Rashida Tlaib flinging racist labels out at Cohen Congressional hearing

Rashida Tlaib is the irrational poster child for “white shaming” and flinging racist labeling insults at white Americans.However, to the Muslim hypocrite, if one votes along DAZI party lines, on is absolved of all sin by the racist, Quran toting , Sharia law loving, white christian hating and Israel hating leftist.

Representative Rashida Tlaib loves to make a fool of her self on a regular basis. Here she is at the Cohen hearing calling a fellow legislator a racist on national TV. The Congressman was guilty of using a black woman as a character reference for Donald Trump. So now the racist labeling left feels it racist if a black person offers a character reference for a white person? WTF?

The Democratic party has used blacks, Asians, Hispanics, Indians, homosexuals, lesbians, and every classification of transsexual as props during campaign season. The liberal yellow press plays identity politics to the hilt. They also exploit children, and other peoples tragedies for political effect. No tragedy or prop should every go to waste. If a white cop is involved, so much the better. If a white 16 year old Catholic is involved, so much the better. If a black homosexual male celebrity perpetuates a fraudulent hate crime, it is because white Trump supporters drove him to it. The liberal yellow press loves props. In fact, Rashida Tlaib is a prop herself. The biggest DAZI prop is Michael Cohen. He will do anything to get his sentence reduced.

In Rashida Tlaib’s world it is ok for the DAZI party to exploit every manner of demographic, but if a white Republican does it, it is racism?

Today, if a white Republican Congressman asked a person of color for a character reference, Rashida Tlaib cries racism?

Rashida Tlaib and her race labeling agenda is triggered by the most insignificant things. She loves to label others racist when in fact, she is the hate whitey racist.

Rashida Tlaib should shut her caustic and racist big mouth.

Mueller’s Hanoi Hilton treatment has been hard on Michael Cohen

Ya simply cannot make this shit up.

The Michael Cohen testimony is somewhat like Cheech and Chong’s Big Bamboo!! Sign zee papers old man!

During Vietnam, the North Vietnamese tortured Air Force aviators into making a televised statements against the United States of America. After heinous and inhumane torture, most of the POWS at the Hanoi Hilton would be broken and then submit to signing the statement. The most defiant would tap their eye lids out in Morse code saying “torture, torture, torture!” Not so for Michael Cohen, The felony convicted liar seems to have capitulated completely and now shows signs of Stockholm syndrome for his DAZI party Gestapo incarceration.

Today, we can see the results of Robert Meuller’s Hanoi Hilton style breaking of Michael Cohen. After only a few months in the poki. Michael Cohen has adapted his verbiage to meet the objectives of the DAZI party and play to the liberal yellow press. North Vietnamese officers have become Cummings and Norton.

Meanwhile, Trump is in Hanoi trying to beat out a deal with Kim Jong Un.

Alas, nobody got killed when Trump decided to put his dick in Stormy Daniels’s mouth. He even paid her off with his own money. However during Benghazi, 4 Americans died. Instead of turning against crooked Hillary and Lying Obama, Norton and Cummings circled the wagons.

The fact is that Michael Cohen is a dirty lawyer that will lie through his teeth in order to get early release. Cohen signed the document under duress and Mueller’s torture. Of course Cohen did plead guilty to millions of dollars in fraud etc. He is also a serial purger-er. Nothing new here.

Hanging out in Hanoi with not so Lil Kim

While the population of North Korea has seen their food rations cut, Lil Kim Jong Un seems to be just as fat as ever. Today he is supporting the most grotesque version of his signature high and tight haircut. It almost seems that Kim Jong Un was hung in a sling and fed corn mash like a Cobi beef steer before the slaughter. I mean, acquiring this level of gelatinous quality is a life long endeavor of gluten and extreme laziness. Kim Jong Un could be the poster child for the sedentary computer lifestyle of the Pokemon go gen-xer. he sits in a chair like he is shitting on the toilette.

While Donald Trump is making historic steps to bring North Korea into the modern world and remove troops from 20 years of Bush/Obama perpetual war, Mike Pence is fixated on Venezuela. Our neo-con buddy Pence pays no attention to $22 trillion in national debt or paying $2 billion a day to service it. Pence, instead, is serenading the military industrial complex as if he will be the Republican neo-con presidential choice in 2020.

If I am Trump, I dump Pence for 2020 and pick up Rand Paul. Trump then kills two birds with one stone. He eliminates Pence and the neocon faction from his presidency and levels the DAZI party presidential playing field. I mean the biggest threats to our nation are Pence neocons on the right and the dingbat socialists on the left.

