Denny Heck makes fatal political error in military dense 10th District

Congressman Denny Heck just joined the TDS ridden lunatic fringe of the Democratic Socialist party. He just called for an impeachment vote on Donald Trump. WTF? This would be considered a fatal political mistake in a military heavy district.

Then there is Susan Delbenne, the millionaire who bought her seat and won a toss up election against “Vote for Pedro!”

Ok lets get this straight , shall we? It was a large group of Clinton supporting DC entrenched bureaucrats in the FBI, and the NSA that initiated and obtained a FISA warrant in order to spy on a presidential candidate. This was a total abuse of the 4th amendment and an illegal bastardization of the Patriot Act. The Steele Dossier was Clinton opposition research. In fact, the so-called dossier, according to Dan Bongino, was written years before and then taken out of a mothball status. Hence , the dossier was a hoax from the beginning. The FBI then used the illegal FISA warrant to look into other aspects of Donald Trump’s personal life. They sweated his attorney and other folks with isolation in a prison ward to get them to roll on Donald Trump. They then accused Donald Trump of obstruction when he reminded his Lawyer about attorney client privilege.

The Mueller report found nothing.

As we recall, the head of the NSA and Obama lied to our faces about the surveillance of the American people. They , then used government assets to spy on a presidential candidate and Obama knew about it. WTF?

The FBI and Democratic Socialist operatives used the Steele Dossier hoax to obtain FISA warrants in order to spy on a law abiding private citizen.

Instead of calling for Trump’s impeachment, Denny Heck should be calling for an investigation into an event that makes “Watergate” look like a parking ticket.

Denny Heck does not support the 4th Amendment or the rule of law. He believes in justice along partisan hack lines. He should change his name to Denny Hack.

The real story is how the Clinton’s abused their status for Clinton foundation donations. The real story is the pay to play politics. The real story his how Bill Clinton was a close friend of Jeffery Epstein and flew frequently on the Lolita Express to Epstein’s private Caribbean sex Island.

The best story, Mr. Heck, will be when William Barr gets to the bottom of the Fisagate/ Spygate fiasco. According to Judicial watch, those involved with this heinously illegal activity, might go all the way to the Obama cabinet.

Lastly, Russian interference in the election happened during Barack Obama’s watch. He did nothing. It is not Donald Trump’s fault that the Russians interfered in the 2016 elections.

In the final analysis, Denny Heck is aiding and abetting those that have done great harm to our Bill of Rights. He is running interference for those that have engaged in illegal activity and dishonored our country. Denny Heck is giving aid and comfort to those that are an enemy to the rule of law, our Constitution, and the Republic. He is just a propagandist for the “Deep state.” We can not trust Denny Heck to appropriately represent Washingtonians. It is very clear that Denny Heck believes in illegal surveillance and justice along political lines. He is a traitor to “We the People!”

His days in the House are now numbered.

Elijah Cummings is a contemptuous race baiting commiserative ass

I served in the Air Force and Air Force reserves from 178 to 2006. I saw the Air Force, and specifically, the Strategic Air Command grow from a racist organization to extreme intolerance for racism. For many of us, we cherished minorities that competed everyday from content of character. Folks that worked hard and rose in the ranks without commiserating. They led by example and garnered respect because they did their best and adhered to the strong principles of positive interaction. Of course, mentor-ship is an extreme part of complete social integration. However, role models within strong family units are the foundation to strong self concepts. Generation after generation of strong families pass on good and functional relationships,interaction skills, coping skills, kinesthetic learning skills, personality, and simply a whole slew of behaviors that help create a positive individual that competes well in society.

The leader of an organization creates the tone of an organization. A good Air Force squadron commander creates a positive environment that allows everyone to successfully integrate and grow their human potential. A social laboratory where folks can hone both their professional and craftsmanship skills and interaction skills. The military transfers only the folks that have risen to a performance standard that is acceptable. Hence, other organizations grow in a positive direction and the synergy expands in a positive manner. It is called a force multiplier.

