The political climate for Jay Inslee has changed

Jay Inslee cant even qualify for a Democratic Socialist presidential debate dominated by a geriatric that does not know what day it is, and big government identity politics candidates that think everything grows on trees. Go figure!!!

For years and years, Jay Inslee could snap his fingers and the liberal establishment would roll over on their backs for the tax and spend Democratic Socialist moron. The tall and handsome side mouth talking bullshitter could manipulate those that are soft in the head. One could say that he had a high political natural selection quotient even though he is full of shit. Moreover, his perception of himself, his self concept, and his self confidence are bullet proof. That was then, this is now.

The political climate for Jay inslee has changed!

Several political truths are converging and coalescing on Jay Inslee’s reality. First off, Washingtonians are simply fed up with Jay Inslee. They are sick of the theatrics. We are sick of of the narcissism and me , me , me. We are sick of his lust for bigger and bigger state budgets and taxation. Above all, we really hate how Jay Inslee does not represents the will of the people he is supposed to serve.

Jay Inslee exploits the idiot liberals in Seattle. Just because Jay Inlsee has Democratic Socialist in front of his name, the liberals in Seattle allow him to do what ever he wants politically.

In the final analysis, Jay Inslee offers big government, big taxation, big freebies, open borders, sanctuary cities, enviro-fascism, and the government control of everything. Under his leadership, the liberals in Seattle are running big business out of town. Under his leadership, liberals are back stabbing Boeing, and attempting to push the job creating Navy out of Whidbey Island. Everything that Jay Inslee does is hostile to the tax paying citizens of Washington state. Jay Inslee is not a job creator. He is a job eliminator.

Jay Inslee is again polling at zero. Only Trudy and little Bobby ” Harry Potter” Ferguson will support him. The major polls do not even list him by name. It is time for Jay Inslee to abandon his run for the presidency. He is fighting way above his weight class, and he got dismembered. It is time he turned his attention to the Republican challengers that are in the Washington state political cage. We are frothing at the mouth and have been training for several years. We are looking for the big win and we are coming after Inslee and his boyfriend Little Bobbie “Harry potter” Ferguson. Of course we wont be running an emaciated looking ventriloquist doll dude or an extroverted lunatic this time.

Jay Inslee got “Conor McGregored’ on the national stage. It is time for him to come back to his weight class and get his ass kicked here at home.

Here we have Jay Inslee hanging out with Jeffrey Epstein’s friend Bill Clinton. Seems Mr. Bill went to Epstein’s underage sex Island on the “Lolita express.” Several times in fact. Jay Inslee likes to hang out with predatory sex offenders that are pedophiles and rapists.

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Navy veterans despise “little Bobby Ferguson”

We have lost that “loving feeling”!!!

I grew up on a Naval Base. It was called the the Hawthorne Naval ammunition Depot and was the largest depot in the USA. Before it was BRAC listed, the lawns and old brick buildings were maintained with Navy pride. In the evenings, the sound of copious water sprinklers would ease the soul. The tree lines that protected housing from strong Nevada dust storms would get irrigated on a regular bases. The large leaves of the trees would clap as one big orchestra when the wind would blow.

The little base was an oasis in the high deserts of Nevada. Sage and sand would give way to the lush greenery of freshly cut grass. The sound of 2 stroke gas powered lawn equipment was a daily occurrence.

The little town of Hawthorne, Nevada was going great guns during Vietnam as the bombs came in and went out on rail cars. However, once the war was over, the base struggled to maintain it’s relevance. It wouldn’t be long before it would be BRAC listed and then transferred to the Army. The thousands of Navy,Marines, Air Force and Army troops would become a dozen Army folks. Thousands of federal employees would lose their jobs as the base went into care takers status. The once well kept housing and lawns on the base would start a journey back into sage and sand. The town of Hawthorne would lose population and small business. The Federal housing area of Babbitt Nevada would be sold off and disappear.

Whidbey Island Naval Air Station has the opportunity to maintain relevance for the next 40 years with the F-18 Growler. However,in order for F-18 crews to maintain proficiency, they must be able to take advantage of the Olympic Peninsula for training sorties. The 6th Distinct has copious logging roads that allow for mobile radar sites. These assets can be moved around in a cat and mouse construct. The F-18 crews then must find these simulated enemy assets while on a training sortie. These training missions increase mission readiness as well as proficiency.

