Who should Elwood draft in 2020?

Elwood’s saving grace was his defense. For many years after the post Superbowl 50  collapse, the Elwood D-line held its own. Even when Elwood burned them out on Paxton Lynch, Trevor Siemian, Brock Osweiler, Case Keenum and Joe Flacco, the Denver D exhausted themselves attempting to hold their own.  They even produced well under Saint Joseph when the Denver QBs couldn’t convert a 3rd down.  Elwood’s strategy of a good defense is a good offense worked like a charm for many years.

The Broncos will not be able to shut down Kansas City’s offense and win in the AFC West unless they have superior D at the line and in the secondary. They will have to address Kansas City’s tight end with solid middle line back  match ups etc.

Hamilton is coming on. Stop the WR revolving door and focus on reps and synergy. Use the bulk of draft picks on super human D-line talent. There is also a Chris Harris clone out there

Today, all of the Superbowl D-line is gone. The No-fly-zone has been completely replaced. The center of the D, like Wolfe, Gotsis, and others’ are gone. Von Miller’s sack production is about 50% of previous years. If his Covid -19 experience diminishes his lung capacity, he will be a shadow of his former self.  The Denver D needs some new dogs and Corner.

As far as the offense, the Broncos need some new big draft talent.  They could make do with Sutton and Hamilton by picking up Demaryius Thomas for a year contract.  Denver should focus on an ” in your face running game” first and foremost. Patrick is expendable. Might need a speedster WR separation guy. Then gain, focusing on reps with who you have might get you there in 2020.

It was clear that Drew Lock can control the football and keep the opposing offense off the field. The dude has wheels and thinks out of the box.

Elwood may have to go big on the D this year. Except for a big O line dude, the Denver offense is actually pretty good.

Elwood, give Demaryius Thomas a shot at 10,000.  You owe it to him. He produced through your trifecta of shitty QBs. Pick him up, see where his head is at. The dude wants 10,000. Exploit this reality.

Above all, however, you have to draft to beat KC.

Lastly, it really doesn’t matter if the Broncos make the playoffs this year because the stadium might be empty. It is about coaching, reps, and basics.


We dont need no stinking nicknames

Klis and Kiszla like to make up stupid little nicknames for quarterbacks. Ol Kiszla, between skiing the Alps and being an entry level ass, called Machine Gun Kelley’s nephew “Swag”. WTF? he should have been called ADD trip boy. Then again Kiszla had imaginary friends when he was in primary school. Bronco fans do not want any nicknames for Drew Lock.

We dont need no stinking nicknames.

All we want for Christmas is a QB that can score over 30 points a game, convert 3rd downs, and keep the offense on the field. We just want a QB that can score in the second half and doesn’t cry at the Black hole. We want a fella that will lead the Broncos to some 500 football and get it on .

At this juncture, I do not expect Drew Lock to go the way of previous QBs that turned into jello during half time. Drew Lock is a gamer. screw all the rest of the regalia. Spare us Klis.

Oh and Kiszla shouldn’t you be getting helicopter rides up to the top of the mountain in France?

Let there be Lock!!!

The shit is hitting the fan for Joe Biden

The special interest controlled liberal yellow press has been running interference for Joe Biden for some time now. The Democrats have been in full on damage limitation since Donald Trump was elected. It seems that the corruption runs quite deep.

Joseph Goebbels said that if you are going to state a lie to the public, make it a big one and say it over and over again. This is what the Democrats on Capitol Hill are doing.

The real truth is that Democratic operatives in the FBI, NSA, and CIA abused the Patriot Act along political lines. To cover this up, they claimed that Donald Trump was a Russian agent who tampered with the 2016 election. Never mind that the liberal yellow press is biased almost completely for the Democrats. They could be considered state run media. They could be considered the propaganda ministry of the Democratic Socialists.

Of course the Trump Russian collusion scam would then evolve into an impeachment probe because Trump wanted to know about Joe Biden corruption in the Ukraine.

Democratic Socialists are blaming Trump for everything that they themselves are guilty of. They that were engaged in treasonous levels of corruption and illegal surveillance of the American people during the Obama administration.

Donald Trump never engaged in Quid Pro Quo with the Ukraine, but Joe Biden did. Not only was there Quid Pro Quo over a billion dollars, Joe Biden’s son was getting paid off by Burisma as well .

Did Elwood finally get it right?

It seems that Drew Lock’s thumb issue was just interference. The dude was busy learning the playbook and honing his skills, while Big Joe Flacco showed us there was a reason why Lamar Jackson took his place. The locker room folks are taught to never say disparaging things about a QB or another player. They then hit the field and their play basically tells the story. Under Joe Flacco, the Broncos played like they were attending a funeral after the game. With Drew Lock, they are giddy as school girls and rise to another level. Some of us were thinking playoffs, but that wont happen this year.

I tell you those hot wings tasted mighty fine when Lock throws the ball or runs for the chains. Mighty fine!!!!

What we will get to see, however, is a Lock/ Mahomes shoot out and John Gruden getting his ass handed to him. Then there is Detroit. The last 3 games of the season are quite winnable. The Denver D has Mahomes figured out. They just have to show up. Per Mark Kizla, the KC D is soft. All the Denver offense has to do is go for the throat. Lets get this done shall we?