Elijah Cummings is not a role model. All he does is commiserate and run interference for the Democratic Socialist party. He is not a role model for the children of Baltimore. He may have been at one time, however, today, he is just a self absorbed power lusting Tammany Hall style political moron. His apathy for his district and fixation on race labeling and the Russian collusion hoax does nothing to elevate the community he represents. In fact, he is just a lost old dude going through the motions. He is afraid to retire and make the transition. The coward wants to basically die on the House floor like John Quincy Adams. I believe he loves this country, but his leadership is at a quality level of Adam Schiff, Maxine Waters, and that Jackson gal. It is really time for Cummings to hang it up and elevate a positive role model to his post.

Both Nancy Pelosi and Elijah Cummings are letting their districts collapse. While they are fixated on Trump collusion, people are shitting in the streets in San Francisco and setting up Pelosi villages.

I am a student of Demarcus Ware. He is a positive role model to his fans and most of all to his children. In the Air Force, this is the kind of citizen that we elevated and followed. This is the standard that we are used to. Anything less and it is just a bummer.

I learned copious from transnational analysis, Johari’s windows, Maslow, and William Glasser. I also had wonderful parents. Sadly, Baltimore and many places like it do not benefit from a strong father figure. Oh in Baltimore, the school system infrastructure is in shambles as well. meanwhile, Cummings fixates on Trump. WTF?

Baltimore would benefit from more Demarcus Wares and less Elijah Cummings. Just saying.

I need Elijah to sit down with Trump and the head of the Baltimore school system and work out a deal. Let us move on….

Oh and Brodhead was present when on the House floor when John Quincy Adams collapsed. Brodheads were Democrats since Jackson, however, today, the once great Democratic party has been absconded by race baiting idiot Marxists that fixate on division and social wedge issues. I am part of the party of Lincoln and Martin Luther King. I am a republican.

Pelosi propaganda is sinking the Democrats chances in 2020.

It is time to lower the boom on Pelosi, Cummings, Nadler, Schiff, and a whole slew of incompetent race baiting representatives that have lost touch with reality. I mean really, for the love of Pete, America has to pull the plug on these folks because they are doing a disservice to their districts.

Nancy Pelosi is 80 years old. Her mental demise is being displayed in great detail on the national stage for the entire world to see. She is having problems formulating simple speech segments. In addition, she bases her conclusions on unrelated politically expedient buzz word ramblings. Her articulation skills have become a shell of her former prowess. Instead of deep subject matter content, Americans are treated to simple regurgitated non nonsensical hogwash. We get stumbling, desperate and irrelevant compartmentalized Cliff notes gibberish from Nancy Pelosi. It is like one day she is “sun downing,” and ready for the old folks home, and the next hour, she is on an Adderall binge. It is clear that Nancy Pelosi has lost the physical and mental capability to mange a House for over 300 million people. Very soon, her obvious health distractions will exacerbate and accelerate. Nancy Pelosi’s speaker-ship of the House is a public relations disaster.

Cummings is just an old and obsolete race baiting commiserative jackass. He only represents his own lust to stay in power. His district is in shambles.

Nadler is abusing his position as the chair of the House Judicial Committee. He is more about Trump derangement Syndrome than overseeing the rule of law. Nadler has made a fool of himself on the national TV. Everyone views the partisan hack troll with contempt.

Adam Schiff is a lying and conniving limelight seeking propagandist that needs his ass kicked. he has abused his chair of the House Intelligence Committee and is viewed as an unhinged fool and an embarrassment.

The Trump witch hunt is much like the 1973 Arab- Israeli war or Yom Kippur war. Golda Meir chose not to do a pre-emptive attack on both Egypt and Syria even though they were mobilizing. This gave Egypt and Syria a strategic and tactical advantage.

