all was the Leopard lizard. They were huge and fast and could eat a sand lizard whole. I caught maybe one Leopard lizard and that was it. Back during the 1960s, there were copious flocks of Nevada Chukar and Quail at the foothills of Mount Grant. If they saw you, they could run up the side of a steep hill like nobody’s business. The desert was also filled with huge Jackrabbits and cottontail rabbits or rock bunnies.

Behind the base, there was a canyon called Cat creek. It had a huge damn that looked like a mini Hoover dam. In fact, it was built by the same company that built Hoover. We would sneak passed the locked fence, walk up the canyon road and play on the massive dam. In the winter, the ice would be several feet thick. We stayed off the ice entirely. When the water was released, the ice would cave in in big huge thick sheets.

A few times we were stupid enough to walk across the military firing range. We even picked up unspent ordinance and threw them to see if they would explode. A friend in my class would later be killed doing the same thing.    

Soon, we would have horses and minibikes. In Hawthorne, there was a Rupp and Hodaka dealer that sold dirt bikes and mini bikes. It was right down the street from the junior high and high school. All the boys in town would go a see the new minibikes. I can remember the smell of the freshly upholstered seat, and rubber tires. A combination of lubricants and fresh paint emissions from the freshly manufactured scooters would pleasure the senses. . We would run our hands over the gas tanks and lustfully rotate the throttle while making vroom vroom engine noises.The bigger kids wanted the Hodak Steen or Combat Wombat. The little kids just want a Rupp. a minibike meant that one could ride all over the foothills of the Wassuk range. It meant that one could ride all the way up Cory Canyon to the river. It meant riding to Walker lake or up over Lucky boy. It meant adventure. It meant going 50 miles an hour across fenceless dessert or riding up steep hills.  

My first mini bike had a Briggs and Stratton  1.5 horsepower motor with no suspension. My dad bought it for $25. By then, we were living on the base at 400B Connolly drive. When I needed gas, I would simply ride it to the base gas station. Gas on the base was 20 cents a gallon, so a fill up was 10 cents. To get the money, I would go through the trash can outside the Marine barracks, Post exchange, or swimming pool snack bar, and look for coke bottles. It was either that or checking every vending machine or phone booth for left change. Back then, a coke bottle was worth a nickel. A nickel bought a big hunk or a box of lemon heads. 3 coke bottles meant a full tank of gas and a Hershey bar, 5th avenue or a handful of bubble gum or penny candy.

I remember when grape flavored bubble gum came out. One of my heroes was Bazooka Joe. On Friday and Saturday nights everyone would head to the drive-in theater. All the hot rod cars would be on display. The Jolly Cone was right next door and sold huge vanilla ice cream cones. It was the place to be after baseball games too.  Then there was having dinner at the El Capitan. Another enjoyable event was camping and fishing in the Sierra Nevada’s 50 miles away. It was only a short drive to Mono lake, Lee Vining and the east portal of Yosemite and Tioga pass.

We started camping at June lake, Silver lake, and Grant lake, but the fishing at Lundy lake was much better and way closer to Hawthorne. Lundy lake had some of the best fishing anywhere.  There was good fishing on the lake, but the river below the dam was epic. We would catch stringer loads of German Browns.

Several families from the base would haul their travel trailers and tents for a 3 day weekend of fishing, barbecuing, and burned marshmallows. The Breck family had 8 kids. The other families might have had 2 or 3. Either way, there would be 15 kids with fishing poles and BB guns running a muck.

We would always make it back before the sun started to go down because, there would be a huge fire, plenty of tinfoil and lemons for the trout. Everyone would quickly clean the day’s catch. Then, the trout would be put onto a big piece of Reynolds wrap. The trout would get a piece of butter, fresh ground pepper, and a lemon slice. It would be sealed up and placed on the coals along with corn on the cob, and hot chocolate. After the trout meal, it was marshmallow time.

For an ADHD child, river fishing is a real treat. I mean, I could not wait until I had my fishing pole in hand. I knew exactly what to do and what to take. Within minutes of arriving at camp, my sister and I would be out of sight.I can still smell the new canvas of the Pup tent that I used. Back then, a Coleman sleeping bag was well made, well insulated, and made in the USA.

By the time the sun went down, all the kids were tired from running up and down miles and miles of pristine river. We did not care about the surface that we were sleeping on.In the morning, we would wake up to a huge breakfast cooked over an open fire. Then it was off to the river for another 12 hours running a muck.

The little town of Hawthorne, Nevada was surrounded by high desert. In the background and just a mile away was Mountain Grant. It rose quickly from about 4000 feet to 11,400 feet. Several canyon roads accessed the high valleys of Mount Grant. All one needed was the key to the gate, and one could drive to the top of the mountain. One year, a bunch of folks from Hawthorne and the Naval base got together and did a trail ride to the high meadows of the mountain. Dozens and dozens of horses were involved. At the time, we had two horses Chipper and Swinger. One was a brown and white gelding real Nevada cow pony and the other was a black and white mare. It took us two days of riding to reach the high mountain pasture area. Once there, the group availed itself to evening fires, tasty dinners and big early morning breakfasts. The camp cook had a huge cast iron griddle. He would cook everything over the fire, and feed over 20 people.

