Face the Nation changes focus to presidential candidate policy

It is certain that CBS is hitting the brakes as it relates to the Trump/Russian collusion scam. It seems they will be the first of the big 3 to extricate themselves from 2 and 1/2 years of yellow press fake news. In fact, they are now actively striving for journalistic normalcy and the regaining of balanced objectivity. In fact, CBS is now focusing on real content.

The biggest take away from the March 31, 2019 Face the Nation is that Trump is going to have to follow suit with Bernie Sanders as it relates to cutting Pharmaceutical prices by 50%, especially in the areas of type 1 and 2 diabetes medication, hypertension medication, and cholesterol reducing treatments.

Under Obamacare, health care policy costs increased three fold. In the state of Washington, a state hosted healthcare policy was about $250 a month pre-Obama. Now policy costs are at $850 without subsidies. Under Obamacare, healthcare spending is double that of Germany.

Trump will have to incorporate some radical cost reduction aspects to his private insurance healthcare agenda to compete with the Bernie Sander’s socialist takeover of the healthcare system. Trump must look at Hickenlooper’s compromises etc.

The pharmaceutical companies will support candidates that will not seek cost reductions in drugs across the board. Hence, we will see a DAZI party candidate that supports “As is” Obamacare with no threats to the pharmaceutical companies. I think Hickenlooper will provide this message along with his support of his infanticide agenda.

It would be interesting to see a company like Amazon create a Pharmaceutical enterprise that sold and distributed healthcare drugs to Americans. Instead of playing with billion dollar rockets, he should look into this style of enter-prize. .

Jay Inslee offers up his tax returns and nobody cares

Jay Inslee is a a career politician. Unlike Donald Trump who employs 22,500 people, Jay Inslee only takes money from hard working Washingtonians. While Donald Trump develops ways to put people to work, Jay Inlsee creates ways to tax people. Donald Trump’s tax returns are probably managed by dozens of tax attorneys and are hundreds of pages long. These tax specialists have to manage dozens and dozens of tax schedules along with keeping track of depreciated assets, employee wages, vehicles, insurances and every manner of a million different deductions. To the common person who files a small 1040 IRS form, Trump’s tax returns would be incomprehensible. The IRS continually monitors Trump’s tax returns.

The way you DAZI party traitors handled the Mueller Investigation along with suppressing FISAGATE, you damn idiots do not deserve to see Donald Trump’s damn tax returns.

Jay Inslee makes $171,000 a year as governor. Over the last 12 years he has been an employee of the government. All he has ever done is consume tax payer money and come up with schemes to tax people more. Again, Donald Trump employs 22,500 people. Inslee and his envir0-fascist leftist cronies only consume budget and seek to tax people to death.

Jay , nobody cares about you and your narcissistic run for president. We do not care about your tax returns either. We only care about how you are the taxation governor from hell here in Washington state. We think you suck!

Instead of showing us your tax returns, how about listing all the tax increases and taxation scams you perpetrated on the hard working citizens of Washington state. Show the list of voter defeated scams you folks came up with. Show the measures that the voters voted down only to see them resurrected again in the House and Senate. Show everyone how you took special interest money from Bloomberg and then sought a carbon tax and higher gas taxes. Show everyone how you are now trying to pass an unconstitutional capital gains tax on the so-called rich. Dude your list is long and heinous.

Inslee you are a grotesque and conniving individual and the worst governor in Washington State history. In fact, you rank number 1 among all US governors when it comes to increasing budgets and taxation. Now you want to take that legacy to the presidency? I dont think so!!!

The best thing that can happen for Washington state is for you to retire from public life so we do not have to deal with you and your narcissistic personality disorder and addiction to bureaucracy and taxation. Your bid for president will go no where. You are just one of the leftist idiots that is running and nothing more. We can expect your punk buddy Ferguson to run for 2020 in your place. This time we will elevate a republican candidate that will put an end to the fiscal insanity and taxation agenda. We will then take back the House and Senate and eliminate your legacy, you enviro-fascist socialist nincompoop. It will be a pleasure to see you with zero power living out your days forgotten… You imbecilic opportunistic self absorbed partisan hacking piece of political garbage.

Oh and lastly, it is not “Our moment!” It is your moment. Your last moment and your last opportunity to fool people. Your last opportunity to feed your self absorbed lust for undeserved power and control over people’s lives. It is all about you and nothing about us. You are such a self centered opportunistic moron. I am certain that your ship has sailed……..Your career will soon be at an end… Again, you suck!

It is time for Nancy Pelosi to shit-can Adam Schiff

Adam Schiff is Joseph McCarthy 2.0. He is so absorbed with Trump Derangement Syndrome that he is losing his mind over the Mueller report.