Trump has allowed the Russian collusion witch hunt to go on without interference for 2 and 1/2 years. He allowed the idiots on capitol hill to spend all their ordinance on a public relations disaster. The Democratic Socialists were able to make propaganda advances into the Sinai desert of the Yellow Press. They attacked the Golan Heights as well. Now that the Mueller report has been deciphered like an enigma machine, and found to be an orchestrated and fraudulent circus, it is time for Donald Trump to take the offensive. It is time for William Barr to take a division of heavy armor and air support into all aspects of “Spygate.”

Many of the Yellow Press heavy armor divisions have been depleted. In some cases, severely depleted. CNN, for example, has been reduced to a shadow of its former existence. They say there are more prostitutes in the US than folks that watch CNN. CNN was the litmus test for the Yellow Press fake news industrial complex. It symbolized that countless millions of Americans gave up on the TDS fake news propaganda and simply walked away. Given that CNN was the liberal’s media, the exodus suggest that a massive contingent and a statistical correlation of of independents have already walked away.

Trump weathered the Democratic Socialist media propaganda onslaught. It is now time to isolate and destroy the exposed liberals on the Sinai desert of the liberal Yellow Press. It is time to pull the curtain back and expose the “Wizards of Spygate,” even if it encompasses the Obama cabinet.

Uncle Donny you have your missions orders.

Thornton Fleming Brodhead’s 1st Michigan Calvary was headed by George Armstrong Custer when it dealt the final blow to Jeb Stuart’s troops on the East cavalry field at Gettysburg. Stuart was attacking the Union center just as Pelosi is today. let us sound the bugle and charge their retreating ranks.

Jay Inslee polling at less than nothing

Jay Inslee is seeing his worst polling numbers of his campaign.

If Jay Inslee was an electrical meter, he would not be registering a single electron at this juncture. As it is, there is not enough public interest voltage for Jay Inlsee to even move the needle. In fact, Jay Inslee’s campaign puts out less wattage then a solar panel in an isolation chamber.

Jay Inslee is so delusional, he is like Adolf Hitler in his Berlin bunker. Even with Russian shells landing on the roof, Jay Inslee is still moving his vanity storm troopers around. In reality, he should be hauling the political corpse outside and torching it off with fossil fuel.

Soon, Jay Inslee, the Benito Mussolini of enviro- fascism, will be hung in the square of Washington state public opinion along with his girl friend Ferguson.

When I ran for congress in 2012, I gained less than 1% of the vote. It was a very painful affair. I was an unknown with a weird last name. Jay Inslee on the other hand is a DC entrenched former congressman and a Washington state governor. As a delusional liberal nincompoop, Jay Inlsee gets all the free press the liberal yellow press can muster. Republican candidates in Washington state get zero free press and even bonafide human interest stories are squashed if they are republican related. So, if Jay Inslee is polling at less than nothing at this stage, he is delusional and irrational to stay in the race. Then again for Inslee, it is not a race, but more like a cow turd drying and shrinking in the sun.

Jay Inslee has suffered his worst political defeat ever. It was all on the national stage. His zero percent status collapsed at the same time the green property taxes card hit Washington states’s mail boxes. Many saw another 15% increase in taxed assessed value. Hence, Washington state tax payers will pay more in 2020, and the Seattle Transportation authority (ST3) gets an automatic 15% budget increase.

In the final analysis, Jay Inslee’s extremely poor performance on the national stage could be the canary in a coal mine for the liberals here in Washington state. Jay Inslee is joined at the hip with folks like Pelosi, Nadler, Schiff, and Cummings. The entire nation saw how bad the Mueller report was, and how the Democrats played a dead hand for 3 years. It could very well be that Jay Inslee contracted a fatal political disease that he will carry back to his cronies in Olympia. As it is, he made a vulnerable fool of himself in front of the entire nation. He embarrassed Washingtonians and back stabbed Boeing as well. Then there is the immigration fiasco that Jay Inslee promoted.