During war time, enemy radar sites must be identified and reduced before complete “air superiority” can be established over the battle field.

North Korea has a massive anti aircraft radar grid that supports thousands of anti aircraft missile systems. The radar allows the missile defense operator to follow and launch on an aircraft. The radar navigational command aspect then plays a secondary role as the missile acquires an infrared heat signature via I/R homing or “infrared homing.” During Vietnam, many B-52s were shot down by the Soviet made SA2 surface to air missile system. The war with Vietnam ended before the North Vietnamese could bring in the SA3 on line enmasse. . The SA3 surface to air missile system had I/R homing capability. The B-52 only had electronic countermeasures and chaf dispensing systems that could defeat radar guided weaponry. The SA3 would have devastated the B-52 . The radar aspect would bring the missile into the flight regime and the I/R capability would hone in for the kill.

The first aspect of air superiority is locating enemy radar and destroying them. To do this, the F-18 Growler crews must have countless different training sortie scenarios available to them. The Olympic peninsula mirrors the terrain of North Korea.

Instead, Washington state Attorney General Bob Ferguson is suing the Navy over noise complaints and environmental impact. Instead of allowing Bob Ferguson and Jay Inslee to sue over the F-18 and drive the military out of the Northwest, we should simply vote them out of office.

Inslee and Ferguson got to go.

Get it on!!!!

Jay Inslee at zero as Hickenlooper throws in the towel

It used to be that governors with executive experience were more qualified to be president than senators etc. Of course, that is if one was a red state governor and not a tax and spend moron governor like Jay Inlsee.

The front runner for the Democratic nomination for president is a geriatric former senator, and vice president that has been in Washington DC since 1973. The one time segregationist has become so feeble minded that he cannot accurately recall when significant events have occurred.

The rest of the Democratic Socialist field are race baiting Marxist identity politics candidates.

John Hickenlooper a former Colorado governor could not rise in the polls even though his political portfolio was more robust than most folks in the field. When he announced his bid for president, he immediately went to about 2%, however, the polling then dropped off to zero. Washington state governor Jay Inslee’s campaign has run the same course from 2% to nothing.

John Hickenlooper saw the writing on the wall, and simply went back to managing his brew pub in Denver. Unlike jay Inslee, John Hickenlooper was a creature from the private sector and not a lawyer. When Jay Inslee gets removed from office in 2020, he will spend his time watching his dog’s ass dilate for its daily walk shits. Inslee never created a business venture like Hickenlooper. He is just a carpetbagger and front man for money hungry bureaucrats that rob the public of multiplier effect. .

Jay Inslee is still thinking that he can push the nails out of his political coffin and rise in the polls. After all, Jay Inslee has had everything handed to him on a platter for his entire political career. The liberals in Seattle gave him the governorship because he had a D in front of his name. Today, however, Jay Inslee is a known quantity of taxation and heinous levels of bureaucratic spending. He has never cared about the will of the people. It is only about Jay Inslee. Jay Inslee is simply a severe narcissist personality disorder in the midst of a fall from grace. Pseudo liberals will abandon him quite soon.

The good news is that Jay Inslee will seek a third term as governor of Washington state. He is now extremely vulnerable, and has paved the way for a Republican governor.

In the final analysis, Jay Insleee took credit for the Trump economy. He then exploited the Trump economy to bloat the Washington State budget and take tens of billions of dollars from the tax paying public. In addition, he increased the state budget by 22% in just one biennium. Today, it is quite possible that the USA will enter a recession after over ten years of Stock Market growth. Should the DOW collapse, it will take the wealth effect with it. This will reduce Washington State revenue streams and recreate the state budget deficits that Christine Gregoire had to deal with. However, it will be much much worse because Jay Inlsee is a tax and spend nincompoop.

Michael Bennet spews bizzaro propaganda gibberish

So, in Michael Bennet’s bizarro world, Donald Trump is a divider?

