Being eco-friendly makes sense

When a Chevy Volt went on sale at Evergreen Chevrolet, I could not pass it up. I had been quite impressed with new battery technology and pondered the building of an electric VW bug.

The newest lithium ion batteries are half the weight of a lead acid battery and can be depleted to 20% of charge. In fact, a lithium Ion batteries can maintain their rated voltage until they have depleted their storage capacity to 20%. Lead acid batteries lose rated voltage at 50% or sooner. This means that an LI battery can use 80% of its storage capacity for power while the Lead acid battery is lucky to be able to use 50%. So an LI battery bank that weighs equal to a lead acid battery bank can propel a car over twice as far.

The battery bank in a Chevy Volt will allow the vehicle to go 53 miles on a charge. Most people never drive 53 miles a day. The Volt can be charged to 100% from home every single day. The batteries will last over 3000 cycles.

When we add a solar panel array to the equation, one can drive a Chevy Volt for free. The money one saves can be allotted to better nutrition or to pay bills. We also cut our pollution foot print down as well. I also have a 2017 Ford F350 power-stroke diesel truck. It gets bad fuel mileage. However if we average the Volt and the Ford truck fuel mileage together, we get and average of 64 miles per gallon. This means that our family’s collective carbon footprint is about 1/3 of what it was before purchasing the Volt.

Alexandria Ocassio Cortez seemed to have taken ques from my 2016 platform when I ran for Congress in Washington State. The Seattle editorial board thought it extreme to convert 10% of the higher education system to solar technology and solar system engineering. They thought it extreme to pass legislation that provided federally backed solar system loans as part of the mortgage process. Meaning one could finance a solar power system as part of the buying and refinancing process regardless of appraisal value. .My position was to fund an energy renaissance via the mortgage industry. My platform was a slight departure from Laissez Faire economics. AOC turned my plan into the Green New Deal and an extremely decadent Socialist Utopian agenda.

Of course, Susan and Heimlich do not see that it was yet another freak coincidence to go along with dozens and dozens of freak coincidences.

Of course, Susan and Heimlich will support a pre-selected candidate for the 6th district that does not possess my levels of intelligence, entrepreneurial spirit, portfolio, writing and communication skill or experiences in the military as a world wide aviator. I can match wits with the best of them as it relates to foreign policy, taxation, transportation technology, military technology, the national debt and everything else. They know it, yet they will stake their all into yet another failed identity politics candidate like “Vote for Pedro”!!!

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