Inslee got his ass kicked, and his self concept dipped into a heaping pile of steaming political dog shit. It could not happen to a more deserving Democratic Socialist taxation mad man that has had everything handed to him on a platter.

Play Pink Floyd “Time” while watching the Hitler scene with sound turned off. Start Hitler clip when Pink starts singing and kick back….

Nobody takes Jay Inslee seriously

In response to Kamala Harris calling Sleepy Joe a racist and netting 100 predatory race-baiting delegates, Jay Inslee is attempting to steal Lil Pete Buttigeig’s two delegates. Jay Inslee’s strategy was to tell everyone he would hire the flag hating TDS ridden soccer lesbian Megan Rapinoe for his cabinet. He is polling at zero, hence, he is like a penniless bum in a bar offering to buy everybody drinks. As it was, it was a pathetic attempt at serenading the LGBTQ for donation streams.

The problem with life long no account political narcissists is that they eventually lose their minds. They become delusional, self absorbed and power mad. When we add in social media, the fake news industrial complex, and leadership via polling, we understand Jay Inslee. We then only have to scratch the surface to find that Jay Inlsee has zero grasp of micro or macro economics. In fact, he maintains an unsubstantiated idiosyncratic belief in his enviro-fascist la la agenda completely void of actual data. In essence, Jay Inslee only knows how to enact parasitic taxation schemes and spend other people’s money. He knows absolutely nothing about efficient government, multiplier effect and creating private sector economy. His agenda is not based in legitimate economic principles and relies on emotional manipulation, trickery and the exploitation of lemming leftists that were conditioned via the liberal dominated education system. Folks that can be talked into $1100 I-phones every 12 months.

Jay Inslee is a student of Al Gore and Alexandria Ocassio Cortez. Jay Inslee took Al Gores taxation principles related to carbon credits and applied them to Alexandria Occasio Cortez’s extremely incompetent Green New Deal. Jay Inslee arrived at a superbly inept hybrid enviro-fascist taxation construct based on the Gore/Cortez global warming manifesto. However, instead of tax credits for planting trees, installing solar panels, and supporting new high mpg vehicle purchasing, Jay Inslee defaults to taxation torture methods for revenue streams. Torture methods that only employ enviro-fascist bureaucrats and achieve nothing save stifling the economy.

Of course, AOC is just an ex-bartender with an economics degree. Apparently, getting big tips for pouring beers swelled her self concept. We can only imagine how she showed her big tits off and leveraged drunk college boys for excessive gratuities. Of course the money came from student loans. As far as economics are concerned, she does not understand the role of the transportation industry in the world economy dating to the creation of the wheel. . This obvious and blatant oversight and misconception of economic reality makes AOC just a race-baiting and extremely ignorant political nincompoop.

Jay Inslee has done nothing positive for Washington state. All he has done is exploit the Trump economy and expand the state budget to spend Trump revenue streams. He then takes credit for the Washington state economy when all he does is fixate on every manner of inept taxation schemes. The Democratic Socialist power structure in Seattle is basically an expanded version of Cortez, Omar and Tlaib. They are all commiserative Marxists that routinely play the race baiting card while driving big business out of the state.

Republicans have always been about supporting job creation and inclusion. The Democratic Socialists under Jay Inslee are about dividing and corralling their soft in the head liberal constituent idiots along the lines of race, religion, gender dysphoria and the LGBTQ agenda.

It boggles the mind how pro- family pro- work ethic, and pro-life Catholic Hispanic can be enticed into joining the “baby killing Democratic Socialist party”

It will be interesting to see if the liberal airheads of Seattle can be talked into voting for Jay Inslee’s 3rd term when basically all the rest of the Democratic Socialists in the country have given the delusional narcissist the thumbs down.