I was at a full gallop heading across a meadow when Chipper and I came upon a cattle loading trench. Chipper stopped immediately, and I went over his head and landed in the ditch on my back. I was OK. A cattle loading ditch is an angular cut into the earth so a truck can back into it and load cattle. Little britches rodeo would become a slight obsession. I had one of the fastest and most talented horse in Mineral County. Chipper could herd cattle, barrel race and pole bend like a champion. He could also carry a 250 pound man all day. We ended up selling him to a fella that lived by Lucky boy pass. The last time I saw him, he was standing in a foot of horse shit. That broke my heart. I still have anxiety about not being a better child and taking better care of this animal. I was a spoiled brat.  My parents did everything they could to shield us from the real world. Nevada was our little oasis. A place where children could run and play like there is no tomorrow.

I remember when Hot wheels and Hot wheel tracks came out. Soon, all the neighborhood kids would get together and build massive Hot wheel tracks. My dad had built a flat top garage next to the the federal housing duplex we lived in. He had just purchased a 1966 Ford Country Sedan with a 289. and a sand storm had ruined the paint job. So he built a garage to put it in. We would climb on top of it and build our Hot wheel track. By the time we had finished building the track, it would start on top of the garage and end across the yard, over the sidewalk and onto the street. It would have a huge loop and then a jump at the end. The only thing that would interrupt the racing event was my mom’s  home-made Kool-Aid popsicles.

One of the coolest thing one could do in the desert is find a car hood, a rope and attach the stuff to a dirt bike. One of the older kids in the town had a 400 Bultaco two-stroke. He would pull us across the desert. The shape of the  1940s Oldsmobile car hood allowed us to jump sagebrush. Most of the time, however, we just ate sand. A little later, I would get a Yamaha mini enduro and all hell would break loose. The foothills of Mountain Grant would become our playground. We would ride for miles and miles and miles and up every nook and canyon. There was a reservoir that stored all the water from the Cat creek dam on the foothills of Mount Grant.  All the diggings for the reservoir were scattered about and made a great dirt bike track. Some of the mounds of dirt were 50 feet high. Others were small natural jumps. I could launch my Yamaha mini enduro the length of a house. I would land so hard, it would break the frame. Another treat was riding up to the “H”. The “H” was a huge H letter that signified “Hawthorne.”

On the base, we had a very nice football field with green grass. We rigged up a rope and sleeping bag combination. Then I would tow kids on the grass field with my mini enduro. I was raised on Evil Knievel, Muhammad Ali, Cowboy football, John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart, Charlton Heston, and every manner of western. The Cartwrights were part of the family.  Mark Twain was on the Nevadan reading list.

My father was an avid hunter and sportsman. During the 1960s, the Walker lake water level was much higher. We would fish Navy beach at the South end of the lake. Back then, the water level at the treed area of Navy Beach was up to my chest close to the shoreline.Today, at Navy Beach, the area is covered with natural pasture land and the lake has lost 80 feet.  I remember when my father caught a 3 foot long Cutthroat trout. It was almost as long as the bath tub at our Babbitt duplex. It had swallowed the hook line and sinker, so we had no choice but to eat it. Back then, we caught trout right off the beach. Swimming at Walker lake was a love hate relationship. We loved swimming and fighting for an inner tube place, but if one ingested the water, one would puke because of the PH level.

Every year we would go deer hunting at the Ruby Marshes or behind Mount Grant. I took a hunter’s safety course when I was 10 years old. At 10, I was allowed to take a 12 gage shotgun, or .22 out in the desert. I shot my first and last deer at 10 years old.

The Hawthorne Naval Ammunition depot had a place where they threw away wooden boxes and pallets. Sometimes, my father would take his 63 Chevy ¾ ton stepside truck and fetch copious fresh wood and huge shipping boxes for building tree forts. He would give us a huge bag of nails, a hammer, and a hand saw and send us on our way. Once we found a suitable tree, he would back the truck up and dump the wood on the ground for us. The treeline was littered with tree forts. I once built a three-story tree fort.  The Brecks built a huge tree fort out of a massive cargo container made of wood. They hoisted a 6 by 6 plywood shipping container at least 30 feet up the tree and secured it between four massive trunks of a tree. It was in a huge Cottonwood tree close to the Hawthorne dog pound. The tree was located at a 2-foot irrigation pipe that fed the entire tree line. The water came off of Cat Creek and Black Beauty reservoir. When the treeline was watered, the area around the massive cottonwood tree became a deep pond. So, the tree fort had a mote as well.