Brodheads have been serving in uniform on this continent since we took New Amsterdam in 1664. The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution , and the Bill of Rights were written in our blood. We fought for a nation based on the rights of the individual and the rule of law. We voted yes for the funding of the Capitol building dome, the West wing, the East wing and the Congressional library. We then filled that library with the Thomas Jefferson manuscripts. Today, one of the chambers that Brodheads built is occupied by Adam Schiff. Adam Schiff brings dishonor, treachery and conniving partisan hackery to this chamber. The American people have lost confidence in Adam Schiff and feel strongly that he must be censured. In addition, Nancy Pelosi must remove Adam Schiff from the House Intelligence Committee.

Instead of focusing on how the Steele Dossier was elevated and how it supported a FISA court warrant on Donald Trump’s campaign, Schiff is fixated on telling lies. Instead of focusing on the violation of the Patriot Act and our 4th Amendment rights, Schiff is focused on Donald Trump’s every move like a sociopath stalker. Even when FISAGATE eclipses Watergate in the scale of it’s henious illegality, Schiff is enamored with Trump hatred to the point of losing all credibility.

It is clear at this juncture that Adam Schiff does not understand how to employ power and authority responsibly. In fact, Adam Schiff used the chairmanship of the House Intelligence Committee for Trump bashing. His methods mirror Joseph McCarthy’s.

Americans can no longer trust Adam Schiff to act responsibly and regain his composure. He has fully abused the common trust.

Nancy Pelosi has no choice but to punch Adam Schiff in his ugly percy lips. She then must blacken his beady freak eyes before kicking him off the Intelligence Committee.

Rand Paul orders “fix bayonets” in preparation for SPYGATE countercharge

It was like a Civil war movie. The combined forces of the liberal yellow press, the FBI, the Obama administration, and all the radical idiot leftists had gathered on the field of battle. Up in a Signal Corps balloon was Field Marshal Baron Von Hillary Clinton surveying the battle field and declaring that there was Russian collusion.

The first assault was a small skirmish based on bad intelligence between Hillary Clinton operatives and Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton sporting her newest and most elegant hair style would tell everyone that Donald Trump was colluding with the Russians. We were supposed to believe her and vote for her because of her hairdo. Trump responded with, “you should be in jail!” The liberal yellow press mocked Donald Trump. Uncle Donny then went on to route the Clinton forces in a land slide victory.

When the liberal yellow press failed to drag Hillary Clinton, the lying and conniving narcissistic political whore across the finish line, they turned their aggression to the absurdity of Trump/Russian collusion. Donald Trump, a known quantity in America for about 40 years, was labeled a Russian colluding traitor. It became the opiate of the liberal yellow press and DAZI party.

Anyways, the regiments and divisions of liberal yellow press, rogue government entities and liberal idiot congressmen sieged the Trump line for 2 1/2 years. Then after $30 million in fake news gibberish ordinance had been spent, they began their slow march to the Trump trenches and impeachment. When they came within 50 paces of the Trump line, all the Meuller camouflage was pulled off the guns. Republicans then salvo-ed one hundred 6 pound Napoleon field guns loaded with double canister.

The salvos decimated the ranks of the fake news liberal yellow press and scattered the DAZI party to the 4 winds. Several mini-balls collided with Adam Schiff’s disgusting looking lying lips and tore his political head off. Nancy Pelosi was left wondering the halls in a dementia ridden panic complete with the mouth theatrics. Alexandria Occasio-Cortez would lose her entire Green New Deal division (0-57) attacking the Union center of common sense like some sort of stupid delusional dingbat bartender General during a Pickett’s charge style assault. Meanwhile, Tlaib and Omar would call Meuller a racist for not delivering the smollett on Trump. Stacey Abrams would consume an entire extra large Pizza as comfort food. All the baby killing socialist idiot presidential candidates would bump into each other as they sought to run from the battlefield exchange. Of course, Joe Biden would be entangled in the barbed wire of FISAGATE and will soon find himself in solitary confinement. Meanwhile, in the rear, Obama looked on with field glasses as Michael talked on her cell phone with Kim Fox.

The smoke and mirrors would clear as Rand Paul’s pissed off eyes peered across the breast works at the FBI, Clinton, Comey ,Brennan, Clapper, Susan Rice, Loretta Lynch, and the Obama administration. He surveyed the field and how the 4th Amendment had been abused along political lines. With the vision of the Founders pounding in his brain, General Rand Paul, with whistle in mouth, screamed out ” ladies and gentlemen fix bayonets!” And so the 2020 Republican campaign to restore sanity and the rule of law begins.

