Joe Biden the Jussie Smollett of presidential candidates

It is so amusing to watch as liberal airhead Face the Nation groupies seek to twist the divisive Joe Biden message into something palatable. They are the enlightened ones with the altruistic message that everyone is just waiting to hear. In reality many are low intelligence revisionist regurgitating liberal yellow press propaganda frauds. Some are irrational LGBT activists that want to shove an expanded agenda down our throats. Jesus must be eradicated from the school system and replaced with LGBT indoctrination starting in Kindergarten. The mere fact that they think their opinions are some how political gospel and the high ground morals of a nation, makes them quite ignorant and insulting. Do they look into the mirror each day and tell themselves that people believe the propaganda, or do they just spew gibberish to keep a job?

Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy during the Baltimore riots. At the same time, the mayor of Baltimore encouraged the rioters . Now we have Joe Biden seeking to exploit racial division for campaign donations in 2019. It is the same game plan to a T.

Jussie Smollett sought to create free positive press from a fraudulent and orchestrated racially and bigoted motivated hate crime. Today, Joe Biden is using the same playbook of racial division to kick start his campaign. Realize that the Obama administration routinely exploited division as the shiny object. No tragedy ever went to waste.

Joe Biden is the Jussie Smollett presidential candidate for 2020. Never mind that the economy sucked during the Obama administration and Joe Biden likes to make uninvited physical contact with female teens. Never mind that Obama was Bush 2.0. Just forget about 3.2% GDP growth and the ending of wars in the Middle East. Forget about the lowest unemployment numbers for blacks in documented history, just focus on Charlottesville and a misconstrued statement by Donald Trump.

I mean, I know I have a job and my 401K increased 40% in just two years, but touchy feely Joe Biden says that Donald Trump is a racist. Per Joe Biden it is better to commiserate about politically motivated racial divisioning than the dignity of a job.

Joe Biden just sent a message that stoking racial hatred for campaign donations is more important than societal harmony, employment, and the economy stupid. Same game plan as Obama and Hillary Clinton. Nothing has changed like we hoped. Of course we must now interject the poster boy of the LGBT movement and full on socialists looking for free shit as well.

It is an insult to the hardworking black community when vested political plantation owners of the Democrat party base their campaigns on corralling commiseration and exploiting racial division.

Ok, so the Democratic Socialist platform is now:

continued race baiting

student loan pay offs



LGBT indoctrination in the school system

letting the Boston Marathon bomber vote

enviro-fascist economic policies

the Stalinesque Green New Deal

gun confiscation

special invitation sanctuary cities

1.5 million illeqals a year allowed to cross the border

airplane prohibition

90% taxation rates

the rich paying for everyone’s college


Zarif’s Iranians need a different game plan for the love of pete

Some folks are simply too dense to see the forest for the trees. In lieu of focusing on new paradigms and opportunities to endear themselves to somewhat hostile regimes, the Iranians are fixated on holy wars in Syria and harassing Israel. Instead of recreating their image in the world, they are fixated on funding terrorists and being paranoid.

Zarif and the fundamentalist Islamic leaders of Iran must understand that Americans are sick of Iran’s penchant for hostage taking and jailing folks they deem a threat to Islam.

Iran can change their dysfunctional international relations facade by modeling themselves after Germany as it relates to energy production. Instead of focusing on extremely dirty nuclear power, they should focus on a solar energy renaissance. Iran is full of entrepreneurs and folks hungry for employment. Iran is a nation of shop keepers and doers. Iran can capture this human potential and create a better Iranian society or they can continue to engage in inept Islamic paranoid games.

Donald Trump would be extremely receptive to an Iran that simply re- engineers how they deal with the outside world. Just as he is receptive to North Korea re-inventing themselves and joining the free world in peaceful prosperity, Iran should jump on the band wagon.

Zarif, it is time to change USA/Iranian relations after 40 years of abrasive and non value adding international tensions. It can be done. Iran’s strength is in it’s people and culture. It is not in being paranoid and harassing other nations along religious lines. Let us end this ridiculous 40 year old stand off and meet each other half way. Quit talking a bunch of shit and let us get down to the business of creating solid relations. Turn the cheek and extend your hand. Times have change and it is time for you and your country to adapt.