I was once captured by the Brecks and enslaved. So, Robert Brecks and I had to load up buckets of rocks for their ammunition and outfit the tree fort for long sieges. Alas, we came back later and attacked them with homemade slingshots made from rubber medical tubing. We also employed David and Goliath slings to attack the enemy. Of course, we were the youngest and smallest, so we would get our asses kicked when they caught us at the house.

When GI Joes came out, I begged my parents for a GI Joe with kung fu grip and lifelike hair. Instead of the GI Joe jeep, I had to settle for a faggie Ken-mobile. I cut that into a truck. My friends and I would set up elaborate breastworks in the tree line and man them with GI joes. It would look like a Vietnamese prison camp. Then we would blow up the GI Joes with black market firecrackers acquired from the Paiute Indian reservation. The battle would start with a few ladyfingers and progress to Black cats. During the final assault, we would break out the M80s and BB guns. If we found a Ken doll, he would get tortured until he told us the secret. He was then tied up and shot repeatedly in the face with Daisy BB guns. We were soldiers in training. A GI Joe could take a beating before it gave up the ghost. But then again, GI Joe always won the battle. Of course, I was always the German when we played war.  After Stalingrad, it was always over.

My favorite bike was a green 3-speed stingray with a banana seat and sissy bar. I outfitted that with a double canteen belt. I rode that bike all over Hawthorne, Babbitt and the base. I made a mistake and turned it into a chopper. A trashy neighborhood kid had welded two additional forks on his bike and put a tricycle tire on the front. I thought it was cool so I modified my beloved Stingray. After that, I could not ride in the sand at all.

When I was a toddler, I rode my tricycle towards Hawthorne from 1202 Lexington. I made it passed the radar site only to be picked up by Clarence the highway patrolman. He said, that I had my right blinker on and was about to turn onto highway 95 across from the airport. I would trade in the steel tricycle for a “Big Wheel!” One could get a “Big Wheel hauling ass and do fish tails. There were sidewalks all over Babbitt that would have pebbles on them off the alley ways.  We would get hauling ass and then crank the Big Wheel when we hit the pebbles. If one do it right one could do a 360.

I don’t remember our first dogs Nellie and Pawchie. Someone in Babbitt had poisoned them when we first came their. I do remember when we obtained Mitzi the cat. My mom climbed up a cottonwood tree to get her. She would be with us for over 20 years. Our first Dachshund was named Baron Von Cocktail. He had a crook in his tail. He hated me after I accidentally road over him with my bike. He would hang out with us in the treeline, but once we were at home, he avoided me like the plague.

Our next door neighbor had a full sized dachshund named Alex. He must have been 30 pounds with a wonderful demeanor. He always hung out with us when we played in the desert or treeline. He was hit by a car at his hind quarters when we came out of the treeline. He had seen us going into the treeline when he was let out to go potty and ran after us. He crashed through the shrubs and weeds when we crossed the road and ran right in front of a GI in his car.  I cried so hard. I can still remember how he was up on his front legs with his tongue hanging out as he looked at us for guidance. I remember running to our neighbors house and telling them about their dog while tears poured from my eyes. Everyone loved Alex. He was a beautiful brown full sized dachshund with a big chest, small waist and big paws. His nose was grand. Alex would be with us whenever he could. It was extremely painful when he was killed. He was like a little brother or something. He was a very good boy.    

As a child, I was very ADHD. I remember all of my teachers from Kindergarten to 7th grade. Each had an impact on me whether it was positive or negative. The last teacher I had was during seventh grade. She read us “Hiroshima”  and “Animal Farm!” She also liked to pick her nose. Imagine a classroom of kids secretly watching the teacher. Like clock work, the teacher would dig into her nostrils and then pull out a huge booger. Then she would analyze it like a jeweler analyzes a diamond. After gazing at the booger like it was thing of beauty, she would dispatch the hardened mucous into her mouth. Sometimes, she would allow the booger to dry on her finger while she read to us. As soon as she was done reading  a page about the horse getting sent to the slaughter house, she would gobble it up like it was a prize. Every week day for the entire school year, we were treated to the teacher gorging on huge dried Nevada boogers. What a treat. Of course, the behavior would cure all seventh graders of picking their noses and eating boogers from then on.

In third grade, the teacher taped my mouth shut with masking tape and put me in the corner. She actually wrapped the tape around and around my head and then kicked me outside. Until recess. I was then ordered to stand with my nose at the wall with mouth taped shut while everyone else played. When my dad found out, he went to the school and chewed her ass. My 6th-grade teacher paddled me for throwing a snowball.

