Design document for garage

To :

Vale View HOA design review


Stephan Brodhead

3011 Elderberry

Concerning garage design and location

To whom it may concern,

My wife and I need to build a garage to house our tractor, attachments, trucks, lawn mower and classic 1951 Ford truck.

We have a fella scheduled to complete the house garage pad next week. He will also put new road base on the road to eliminate mud etc. We will have to put off the driveway until the garage foundation is poured because a large cement truck would crack the driveway.

The foot print of the existing house is 3800 sqft. This dimension includes the house, the attached garage, and the front and rear decks. 40% of this dimension allows for a 1500 sqft garage. I am proposing a 48 by 30 or 48 by 32 garage.

The garage as depicted below would employ the same roof structure configuration as the house when viewed from the south. The layout of the boxout would be basically opposite of the house’s stoned boxout, so it would give a nice illusion of being an extension of the house. The roof system would also incorporate a copper metal roof and the same eyebrows. The roof and gable system would also incorporate windows as well.

The stone work on the south face would be exactly like the house. The remaining sides would also be sided with stone per HOA guidelines.

The detached garage would have 2 each garage doors that face south. The dimensions of the garage doors would be 11 by 11. The inside height of the garage would be 12.5 feet.

We would like to place the garage perpendicular to the house 50 feet back from the house on the north and east side. (See site plan) This would allow us to minimize concrete work. In addition, we dont think it appropriate that the neighbor would have to see the garage doors out her view windows. Moreover, should we have to face the garage doors to the west, north or east, the cost of concrete work would be cost prohibitive. The above arrangement would not look very good and not allow us to show the matching roof detail.

The road would then continue in concrete to a 48 by 30 pad.

I understand that there are caveats related to garage door placement, however, several of the garages that have been built of late, as approved by the design committee , face the street. Several houses have garage doors that are at 45 degree angles to the street. In fact there are at least a dozen houses like that. Please allow us to place the garage doors facing the Vale View entry way. With this configuration, the detached garage doors will be at a 90 degree angle to Elderberry lane when one has transitioned the entry way road. We will also place trees on the east side of the lot.

Please consider this an appropriate design document for approval. It is just a garage. I will have to get with my engineer for a foundation plan. I will then get the appropriate truss plans. I will update the design document fully at that point. If I can get started on the permit process, I can then have the excavation and foundation done ASAP.

Here are some sharable links depicting the elevations.



It is time for Uncle Donny to stomp on some overzealous and treasonous bureaucrats

The Mueller Matrix has failed and Americans are now ready fro the red pill. In essence, Americans have overdosed on the blue pills given to us by the corrupt Democratic socialists and their liberal yellow propaganda press. We now have a high tolerance for the Blue Mueller Matrix lie, and want to see where the red pill rabbit hole actually goes. We want the real truth.

Robert Mueller played his hand and the hand of the FBI. It seems it was more about bureaucratic damage limitation versus real justice. In fact, it was simply one big propaganda scam designed to run interference for illegal deep state treachery. Stonewall Trump did not give a single inch.

Mueller doubled down on an 11 and the dealer gave him a 2. The dealer didn’t bust either. Hence, the Mueller probe lost all it’s chips, and then some. Mueller figured that he could snare Trump in process crimes and what the meaning of is is. However, unlike slick Willy, Uncle Donny would not be caught lying to the American people about a blow job from an intern in the coat closet. There would be no cigars either. Of course, Nancy Pelosi would age 5 years in a few months, and the nation would realize that Schiff and Nadler are McCarthyism style lying morons.

With no evidence of collusion or obstruction by the Trump campaign, Robert Mueller then defaulted to playing word games and orchestrating a final bluff. Word games that allowed the partisan hack idiots on Capitol hill to infer the ridiculous and engage in some sort of impeachment CPR theatrics. They breathed all their hot air and propaganda into the dead Mueller Report dummy to see if it would come alive. Even Amash ” the dick” is calling for impeachment with absolutely no evidence of collusion or obstruction by Trump.

The Democrats want to keep the Mueller Report CPR dummy alive, because they need the negative propaganda campaign to run interference for the Obama administration. It is clear that Mueller played his entire hand and now is waiting for what happens next. It is like he only has a few pawns and the King left on the board, and Trump has almost every single chess piece left. Some of Trump’s pawns were sweated in jail for their own behavior, but Trump is unscathed. Mueller and the Dems were hoping for a stalemate. They wanted Trump to move his pieces ineptly and allow for a stalemate. However, Trump never gave up any pieces or engaged in process crimes. Now he has complete control of the PR board and the Dems and the bureaucrats can only move one square at a time.

