Brett the Rypster

I have talked about this before. Anyways, here it goes again.

Peyton Manning sought to hit E Sanders deep on the right sideline. Just as Sanders was laying out for an epic catch, he was leveled by a safety and almost rendered unconscious. Even though Sanders was totally concussed, he still wanted to stay in the game. Many of us totally freaked out when Sanders was even able to get up off the ground. After that episode, Peyton Manning was never the same. He attempted a few more deep side line route passes, but his wobbly balls always went long.

The same deep right sideline pass would be tried by a plethora of Bronco quarterbacks during the 2016, 2017, and 2018 Bronco seasons. None were successful. Then just as Case Keenum was finally able to connect with Sanders on the deep right sideline route, here comes a defender to lay waste again.

When we see Brett the Rypster’s highlight film, we see a fella that can drop a ball on a dime with a receiver running 4.36. The dude might not be one of Elwood’s 7 foot tall quarterbacks, but the dude has an arm, challenges the receiver, and is surgical in his accuracy. Brett Rypien’s accuracy envelope and ability to complete with receivers that have minimal separation is uncanny. The fella knows when a defender’s body and position preclude them from covering a pass. This means that the Bronco QB coaches and offensive coordinator will have to game plan to this fella’s strengths. Rypien pushes the envelope with accuracy. If they slow him down and make him play a different brand of football, it will be a mistake. As it is, we have not seen this level of QB/WR synergy at Mile High since Peyton Manning and possibly Tim Tebow.

I look forward to Rypien exploiting Tim Patrick. Then again, Rypien is tailor made to Sutton’s speed and ability. Then there is Hamilton too. Of course, we also have Lindsay, Freeman and Booker the burner. This is going to be fun…..

The Bronco will be hard to beat. My money is on Rypien smoking it in pre- season and relegating Lock to the practice squad.

When we look at Lock versus Rypien’s offensive line coverage, we see that Lock had much more time. Rypien on the other hand did not have this luxury. After 4 years as a starter under these conditions, he probably thinks way faster than Lock. Just look at the film. Oh and check out the precision sideline route completions.