My mother was 4 feet ten and barely spoke English. She worked in the Mineral County school cafeteria. So, I got to see my mom every day at lunch time. All the kids would politely say “hello Mrs. Brodhead” as she spooned out a ball of mushy salmon cake. We always looked forward to pizza or fish sticks day. In the little town of  Hawthorne, one was quite popular if one dished out the pizza or fish sticks….. It is all relative. My mother was so ethical that we never got an extra carton of milk or fish stick. At home however, we would get two extra ladles of spaghetti sauce after we said stop. Rosina made the best German food on the planet. When she passed away, my friends offer condolences and then launched right into asking me if  I got here recipe for German dumplings.

My mother made a Paprika Schnitzel with potato salad that would knock your socks off.     

The base had a huge indoor swimming pool with a high board. We went swimming all the time. The facility had a base gym as well. Later, they would install a steam room. Of course, they were stupid enough to leave it unlocked. I would show up and fiddle with the knobs. Absent of water, the steam generator almost burned the wooden steam room down and the entire base sports center with it. Nobody knew it was me so I kept my mouth shut.      

Mr. Hardy was our Music teacher. He was one of my favorite teachers. I remember when Mrs. Odoms showed me how to take a pulse.

Once a month, we would go to the Fallon Naval Air station BX and commissary.  My dad had several ice chests, and the 1966 Ford country sedan had copious room for food. He would fill it up with food because Safeway was way too expensive. He would also purchase his beloved cigarettes. We were also treated to frozen T-bone steaks and frozen milk. My mom would put them on a broiler pan and broil the steaks when they were frozen. They were always good. My dad would also collect coke bottles so he could buy us milk between paydays.  

My dad was thrifty. I never saw him drunk and never ever heard him cuss.

I remember when Robert F Kennedy was shot. I was 8 years old. After Tet, Dad was again sent to South East Asia to direct B-52 strikes.  Some civil workers that maintained the housing were painting our duplex unit. One fella was named Otis and he was a friendly African American with a huge beautiful smile. At the time, my mother still spoke English with a very heavy German accent. When Otis told her that Kennedy had been shot, my mother stated, ” I know that!” He instinctively knew she thought he meant JFK. He told her that the brother had been killed and she finally understood. We would see Otis all over Babbitt repairing things and freely giving us his good core and friendly demeanor. He was the type of positive role model one will remember for a lifetime. He always had a kind word and a smile to offer the folks that lived in Babbitt.  He had been a Federal employee since the days of Babbitt segregation. In 1968, as a black man, he could not enter the El Capitan and several other establishments in town. Even then he overcame adversity and was a positive role model in our community. The byproducts of his legacy and others like him would produce a generation of positive winners and downright good people that would go forward and thrive.

The gas in Austin, Nevada was very expensive to purchase when we went to the Ruby mountains to hunt deer. To avoid paying a dollar a gallon for gas, he installed a 50-gallon water tank in the back of his 63 Chevy ¾ ton stepside long bed truck. He converted it to a gas tank. We would fill up at the base for 23 cents a gallon and then head to Ruby. He also built a cabover camper that had a cutout for the 50-gallon tank as well. My dad could build things, work on cars and knew electronics. He was a smart man who knew how to use his hands and mind.   

Every year, the Naval base at Fallon would have a “Toy land!” They would dedicate a big room for just toys. When Christmas came around, the first order of business was to talk our parents into taking us to the Fallon NAS. The GI Joe selection was epic. One year, I was given a GI Joe Apollo capsule. I was supposed to be an Astronaut.  

In 1971, the entire Mineral County School system, the teachers, and the students engaged in an “End Vietnam” walk out and sit down. Even the people that stored the bombs had enough. They had witnessed first hand the drug problems that the military had acquired. They saw the suicides and the mental illness that results from a year in a jungle battlefield. The epicenter of patriotism was throwing in the towel on Vietnam.    

When the Vietnam war ended, my father retired from the Strategic Air Command after over twenty years of service. A new  Air Force Academy butter bar lieutenant had tendered him a less than stellar enlisted performance report, so he said “to hell with it” and called it quits in August of 1973. He pondered keeping the family in Hawthorne, Nevada and working on slot machines at the El Capitan, but Colorado was calling. My German mother had an identical twin sister that lived in Denver. Ultimately, the family would move to Longmont, Colorado and purchase a little rambler on a horse acre in Boulder County. The rambler would cost $28,500. Now the little 1500 square foot rambler is worth $400,000

For me, at 13 years old, moving to Colorado was a new adventure. My mother, on the other hand, would cry from Hawthorne to Austin as we made our way across Nevada on highway 50.  The family had lived in Babbitt, Nevada or on the Hawthorne Naval Ammunition depot since 1963. My sister and I had attended school with the same 15 to 20 children from Kindergarten through 7th and 9th grade. She and I were a known quantity and had nothing to prove to anyone. We belonged and we left friends, teachers, and familiarity behind. We were leaving the foothills of the Wassuk mountains, Walker lake, and the immense beauty of western  Nevada and the Sierras. We would trade a small town and miles and miles of open range for the Eastern slope of the Rockies and copious less freedom. Vast tracts of desert and mountains that were open to dirt bikes and horses would be replaced with a few places to ride. The freedom culture of Mineral county, Nevada would be replaced with the suburbs of Denver and a whole new way of doing business and viewing the world.