Per Judicial Watch, Barack Obama was all in as it relates to Spygate. This is the first president to use the FBI, CIA, NSA, and Prizm to spy on a presidential campaign. The Democrats would use the Steele dossier to violate the 4th Amendment. The Democrats in Congress would push the lie for 2 1/2 years. Then when the Mueller report is totally dissected and there was zero evidence that proved Trump/Russia collusion, the Democrats still start impeachment proceedings against Trump.

The Democrats have exploited “No tragedy should go to waste” for 10 years now. Barack Obama exploited “other people’s tragedies” to place blame on Republicans. Hillary Clinton encouraged riots in Baltimore in the same week as she declared her 2016 presidential run. For over 10 years, Democrats and the liberal yellow press have been stoking division. Barack Obama divided the FBI, NSA, CIA and DOJ along partisan lines. He elevated folks that would willingly defile our Constitutional and violate the 4th Amendment. If Trump used the FBI, CIA, NSA, and the DOJ to spy on presidential candidates, he would be going to jail.

The Democratic Socialists must divide and corral their constituency during every election cycle. Today, they will probably get most of the black vote and LGBT vote, as well as the socialist deadbeat vote. However, they are fighting for the Hispanic vote. Today, legal Hispanics are seeing the highest employment rate in history. In addition, they are keeping much more of their earnings via Trump’s “Standard deduction”. The lower MAGI is making healthcare exchange policy costs much more affordable for Hispanics as well. So, under Trump, if you are a legal Hispanic, you are working, you have a couple grand more a year in your pocket , and you have extremely inexpensive health care for the family. In Michael Bennet’s Colorado, Hispanics are hard working capitalist that are employed, empowered, and actively seeking home ownership. They are very comfortable with the Trump economy and could care less about South American or Venezuelan style socialism.

The Democratic Socialists offer division, higher taxation, enviro-fascism, economic fascism, and Cuban style socialism for your children. Of course, under Democratic Socialism, the economy will collapse, and there will be a run on the stock market. All the bloated Trump 401Ks will dissolve and 80 million people will be living on social security with zero COLAs. The large revenue streams related to the strong Trump economy will become $3 trillion dollar defecits, and a “Great Depression”!

The Dayton shooter was an Antifa wannabe. The El Paso shooter adhered to every single Democratic Socialist platform issue. He is a self loathing mad man that perpetrated murder on his own accord. Republicans believe in “free will and determinism.” Democrats feel that people are basically sheep and are receptive to social environment and conditioning. While, this argument has merit in cities that are subject to institutionalized racism like Baltimore, all the Democratic Socialists offer are freebies, race baiting, and commiseration. In lieu of role-modelship that helps people better life chances, , the Democratic Socialists are simply race baiting merchants tending the flock. That is why the Democratic Socialists and the liberal yellow press constantly feed soft in the head liberals a steady diet of bizzaro propaganda.

It is “through no fault of their own” that a liberal lost their home during the sub prime mortgage crisis. It is “through no fault of their own” that they smoked weed and ran up student loan debt while earning a liberal arts degree. However, it is Trump’s fault for the behavior of a self loathing psycho that watches violent video games 8 hours a day and has zero interaction skills or coping skills? Donald Trump did not tell anyone to shoot anyone.

Nobody blamed Obama when James Holmes murdered people in an Aurora theater, however, today, the Democratic Socialists will blame Trump for a shooting in New Zealand. Then there is the old and incontinent Al Sharpton who makes a career out of racial division and hate whitey!

Sorry, Bennet , but the Democratic Socialists are the party of division. They seek to corral people like they are cattle by offering carrots, cash, and mass commiseration.

Lastly, both Hickenlooper and Michael Bennet are polling at just above zero. This strongly suggests that they have zero mandate. Hence, they cannot tell anyone what Colorado or the nation wants or does not want. In fact, nobody cares what they have to say. Going further, nobody believes their race baiting analogies that only serve to divide the country. They only represent bizzaro propaganda that defies reality. Nobody cares….

The ship has sailed on Bennet and Hickenlooper. Time to jump ship and swim back to the shores of reality.

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A letter to Michael Bloomberg

Let us cut a deal, and join together in attaining a shared goal.

The million dollar investment in Jay Inslee failed in Washington state. While your intentions are altruistic, a carbon tax on Washington state citizens was defeated via the will of the people. It was the wrong approach. I represent the right approach.