Pence does not care that under Bush/Obama, $6 or $7 trillion was slipped to the children via perpetual war. His main focus as vice president is to cheer lead for more war and make the sale to the American people. While, Pence is a polished speaker, he has let the cat out of his neo-con bag for all to see. We have always understood his agenda.

Meanwhile, Cummings is a partisan hack idiot, and Cohen is a liar. The DAZI party are now using the House oversight committee to bash Trump.

Wow, if Trump gets impeached or forced to resign, we are then back to the choice of Pence the neo-con war monger or a DAZI party member that wants to turn the USA into Venezuela.

VP Pence the neo-con cheerleader for war with Venezuela

Donald Trump should drop Mike Pence from the 2020 ticket and pick up Rand Paul.

Mike Pence is fixated on yet another war. We thought that Mike Pence would have tamed his neo-con tendencies after almost 20 years of perpetual war. In reality, Mike Pence is a Bush/Cheney protege. He never saw a war that he did not like. It is now clear that Pence is a cheer leader for the military industrial complex.

Trump has done so well disengaging America from the Bush/Obama wars of choice. We haven’t even removed troops from the Middle East and Afghanistan and Mike Pence is frothing at the mouth for yet another war.

Pence talked eloquently about the Space Force, and repatriated remains from North Korea. His latest trip to Auschwitz with Bibi Netanyahu was excellent. When he stays away from threatening other countries with military intervention. he is much easier to stomach. We thought he had mended his neo-con ways and has seen the light as it relates to Bush and /Obama’s $7 trillion dollar wars. Apparently , Pence has learned nothing. In fact, the dust hasn’t even settled in Syria and Pence is day dreaming about an invasion of Venezuela? When you give Mike Pence and inch, he wants to send 100,000 troops to a country that is not a threat to us. Americans are sick of regime change and perpetual war in other countries. If the Venezuelans want to be free, they must fight for it, and not US troops.

Mike Pence is actively checking public receptivity to military conflict. He is desperately trying to make the sale.

It is quite scary that Mike Pence is a heart beat away from the presidency. He seems to be pushing Trump towards war in South America. This is not good.

SB 5600 would adversely affect a Landlords ability to obtain and service mortgage debt.

SB 5600 is a comprehensive bill forged from ignorance and absurdly overzealous liberal law makers in Olympia. Below is an outline on how SB 5600 affects the Washington landlord tenant law .

Extends the pay-or-vacate notice for default payments from 3 days to 14 days.

Most landlords will opt to work with tenants related to a 3 day pay or vacate notice. If a tenant always pays the rent and just happens to be short of money by the 6th, Landlords would rather give that tenant the benefit of the doubt. Landlords will only send a 3 day pay or vacate to tenants that have a history of late payments. After the tenant has been late numerous times, many landlords will tender a 3 day pay or vacate the day after the rent is late. The 3 day pay or vacate serves as legal documentation as well as a warning.

A 14 day pay or vacate puts the renter at the 21st day of the month before they have to pay the rent. The next month’s rent is then due just a week later. The tenant then can opt to stay an additional month without paying before the full eviction process can take place. . Hence, the tenant would get basically 2 months of rent for free before getting evicted. For many landlords that have to pay a $1500 mortgage , 2 months without rent payment would adversely affect a landlord’s ability to service debt and maintain a 700 credit rating. A 14 pay or vacate notice is absurd.

Taken from TNT:

Kuderer said that is especially important because it could help people who are short on rent by giving them time to receive another paycheck or otherwise come up with rent money. Three days is simply not enough time, she said.

This Kuderer person probably has never rented out a house. A 14 day pay or vacate allows a renter to pay the third week of every month and totally alter the landlord tenant agreement. If a renter cannot pay by the 10th, what makes you think they will pay “on time” the next month. Kuderers SB 5600 only compounds a renters inability to pay rent at the behest of the landlord. Again, a 14 day pay or vacate allows a tenant to live in a property for two months without paying a dime of rent. They could then show up to eviction court and talk the judge into another month or two for free.

Second, landlords would be required to provide a more uniform 14-day notice to tenants that outlines costs owed. They also would be required to provide information on where to go for legal help or advocacy resources.

The current Landlord tenant law is thorough and uniform and should be left alone. A tenant can look up the Landlord Tenant laws on line. Most landlords will not charge a late fee to renters that always pay the rent on time or a few days late. SB 5600 would make landlord’s charge a large late fee and a daily late fee. So by the 21st of the month, a tenant would face possibly hundreds in late fees in addition to paying the late rent.