Being paranoid and irrational does not reflect well on Persians. Iran is better than this. Iran is stronger then this.

As far as Bolton, he understands that Americans and the Congress would never allow another Middle East war even if the US military could topple and route Iran,s military forces in 3 weeks. In addition, US Air power is at our disposal should Iran seek a nuclear weapon. We wont tolerate the continued harassment of Israel. The ball is in your court. It is up to you to change the game plan and allow the Iranian people to profit from a new era of technology, freedom and prosperity.

Other than that good start and well done Margaret!!!!

A nicer tone Zarif….. Well done dude….

Brett Rypien is kind of a bad ass

I kind of expect Ryp to rip it up at Denver. The dudes a surgeon. His reaction envelope is as quick as it gets.

The Broncos love fellas that come in un-drafted and clean up. Just ask Rod Smith and Chris Harris Jr.

Brett Rypien is tailor made for the Broncos. Even with a marry go round of coaching changes at Boise State, the Bronco twice over, engineered winning seasons. What really stands out are his completion percentages and stinginess as it relates to throwing interceptions. The bottom line is that this guy is extremely coach-able and adapts well to every situation. He is going to do what is asked of him and acquit himself very well.

Per the highlight video below, Rypien is clearly a better quarterback than Case Keenum and is a wealth of potential. He plays clean surgical football and he throws a really nice ball.

There is going to be a training camp shoot out between Hogan Grayson, Lock and Rypien. I am not counting this young man out cuz he was un-drafted. In fact, I figure he is going to blow some folks away. He is accurate as it gets, and would be a possession receiving nightmare on the field.

Wouldn’t it be nice to find that Rypien is another Drew Brees? He has the tools. We will have to wait and see. I think we are in for a surprise.

The Boise State Bronco likes being a Bronco. It is in his blood. He wants to be a Bronco and will fight and scrap for it.

Take it Ryp. Take it!!!!!

Good call Elwood.

Joe Flacco will step up hard

The last 3 years in Denver have been like the movie “The last picture show!” The townies put all of their emotions into the high school football team and then get all depressed when the team does not meet expectations. The same can be said on the Front Range of Colorado. For the last 3 years, Bronco Sunday has been followed by Bronco Monday. A blanket of the Bronco blues would descend on everyone from Raton Pass to Wellington. The colorful Bronco baseball caps would not be as bright. The folks eating their steak and egg special at Aunt Alice’s Kitchen in Longmont would limit the Bronco diatribe to a simple statement and then get back to shoveling and surfing.

For me, my second favorite team is the Seahawks, hence, my Bronco malaise is nothing like the Elwood era of the 1980s and 1990s. Instead of one big Jacksonville bummer loss and the emotional debacle that ensued, I rely on a 2 stage let down process. I just shift my focus and seek emotional refuge with “The Hawks” and compartmentalize. All is not lost until Russell Wilson simply cannot get it done. I spread the misery so the emotional trauma is not as bad. It is all about Bronco fan coping skills. Coping mechanism that have been learned as a Bronco fan since 1973.

Of course the last three years of the Denver Broncos was something like a total football lobotomy. We were not vested in the post Manning period and were immune it seems.

The 2019 season in Denver is an all together different time. Bronco fans can look forward to Joe Flacco tossing the pigskin and bringing a winning pathos back to Denver. Just as Elwood set up Vance Joseph for success, Joe Flacco is joining a team that will be tailor made to his abilities.

Denver fans are focused on Flacco. He is a proven entity with all the bells and whistles. We are not focused on Drew Lock. He may not even be able to compete with Kevin Hogan and Garrett Grayson. He could just be practice squad fodder of a camp arm. It happens more often than not.

The good news is that Joe Flacco is not done yet. Not by a long shot. He will step up to the plate hard in Denver. At a minimum, he will make us forget about the last three years. Instead of the Bronco Monday malaise at Aunt Alice’s kitchen, we will hear, ” Big Joe is killing it,” as we shovel that last juicy piece of A1 steak sauce inundated medium rare beef into our mouths, tip our Bronco baseball caps, and go about our daily business with some spring in our feet.

Look forward to some epic Bronco ball this year….

All is well in Broncoville…

Colorado’s John Hickenlooper extending his lead over Jay Inslee

Former Colorado governor John Hickenlooper is climbing in the polls. While Hickenlooper is doubling his polling percentages, Jay Inslee remains stagnate at 1%.

