Adam Schifty Schiff shifts to SPYGATE declassification hypocrisy

Some on Capitol Hill have suggested that Congressman Adam Schiff leaked information to the press related to the Mueller report. For over two years, Adam Schiff abused and politicized his position as Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and fixated on Donald Trump. Even though the Mueller report had not been released, Adam Schiff continually stated unsubstantiated lies about Donald Trump. In fact for two years, Adam Schiff based all his false accusations against Trump on Mueller report leaks and fabrications. However, once the report was released, and it did not find Donald Trump guilty of anything, Adam Schiff calls foul. Of course, once Robert Mueller speaks up and gives a 10 minute speech, Adam Schiff then starts talking about impeachment again.

Both Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch were partisan hack DOJs. Everybody knows they were Obama’s personal attorneys. It was not about being non-biased attorney generals, it was about doing Obama’s bidding. Even then, the liberal yellow press said nothing.

As soon as William Barr starts talking about illegal activity related to SPYGATE and launches an investigation, Adam Schifty Schiff starts talking “national security” BS. So, according to Adam Schiff, investigating illegal activity that makes Watergate look like a traffic stop, should be limited because it is a matter of some sort of bizzaro national security issue? However, those that perpetrated the illegal acts of government surveillance are not a matter of national security? WTF??? First he leaks Mueller report BS to the liberal yellow press and then he calls a legitimate investigation into SPYGATE a matter that could affect national security. Adam Schiff wanted everything related to Trump released to the public. When it comes to releasing declassified documents related to SPYGATE however, it then becomes a national security issue. This is the most hypocritical Catch 22 that I have ever heard of. First, Schiff harvests every aspect of the Mueller Report before it is even released to run interference on SPYGATE. He then declares that declassification of information related to it could adversely effect national security?

Oh my word, Adam Schiff is a really beauty! He is more interested in running interference for illegal activity than seeking truth.

The percy lipped fraud looks alot like this other mad man. His weird stare is the same and his percy lips are the same. Both share a twisted superiority complex. Of course Holmes took it out on innocent people, while Schiff is fixated on Trump.

Check out the similarities.

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