As a successful creature of the private sector, you understand the power of lassez faire economics. You understand that the government should only make slight tweaks in economic policy in order direct behavior. Hence, unless you are a stupid man with 65.1 billion dollars, you probably view the New Green Deal with apprehension or outright ridicule. You probably perceive the current Democratic Socialists as a wholesale threat to our entire economy as well. Make no bones about, a Democratic Socialist takeover of the country will result in the loss of utter billions to your net worth and the collapse of the US economy. Only stupid people see it otherwise.

Please review my platform,and bio.

The Bloombergs and the Brodheads have copious in common. When you visited Dorchester heights as a child, you didn’t know that Brodheads were there protecting the “Guns of Ticonderoga” during the siege of Boston.

Brodheads led the military contingent that conquered New Amsterdam and called it New York. We used to drink Dutch swill and puke on what was once the “Wall” or Wall Street.

We defended Washington’s retreat across the East river after the Battle of Long Island. We set fires on the Manhattan side to fool Howe’s forces.

We authored the bill that funded the topography surveys that led to the transcontinental railroad and telegraph. A massive public and private works program that allowed New York merchants the logistics capability to span a continent.

Let us move forward without fear.

Let us do the right things for this country.

I need you to set up a super pac for me. You can skim some pennies off your entire portfolio and it will make zero difference to your net worth. However, your investment in me, will produce huge environmental rewards. You just have to believe. I will also require a 2019 RED Tesla Model 3 with full performance package to campaign in.

Lastly, I am a good man. I have only made a few mistakes in my life that I am ashamed of. My credit is 800 and I am a veteran as well.

Mike, you can start the ball rolling and get what you want for the environment with me. It will cost you $100,000 and a new Tesla to go along with our Chevy Volt. You could go small and just pay pal enough to finance the filing fee. But then again, you could go big, and we could achieve some common goals. It is about symbolism, history, and what is achievable.

Remember, you gave Jay Inslee $1 million to push a carbon credits scam and got zero return on investment. With me, you get a billion solar panels powering homes and cars all across the nation. Just like we brought the transcontinental railroad, I will bring you a private sector funded energy renaissance while preserving capitalism . You just have to look past my pro-life positions.

I am currently building a Colorado custom retirement home that will eventually use strictly solar power to heat and cool and charge an electric car. You could help me complete the project as well. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Please review my platform, and bio. There is only one single Stephan Andrew Brodhead on the planet, so what you see is what you get.

Please reach into the wallet or sell some stock and support me…

I am not a political beggar. I am a man of means and money as well. I want you on my team. Lets make a national dent for environmentalism. Let us team up and get the dialogue moving in the right direction and create a national consensus via role model-ship and demonstrative deeds.

Dude Inslee is polling at zero, while I am on the rise. Inslee is a carpetbagger, and Brodheads helped establish and build this country over a 350 year period. Take it or leave it!!!!

Look up “Kant’s secondary causation”

You can adhere to Hume’s position or you can adhere to Emanuel Kant’s!!!!

Stephan Andrew Brodhead

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Bill 460 of 647,

The 2019 Denver Broncos are bad ass

It took Jay Cutler several years to finally exact some sort of revenge on the Denver Broncos. He finally beat St. Joseph’s mentally depleted 6 and 10 Broncos team at the end of his career in the NFL. Paxton lynch would exact a load of revenge against Elwood during his first preseason game as a Seahawk. Enough said. Who cares?

Fangio actually uses preseason to evaluate players. he actually gives players the opportunity to prove themselves.

We learned copious about the 2019 Bronco depth. We learned that the Bronco D is a Superbowl D with a stacked secondary and a brutal front line. We also learned that the new linebacker squad will make us forget about the previous folks.

Elwood’s D line is back and they are pissed off.

The Denver offensive line has made extreme gains over last year. “The Munchack line” is formidable. It was also quite obvious that Noah Fant is the real deal. He plays much bigger than his weight.

Meanwhile, DK Metcalf was neutralized. Seems Noah Fant was a good decision.