This SPYGATE fiasco makes Watergate look like a misdemeanor. It is now time for the Justice Department to get to the bottom of this illegal incident.

In the final analysis, Robert Mueller and the Dems played their entire hand and either busted or were dealt a 13. It is now time to stomp on some overzealous Bureaucrats and restore the rule of law. The Benghazi style media interference bluff has run it’s course. It is time for some payback.

In the final analysis, there is no compromising or cutting deals with an FBI that violated the 4th Amendment along political lines. Robert Mueller and his treasonous cronies must be exposed, tried, and punished for their crimes against we the people.

Trump does not need a war with Iran to win in 2020

During the 2016 Republican primary debates, Donald Trump and Rand Paul separated themselves from the neo-con candidates via their positions on Bush/Obama perpetual war. Of course we were more interested and perplexed on how Chris Christie could physically negotiate the wiping of his 0wn ass. We were amused when he dropped to his knees to fellatio the neo-cons in the crowd as well. We were unimpressed with Marco Rubio and his 90 IQ and his inept Republican version of an identity politics candidate talking tough guy. Then there was Ben Carson threatening drone strikes on the border? Of course we could not stand the snooty greater than thou entitlement demeanor of Jeb Bush and his $200 million special interest neocon donor war chest either. In fact, most Republicans hated his guts. The only sane people on the stage were Donald Trump and Rand Paul. Rand Paul was the engaged intellectual, and Donald Trump was a complete outsider.

Jeb Bush would have to be hung on the stage like a modern day Benito Mussolini. He had to be sacrificed on the Republican alter and pay for his brother’s “Mission Complete” and devastated economy. . It was clear that the Bush era was over.

Donald Trump defeating the lying, conniving and corrupt political whore Hillary Clinton would spell the end of the Clinton era. The end of the Obama era will come when FISAGATE exposes all of the Democratic Socialist treachery for the entire nation to ponder. The airtime and free press can be dominated by SPYGATE or a war with Iran that will usher in the Democratic Socialist takeover of the country. It happened when Bush 43 engaged us in perpetual war, absconded our 4th Amendment rights and expanded the surveillance state. Not to be out done, Obama then used the newly created computer surveillance industrial complex to spy on Trump. They then ate candy at McCain’s funeral. Think about that. A deep state wake.

The only thing left to see will be the ejection of dust as the political coffin lid drops on the Democratic Socialist party going into 2020. That is, if Trump keeps his anti-war shit together.

In the final analysis, Donald Trump ran on an anti perpetual war platform. He had to bring Neo-con Pence on board to satiate the military industrial complex donor list. He then increased military spending in trade for removal of troops from the Middle East. The only thing left was total removal of troops from the Middle east and Afghanistan. I guess the Pentagon is now looking for another war like Obama’s Libyan intervention stock exchange portfolio values war. Two years of “almost peace” is simply to long of a war interlude. Time to buy some military industrial complex stock for cheap and then shoot off another 10 billion in cruise missiles.

Iran has always been a pain in the ass as it relates to oil tankers in the Gulf. In previous years, it was the status quo to station the US Navy in the region. Meanwhile, the Iranians would parade around in their fast attack boats yelling Alluha Akbar. Of course, the Navy guys had them in the sites of their optics guided 30 mm gattling guns just waiting to push the button.

Hitler used a false flag incident to sell the invasion of Poland to the German people. LBJ used the false flag Gulf of Tonkin incident to sell military escalation in Vietnam to the American people. Bush 43 would use the symbol of 911 and the attack on the Twin towers by Saudi Arabians to attack Iraq. Hillary would talk Obama into attacking Libya because of a failed Libyan strike on Qaddafi in the 1990s and to take our minds off the blue cum stained dress. Jimmy Carter wore really ugly sweaters and let the Iranians play with the US via the Iran hostage affair for over 400 days. Of course, the Iranians quickly released the hostages when Reagan was elected.

Republicans hired Donald Trump because he ran on an anti-neo-con platform. If the Iranians give him a Gulf of Tonkin style incident, it will give him PR authority to apply American air power and sub launched conventional cruise missiles to lay waste to Iran’s entire military infrastructure. Realize that the US can now hit 300 different targets conventionally with just two Ohio class submarines. When all four Ohio class subs are retrofitted, that is 600 conventional cruise missile strikes. This means that all GPS mapped Iranian military and anti aircraft facilities can be targeted before the application of stealth fighter capability. Then comes the F-15s followed by a massive B-52 strike with precision guided weaponry.