Sure there is a carbon dioxide crisis. We must stop the deforestation of the Amazon forest and start planting trees all across the world. We must also start employing the use of solar panels and adopt zero carbon emission days. Another solution is trading in that gas guzzling SUV and driving 40 MPG cars.

Jay Inslee “less than zero” in the delegate race

The latest and greatest Democratic Socialist polls have Sleepy/Creepy Joe Biden in the lead with Pocahontas in second place. It seems that Bernie Socialist’s appeal is waning because he pays minimum wage. Of course, Kamala Harris gained 100 delegates by calling Joe Biden a racist. Today, Democrats play the racist labeling card at the drop of a hat. To them, race baiting is more important than defending the 4th Amendment.

It was Barack Obama who built the so-called cages for illegals. It seems that illegals have more right to life on American soil than the beating hearts of the legal innocent unborn. A few ” rent a child” illegals in an air conditioned building are more important than the slaughter of 650,000 unborn babies a year. A few thousand children without a tooth brush for a few days takes precedence over a 9 month old attempting to pass the walls of the vagina. One gets media coverage, and the other gets a syringe full of poison to the brain.

Democrats call the border detention facilities that Barack Obama built ” concentration camps,” while they treat newborns like the Himmler’s Shutzstaffel treated Russians.

My German Grandfather spent several months at Dachau concentration camp. He was a conservative senator in the Wiemar Republic. He would not take the oath to Hitler. The Nazi party took away his farm . My mother would live in Nuremberg close to Dachau and see the smoke from the stacks.

Alexandria Occasio Cortez is a stupid bitch.

Pete Buttigeig went from 2 delegates to zero. Seems that the Democratic Socialist delegates will pay lip service to supporting a homosexual for president for political donation streams, but that is about it.

Speaking of “less than Zero,” Jay Inslee is basically broke. He has been given a massive wave of free press only to come up with nothing. It seems that the media does not take him seriously and keeps him around for laughs.

Jay Inslee thinks he will be saved by zero. The delegate fix is in. It is highlighted in environmentalist green.

Trump needs to fire John Bolton

Donald Trump has an opportunity to de-escalate the Iranian situation. In fact, he could engineer more restrictions on the Iranian regime as it relates to nuclear material etc. However, John Bolton stands in the way.

John Bolton’s idea of foreign relations is kicking a horse with spurs while pulling back on the reigns. He offers no real Iranian foreign relations solutions or an Iranian nuclear weapons containment program short of war.

Many of us were appalled when Donald Trump brought John Bolton on as National Security Adviser. To most people, John Bolton is an unhinged pro war media moron. If it was up to John Bolton, the US would be in a full scale military conflict with Iran. In addition, we would not have made any gains with North Korea. In reality, John Bolton is a detriment to international relations.

John Bolton should be called the “National insecurity Adviser.”

Donald Trump needs a different National Security Adviser .

It is time to get rid of John Bolton.

It is an insult that he is even in the Trump cabinet.

During the 1990s, and after Desert Storm, Saddam Hussein started using aircraft assets to kill Shiite Muslims and Northern Kurds. They also gassed Kurds. The UN created the Northern and Southern No-fly zones in response. The UN also started inspecting Iraq for weapons of mass destruction. It was a cat and mouse affair, but IT actually worked. When George W. Bush engaged in regime change in Iraq, no weapons of mass destruction were ever found. No nuclear weapons material was found either.

The sanctions on Iraq and the UN inspections lasted for 10 years and actually worked. Saddam Hussein had to put a balancing act on that showed he was still the tough guy while adhering to UN sanction.

The Iranians should have learned something from how Iraq dealt with UN sanctions. I think they would conduct themselves in a much better and more transparent fashion.

Should Donald Trump shit-can John Bolton and hire a more rational National Security Adviser, we could make head way with Iran. We could also get 10 years of inspection access. Iran would have 10 years to prove that it has no intentions of building nuclear weapons. This would be 10 years of stability for Israel as well.