Elwood’s running-back corps is like a candy store. Denver has never had such a massive cadre of running-backs to chose from. There will be some hard decisions when choosing who stays, who goes, and who ends up on the practice squad. The Denver Broncos were serviceable with Lindsay, Freeman and Booker. Now they have the task of figuring out who fills out the Denver running game the best. Currently, they are top heavy. My money is on Williams and Riddick making the squad. We saw how an appropriately used David Williams can be an asset.

Elwood will have to think really hard before offing Booker. He is a 5 or 6 yard per carry back that has not arrived at his full potential.

Freeman will eclipse Lindsay in his performance this year. Then there is the possibility of the undersized Lindsay getting injured.

Flacco drove down the field on his first attempt and Mcmanus was Elamesque.

There is a different stallion in Denver this year….. In fact, the Denver Broncos are stacked at every single position.

The St. Joseph era is a think of the past. Things will now heat up. Expect an extreme rubber band effect as the Broncos start kicking some ass.

Good job Elwood!!!!!!

2019 is going to be fun..

All is well in Broncoville!!!!

Jay Inslee a national embarrassment

As we recall, it was Barack Obama that stated “No tragedy should go to waste!” From that day on, the Democrats attempted to harvest every single white perpetrated incident against people of color for political gain. In essence, every white person that did something wrong was considered a Tea Party or Republican conservative. There was Gabriel Giffords and the Ferguson riots and so on. The list is massive. The Democrats were quick to judge George Zimmerman as a Republican racist. The liberal yellow press and Obama pulled the trigger a bit too quickly without vetting Zimmerman appropriately, because he was a Hispanic Democrat that voted for Obama.

Today, the Democrats have continued to go down the racist labeling toilette. Donald Trump was blamed for a mass murder in New Zealand. Just the other day, he was blamed for a mass shooting in El Paso and Dayton. However, the race baiting left was quick to label the shooters as Republican leaning white supremacists. In reality, the El Paso shooter was an extreme leftist that supported Democratic Socialist campaign propaganda. The Dayton shooter is being called the first Antifa mass murderer.

The entire field of Democratic Socialist candidates are harvesting the El Paso and Dayton tragedies for political gain and fund raising. They have even gone so far as to blame a sitting president for the murders, even though it is the liberal yellow press and the Democratic Socialists that are spreading the hate whitey gibberish. In fact, the liberal left has engaged in an extremely negative propaganda campaign since Donald Trump was elected. Donald Trump tweeted a few things about Ilhan Omar, but the liberal yellow press has turned Trump Derangement Syndrome into a a leviathan industry of racist and bigotry labeling. 90% of the media fixates on race baiting.

At this juncture, Jay Inslee has become a nasty big mouth for the liberal left. He is a political mut mix of Primila Jayapal, Kshama Suwant, Alexandria Occasio Cortez, Al Sharpton, Benito Musolini, Al Gore, and Karl Marx. In other words, he is a race baiting commiserative ass. If Inslee is not calling Washingtonians white nationalists, he is lying through his teeth about his accomplishments.

Inslee made a fatal political error when he decided to run for president. He would fall quickly below 2% and the big pocket donors like Steyer and Bloomberg abandoned him. Now he is languishing at less than zero. Jay Inslee is getting copious free press from every single liberal network yet he cannot move the needle. Washingtonians are now embarrassed as Inslee’s vanity and judgement are becoming suspect.

It wont belong before Jay Inslee’s political career is hung in the square by its heels for all to see. He has been exposed completely. Washingtonians understand that Inslee is consumed with extreme aspects of a severe Narcissistic Personality disorder. Under these circumstances, a likable Dino Rossi style Republican candidate would win the Washington executive. Washingtonians are turned off by the insanity and race baiting of the liberal left. We can see it in the Seattle city council races.

Jay Inslee’s post debate bounce rolls into the gutter

You can see it in his face, eyes and demeanor. Even Jay Inslee knows that his candidate for president is an irrecoverable embarrassment to himself and Washingtonians. .

Today’s performance by President Trump was an embarrassing attempt to avoid responsibility for his own actions.” Inslee said in a statement released by his campaign.  “It’s time for Donald Trump to take ownership for his encouragement of hate and violence in America. From hateful chants at his rallies, to racist tweets, to praise for white nationalists, this president has done more to divide the United States than any leader in modern history.”