When we left the Hawthorne Naval Ammunition depot, the base sported lush green and trim grass areas. Every building was manicured with the pride of the Navy. It was a beautifully maintained oasis in the desert. The housing community of Babbitt, Nevada was filled to the brim with families. Many of the yards were well kept. Countless happy children ran amok.  It was a place that facilitated a lovely childhood away from the streets and behaviors of the city. It would be a gift that would be fondly missed and cherished for a lifetime.

While the children ran free and got into all manner of trouble, the Federal workers that lived in Babbitt, Nevada, moved the bombs in and out on rail cars. Some bombs were destined for storage. Others were destined to be destroyed. Most went to Vietnam. Throughout Vietnam, the trainloads would come and go like clockwork and fill the 3000 bunkers to the brim. The Hawthorne Naval Ammunition Depot was truly the largest  “Arsenal of Democracy” in the world. Once the war was over, the downsizing would begin in earnest.

The Brodhead family would not see the total destruction of Babbitt, Nevada and the place we lived as a young family. We would not see all the once well kept homes boarded up, and the lush green yards reduced to desert sand and tumble weeds. We would not see the duplex units removed from foundations and shipped to Texas for a dollar a piece. Babbitt, Nevada would be removed from existence. The wonderful place of our childhoods simply erased.

I would come back to Hawthorne in 1985. That year many of the houses had been removed from Babbitt. When I was attached to a C-141C unit at March AFB, I would sometimes drive via Hawthorne from Seattle to Riverside, California and back. The beautiful drive that passed Walker lake , the Wassuk range, and the Sierras was always a joy. I would stare in awe at how much the lake had gone down since we swam at the lake in the early 1970s. Navy beach was now pasture land with wild horses, cows and longhorn sheep. I would pass the road to Rose creek reservoir, Cottonwood canyon, and then negotiate the dangerous dead man’s curve. The gun range would be off to my right as I waited in anticipation to see my old home on 400B Conolly Drive. Next, I would relish the view of the swimming pool building and then the Main gate. However, it was 2003. The Swimming pool had been wiped from the earth. The guards at the main gate would not let me come on base even with a military ID card. I was stopped at the gate and ordered to turn around. I would not be able to drive into the base to see all the beautiful brick homes and the duplex on 400B Connelly drive. I would not get to see the concrete roads or the old football field. I would not be able to see and feel my childhood there either. I then continued on 95 to Hawthorne only to see how Babbitt Nevada had been raised to the ground. Everything was gone. I wept. This was not fair. The little town of Babbitt did not deserve this.

2016 and 2018 found my wife Diane and I driving from Seattle to Pahrump to settle her parents estate. We made several trips through Hawthorne. Before the massive rains of 2017, the lake was way way down. It was so disheartening. However, in 2017 and 2018, the Walker River was flowing like gangbusters even through Schurz and Yerrington.

Most people get to see the town they grow up in when they are older. They are afforded the opportunity to see the homes, schools, and places they fondly remember. For those of us who grew up in Babbitt, we get to see sand, and tumble weeds. In some regards it is an omen of what is to come of all of us. Sand and tumble weeds.

We would trade the East slope of the Sierras, the wide expanses, and the small town Nevada life for the East slope of the Rockies and the suburbs of Denver. The long dirt roads into the freedom of Nevada deserts and mountains would become city streets and a different type of society all together. However, one can take the boy out of Nevada, but one will never take the Nevada out of the boy!

Image may contain: sky, mountain, tree, grass, cloud, outdoor and nature

Image may contain: sky, tree, cloud, outdoor and nature

Face the Nation? Or is it Face the liberal morons?

Watching Face the Nation continues to be an amusement. The so-called panel of experts that are invited to the show, for the most, are partisan hacks. In fact their gibberish is lock step with DAZI political dogma. DAZI stands for Pelosi and Schumer’s Democratic anti-American Socialist party. In fact every episode of Face the Nation employs panel members that basically plug for DAZI party officials. Their monologues emulate the teachings of Goebbels. State a lie over and over again until it is taken as truth. How insulting to the intelligent.

This week, Margaret allowed New York Times writer David Sanger to spew his revisionist fake news gibberish and bizzaro logic and critical thinking skills. It was quite clear that the New York Times pawn was completely infected with Trump Derangement Syndrome. In addition, the yellow press writer adhered strictly to New York Times style anti-Trump protocols. Everything he heard Trump say was twisted to meet political objectives. He seems to be joined at the hip with Pelosi, Schumer, and Schiff. Because Sanger is an extremely biased News reporter, his positions are basically invalid. In other words, he is full of shit.