Next, it would require landlords to first apply any other tenant payments, like deposits, to late rent before they can apply it to any other charges.

This is absurd. the Landlord requires a damage deposit to cover damages to the property. Renters routinely leave a property damaged. Rare are the tenants that leave a property better off then when they entered the lease agreement. . More often than not, repairing a rental after a tenant leaves costs a minimum of $4000. This does not include any labor. With greater degrees of damage and wear and tear beyond normal limits, putting a rental back into service takes at least two months and can cost between $6000 and $10,000 in lost rents and maintenance. The Landlord then takes an additional month to rent the property out at a loss of another $2000. In addition, building materials and labor have grown by a factor of 3 in just the last 10 to 15 years. When a landlord is required to apply a damage deposit to late rent, and then a 14 day pay or vacate, a renter can basically skip out on damage expenses and stay at a rental for several months without paying a dime more. The Landlord then has to take the tenant to small claims court if they can even be found.

The Democrats in Olympia seem to have no experience renting a house out. Today, the average mortgage on a small rental home is probably based on about $200,000. The PITI payment is between $1100 and $1300 a month. We must then add the insane property tax increases that put the average property tax payment at about $300 to $400 a month. House insurance is probably about $60 a month. So even a small loan of $200,000 based on a 5% mortgage payment and 30 years will cost the Landlord as much as $1700 a month. Then if a landlord has to abide by the absurd SB5600 law, they would be severally impacted financially. Landlords would and could lose their credit rating if they are late on payments to the mortgage company. They would then not be able to refinance a house going forward. Multiply this realty by a factor of 100,000 landlords, and SB 5600 would be devastating to the mortgage industry, building material centers, and home owners.

The current landlord tenant laws on the books have been working well for decades. Both parties benefit as is.

The Law makers in Olympia must think that every Landlord owes their homes free and clear and can wait up to two months to get a rent payment. Most Landlords have a rental house mortgage payment and an additional owner occupied mortgage payment . Every month, they engage in a financial balancing act. . SB 5600 gives renters carte blanche to totally abuse the Landlord Tenant law and pay what ever day of the month they want. This would lead to Landlords not being able to pay the property tax bill on time and the be assessed fines etc.

When a landlord is late on the mortgage payment, they are assessed late fees. If a landlord is late 3 times on the mortgage payment, they can no longer refinance a home. They cannot take sweat equity or regular equity after paying the mortgage for 20 years. SB 5600 puts the power in the tenants hands and allows them to negatively affect a Landlord’s ability to maintain credit and financial viability. This is a stupid bill that has been vetted by a committee of imbeciles.

SB 5600 makes the requirement of 1st /last and a large deposit an absolute necessity. However, the current Tacoma Landlord tenant laws have been altered so the tenant can make payments on the deposit and other costs associated with the lease agreement or the landlord is subject to a$1000 per day fine. WTF?

the current inept lawmakers in Washington state are turning the Landlord tenant relationship into an utterly ridiculous arrangement.

Lastly, renting and maintaining rentals is a costly balancing act for most Landlords. SB 5600 is an inept bill orchestrated by ignorance that does a disservice to Washingtonians. We expect a higher level of experience, intelligence, and a basic understanding of economic principals from our representatives. Whoever wrote this bill should be ashamed of it’s outright stupidity.

About 46% of houses in Tacoma are rentals. In order for these rentals to be adequately maintained and not be an economic burden on Landlords, the original Washington State Landlord Tenant laws must be reinstated completely. landlords many times need 1st/last and a deposit to cover their mortgage and maintenance expenses should a tenant not pay the rent. The 3 day pay or vacate is a proven process that benefits both the landlord and tenant. Should liberal law makers continue to bastardize rental agreements, Landlords will not have any money left to go to Lowes or Home depot. They wont have money to pay laborers, cleaners or rental agencies. Moreover, SB 5600 will drive up rental costs because landlords and large rental companies will seek to protect themselves from the liability of inept laws.

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Jay Inslee as president would declare global warming emergency and shutdown Boeing

Jay Inslee is an unhinged big government socialist enviro-fascist. Jay Inslee would be a green version of Benito Mussolini. The proof is in the pudding.

