Beto O’Rourke blames Trump for progressive socialist shooting

Obama’s “No tragedy should go to waste” continues today!!!

Beto O’Rourke was quick to blame Trump for the El Paso shooting. But there is a Catch 22. The El Paso shooter is a progressive socialist that supports all the things that Beto O’ Rourke supports. Seems not only is the dude nuts, he supports, universal income, universal healthcare, and enviro-fascism. I guess it is all in his manifesto, but the liberal yellow press and Beto blame Trump for the unhinged behavior of a self loathing and delusional white nationalist? Of course, Donald Trump does not share any of these politcal positions with the lunatic, yet O’Rourke states that Donald Trump is responsible for his shooting people at a Walmart? WTF???

So, because of a lunatic white nationalist, we are supposed to condemn Trump and support the Democratic Socialist agenda? An agenda that the shooter himself supports? It is all in his manifesto. Some how, the delusional demon thought he was getting racist orders from Trump! WTF??? At least that is the idea that Beto O’Rourke and the liberal yellow press are pushing.

The reality is that this guy was a bullied and an alienated self loathing defeatist nerd that everyone in his school thought was weird. The guy spent 8 hours a day on the computer. The dude is a mentally damaged and deranged killer. The total opposite of Donald Trump.

So, because of a piece of shit, we are supposed to give up our guns, and support Venezuelan Socialism?

One has to wonder how our society is evolving in the face of social media and the internet age. There are folks now that were born into the internet age. They only know how to interact via digital avenues. Many watch violent video games from the time they leave the school until they go to sleep. All of the behaviors of the past have been consumed by the sedentary computer virtual reality. Violent video games cultivate isolation and create abnormal views of reality. Instead of confronting society and communicating, they withdraw and develop zero coping skills. Then, when they cannot function in society, they become disgruntled and mental unhealthy. They take their self loathing out on others and society in general with guns.

I do not think Donald Trump tweeted this guy and told him to go to Walmart. The yellow press and social media told him to.

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