The so-called panel experts must not be that intelligent because they only expand with extremely low level lies and gibberish that are easily retained and spewed. Chances are that they do not have to “dumb themselves down” and they actually believe that they are offering up valid and intellectual opinions. In reality, they are like trained dogs jumping through hoops.

Every attempt at partisan hacking revisionist gibberish is twisted, taken out of context, and ridden with failures of omission. Everyone in the baby boomer nation hears Trump state that he will end the government shutdown for 21 days in hopes of a DACA and border wall deal. Of course, Face the Morons are either too dense or they feel it appropriate to omit content and revise reality. Pelosi did not win anything. Uncle Donnie is just giving her enough rope to hang herself. It is certain that Pelosi took a physiological beating during the shutdown fighting Trump. She looks terrible. Uncle Donnie is too much of a gentleman and will regroup with executive action. Trump is setting a free press trap for the Pelosi dingbat.

The panel of morons should understand that Donald Trump has given Pelosi and Schumer 21 days to get their shit together. If they fail to offer a compromise on the border wall and negotiate a positive outcome to DACA, Trump will shutdown the government again. Chances are that he doesn’t and goes straight to executive action on the border wall. Pelosi will then seek to legislate from the bench via the 9th circuit court. Trump will by- pass the lower courts. If executive action goes to the Supreme court, it is unclear if Ruth Bader Ginsburg will be healthy enough to leave her house. Hence the conservatives there will let the axe fall on Pelosi.

Obama legislated from the bench when he pushed same sex marriage through the Supreme court and by-passed the House and Senate. He used the courts to legislate from the bench. Border security and Southern border terrorist events fall within the War Powers Act. The liberal yellow press supported the War on Terror. They also supported Obama perpetual war. If they pitch a bitch about border wall executive action, they kill off support from main stream Americans.

How is it that liberals will support the wholesale surveillance of the American people via the Patriot Act and Prizm, but feel that securing the boder is immoral?

When Pelosi challenges the Trump executive action, all of America will see the dingbat for who she is. Uncle Donnie will have the DAZIs right where he wants them.

As far as Sanger being a national security expert, well, that is just fake news.

Robert Meuller’s SS Police State tactics

When Roger Stone was arrested by the FBI in the early morning, the FBI showed up in SWAT style body armor, and armored cars. The FBI had leaked the arrest to the CNN so they could be there with cameras etc. They employed bull horns which Stone’s deaf wife could not hear.

So hear we have the Deep State FBI employing SWAT tactics with the liberal yellow press at their side? All for a process crime? Meaning, Roger Stone may have lied under oath. Meanwhile, the liberal yellow press attack the 2nd Amendment in the face of an unhinged FBI? This is what the Founders warned us about.

This heavy handed and absurd arrest of Roger Stone reminds me of how Hitler’s SS arrested Brown shirt leader Ernst Rohm during the “Night of the Long knives!” Meuller’s SS shows up with CNN, the liberal yellow press of choice for the Deep State.

In 1933, Hitler, Goering, and Himmler had created a dossier of trumped up charges to justify Ernst Rohm’s arrest because the Brown Shirts competed with the SS for power in Hitler’s Germany. Today, Donald Trump, a duly elected president is competing with the entrenched Clinton/Bush/Obama Deep State for power. In fact, the Bush and Obama administrations absconded the 4th Amendment and allowed rogue SS style FBI agents to exploit the Patriot Act to put presidential candidates under surveillance. The behavior parrallels that of Hitler’s Nazi Party where all Germans were subject to surveillance.

My German Grand father was a veteran of WWI and a conservative Senator during the Wiemar Republic. He was sent to Dachau for not taking the oath to Hitler. During the “Night of the Long Knives” he went into hiding. The family farm was taken away as well. Later his children would be forced to attend Hitler Youth indoctrination. Today, liberals want our children to be subject to LGBT indoctrination in kindergarten.

Today the liberal yellow press arm of Robert Meuller’s SS care little about the Watergate style corruption and illegal behavior. In fact, none of Meuller’s SS have been prosecuted for lying under oath and the liberal yellow press doesn’t even yawn. We have never witnessed this level of government corruption or media bias in our baby boomer lifetimes.

Today, the Deep State officials Hillary Clinton and John McCain elevated an Ernst Rohm style dossier called the Steel dossier. This Steele dossier of trumped up charges and outright lies has been used to attack a sitting president that is seen as a threat to the Deep State or SS if you will. This Steele dossier and it’s application is a duplicate of the Rohm dossier only the characters have been changed. You cant make this shit up.

The list of Deep State cronies that lied under oath is extremely long, however, if the individual is affiliated with the Democratic anti-American Socialist party, they are protected from the law. This makes them simply Nazi-esque Storm Troopers that are protected by the corrupt DAZI party. DAZis for short.

