Beto O’Rourke somewhat of a doofus

In reality, the only thing handsome Beto O’Rourke has going for him is his big mouth, majestic nose, and “Lord of the Rings elf ears.” He should complete his persona with a bow and arrow set up and a green Robin Hood hat. It would go well with his steal from the rich and give to the poor positions. Instead of running for president, he should be a character actor or a figure on a video game. As it is, he is just running around spewing gibberish. .

Pretty much everything the Democratic Socialists say is ridden with hypocrisy and severe “Catch 22s!”

In America, folks like Beto O’Rourke support injecting poison into the brain of an infant that his attempting to dilate the vagina at 9 months. In Honduras, O’Rourke wants to send more money to corrupt government officials so they can create a larger and more contemptuous police state. He thinks that families will be safer. In America, Democratic Socialists bad mouth policemen. The liberal yellow press was so hell bent on casting policemen as bad people that young Hispanic policewomen with children were gunned down on the streets as a result of the massive propaganda campaign. Hence, it is such a catch 22 for O’Rourke to support families, children and police in South America while supporting wholesale infanticide and cop execution here in the US.

The best thing for South American countries is the creation of a manufacturing base. The best thing for Central American families is the multiplier effect and capitalism. Instead of trending towards a Monrovia, Liberia or Venezuelan socialist ghetto style economies, Central American countries could emulate the Chilean political and economic model. . Of course, Beto O’Rourke is a globalist that supports devalued currency and China dominance on the world stage. He knows little about the greater world. His economic idealism defaults to a socialist police state and more government. The same gun confiscation socialism that plagues Venezuela where government troops run over the citizens with armored cars.

Obama took the expansion of the computer surveillance industrial complex and the Bush police state to the next level when he spied on the Trump campaign using government assets.

It comes down to the culture of the country. Vietnam found a way to regain a manufacturing base and reached out to the world. North Korea is still in a paranoid isolation mode even though the South competes hardcore on the international stage.

Many of the Central American countries simply do not have the culture to create economy and provide for themselves. It will take the combined effort of education, and the creation of a manufacturing base in order to create middle class economics. Until that situation occurs, America will have to build a border wall and control legal and illegal immigration . America is not a normalized vent for failed Central American societies.

Unlike in the US, Hispanic Catholics are not fixated on baby killing and the gender indoctrination of 5 year olds. In Brazil, three million live in card board boxes on the side of a hill. All they care about is where the next meal will come from and if the feces flows down hill.

The greatness of America is in it’s ability to create and maintain a massive and educated middle class. Our greatness is in our innovation and an education and vocational education system that supports entrepreneurship and job creation. Our greatness is in limited government and limited taxation. A middle class that allows opportunity for achievement, and security. Environments that facilitate the raising of strong families. That is what makes America great.

That is if the baby makes to see the light of day.

The bottom line is that Beto is a cheer leader for illegal immigration. He also supports circumventing the electoral college. He will destroy US sovereignty just to be elected. That makes him a traitor and an enemy of the United States. He should move to Caracas.