Of course, in SOD Gates fashion, Trump will not be insane enough to invade Iran. He will just use Air Power and reduce Iran’s military to a few old beater Fiats with 50 caliber machine guns. So, Zarif, just keep your shit together and leave Israel alone. Oh, and you might think about cutting support to Hamas and stopping missile strikes on Israel as well. And while you are at it, get out of Syria, and leave Iraq alone too. It is just that simple you side mouth talking freak.

As far as respecting Iran? Why Zarif? yall been a bunch of assholes since the Shaw was deposed. So, go ahead and try the Trumpmeister and see what happens. He will go full Wolf Blitzer on your ass.

Trump we did not hire you to attack Iran. If you do, you are a cop -out.

Yall need to come to the table and hash things out……

Oh an by the way, it took Iran 8 years of trench warfare to finally start making military gains on Iraq during the Iran Iraq war. The US on the other hand routed Iraqi forces in a matter of weeks. We could do the same in Iran. However, we will be satisfied with just using U.S. Air Power to weaken Iran’s radical Islamic control of the country and enable revolution. Just try us!!!!! In closing, Phuck you !!!

Beto O’Rourke somewhat of a doofus

In reality, the only thing handsome Beto O’Rourke has going for him is his big mouth, majestic nose, and “Lord of the Rings elf ears.” He should complete his persona with a bow and arrow set up and a green Robin Hood hat. It would go well with his steal from the rich and give to the poor positions. Instead of running for president, he should be a character actor or a figure on a video game. As it is, he is just running around spewing gibberish. .

Pretty much everything the Democratic Socialists say is ridden with hypocrisy and severe “Catch 22s!”

In America, folks like Beto O’Rourke support injecting poison into the brain of an infant that his attempting to dilate the vagina at 9 months. In Honduras, O’Rourke wants to send more money to corrupt government officials so they can create a larger and more contemptuous police state. He thinks that families will be safer. In America, Democratic Socialists bad mouth policemen. The liberal yellow press was so hell bent on casting policemen as bad people that young Hispanic policewomen with children were gunned down on the streets as a result of the massive propaganda campaign. Hence, it is such a catch 22 for O’Rourke to support families, children and police in South America while supporting wholesale infanticide and cop execution here in the US.

The best thing for South American countries is the creation of a manufacturing base. The best thing for Central American families is the multiplier effect and capitalism. Instead of trending towards a Monrovia, Liberia or Venezuelan socialist ghetto style economies, Central American countries could emulate the Chilean political and economic model. . Of course, Beto O’Rourke is a globalist that supports devalued currency and China dominance on the world stage. He knows little about the greater world. His economic idealism defaults to a socialist police state and more government. The same gun confiscation socialism that plagues Venezuela where government troops run over the citizens with armored cars.

Obama took the expansion of the computer surveillance industrial complex and the Bush police state to the next level when he spied on the Trump campaign using government assets.

It comes down to the culture of the country. Vietnam found a way to regain a manufacturing base and reached out to the world. North Korea is still in a paranoid isolation mode even though the South competes hardcore on the international stage.

Many of the Central American countries simply do not have the culture to create economy and provide for themselves. It will take the combined effort of education, and the creation of a manufacturing base in order to create middle class economics. Until that situation occurs, America will have to build a border wall and control legal and illegal immigration . America is not a normalized vent for failed Central American societies.

Unlike in the US, Hispanic Catholics are not fixated on baby killing and the gender indoctrination of 5 year olds. In Brazil, three million live in card board boxes on the side of a hill. All they care about is where the next meal will come from and if the feces flows down hill.

The greatness of America is in it’s ability to create and maintain a massive and educated middle class. Our greatness is in our innovation and an education and vocational education system that supports entrepreneurship and job creation. Our greatness is in limited government and limited taxation. A middle class that allows opportunity for achievement, and security. Environments that facilitate the raising of strong families. That is what makes America great.

That is if the baby makes to see the light of day.

The bottom line is that Beto is a cheer leader for illegal immigration. He also supports circumventing the electoral college. He will destroy US sovereignty just to be elected. That makes him a traitor and an enemy of the United States. He should move to Caracas.