Today, the FBI only goes after Republicans that are not part of the Bush/Obama/Clinton Deep State. It started with general Petraeus, and continued with Flynn and many others. However, Comey, Clapper, Brennan, Bush, Obama, Clinton, and dozens of government officials that lied to the American people go unpunished.

Robert Meuller has assumed the tactics of the German SS, Gestapo and the KGB. The Liberal yellow press has become police state run media that engages in Goebbels-esque propaganda tactics. We thought this could not happen in America. The Government by the people, for the people has become a corrupt Deep State entity with corrupt henchmen that pick and chose how the law is applied. today, normal Americans are sentenced to jail time if they do not pledge allegiance to the Mueller, Schumer, Pelosi, and Schiff DAZI party.

California to teach gender indoctrination to Kindergartners

The sanctity of natural child development is being offered up to the LGBT movement. Same sex marriage was not enough for the LGBT agenda. Now they want to recruit children for LGBT indoctrination as early as 5 years old.

The California educations system wants to teach kindergartners that there are 15 different genders. Instead of teaching the alphabet, they feel that a 5 year old that still shits his or her pants should be chained to an immoral and decadent LGBT indoctrination process.

The LGBT movement in our school system is no different than teaching Nazism via “Hitler Youth!” We can simply call it the “LGBT youth movement!” In Hitler’s Germany, families were required to send their children off to Hitler Youth programs for political indoctrination. If one did not take the oath to Hitler early in 1933, they were sent to Dachau. If the local Nazi party found out that you would not let your children attend Hitler Youth indoctrination, the family farm could be nationalized. In California, the education system forces parents into allowing their children to be conditioned and indoctrinated as it relates to gender dysphoria and it’s corresponding life long mental health issues.

In New York, liberals passed a law that allows for an abortion through the 9th month. In fact the crown of the baby’s head could be emerging from the vagina, and it legal to murder the human being. In California, if the beating heart of the innocent unborn makes it to the light of day, Liberals then want to teach every manner of gender dysphoria to the child. The California education system wants to teach children that the idea of boys and girls is obsolete. In California, they think that a Kindergartner must adhere to one of 15 genders. In addition, the parents cannot opt their children out of this decadent and immoral conditioning.

Same sex marriage was not good enough for the LGBT movement and they are now coming after your children. In essence, the California education system wants to totally disturb and affect your child’s mental health. Many Pediatricians call this gender condition basic training as child abuse.

The liberals in America want to expand their voter base. They are now seeking to pollute the minds of children with their immoral dogma.

All religious symbols have been removed from schools and are now being replaced with an LGBT movement spreadsheet of immoral idiocy.. However, if one thinks that this indoctrination of kindergartners is immoral, one is labeled as a bigot. They call you a bigot as they abscond natural child development and turn kindergarten into basic training for gender dysphoria and LGBT recruitment centers.

They are taking your children and attacking your families. It wont be long before Jay Inslee does the same thing in Washington state.

Conservatives must make a stand otherwise, our young and innocent children will become cattle for the LGBT movement. This has gone far enough. Keep your damn hands off my children!!!!


2. Androgyne/Androgynous 

3. Bigendere

4. Cis/Cisgender 

5. Female to Male/FTM.

6. Gender Fluid.

7. Gender Nonconforming/Variant.

8. Gender Questioning 

9. Genderqueer 

10. Intersex 

11. Male to Female/MTF 

12. Neither 

13. Non-binaryb.

14. Other 

15. Pangender 

16. Trans/Transgender 

17. Transsexual 

18. Two-spirit to expand reach into Germany

My mother was born in Germany and grew up on a farm in the heart of the beautiful Bavarian country side. The farm has been in the family name for over 300 years. Since 1965, I have visited Germany dozens and dozens and dozens of times. Many times on simply a vacation. Other times as a USAF C-141 Starlifter flight engineer. Moreover, during the the Iraq war, we staged in Germany during the C-141C dedicated Iraq air evacuation mission. hence, Germany was my home for 7 to 10 days every single month for 18 months.

I understand the Germans.

I will go ahead and translate my new book into German and offer each chapter for free reading each week.

Trump gives Pelosi 21 days of rope to hang herself with on the Border Wall issue!

Trump is slow walking the Pelosi dingbat and Schumer the nasty one.

Donald Trump is reopening government for 21 days. Ownership of the government shutdown rests on Schumer and Pelosi now. This is an extraordinary political chess move. So, Pelosi and Schumer can keep the government shutdown or debate and compromise in good faith. Then, Trump gives them 3 weeks to fund the border wall or the government gets another partial shutdown and a border wall via Constitutional executive authority.

Just as Trump is slow walking Kim Jong Un, he is slow walking Pelosi and Schumer. He is giving them just enough rope to hang their political careers.

Trump’s art of the deal included the manipulation of the liberal yellow activist press. In addition, he made the liberal yellow press stand and wait for an hour before delivering an excellent speech on border security and the need for the border wall.