Jay Inslee likes to lie through his teeth. If he is not talking out the side of his mouth, he is lying through his teeth. On Face the Nation, Jay Inslee engaged in his signature lying and revisionist gibberish. To start, he blamed the fires that plague the Northwest on Trump when he himself does not support responsible forest management and biomass harvesting. In fact, Democrats belive in “burn baby burn!” hence, Jay Inslee is a demonstrative liar that twisted the truth for political convenience. That is the Democratic Socialist playbook. State a lie and then let the liberal yellow press drag the lie across the finish line.

Jay Inslee does not support a border wall but will shut Boeing Aircraft Company down via executive authority over Global warming? Oh my word. Jay Inslee will utterly destroy the Northwest economy over the sky is falling. How are we to get across the country solar powered Zeppelins and bicycles? here pull my cow fart finger.

Anyways, here we have it from the horse’s mouth via Face the Nation for all to see and process. Jay Inslee fancies himself the poster child for Bloomberg’s radical enviro-fascist agenda. The vain taxation governor will do anything and everything to elevate his own vanity and political career. In order to compete with the AOC radical Green New Deal presidential candidates like Harris, Gillibrand and Pocahontas, Jay Inslee will do cartwheels for the enviro-fascist throne. We know this to be true. We have seen it over and over. Jay Inslee is power mad and will kill the Northwest economy to become president. He is an irrational and vain tax and spend enviro-fascist maniac. This inherently means that he will attack Boeing and Puget Sound based Aviation. In fact, as president, he would use executive authority to do so. It is documented below. So, the Seattle Times will have to take notice that Jay Inslee and his DAZI party radicals are hell bent on running all the business out of the Puget Sound. Amazon was just the start. Jay Inslee and his marxist cronies want to turn Seattle and Tacoma into Marxist ghettos that are controlled in every manner by big government.

Jay Inslee is the Chicken Little of the DAZI party. The sky is falling and everybody must pay through the nose.

Obama used to lie to our faces and Inslee is following suit. .

The Seattle Times is probably too stupid to see the trees for the forest.

Sorry Senator Markey, Trump has Constitutional authority on Border Wall

For starters, Americans cannot put much stock in what severely entrenched and biased liberals have to say about anything.

Every president in our baby boomer lifetimes has abused the War Powers Act. Collectively, just Bush and Obama totally abused the War Powers Act. Obama would bomb Libya after a week’s reflection and posture the event with the killing of Osama Bin Laden. Obama also ran guns from Benghazi and used tax payer money to arm ISIS. Collectively Bush and Obama spent close to $7 trillion on perpetual war.

Bush and Obama added $15 trillion to the national debt. When Fed rates increase to the traditional prime, the interest payment on Bush and Obama’s war spending bill will eclipse $1.5 trillion a year. Soon, just the interest payment on the national debt will hit $4 billion a day. Trump wants $5 billion to bolster heavy illegal immigrant traffic areas. Trump has the executive authority to redirect military spending to border security. Even if he uses the War Powers Act to direct military spending to the Border wall, he has 60 days before he has to ask for Congressional approved funds. However, If he initially funds the Border wall at $10 billion, he can simply use that and forgo Congressional funding after 60 days. If the question of border security makes it to the Supreme court, then they would have to vote yes on Trump’s action. trump can disregard the 9th circuit and simply continue to build the wall.

92% of Republicans support Trump. 70% of Americans support Trump’s bolstering of the southern border. In addition, more and more Americans are viewing the Democratic Socialistic as simply unhinged, unpatriotic enviro-fascist nincompoops hostile to American sovereignty.

There is a border crisis and an attack on America’s sovereignty and rule of law. Markey and his cronies could have avoided all this non-value adding political posturing by cutting a deal on DACA and funding the Border Wall.

Obama used executive action to do numerous things. he used executive action to tweek Obamacare and totally circumvented Congress.

Lastly, Bush and Obama spent $7 trillion on wars of choice and protecting other people’s borders 10,000 miles away. Trump’s border wall is both ethical and moral. It is clear that the DAZI party does not care about our border security or national sovereignty. At this juncture, uncle Donny has to follow through.

Boy oh boy Markey is full of it.

Jay Inslee’s DAZI party a hostile threat to Boeing and the Puget Sound aviation industry

Jay Inslee is seeking to be the poster child for global warming. Last year he took a million dollars from Mike Bloomberg and then elevated a Washington state carbon tax to the ballot. It was defeated by the people. Jay Inslee’s DAZI party is again seeking to pass a carbon tax. They do not care what the voter wants.

All of the DAZI party presidential candidates have paid homage to Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s inept and ill conceived New Green deal plan. When fully implemented, The New Green Deal eliminates the Puget Sound aviation Industry within 10 years. The Boeing aircraft company would then go bankrupt.

