Bronco Rypien gives Fangio his first win as head coach.

While I did not have visions of Paxton Lynch when Drew Lock was throwing the pigskin, the first round draft pick wasn’t the greatest in the 2019 Hall of Fame game. Drew Lock had over 2 quarters to move the football, but his accuracy was worse than Tebow. The good news is that he was happy go lucky and had fire in his eyes. He did not cry on the sidelines. He will get another chance to prove himself.

The Broncos put in Brett Rypien with 11 minutes remaining. The Falcons were up 10 to 7. It was immediately apparent that Rypien runs a much more disciplined game than Drew Lock. He is much more accurate as well. Had it not been for Austin Fort dropping perfectly thrown footballs, Rypien would have stayed on the field on his first drive attempts. As it was, dropped balls forced him to the sidelines.

Fangio seemed to be on pain medication or his pain threshold for kidney stones was inhuman. He gave Rypien the go ahead on 4th and 10 and the Rypster delivered.

Rypien may not have Drew Lock’s cannon arm, but he is way more accurate and throws a Siemianesque spiral. .

It is clear that Rypien has more experience from under center as well.

At this juncture, it is going to be a pre-season shootout between Lock and Rypien. It will be interesting to watch the un-drafted Boise State Bronco put a high dollar almost first round draft pick in the practice squad. .