The US could do copious with 10 years. We could re-engine the B-52H and do a full digital upgrade to the fleet. We could build several more cruise missile subs. We could get the Long Range bomber on line. We could prepare ourselves for a massive military strike on Iran if they do not adhere to trump nuclear restrictions. As former SOD Robert Gates has said, “Anyone that wants to invade a Middle east country should have their head examined. This applies to John Bolton.

Uncle Donny I need you to hold some talks with Iran. Just as you are slow walking China, and North Korea, you could slow walk Iran in good faith. Of course, we would have to stop bad mouthing the Islamic fundamentalist control freaks. Just crack the door open.

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Trump’s Hispanic home ownership tidal wave

The Democratic Socialists and the liberal yellow press are in full on interference and propaganda mode.

When Donald Trump was elected and had complete control of the House and senate, he reduced corporate taxation and changed the Standard deduction from $12,000 per married couple to $24,000. In addition, the republican led House and Senate backed off on the elimination of Obamacare. Moreover, the insurance exchange construct remained unchanged. Hence, the Trump Standard Deduction reduced the MAGI for every single American on healthcare subsidies. The result was much lower premium costs for Hispanics on the healthcare exchanges. So, not only are Americans paying less to the IRS, they are paying way less in healthcare premium costs. Trump’s tax policy put hundreds of dollars into the pockets of minority families that make below the national mean average income of between $44,000 and $50,000.

As one consequence to the economic rebound that started in about 2014, Hispanic housing starts have skyrocketed. It then saw and uptick when Trump was elected.

The Democratic Socialist have been fixated on denying that a border crisis exists. They denied this reality for basically 2 and 1/2 years. Now they are blaming Trump for children in cages while waiving in more illegals. Even though several presidents before Trump detained illegals in border detention centers, they blame Trump for children in cages etc.

The real story is that a key demographic for the Democratic Socialists is benefiting from the Trump economy and buying houses en-masse. They are seeing that bigger monthly check and a much bigger IRS check at the end of the year if they do not abuse exemptions etc.

Trump wasn’t directing his “leave the country statement to AOC. She simply desperately played the Hispanic identity politics card and stood with Ilhan Omar because her own support level has plummeted to below 20 percent in her district. Ilhan Omar, the blatant anti-semitic race baiting Islamic zealot Congress woman’s support is at 8%.

Of course, Nancy Pelosi will condemn Donald Trump harshly as a racist for his vague tweet. As we recall, Pelosi down played Ilhan Omar’s extremely anti -semitic comments last year and didn’t even mention her name.

Meanwhile, the Hispanic community is taking advantage of the Trump economy and are seeing prosperity under Trump.

Trump will have to abscond the Hispanic environmentalist labor vote in Colorado and other areas to solidify his lead. Steal all the hens while the Democratic Socialists are fixated on a single social wedge issue. Come on now Uncle Donny…..

Trump’s comment to Ilhan Omar was not racist

Omar, Cortez and Tlaib are race baiting jew hating commiserative bitches that are an embarrassment to the country. They are an insult to the greatest legislative body in the greatest country in the world. I think their support level is at 9%. Their ignorance and verbosity are a liability to the Democratic Socialist party. They will be voted out of a job in 2020.

It was my great plus grand father Captain Daniel Brodhead of Yorkshire, England that led the British troops that disembarked Man-O-Wars and took New Amsterdam from the Dutch. New Amsterdam would be renamed New York. My Great plus grand father brought with him the British imperialist culture. The British Empire was the epicenter of white supremacy. This legacy would dominate the culture of the New world from 1664 to the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Even then, racism in this country still exists. However, great gains have been made in our society as a whole. Most Republicans adhere to Martin Luther King’s content of character. In the Air Force, most airman cheer when a minority individual competes at a positive and technically competent level void of commiseration and poor me. It is about the mission and not a person’s race or sex.

