Bill Kristol having a neocon nervous breakdown

Bill Kristol has had a really tough year. He watched helplessly as Jeb Bush was hung by his heels in the political square of public opinion in Mussoliniesque fashion. He then watched as every single fear mongering Bush wannabe was rejected in detail by the American people. The final blow to the Bush neocon agenda would be delivered, however, by a Bush family member.  Marvin Bush, like Achilles at the gates of Troy, would thrust his sword clean through the mouth of the Bush dynasty and endorse Gary Johnson.

So, Bill is left with supporting his arch enemy queen Hillary or Donald Trump.  What poetic political justice and  a catch 22. As a pseudo neoconservative purist, which is a lie, Kristol cannot stomach either candidate. He is also having a political nervous breakdown as the massive Bush doctrine orgy and orgasm subsides.  All that is left are the tail lights of the Hurst off in the distance. Soon those too will disappear, leaving a  destabilized Middle East, Syrian refugee sleeper cells, $20 trillion in national debt, and a million pieces of equipment 10,000 miles away.

Now, like the village idiot in Ryan’s daughter, he is limping around looking for a leader that he can give his monkey to. Even adding Mike Pence to the Trump ticket has left Kristol politically uninterested. At this juncture, William Kristol needs therapy. Tell me about your mother.

William is also thinking about the Johnson/ Weld ticket.  He is questioning Weld’s support of the Iraq war etc. He cannot negotiate the chasm between what Gary Johnson stands for and what William Weld believes in. Kristol is attempting to surmise his political choices via some sort of political discipline. The once complex and sophisticated political scientist is now so perplexed that he is in the throws of a full on political crisis.  Soon, smoke will be pouring out of his head. If it makes it easier, Gary Johnson was a successful two-term governor in a state that is 52% Hispanic and majority democrat. Donald Trump is a narcissistic blowhard moron.

The reality is that given the latent effects of open-ended QE, Republicans do not want the executive yet. They should wait until Hillary Clinton is impeached for Clinton Foundation corruption and the stock market shits the bed. This way the economy is blamed on Democrats and paves the way for the next neocon military industrial complex ass kissing orgasm. If the economy tanks under Trump, it will be the kiss of death for the Republican party and accelerate the march to socialism. That is why it is so easy to simply vote for the big Johnson. Just do it. Feel the Johnson. Feel the Johnson in all it’s glory. Bend over and take the big fat anti-war libertarian Johnson like a good little warmongering neocon.










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