Everyone know that this great nation and our traditional form of government is in the balance. The DAZI party is the greatest threat to our liberty in modern times. We cannot stand idly by as the liberal left enacts their evil, decadent and poverty creating enviro-fascist and socialist agenda. These are stupid people. We must stand and fight! We must insist that all those that perpetuated the Russian collusion scam and violated the 4th Amendment be brought to justice. This is not Chicago style Jussie Smollett justice, this is our great Republic. A Republic that stands for the rule of law.

Jared Polis’s turns Colorado logo into an LGBT rainbow flag

Jared Polis is the first gay governor in the USA. The LGBT activist will soon pass legislation that turns Kindergarten into LGBT indoctrination centers. Instead of learning ABC, kindergartners will have to learn 20 different gender pronouns. The more overzealous folks in the LGBT crowd will want teachers to dress little boys in dresses and make them listen to speeches from drag queens.

Jared Polis is an activist for the decadent left. His new flag tells the world that Colorado is now the new San Francisco.

While homosexuality could be viewed as an expression of freedom in a democracy, many of us simply think it is filthy perverted behavior .

Anyways, Jared Polis has staked his LGBT flag on Colorado soil to pay homage to himself, and next he is coming after your children. He will not stop until he turns Colorado’s school system into Kinsey recruitment centers. You give the LGBT movement and inch, and they seek to indoctrinate 5 year olds. The leftists will call those opposed to LGBT indoctrination of children bigots. The weak will stand by as the LGBT movement absconds the sanctity of natural child development. The weak will stand by as Jared Polis seeks to create children in his own image of decadence and perversion. He has already planted his flag on Colorado.

Gay marriage was simply not good enough. Americans thought that marriage equality would satiate the LGBT movement. Now they are targeting children. Now they want to turn Kindergarten into basic training for gender confusion. It is amazing that folks like Polis support the killing of babies inside and outside the womb. If the baby does make it to the light of day, they want to exact Kinsey style experimentation on and undermine natural gender identity. It is called institutionalized child abuse and the conditioning of lifelong mental health issues for our children.

Polis is such an LGBT narcissist that he wants to create Colorado children in his own image. What other conclusion can one draw?

Newt Gingrich and Rand Paul call for FISAGATE investigation

As lineage to the Founders and a veteran than served from 1978 to 2006, I demand an investigation into what role Obama played as it relates to FISAGATE! I took an oath to protect this country from enemies both foreign and domestic. FISAGATE was a domestic attack on our freedoms as guaranteed by the Bill of Rights and I want an accounting!

Our form of government was attacked and reduced to a third world shithole banana republic and I want an accounting.

Newt you still left us out of your Valley Forge book!

When Our 18 year old Marines were fighting and dying for the rights of others in the streets of Fallujah, “Geedub” was busy taking their rights here at home. As our gallant boys and girls were eliminating Fedayeen Saddam, we saw the rise of Fedayeen Bush, the so-called Patriot Act, and Bluffdale, Utah. The NSA would become the the “Department of Homeland Surveillance.” The Bill or Rights would be shit-canned in favor of the wholesale surveillance of the American people. The rule of law and right to privacy replaced with secret kangaroo FISA courts with make believe judges that could be manipulated along partisan lines. To top that off, Bush and his cronies at the NSA, FBI, and CIA would routinely lie to our faces about programs like “Prism.”

George Bush was too mired in the collapse of the American economy and Iraq to unleash the illegal behavior of the Patriot Act on political enemies. Even though he created the Bush police state, he only used the Patriot Act and FISA courts to fight the “War on Terror.”

When Barack Obama became president, it seems that ethics and accountability went out the window. It seems that Hillary Clinton, the one time Watergate attorney, had a real negative influence on Barack Obama. Americans learned that ol Hillary would use the NSA to wiretap Angela Merkel’s emails. Barack would wiretap the Associated press. This was just the beginning. Barack and company expanded their overzealous and illegal tendencies to using the Patriot Act to put political rivals under surveillance.

The DAZI party will call Americans racist for demanding that Congress investigate the Obama administration as it relates to FISAGATE. In the DAZI party’s world, labeling Americans racist and elevating division is more important than the rule of law. In fact, all illegal activity and false propaganda is justified by the labeling of others as racist.

There is a massive paper and electronic trail related to the illegal surveillance of a presidential candidate. Some have suggested that the illegal use of the Patriot Act goes all the way to president Obama.

Americans view ethics and accountability in government very highly. They also support our Bill of Rights.

It is clear that the Bill of Rights was suspended by the Obama administration in order to put a Republican presidential candidate under surveillance. This reality makes Nixon’s Watergate look like a misdemeanor.

Americans want to know if the Obama administration was the first Administration in history to conduct illegal surveillance on a political rival. If he did, this reality must be documented for all time. While we could not ask for Obama jail time, we will have to document his behavior for the Congressional Record.