The Democrats perpetual FISAGATE cover up

The gig is up. Everyone knows that the Democrats are in a fight for their own survival heading into 2020. Pelosi and her entire party is going down the political toilette.

Today, the fake news agenda has become a full-on Yellow press backed Joseph Goebbels style propaganda campaign. Today, our so-called representatives and leaders are so bold as to basically state lies and accusations that are opposite of truth. The Yellow press then attempts to carry the lie across the finish line. The FISAGATE cover-up utilizes the same basic game plan as Benghazi. Lie , lie lie, and deny, deny, deny!!!

Joseph Goebbels was quite good at telling the big lie. Even when the Panzer tanks were frozen to the earth, and 90,000 German Soldiers in the 6th Army were freezing and starving, Joseph Goebbels would declare victory. All the while, German transport planes could only deliver small amounts of food,condoms, and liqueur. Today, here in America, the liberal yellow press is much like the state run NAZI media of the 1930s and 1940s.

Donald Trump is a know quantity. He has been in front of the media since he graduated college. He learned early on how to manipulate the media and media outcomes. He is a master at playing the media. He is a master at creating allusion , and buying low and selling high. Trump bought the Meuller report at a low cost, however, the Democrats will pay dearly for the FISAGATE investigation that will follow. While he has had many financial failings, he brought a superb finesse to management of the economy stupid. Today, the 401Ks of Americans are bloating.

As known American quantity, Donald Trump is not stupid enough to engage in Russian collusion. Only stupid people believed the big lie. The assertion that he did, is simply a propaganda campaign to run interference and cover up for FISAGATE. Of course, Nancy Pelosi states the complete opposite of reality. She says Donald Trump covered up Russian collusion and obstruction when it is the Democrats that are currently engaged in a massive cover up related to FISAGATE and spying on Donald Trump by the Obama administration.

In order to scare Donald Trump off the SPYGATE scent track, Pelosi and her dingbats threaten impeachment. I say go for it. Trump was found innocent via the Meuller Report. He would then be found innocent on the Senate floor even if all the Democratic Socialists in the House vote for impeachment. However, along the way, Americans would also find the truth about Obama and the current Pelosi, Schiff, and Nadler cover up related to illegal activity at the highest levels of government.

Pelosi stepped across the line when she babble “Trump cover up!” It is now time to level the dementia ridden babbling boob for the good of the country.

It is clear that the Democratic Socialist are battling for their political lives. To maintain power, they will lie through their teethes and expect the Yellow press to elevate the lies to the main stream media.

In the final analysis, Nancy Pelosi is exhausting all of her final stage political capital and dementia on running interference for the Obama administration’s historical record. Given her advanced age and inability to think coherently, she should resign from Congress. Of course, she will stay until the big lie collapses and there is only rubble left of the Democratic Socialist party’s reputation going into 2020. The so-called blue wave will be replaced by an independent wave that remembers Nixon.

The Democrats are in a Berlin bunker mentality. They have wasted all their divisions in a smoke and mirrors bizarro fake news show , and now the truth has breached the walls of the Capitol and public opinion. It is now only a matter of time before they dowse the body with gasoline and set it a fire. Of course, Schiff, Nadler, Cummings, and the lot, are basically politically dead men walking.

It is time to move the William Barr T-34 tank heavy armor division chess piece in all its glory. When the barrage is over, let us only find broken political teeth and unidentifiable dental records .

Given that liberals control all social media platforms and 90% of mainstream media, the American Democratic Socialist party and their propaganda techniques, and abuse of Congressional authority, are very closely aligned with the politics of Nazi Germany. They will cry racism when untold millions will sanction Democrats for FISAGATE and their perpetual FISAGATE cover-up campaign. It is clear that the entire event was an orchestrated game plan and mirrors Nixon’s Watergate timeline. It stinks of Hillary Clinton and Obama. Time for a reckoning.

Image result for hillary clinton watergate

Adam Schifty Schiff pivoting to obstruction

It simply boggles the mind. Adam Schiff beat the Meuller Report for two years in order to elevate his status as a TDS ridden bureaucratic socialist moron. The dude drank from the political well of fake Russian collusion. Even though the Meuller Report was based on a Clinton produced opposition research Steele Dossier scam, Adam Schiff was all in. Of course now, he wants to see Trump’s tax returns. In addition, Schiff is crying obstruction and process related crimes related to the Meuller Report. Schiff abused his chairmanship of the House Intelligence Committee. He should be forced to resign because we cannot trust him to act accordingly as it relates to Iran and our foreign relations. He fully politicized his position on the committee and leaked intelligence, hence, he is a liability to our national security.