In reality, Donald Trump was speaking to the American people, and 80 million baby boomers will respond to his logic.

Pelosi expected him to cave. Instead, Donald Trump moved a chess piece and put her in check. Now we will see Pelosi pre-reject any legislation in a show of non-value adding partisan hackery. At that juncture, the American people will know that the Democratic Socialists own the government shutdown and are commiserating obstructionists.

It seems that Uncle Donny is unfazed by the Stone arrest and is just a little smarter than Nancy Pelosi. Moreover, soon folks will become tired of Schumer’s twang like we did with Bush 1.

Lastly, In many regards, Trump is going lightly on the 78 year old woman. he does not want to offend all the older female baby boomers and come across as a tyrant. In fact he is a gentleman during complex debate and gives respect. Even while the Deep State and Pelosi’s dingbat party is spreading free press lies, Uncle Donny maintains his composure.

Uncle Donny gets an A plus this week .

In the age of immediate political gratification, Trump is slow walking Pelosi like she is a North Korean dictator. Stone has effectively neutralized Meuller. Of course Robert Meuller will seek to torture Stone in order to get him to roll. The Deep State Police State in all it’s glory! Incredible abuse of the 4th Amendment and FISA courts. Unbelievable abuse of justice.

Deep State Pelosi’s Trump disinformation and propaganda campaign

Dr. Goebbels with a wig would look alot like Nacy Pelosi

Uncle Donny needs to bring Newt Gingrich into his cabinet.

Nancy Pelosi always adds anti Trump tidbits to every single free press event. Here we see her talking about Roger Stone and then adding a tidbit about Trump and NATO. Pelosi actually insinuates that Donald Trump wants to disband NATO as a favor to Vladimir Putin! This is so absurd and an insult to Donald Trump. Uncle Donny you need to call her out on this.

Newt Gingrich says to call a special session.

Now, Meuller is trying to tie the Wikkileak/ Clinton email dump to the Russians and Donald Trump. What Americans really want to know is how the Russians talked Obama and Clinton into “Uranium one” deal. We also want to know about the Clinton Foundation getting utter millions from the Russians.

Nancy Pelosi pays zero attention to surveillance of a presidential candidate by the FBI under Obama. She says nothing about Hillary Clinton white washing her private email server or using her position as SOS to gain Clinton Foundation funds. That is all lost in the deep State. Pelosi and the Democratic Socialists deal in justice via social media and expect the liberal yellow press to spread free press lies. They depend on guilt by association and outright lies. Today, Pelosi is expanding the tactics and lies related to the Brett Kavanaugh fake news character assassination to Donald Trump.

The liberal yellow press and Nancy Pelosi are in a full court press to de-legitimize Donald Trump. Her entire agenda is to weaken the Trump administration via lies and hearsay, and engage a defacto censure-ship program. Now Pelosi is saying that the SOTU is unimportant.

It is clear that the radical left of the Pelosi and Schumer’s Demcoratic Socialist party do not want to cut a deal. They want to destroy Donald Trump. They are truly the enemy of the people.

Bill Clinton was all about deny, deny, deny as it related to White water, intern blowjobs, or using state police assets to meet women at hotels in attempt to screw them. Bill Clinton lied to the American people and Congress. He did not tell the truth about cigars and intern blowjobs in the Whitehouse until he was backed up against a wall.

There is no working with Nancy Pelosi and Schumer. Donald Trump is going to have to lead on the border wall via executive action.

The Meuller witch hunt was enabled by Hillary Clinton and elevated by John McCain via the Steele Dossier. Today, a dozen FBI agents have been fired. Today there has been zero effort by the DOJ, Congress or Senate to find out if Obama had something to do with the manipulation of the FISA courts along political lines. The Democrats and Robert Meuller are running a Benghazi style disinformation interference campaign for extreme Deep State corruption. It seems that the script was decided on when Hillary Clinton lost the election.

Pelosi represents the most heinous aspect of the Deep State. She is turning the House into a mockery of lies, deceit and partisan hack propaganda. She shares the same levels of power mad theatrics that Joseph Goebbels employed. Her tactics are no different. The Nazi’s lied about the burning of the Reich-stag and the false flag events that led to the invasion of Poland. Robert Meuller is conducting false flag operations in order to run interference for the Deep State. These are orchestrated indictments and press releases. We are seeing the liberal yellow activist press partner with the Pelosi’s Deep State and the FBI. They adhere to the same script as Joseph Goebbels information control and police state protocols. We the people need to rise up and censure the media and Nancy Pelosi.

The liberal yellow press and Nancy Pelosi are swirling the same police state and propaganda cesspool drain as Hitler’s Germany. Instead of celebrating America’s great economy, they have devolved into the tactics of Munich’s Nazi street trash.

Image result for obama kissing hugo chavez