In order to stay in favor with his enviro-fascist billionaire buddies, Jay Insee will support the New Green Deal. So in order for Jay Inslee to realize his own personal goals and vanity, he will kick the Puget Sound aviation industry under the bus. Make no mistake about it, the New Green Deal will destroy the Puget Sound economy. State government revenue systems will collapse and unemployment will be rampant.

The liberal yellow press in the Puget Sound elevated this taxation madman and his party to power. They are now seeking to tax Washington State to death. The gay marriage thing is settled. We also have a functioning health care exchange system albeit at 3 times the cost pre-Obamacare. The only thing that Jay Inslee and his DAZI party now offer is LGBT indoctrination in the school system, enviro-fascist taxation programs, Enviro-fascist transportation and energy programs, baby killing, open borders, and racial division. It is time for the Puget Sound liberal yellow press to rethink its commitment to the Washington State DAZI party.

Previously when I ran for US Congress I put forth a plan related to re-engining the DOD aviation fleet to Pratt and Whitney gear driven turbo fan clean burning technology. The proposal cut federal aviation carbon emissions by 50% and increased fuel economy by 15%. In addition, the combat range of the B-52 would be doubled. I also supported federally backed mortgage loans that included the financing of a standardized residential solar power system. As an alternative to the ridiculous New Green deal or Green New deal, we need to offer Boeing and the aviation industry incentives to convert to newer clean burning technology that cut carbon emissions by 50%. These proposals will usher in an energy renaissance and reduce carbon emissions via the private sector while leaving our tradition fuel and transportation grid in place.

Jay Inslee as president of the United States will spell the death knell for Puget Sound based aviation and specifically Boeing.

Jay Inslee is a extreme enviro-fascist and taxation mad man who cares little about reality, our seniors, or the Puget Sound based aviation industry. Instead of focus’s on the Space Force, retooling DOD aviation assets and residential solar power generation systems, Inslee will focus on the most inept and foolishly conceived enviro-fascist policy every created by a liberal dingbat in the DAZI party. We know this because he is willing to beg for money from Mike Bloomberg.

The DAZI party a threat to the Electoral college

Imagine if Jay Inslee ran our country?

Today the states that are controlled by the DAZI party are now seeking to undermine the Electoral College by enacting laws that give winners of the national popular vote the state electoral vote regardless if they win in that state or not. So if Donald Trump wins Washington state, he does not collect the Electoral college votes if Bernie Socialist wins the popular vote.

Some states employ a “winner take all” construct as it relates to the Electoral College. Others only give presidential candidates the votes they won by district or percentage etc. Today, many DAZI party dominated states want to base their allotment of Electoral College votes on the National Popular vote. So if the vast majority of city dwelling liberal idiots vote for candidate A, 27 states will give their Electoral College vote to them.

The DAZI party is actively undermining the Constitution. They will do anything and everything to gain the executive and eliminate checks and balances. In essence, they want to give control of the entire nation to liberals in dense city areas. This means that they alone will control what happens in every single state in the nation. This concept basically eliminates equal representation of the states. In addition, the DAZI party supports illegal immigrants because they could represent illegal voting and add to the popular vote.

Once, the liberals gain control of the executive via abolishing the Electoral College, they will then start taking our Bill of Rights.

The America that we know is in the balance. Never before have we had a liberal threat that included destroying the Constitution and Bill of Rights. We have to make a stand now or the American dream as we know it will be controlled by liberal dead beats, socialists and open border proponents in California and New York. Liberal idiots in only a few counties will run the nation. We can then look forward to massive taxation schemes, the elimination of private healthcare, loss of property rights, enviro-fascist energy programs, gun confiscation, and a corrupt Federal government that targets conservatives etc. Next, liberals will target baby boomer social security and force people into wholesale poverty. Socialists are good at taking other peoples money and means, but really bad at paying their own social net obligations. Meanwhile, corporate leadership will be ruled by liberal mandated quota systems, and taxed into bankruptcy. Then there is the 90% taxation on the rich.

If the DAZI party takes control of the House , Senate and Executive, they will enact socialist programs, in addition to reconstructing the entire transportation grid to alternative energy. The disruption to the economy and stock market will be horrendous and basically kill off the 401K system leaving poverty in its wake.

The DAZI party or Democratic anti American sovereignty Socialist party is real. They are stupid and they are coming after American prosperity and our traditional form of government.