Oh , on another note there percy lips, Trump stomped on you during the first round. We can also see how your low level mentally processes are pivoting to other things now that your credibility is shitting the bed. Adam you are an idiot and are not an authority on illegal immigration or our foreign affairs with Iran. You are the percy lipped fraud that cried Russian collusion. You were an intricate part of an attempted Democratic Socialist coup d, etat. You suck!!!

Meanwhile, Nadler is now abusing the his chairmanship of the House Judiciary Committee . Instead of welcoming a FISAGATE investigation and bringing to justice those that abused the Patriot Act along political lines, Congressman Nadler is attacking Bill Barr instead. he did not attack Loretta Lynch, so that makes him a partisan hack fraud.

Kirsten Gillibrand proves that she is mentally incompetent on Face the Nation.

Kirsten Gillibrand was a Hillary Clinton protege that was handed her senate seat on a platter. She was given the seat based on her natural selection index. The selection was in the same vain as the Clinton 60 minutes interview after the Superbowl, where Hillary sported a hair band and bobby sox while defending her husband’s serial sexcapades and copious affairs. I guess they figured that if a person wants to have sex with a candidate like Gillibrand, they will vote for her. That may have worked in liberal New York, but the rest of the country thinks otherwise. Maybe 2 in 100 liberals support her. While the low intelligence senator is a raving and physically fit blonde beauty, she is unable to think things through. In fact she is “La gaffe machina!”

Gillibrand should quit while she is a head. Just as New Yorkers have turned against AOC because of her demonstrative stupidity, Kirsten may want to preserve the current delusion of intelligence that her current public relations persona relies on for political survival. Otherwise, she will find herself polling at 22% as well.

Margaret went really light on Gillibrand. Even then, Kirsten exposed herself as a real stupid presidential candidate. It was laughable. Some would want to engage in a college one night stand with her, but giving here the reigns of the presidency is all together a different story. We simply cannot allow the stupid blonde anywhere near the White house.

Margaret has gone toe to toe with logical and critical thinking skill titans like Pence, Trump, and Gates. She put on the kid gloves with Gillibrand and the blonde acquitted herself as a full on political dipshit.

Per her interview with Margaret Brennan of Face the Nation, Gillibrand would have completely open borders, and no detention for captured illegals. In other words, Gillibrand would eliminate border enforcement in favor of a rampant illegal invasion. To Gillibrand, the concept of a national sovereignty is not part of her dialogue.

Kirsten Gillibrand is the dumb blonde of presidential candidates. If one views the tweeted interview below in full context, one can only come to a conclusion that Gillibrand is a dim wit. Her conclusions and positions are void of even the most basic common sense based premises. She could have employed Hillary Clinton’s fake southern accent or Michigan draw or wore a hair band.

As far as a Republican war on women, it is the Democratic Socialists that want biological males with fake tits, and a penis the right to compete with female athletes in every venue. It is the Democratic Socialists that have elevated the LGBT movement above the sanctity of child bearing womanhood. It is Kirsten that supports poisoning the brains of a 9 month old female fetus when it is still in the womb. Then if the female fetus makes it passed the walls of the womb and sees the light of day, Kirsten is all in as it relates to gender pronouns, and LGBT indoctrination. Hence the Democratic Socialist war on women, babies, and children is what Kirsten stands for. To her an illegal that walks across the border and dilates at an American hospital has more right to life in this country than the innocent beating hearts of the legal unborn.

She is a fraud. The biggest insult is that the dumb blonde does not know the difference between a legal immigrant that stands in line and an illegal MS-13 gang member that kills a senior citizen for a few bucks. . She does not reflect the values of our “Melting Pot Nationalist” pride and support of the rule of law. .

Fixing the border issue includes the following: Changing detention laws, adding judges, building the wall, adding border enforcement agents, and detaining illegals at abandoned military bases. We also must look at at amnesty for DACA children. As a Christian nation, we do not punish children for the sins of the father. In fact, most DACA children have only learned American history and are fully assimilated to the American dream.

Then again, we might consider another Ellis Island/Gitmo model where folks captured crossing the border can either get a plane ticket by choice to their home of origin or a trip to a main detention facility at an abandoned military base that has infrastructure and secure space for FEMA trailers and portable buildings. Of course remote locations would only be used for violent illegals and coyotes that have been caught crossing the border twice.