Of course, Jay Inslee does not even consider Obama stating that “if he had a son, he would look like Trayvon Martin.” Inslee does not acknowledge the fact that the Democratic Socialist party survives on sparking , cultivating, corralling, and maintaining racial division. In truth, today’s focus on the term “white nationalist” is just a continuation of your standard race baiting Democratic Socialist rhetoric.

Never mind that the El Paso shooter was a severe self loathing socialist and an enviro-fascist in the political mold of Jay Inslee. Never mind that the Dayton shooter was the first wholesale Antifa mass murderer.

Jay Inslee is not only a soft in the head Green New Deal enviro-fascist nincompoop that worships AOC, he is a loose lipped and irrational Al Sharpton wannabe.

Jay Inslee is a demonstrative extremist in every regard. He believes in extreme taxation measures, fee scams and outright swindle as it relates to the Washington state tax payer. The Washington voter can vote a tax measure or swindle down a half dozen times and Jay Inslee will attempt to push it through his democratically controlled legislature. They care little about the actual will of the people. To Inslee, “the end justified the means,” even if the end is simply irrational and unproven hog wash. In lieu of achievable carbon reduction milestones that are in harmony with our industrial model, Inslee is all about un-achievable and irrational extremes that only stupid and penniless Seattle liberals will believe.

It is time for Washingtonians to take ownership of the fact that Jay Inslee is a self serving extremist moron that needs to be put out of his political misery. !

Jay Inslee’s latest post debate bounce was more like a dog’s ball rolling into the gutter. All of the major polls do not even call out his name. It is quite easy to infer from his 0.0 support level that “nobody likes Jay Inslee!”

When Jay Inslee called Donald Trump a white nationalist, he crossed the line. He defined himself as a divisive fool and an Al Sharpton protege that will play the race card to elevate his status. In doing so, he labeled millions of Washingtonians as white nationalists. He proved that he is the supreme leader of the liberal gutter politics of Seattle.

It is time to dump the Jay Inslee political corpse into the hole along with all the Democratic Socialists that do his taxation bidding. We need a Republican governor that supports the will of the people, reduces taxation and bureaucracy, and supports the Electoral college. Jay Inslee represents the most extremist political positions in the country and is a danger to the melting pot and our cherished form of government.

Jay Inslee calls Trump a white nationalist as his campaign shits the bed

In the above picture, Jay Inslee looks like he just shit his drawers. A precursor shit before his campaign shits the bed.

Jay Inslee has adopted the Evergreen College method of “white shaming.” If one does not vote the Democratic Socialist party line, then one is considered a white nationalist. Jay Inslee feels that all Washington voters whether they be independent, libertarian or Republican, are white nationalists if they do not vote for Democratic Socialism. It is an attempt to shame the weak minded into joining the Inslee ranks so the labeling does not apply to them. The rational is if one votes Democratic Socialist, then one is cleansed of all racist sin etc. In lieu of being baptized in the name of Jesus, one is saved and absolved of sin via the politburo. We saw the same method used during the Obama era.

As it is, Jay Inslee and the Democratic Socialist presidential candidates are basing their entire campaigns on free shit and race baiting. They depend on ignorance to carry the lies and propaganda across the finish line.

Jay Inslee is a real piece of work. The incompetent narcissist is basically polling at nothing. In order to elevate his status, he flings insults at the President of the United States. Jay Inslee is actively calling Donald Trump a white nationalist. hence , he is calling all Trump supporters white nationalists. That means over half of Washington state are white nationalists according to Inslee.

While Jay Inslee is a cash sucking bureaucratic moron, Donald Trump employs about 22,000 people. Most of these individuals are minorities. We can then throw in the Trump tax cuts and $24,000 standard deduction. Taxation reforms that put a couple of thousand of dollars into the pockets of hardworking legal immigrants. These tax cuts also lowered healthcare exchange policy costs. In some cases, folks are paying hundreds less per month for health care when the subsidies are factored in. We must then consider the lowest unemployment for minorities in pretty much history. Jay Inslee, on the other hand, only knows how to tax hardworking Washingtonians and create more levels of State bureaucracy.