Cory Booker, Beto ORourke, Pocahontas, and Kamala Harris all lost 2%. Bernie socialist lost 5% and Peter Buttigig, the poster boy for the LGBT movement, climbed to 8%.

John Hickenlooper besides his heinous positions on late term abortion, is probably the most level headed and electable of the bunch. It is a shame that he is not raising more money because he is the safest and sanest person in the Democrat field.

Once the debates start, expect Hickenlooper’s poll numbers to increase to the top three and then eventually win the Democrat nomination.

As far as Jay Inslee, he has yet to clear 1% via the polls, and will not be eligible for the debates.

NATIONAL POLL: Dems’ early #2020 preference:

27% @JoeBiden (28% in March)
20% @BernieSanders (25%)
8% @PeteButtigieg (<1%)
8% @KamalaHarris (10%)
6% @EWarren (8%)
4% @BetoORourke (6%)
2% @CoryBooker (5%)
2% @Hickenlooper (1%) 

“Poster boy” for LGBTQ movement polling higher than Enviro-fascist Jay Inslee

Donald Trump has created the lowest unemployment numbers for Blacks in history. Donald Trump is dealing with China’s massive GDP growth via trade sanctions to level the playing field. Donald Trump’s stock market has pumped the American 401K system to the highest point in history. Donald Trump is successfully dealing with a post Obama era continuous quantitative easing economy. The list of achievements goes on and on and on. We have never seen this level of presidential success in our life times.

The only thing that Pete Buttigeig offers as a LGBT-fascist identity politics candidate is that he prefers anal intercourse with men over the love of a beautiful woman. . His experience as a Naval Intelligence officer in a safe zone in Afghanistan is way way way overplayed. Speaking several different languages is just a side show. Moreover, a mayor of a city has never been a viable presidential candidate. How then is he polling higher than governor Jay Inslee, the psycho tax and spend enviro-fascist from hell?

It seems that the 3 top tier Democratic Socialist presidential candidates are shaping up to be Creepy Joe Biden, an old commiserative millionaire fraud socialist Bernie Sanders, and a “poster boy” for the decadent LGBTQ agenda. Wow, the priority structure of Democrats is really skewed: deep state treachery, free shit, and an all out attack on the family.

Today, our churches are being bombed and burned to the ground. Our families are under constant attack by liberal decadent factions of society. Unless we make a stand, the liberal lunatic fringe and the LGBTQ movement will be coming after our children and turning K through 12 into re-education camps for the LGBT movement. It is sad that Jay Inslee polls lower than an LGBT activist. This does not bode well for our society when an LGBT identity politics candidate has more sway than an environmentalist with state executive experience. I guess the story on Inslee is out.

I feel sorry for Jay Inslee. Then again, he cannot bad mouth the LGBT crowd that put him in the governorship!!! Aint that a bitch!!!! Otherwise, the “Gaystapo” would go after him….. What an extraordinarily excellent “Catch 22!”

Isn’t it great to read a blog that does not have to take orders from special interest?

Of course, they will call me a racist and a bigot while attempting to indoctrinate 5 year olds into the decadent sexual habits of the LGBT movement.

The latest results are based on 14,335 interviews with registered voters, collected from April 15-21 2019.


Joe Biden Former Vice President30%2

Bernie Sanders U.S. Senator24%3

Pete Buttigieg Mayor9%4

Kamala Harris U.S. Senator8%5

Elizabeth Warren U.S. Senator7%6

Beto O’Rourke Former U.S. Representative6%7

Cory Booker U.S. Senator4%8

Amy Klobuchar U.S. Senator2%

Andrew Yang Business Person2%10

Julian Castro Former Secretary, HUD1%

Tulsi Gabbard U.S. Representative1%

Kirsten Gillibrand U.S. Senator1%

John Hickenlooper Former Governor1%

Jay Inslee Governor1%

Tim Ryan U.S. Representative1%16

Steve Bullock Governor0%

John Delaney Former U.S. Representative0%

Someone else2%

Like an old dog, Bob “Watergate” Woodward is finally picking up the scent

Back during the time of the Watergate break in, the Democratic party was a completely different animal than it is today. calling one’self a Democrat in those days was not an embarrassment. Today, it is.