Lackland Air Force Base has copious abandoned training dormitories and chow facilities along with adequate space for temporary shelters. I told you this a year ago.

Air assets must be used at a minimum in favor of a busing system to a central location on Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and california. This problem will last forever. Might as well invest in very human infrastructure. We must avoid Franklin Delano Roosevelt Manzanar style concentration camps, however. We van leave that to the Democrats Socialists.

Kirsten, you should quit while you are ahead. I mean damn!!!!!

Margaret Brennan engages Robert Gates

It is always refreshing to hear Robert Gates expand on our current affairs. It was Robert Gates that took over for Donald Rumsfeld as Secretary of Defense. All of the shock and “awe shit” catalog was basically dumped on Gate’s desk. He would be tasked with dealing with George Bush and Barack Obama’s special interest perpetual war agenda.

The polished and intelligent dude was able to successfully bridge the gap between George W. Bush and the closet war monger that doubled down on all things Bush. Well, not all things Bush. Even though Geedub absconded the 4th Amendment, and ushered in the computer surveillance industrial complex, he did not use the Patriot Act to put a presidential candidate under surveillance. That would ultimately be left to Barack Obama and his treacherous deep state cronies. An illegal event that will have to be laid bare and prosecuted if America wants to restore the 4th Amendment and our Bill of Rights.

Of course after the Meuller Report showed zero Russian collusion, the grotesque Congressman Nadler wants to keep it alive in order to run interference for Barack Obama’s administration and its role in Spygate. As we recall, Watergate had a devastating affect on the presidency. At a minimum, the greatest legislative body must catalog history and document the Obama administration’s role in the violation of the 4th Amendment by rogue deep state entities in his administration for the Congressional record.

As a world traveler with 1.76 million miles flown as a C-141 Flight Engineer in the Air Force and Air Force Reserves, I have been to hundreds and hundreds of international cities. Some were in Arab shitholes. Others were in Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa, and the socialist countries of northern Europe. In my travels, I have noticed that Chinese products dominate the shelves. That German cookoo clock and lederhosen replaced by a Chinese clone. German hand tools that were once the pride of the German auto mechanic replaced with made in China.

The Chinese were the folks that employed 10,000 peasant workers with picks and shovels to build airfields for the Flying Tigers. Today, in many areas of China, workers basically work for what would amount to 3 bowls of rice and a shitty little apartment. The Chinese have pegged their monetary evaluation at 15% compared to the American dollar. For years, the American workers and all G20 nations have had to compete with an 8 to 1 worker ratio. It is clear that China will not accept a level playing field. In fact, China relies on a combination of state run economy and artificially devalued currency. So, while their economy continues to grow, the rest of the world’s economy stagnates.

It does not help that the American education system caters to the liberal arts stoner degree while passing on massive student loan debt. Instead of pushing a technology and clean energy agenda, school systems are fixated on liberal indoctrination, gender pronouns, and allowing dudes with razor stubble and fake tits to use the little girls room. Then again, China’s labor camp wages are conducive to cheap products for stoners and their penchant for $1100 I-phones. Of course, they will blame Trump because their liberal arts degree is worth less than waiting tables at a low end spaghetti factory eatery.

China will eventually build a massive military and a massive manufacturing base off of devalued currency. They will become the arsenal of communism with every single citizen under constant surveillance. Even now, China has 3 million Muslims in concentration camps. This could be compared to Hitler’s Germany and Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Japanese internment camps. Why is it that democrats, socialists and communist have traditionally been totalitarian assholes?

Donald Trump is re-introducing a level laying field.

As far as North Korea, Robert, we must slow walk the negotiations. We must be both patient with China tariffs and North Korean sanctions. As far as Iran and carriers in the Persian Gulf, that used to be a policy before Geedub and his Mission Complete BS. Iran used to routinely threaten the oil shipping lanes. Iran must withdraw from Syria and stop harassing Israel. America is ready for an Iran that welcomes peace and prosperity. It is up to them.

Let us stay the course shall we! North Korea must commit to reducing it’s nuclear aggression and Iran must stop as well. North Korea must work towards demilitarization and Korean reunification. However, Kim Jog un is a coward. Slow walking Kim Jong Un will lead to a revolution in North Korea. It is just a matter of time before his military turns on him.

Margaret, this was the best show of the year. Robert Gates is an engaged common sense titan and you really acquitted yourself well…. Even Glasser and Yakisoba did a good job this week…

Gates is a foreign relations stud.

