A letter to Michael Bloomberg

Let us cut a deal, and join together in attaining a shared goal.

The million dollar investment in Jay Inslee failed in Washington state. While your intentions are altruistic, a carbon tax on Washington state citizens was defeated via the will of the people. It was the wrong approach. I represent the right approach.

As a successful creature of the private sector, you understand the power of lassez faire economics. You understand that the government should only make slight tweaks in economic policy in order direct behavior. Hence, unless you are a stupid man with 65.1 billion dollars, you probably view the New Green Deal with apprehension or outright ridicule. You probably perceive the current Democratic Socialists as a wholesale threat to our entire economy as well. Make no bones about, a Democratic Socialist takeover of the country will result in the loss of utter billions to your net worth and the collapse of the US economy. Only stupid people see it otherwise.

Please review my platform,and bio.

The Bloombergs and the Brodheads have copious in common. When you visited Dorchester heights as a child, you didn’t know that Brodheads were there protecting the “Guns of Ticonderoga” during the siege of Boston.

Brodheads led the military contingent that conquered New Amsterdam and called it New York. We used to drink Dutch swill and puke on what was once the “Wall” or Wall Street.

We defended Washington’s retreat across the East river after the Battle of Long Island. We set fires on the Manhattan side to fool Howe’s forces.

We authored the bill that funded the topography surveys that led to the transcontinental railroad and telegraph. A massive public and private works program that allowed New York merchants the logistics capability to span a continent.

Let us move forward without fear.

Let us do the right things for this country.

I need you to set up a super pac for me. You can skim some pennies off your entire portfolio and it will make zero difference to your net worth. However, your investment in me, will produce huge environmental rewards. You just have to believe. I will also require a 2019 RED Tesla Model 3 with full performance package to campaign in.

Lastly, I am a good man. I have only made a few mistakes in my life that I am ashamed of. My credit is 800 and I am a veteran as well.

Mike, you can start the ball rolling and get what you want for the environment with me. It will cost you $100,000 and a new Tesla to go along with our Chevy Volt. You could go small and just pay pal enough to finance the filing fee. But then again, you could go big, and we could achieve some common goals. It is about symbolism, history, and what is achievable.

Remember, you gave Jay Inslee $1 million to push a carbon credits scam and got zero return on investment. With me, you get a billion solar panels powering homes and cars all across the nation. Just like we brought the transcontinental railroad, I will bring you a private sector funded energy renaissance while preserving capitalism . You just have to look past my pro-life positions.

I am currently building a Colorado custom retirement home that will eventually use strictly solar power to heat and cool and charge an electric car. You could help me complete the project as well. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Please review my platform, and bio. There is only one single Stephan Andrew Brodhead on the planet, so what you see is what you get.

Please reach into the wallet or sell some stock and support me…

I am not a political beggar. I am a man of means and money as well. I want you on my team. Lets make a national dent for environmentalism. Let us team up and get the dialogue moving in the right direction and create a national consensus via role model-ship and demonstrative deeds.

Dude Inslee is polling at zero, while I am on the rise. Inslee is a carpetbagger, and Brodheads helped establish and build this country over a 350 year period. Take it or leave it!!!!

Look up “Kant’s secondary causation”

You can adhere to Hume’s position or you can adhere to Emanuel Kant’s!!!!

Stephan Andrew Brodhead


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