Bob Woodward cut his teeth on Watergate. His efforts brought the Nixon era to an abrupt end. You see, back then, it was illegal to break into a DNC head quarters. Today, the Democrats will tell you that the surveillance of Donald Trump by government entities was OK. In reality, it makes Woodward’s Watergate look like a parking ticket.

Last week, Woodward bad mouthed Trump via his latest book. This week he finally picked up the SPYGATE scent. It seems that even the liberal air head Woodward understands when something is illegal and must be exposed.

It is such a Catch 22 for Watergate Woodward. If he stays true to himself and himself, he goes full media tilt on elaborating about FISAGATE and the illegal surveillance of a presidential candidate. Even if it goes all the way to Obama. Go get em Big Bob!!!!

Jay Inslee polling at .5% among college students

It seems that Jay Inslee’s charm has gone the way of the dodo. At this juncture, Jay Inslee is like a German pilot in a burning ME109 that has to bail from the cockpit before the fighter hits the ground.

In the presidential candidate scheme of things, Jay Inslee is the bottom feeder. Out of 1000 students polled, it is not clear if Inslee received 1 or 2 votes!

Jay Inslee’s chances to even make the debates are slim to none.

Looks like Jay Inslee read my blog about solar power in Nevada.

Elijah Cummings is an embarrassment to the country

Elijah Cummings as the chairman of the Oversight Committee is a laughable embarrassment to the country.

Democrats cling to their commiserative collusion BS, racist labeling, infanticide, socialist free shit, the sky is falling, LGBT indoctrination , and open borders agenda. That is all they have to offer while Donald Trump creates millions of jobs and black unemployment is at the lowest levels in history.

Listening to Elijah Cummings and his horrendously biased,conniving, and politically inept diarrhea of the mouth is getting old as hell. Cummings has twisted the truth so many times on national TV that he is simply looked upon as a low intelligence laughable liar. In fact, Cummings is so ridden with biased contempt that he cannot be taken seriously. The reality is that Elijah Cummings should be censured because he does not actually seek truth and abuses his authority. He only uses his chairmanship of the Oversight Committee to conduct either political hit-jobs or to protect criminals. He is just a zero ethics worthless Congressman barking dog for the liberal left. If the biased nincompoop was altruistic, he would want to see the roles Obama, Lynch and Clinton played in the surveillance of Donald Trump. He would want to see how several government entities used tax payer assets to spy on a presidential candidate. Instead Cummings is beating the dead horse Mueller report. The Democrats strategy is to ride the Mueller report like a miner’s jackass through the 2020 elections while running interference for Obama, and Clinton and their heinous roles in “SPYGATE”

The Democratic Socialist party are in the fight of their lives. After winning back the House in 2018, their first 100 days under Nancy Pelosi has been a grotesque failure.

Donald Trump is not a threat to our democracy. He is fighting for our rights. Elijah Cummings is running interference for heinous levels of Democrat corruption. When the truth comes out by 2020, the Democrats will endure a Nixonian/Watergate voter backlash and lose the House and several Senate seats because of Obama’s Spygate. In an attempt to avoid the slaughter they are running a Susan Rice style Benghazi cover up propaganda campaign. They will not give up the collusion idiocy until the voters take the playbook from their cold dead political fingers.

Americans cannot believe a single word that comes out of Cummings’s lying and conniving politically biased mouth. He is a worthless politician that engages in obstruction of justice and twists the truth to meet his party’s objectives.

There was no Russian collusion. There was no obstruction of justice. There was however, illegal surveillance of a Republican presidential candidate by rogue entities in the Federal government during the Obama administration. Democrats are fighting to suppress illegal activity that makes Watergate look like a parking ticket.

Elijah Cummings is a partisan hack joke with zero credibility. He should just resign. In fact, Elijah Cummings should be forced from the chairmanship of the House Oversight Committee and censured for his role in the Russian Collusion and SPYGATE cover-up campaign. The fella brings dishonor and biased corruption to the House that Brodheads built.

Hey Elijah, was Eric Holder or Loretta Lynch the people’s lawyer, or were they corrupt ? Did Loretta Lynch engage in SPYGATE? Did she meet with Bill Clinton on the tarmac to discuss knitting? You are a hypocrite and a fraud.