I guess it is time to abandon the non value adding liberal airhead freaks in favor of moderates that present both sides of the argument void of TDS. Nice!! Good show….

Jay Inslee polling at zero in New Hampshire

The Brodheads settled in New Hampshire in 1800. John Brodhead would be credited for bringing Methodism to New Hampshire. He would hold the same Congressional seat that Franklin Pierce held. John’s son Thornton Fleming Brodhead would marry into the Pierce family and then move to Detroit. Franklin Pierce and his cousin Thornton would serve together during the Mexican American war.

John Brodhead was a Methodist minister.

Today, every candidate for presidential office must make the obligatory rounds to New Hampshire. Part of the drill is to campaign at Weirs beach and the Methodist circle on lake Winnipesaukee . Been there done that with Duncan Hunter. We polled higher in New Hampshire in 2008 than Inslee. Of course John Brodhead had copious to do with the creation of Methodist dominated politics.

I met Marsha Blackburn at an event in New Hampshire. I also met Tom Tancredo, Romney, and Huckabee.

My dad used to swim off the pier at Weirs during WWII when he was 15 years old. Another treat was riding on the Mount Washington and skiing the Belknaps. My uncle would have a cabin on Cow Island close to Romney’s place in Wolfsboro. He would break through the ice on his snowmobile. I cried like there was no tomorrow.

New Hampshire folks are the most political folks in the nation. It is a badge of honor to live in an old New England mansion that housed a former politician. New Hampshire is dotted with all manner of political clubs. They take politics seriously.

When a presidential candidate pols at zero in New Hampshire it has wide spread implications. It means that nobody likes jay Inslee’s inept and extreme political leanings. The “live free or die” state does not support Jay Inslee and his enviro-fascist tax and spend mentality. He is considered a scoundrel. I may have to write an oped.

While Jay Inslee’s pipe dream political insanity might play well in Socialist Seattle where the Marxists and antelope play, folks from New Hampshire are just a little more engaged.

Jay Inslee should fire his campaign manager for engineering such a stupid platform. There is no way in hell that Jay Inslee will get enough delegates to wipe a mouse’s ass. He is just wasting tax payer money. It would be different if he had more than a piss-ant snowflakes chance in hell. But since he doesn’t, he is simply engaging in the conditioned behavior of a delusional political narcissist. In other words, he is out of his mind.

Sorry Jay, but we dont like you in Washington state and we dont like you in New Hamsphire. You should quit while you still have a few grams left of your skewed Democratic Socialist dignity.

I should change my first name to Ichabod.

 John Brodhead

John Brodhead (New Hampshire politician)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaJump to navigationJump to searchFor other people named John Brodhead, see John Brodhead (disambiguation).

John Brodhead
Member of the U.S. House of Representatives
from New Hampshire‘s At-Large district
In office
March 4, 1829 – March 3, 1833
Preceded byIchabod Bartlett
Succeeded byBenning M. Bean
Member of the New Hampshire Senate
In office
Personal details
BornOctober 5, 1770
Lower SmithfieldPennsylvania, U.S.
DiedApril 7, 1838 (aged 67)
NewfieldsRockingham County, New Hampshire, U.S.
Resting placeLocust Cemetery
Newfields, New Hampshire
Political partyJacksonian
Spouse(s)Mary Dodge Brodhead
ChildrenDaniel Dodge Brodhead
John Montgomery Brodhead
Elizabeth Harrison Brodhead Norris
Anne Mudge Brodhead Ewens
Joseph Crawford Brodhead
Mehitabel Smith Brodhead Weeks
George Hamilton Brodhead
Mary Rebecca Brodhead Pike
Olive Brodhead
Thornton Fleming Brodhead
Josiah Adams Brodhead
Almena Cutter Brodhead.

John Brodhead (October 5, 1770 – April 7, 1838) was a Methodist minister, an American politician and a U.S. Representative from New Hampshire.


Early life[edit]

Born in Lower SmithfieldPennsylvania, Brodhead attended the common schools and Stroudsburg (Pennsylvania) Academy. He studied theology and was ordained a Methodist minister in 1794 remaining active in ministerial service for forty-four years.


Brodhead moved in 1796 to New England, where he became supervisor of Methodist societies in the Connecticut Valley. He settled in Canaan, New Hampshire, in 1801, then moved to Newfields VillageNewmarket, New Hampshire, in 1809. From 1810 to about 1823, he occupied the parsonage and preached in the parish church.[1]

A member of the New Hampshire Senate, 1817–1827, Brodhead also officiated as chaplain of the New Hampshire House of Representatives in 1825.