Jay Inslee leaves out a few inconvenient truths about the shooters in El paso and Dayton. One of the shooters was a Jay Inslee style full on socialist. The other was a Democrat. In their sickening manifestos and social media gibberish, we found that one believed in universal income, universal healthcare, and several items on the Democratic Socialist freebie bribe list. In other words, they were more closely aligned with Jay Inslee’s Democratic Socialist party and Antifa than Trump’s 60 million voter base. Hence, these nut case killers were and are Democratic Socialist white nationalists. In fact, they are not Trump Republicans in any regard whatsoever.

Most Americans are melting pot nationalists. Donald Trump could be considered a melting pot nationalist. He employs legal immigrants and hung out with several black celebrities like Al Sharpton, and Jessie Jackson. He was only determined to be a racist when he won the presidency. The racist labeling was simply an extension of what the media started when Obama was elected. One was considered a racist if one did not support big government or the Obama tax and spend control agenda.

Jay Inslee has no shame. He is now flinging insults in order to elevate his status via negativity.

Donald Trump is not a white nationalist or a racist.

Jay lnslee however, is a self absorbed racist labeling narcissist and an enviro-fascist moron. He does not represent or govern hard working Washingtonians. He only abuses people and raises taxation levels on low income hardworking families.

Jay Inslee isn’t a nationalist either. His is an open borders/ sanctuary city supporting globalist. One could say that he is a tax and spend anti American open borders enviro-fascist Democratic Socialist bureaucratic race baiting garbage mouth.

Jay Inslee is jealous that Donald Trump defeated both the Bush and Clinton dynasties along with the deep state, and Jay, himself, cant get one single drunk on Las Vegas BLVD to support his presidential bid. That makes Jay Inslee a really soar loser.

It is time to go on the offensive and rid the Washington State governorship of this quack. We can no longer afford this white globalist in the governor’s mansion.

Jay Inslee “Fear and loathing in Las Vegas!”

Jay Inslee’s campaign for president is basically on a cold slab in the morgue. He flat lined several weeks ago. The sheet was draped over the campaign and his foot was tagged. At this juncture, we are waiting for the campaign to be shoved into the stainless steel body vault. Alas, Jay Inslee will not go quietly into the bright light of presidential aspiration obsolescence. He thinks that the heat of the Las Vegas sun will heat up the campaign corps and ease the rigor mortis of his un-likability factor..

If Jay Inslee is lucky, his round-table discussions in Nevada will net maybe a dozen people each. He will also gather zero campaign contributions because his campaign is dead. The Nevada Dems will simply hide the yawns and drink copious shitty coffee and wait for I-15 traffic to die down.

While Jay Inslee is the tax and spend moron governor from hell, Brodheads did copious in Nevada. We voted on and funded the Fremont/ Carson expeditions . We voted yea to the creation of the Utah territory. We authored the Senate bill that funded the topography survey for the transcontinental railroad. We funded the creation of the first telegraph across Nevada. We also brought the mail service before the Pony Express. Copious military roads were funded to include the updating of the Mormon trail that extends from Salt lake City to California. The road goes right through Las Vegas. A place where Jay Inslee’s presidential campaign corpse is decomposing in the sun.

Thornton Fleming Brodhead would serve with Jesse Lee Reno in Mexico.

I grew up in Nevada and was weened on Nevada conservative politics. We learned what a good horse was. We learned to say things like they actually are. I can say that Nevadans simply do not like Inslee’s kind. We know he is just a carpet bagger that shows up when all the hard work is done.

Jay Inslee should simply put all his campaign money on 13 black in a stinking Nevada Casino. he would have a better chance at winning on the roulette table than achieving a 1% support level.

In essence, Jay Inslee is shitting in the tub after a peyote bender.

My uncle Doug would fly the Boeing B-29 over Groom lake nuclear tests while reporters filmed the nuclear explosions. He would fly the Boeing B-52 loaded with Nukes along the Russian border during the Cold War. He would die young at the Spokane VA center.

Meanwhile, My friends the Sheahans are getting their Groom mine taken via eminent domain.

My Uncle Mike would see the ruins of Hiroshima before heading to Korea and being taken prisoner by the North Koreans during the Korean conflict. He was a Marine and lied about his age of 16.

Nobody likes Jay Inslee in Nevada….