Israel won the Golan fair and square! Remembering Ellie Cohen

Congratulations BiBi!!!!!

Most people do not know what the geopolitics of a region are. In fact, it took a war with Iraq for many people to even know where the country was.

Israel conquering the Golan was a planned event complete with a master spy and epic tank battles. Without the Golan heights, the Syrians had complete control of the strategic high ground and could lob missiles into the heart of Israel at will.

Israel’s Mossad was successful in embedding spy Ellie Cohen into the heart of the Syrian high command. Cohen was then invited to tour the Syrian military installations on the Golan. Cohen memorized every single Syrian installation on the heights. The intelligence allowed the Israelis to defeat the Syrians and conquer the heights.

For those of us who are students of Hanz Morgenthau and the Arab Israeli war, we understand that Israel has a right to the Golan Heights as a matter of survival. Fortress Israel is surrounded by land mass that is suitable for defense. There is the great Sinai desert to the south, the Mediterranean sea to the west and the Golan heights to the north and east. The clear expanse of the Sinai allows the Israeli Air Force to decimate the Egyptians when they feel the need to eradicate the Jew. The capturing of the Golan Heights in the 1967 war was a defensive windfall for the Israelis. They took it fair and square against much greater forces and it is theirs.

The Israelis were attacked by predatory Muslims in 1948, 1956, 1967, and 1973. Had it not been for the USAF, Israel could have fallen in 1973. After 1973, the Israelis were continually harassed by Syria, Hams and Hezbollah. Today, Israel is under constant attacks by factions supported by Iran.

Syria gassed their own people. It is a good thing that Donald trump recognizes the Golan Heights while Bashir Assad is fighting for his political life. In addition as payment to the USA for ridding Syria of ISIS, Uncle Donny is recognizing the Golan as part of Israel. Just a slight adjustment to Sykes Pecot. Too damn bad.

Of course, Margaret will have a panel of soc-called experts that will say that Syria should have control of the Golan heights. maybe Margaret should have Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocassio-Cortez on the show. I dare you.

Americans want a FISAGate investigation now!!!!

As lineage to the Founders and a veteran that served from 1978 to 2006, I demand an investigation!!!!!

Americans wanted to know if Nixon knew about the Watergate break-in. We wanted to know if the Nixon executive had reduced themselves to the tactics of the KGB or Gestapo. We wanted to know if our commander in chief was a criminal that would resort to illegal activities in order to stay in power.

While our 18 year old Marines were going door to door in Fallujah as part of George W Bush’s special interest foreign policy,their 4th Amendment rights were being absconded here at home. Our gallant troops were deconstructing an Iraqi police state only to see the rise of the Bush police state and the so-called Patriot Act. Our cherished 4th Amendment and right to privacy then became electronic surveillance of all Americans from cell phones to email accounts. Massive storage centers like Bluffdale, Utah were built in order to store everyone’s communication. Of course, Bush deep state cronies would lie to our faces.

It would only take one DAZI party presidential administration before the Patriot Act was abused along party lines. However instead of a few Nixon cabinet criminals orchestrating the illegal wiretapping of a Watergate apartment, several federal government entities and officials were involved.

As we recall, Republicans were labelled racists when they opposed the nomination of Loretta Lynch for U.S. Attorney General. So the DAZI party calls everyone racist if they oppose Loretta Lynch only to find that she would engage in ethics violations along party lines at the drop of a hat. From meeting Bill Clinton on a tarmac to issuing a stand down order for the investigation of Clinton emails etc. Next, we are now finding that she may have been involved with the elevation of the Steel Dossier and FISA court abuse. So, we are racists if we do not allow a corrupt DOJ to run a muck?

It is quite heinous for the DAZI party to label Americans racists and bigots so they can engage in illegal activity. People are too afraid to be falsely labeled and thereby enable corrupt entities to flourish. People are too afraid to be labeled bigots so the LGBT movement can infect the school system and indoctrinate kindergartners to gender dysphoria. The DAZI party is actually offering up the sanctity of natural child development for LGBT political donation streams.

Americans demand to know how far the FISAGATE rabbit hole goes. We must know who was involved with the elevation of the Steel dossier and who went along with the FISA court abuse. We must know if the rabbit hole leads to the Obama cabinet. According to Dan Bongino, a former Secret Service Agent, below, it goes all the way to Obama. All C-141 air crewmen understand that the Secret Service has the skinny on pretty much everything that goes on in an administration etc. etc. We do presidential support missions and interact with the Secret Service on every mission. This is legit folks.

Now that the Meuller report is done, it is time for an accounting and reckoning related to all the illegal activity during the Obama administration and FISAGATE.

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