Elected as a Jacksonian[2] to the Twenty-first and Twenty-second Congresses, Brodhead served as United States Representative for the state of New Hampshire from March 4, 1829 – March 3, 1833.[3] He declined to be a candidate for renomination in 1832 and resumed his ministerial duties.


Brodhead died in Newfields, Rockingham County, New Hampshire, on April 7, 1838 (age 67 years, 184 days). He is interred at Locust Grove Cemetery, Newfields, New Hampshire.

Family life[edit]

On August 17, 1801 Brodhead, son of Luke and Elizabeth Harrison Brodhead, married Mary Dodge, daughter of Thomas and Ruth Giddings Dodge. They had twelve children – six sons and six daughters.[4]

The 150th anniversary of the “Golden Spike”

My Great plus Grand Uncle Senator Richard H Brodhead from Pennsylvania was married to Jefferson Davis’s niece. At the time, Jefferson Davis was the Secretary of War during the Franklin Pierce administration. Thornton Fleming Brodhead was Franklin Pierce’s cousin. Both would serve in Mexico during the Mexican American war.

Jefferson Davis was responsible for conducting the topography surveys for the transcontinental railroad routes. The slavery states wanted a southern route that allowed the expansion of slavery into Texas and other territories conquered via the Mexican American war. Northern abolitionists wanted a railroad that was farther north. They also supported the Wilmot Proviso. Legislation that banned slavery in the new territories. Jefferson Davis would conduct several survey routes.

Senator Richard H. Brodhead co authored the Topography survey bill. Simon Cameron would take his senate seat in 1857 and run for the Republican nomination. He would give Abraham Lincoln his 50 delegates. Richard and the Brodhead name would fall completely out of favor given that Richard was married to the niece of the president of the Confederacy Jefferson Davis. Richard would die a few months after Gettysburg.

Thornton Fleming Brodhead would raise the 1st Michigan Cavalry at the personal request of Abraham Lincoln. . He would be shot by Jeb Stuart’s men at the 2nd Battle of Bullrun. He would die the same day as Isaac Stevens. Isaac Stevens was the first territorial governor of Washington state. He was nominated for the job by Franklin Pierce. Senator Richard H. Brodhead would vote yeah. Stevens also served with Brodhead and Pierce in Mexico along with Grant and Robert E. Lee.

John Brodhead would hold the same seat in Congress as Franklin Pierce. He would be succeeded by Franklin Pierce and also be related via marriage to the Pierce family.

George Armstrong Custer would take command of the Michigan Cavalry. At the battle of Yellow Tavern, Sgt. Huff a member of Michigan cavalry brigade would empty his pistol into Jeb Stuart. At Appomattox, Robert E. Lee would have to ride through the mounted ranks of the 1st Michigan Cavalry and George Armstrong Custer on his way to meet with Grant and surrender the army of Northern Virginia.

Jefferson Davis would attempt to escape to Texas. He would be caught by the Michigan cavalry brigade. He would spend two years in prison and be released May 10th 1869. The Golden spike ceremony that celebrated the completion of the railroad would be on May 10th 1869.

On May the 4th 1865, Abraham Lincoln would be buried.

Brodheads brought English speaking rule to the New World. We fought for independence, manifest destiny, and emancipation. We then topped that off by authoring epic legislation that facilitated the spanning of a continent from sea to shining sea. We were simply epic job creators that helped make America what it is today.

I would end up building my shop on a previous military road in Pierce county. A road that was previously voted on by none other than my Great uncle Richard H. Brodhead. I had no idea.

Lastly, we have either served on the floor of the House and Senate or on the battle field with every face on our American currency.

Washington during the American revolution

Lincoln on the House floor

Jackson House floor and War of 1812

Grant in Mexico and the Civil War

Hamilton Valley Forge.

Jay Inslee is a dangerous and radically disturbed tax and spend enviro-fascist moron. His policies are the policies of an ignorant fool!!!! Brodheads built this country up with support of massive infrastructure projects and the exploitation of technology. Inslee supports tearing everything down and replacing common sense transportation assets with extraordinarily un-achievable and ludicrous lala land enviro-fascist idiocy. Jay Inslee has lost his mind and must resign from his office. His political objectives are not based in reality. This makes him a crazed liability to the state of Washington. Dude you are a fool!!!!!

May the 4th be with you!