The New World was conquered and dominated by white Europeans. It was a bunch of white dudes that fought for independence. It was white guys that wrote the Declaration of Independence, The Bill of Rights and The U.S. Constitution. It was white and black Republicans that fought and died to end slavery. It was the Democrats that employed poor whites to fight for their right to own human beings.

For the most part, it was the white European that helped turn the United States of America into a great nation. For several centuries, racism dominated the culture of the US. Immigration quotas were based on color and religion. Jobs in the government were only given to whites and protestants etc. Minorities in the military were treated harshly. Our manifest destiny was populated with white Europeans. In essence national and institutionalized social engineering.

Until the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the United States of America supported institutionalized racism. Even TV programs treated minorities with contempt. Hollywood used to treat minority actors like they were ignorant fools. They presented minorities in a negative and disrespectful fashion. Alibaba was a thief. Blacks were no good and stupid. Mexicans didn’t need any stinking badges. The media fed Americans an unrelenting stream of racist garbage and conditioning. Now Hollywood calls anyone that wont vote Democratic Socialist a racist and a bigot. The liberal media is all about racist labeling and pointing the finger.

I had the opportunity to do some humanitarian missions to Somalia (Operation Provide Comfort) when I was a C-141 flight engineer in the Air Force. The entire world reached out to Somalia in order to provide food and medicine to a starving people etc. In return, they killed Americans and dragged a Marine through the streets of Mogadishu. We gave them food. They thanked us with AK47 bullets and RPGs.

Ilhan Omar comes to this country and cries racism at the drop of a hat. She also spreads a heinous brand of Jew hating rhetoric that we have not heard for a long time. The list of anti-whitey and anti-American rhetoric from this woman is long and insulting. It is like this country is not good enough for her and she holds some sort of Islamic moral high ground. It is a hybrid of anti Jew Muslim conditioning and ingrained Muslim moral superiority over the infidel. It was probably taught in the Mosques and in the home, hence, she is just a conditioned ignorant racist and bigoted religious zealot creature with very limited self management skills.

Somalia is a shit hole. Ilhan Omar came from a shithole country. If she does not like this great country, she should simply go back to Somalia and give it a try. That is not a racist comment. If she thinks this country is so bad then maybe the shit and trash strewn streets of Mogadishu will suit her better. Instead of a a nice American made toilette, she can shit on a Mogadishu special and wipe her ass with a magazine page. She could get Hep C eating the food. She could work for $200 bucks a month and have a life expectancy of 46 years. She could live in fear of being raped by a gang or her earnings stolen. Instead, Ilhan Omar makes $175,000 a year and lives in luxury paid for by American tax payers. The same tax payers she calls racist bigots.

All Ilhan Omar does is stoke racist garbage and bad mouth America and its citizenry. She should go back to Somalia so she can understand how really great America is and how great the Americans are that paved the way.

Here in America we are melting pot nationalists that defend a country that is safe to live in and raise a family. A place where we all have rights and a shot at a good life. Ilhan is part of the American clan. A clan of proud melting pot nationalists. A place where everyone is accepted if they live up to their human potential and content of character.

The Democratic Socialists seek to maintain power by stoking and corralling division and racism. They have been doing it since reconstruction.

Anyways, Seung Min Kim, you are part of the biased liberal yellow press that spews racist labeling. You are just a contemptuous ex politico nincompoop that now works for Bezos. You are no better and no worse than any of us.

Lastly, world history is a history of imperialism, war, racism, nation states, and domination. In our America, you have a fighting chance. Oh and I love Kim-she. I loved the South Korean open markets and all the awesome delights. One of my renters is from Seoul and she brings me really good food once in awhile…Love it!!!! In America, we maintain a common level of respect for all humans. Everyone has human equity until they prove otherwise. Trump has created the lowest unemployment numbers since the Vietnam war. The lowest unemployment number for blacks and Hispanics in history, yet he is still called racist.