Drew Lock has made me forget about Joe Burrow. It is time for Drew Lock to elevate the Broncos to .500 football.

Joe Flacco, the QB that once said he was the best QB in the NFL, has now lost his starting job to yet another rookie QB. Of course, if Rahim Moore had not allowed a touch down on a hail marry pass, The Ravens would never have gone to the Superbowl. Instead of being the NFL’s best QB, Joe Flacco has continued a trend of extremely average play since 2012. Mark Klis detailed this reality, but then became pathologically congenial for a free steak at Elwoods.

The trend for Flacco’s below average play would continue when he came to Denver. Of course, since 2012, Manning, Brady, and a whole slew of quarterbacks made Joe Flacco look like a resigned practice squad QB. It seems that Flacco was more ego and bloated self concept than a gamer. In reality, he was a game manager with an arm. So much for being the best QB in the NFL.

Elwood hedged his bet when he picked up Drew Lock. We expected that Flacco would be the second coming on Manning and Drew lock would struggle. Of course, Joe said it was not his job to mentor a rookie. Well, it seems that the rookie has now taken Joe’s job without Joe’s help. Drew Lock did not need Joe Flacco’s mentorship. Bronco fans do not need him either.

It is not in Denver’s best interest to ever let the former Ravens QB speak at the podium or play for the Broncos in any capacity. It is not in Denver’s best interest to take him off of injured reserve. He got his big money and now it is time for him to hit the streets. The Denver organization cannot continue to enable the guy.

I am fairly certain that Elwood finally got it right with Drew Lock. Sorry Joe, but the Rahim Moore thing let you slip through the cracks. Do not let the door hit you in the ass on your way out of Denver. Might as well give your 20 day notice to the landlord….

Looks like Drew Lock is the real deal!!!

The Broncos do not miss Emmanuel Sanders or Demaryius Thomas. The once formidable duo and pride of the Denver Broncos receiving corps are statistically shitting the bed elsewhere. We do not miss single dimension Joe Flacco either.

Courtland Sutton and Drew Lock made us forget the last vestiges and malaise that has consumed the Post Manning era. If Drew Lock’s enthusiasm and smiles are any indication, things are finally looking up in Denver. I even felt a dormant Tebow era dopamine rush while watching Drew Lock get it on. .

Drew Lock can scramble like a hybrid of Jake Plummer and John Elway. He does not let the pocket collapse on him and seems to have those Elwood style” eyes in the back of his head.” He seems to be able to read the field while at a full gallop as well. Dudes a stud.

With Joe Flacco, we got an immobile quarterback that was in the throes of NFL death. Sure, another team might try and pick him up after Elwood shows him the door. He might even make it another year in the NFL. Somewhere else.

Drew Lock would give ol Joe a nice slap on the ass for good luck. It was the ass slap heard around the NFL.

It took only one game for Drew Lock to bury both Brandon Allen and Joe Flacco. He replaced Elwood’s preferred mundane pocket passer with multi dimensional gamesmanship. Hmmm, that Kansas City Chief QB isn’t looking so tough now. See ya later “Ironman Rivers.” You made an excellent run.

Elwood is going to play Drew Lock the rest of the season and Drew Lock will deliver.

We saw a different Bronco team this last Sunday. We saw some guys actually having fun and getting the job done….

We saw a happy go lucky Drew Lock and he made us feel good.

So much for the Joe Flacco and his beady eyed “deer in the head lights look!” I guess Empower field did not empower the Flacmeister.


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Elwood needs to play Drew Lock the rest of the season

The post Manning era in Denver has been quite difficult to endure. It then became excruciating to watch the Elwood shitty quarterback marry go round. It was a thing of beauty from injury prone Trevor to the ADD druggy boy known as “Swag!” Watching Elwood’s hand selected trifecta of shitty quarterbacks was simply glorious. Trevor Siemian, Brock Osweiler and Paxton Lynch were the envy of the NFL. 3rd down conversions were almost non existent, and scoring in the 2nd half was as rare as an electable Democratic presidential candidate. The Denver D-line was forced to stay on the field for almost the entire game. It was like running a horse to death. It was like sucking the motivational core out of every single Denver D-line player on the team. The opposite and inverse of an exorcism on the field.

Elwood would play a quarterback a few games to see if they could even drive down the field. He would move on to the next shitty QB. Elwood’s QB selection process was like a methhead tweaker at a grocery store.

Elwood would then give us Case Keenum. He would be leaps and bounds better than the three stooges. He scrapped for all he was worth, but that was not good enough for the Elwood. He was not Elwood’s preferred 6 foot 7 troglodyte. He did not fit the Elwood Manning mold. Elwood coddled Paxton Lynch. Elwood then gave Case Keenum one single year, before defaulting to another tall dude. Flacco would be no Manning. In fact, Flacco might not even be worthy of a back up position in the NFL.

Elwood would trade in Case Keenum for Joe Flacco at twice the cost. We thought Big Joe would be better than Case Keenum, but he wasn’t. Flacco had huge arm, but inevitably, he looked like Paxton Lynch minus the sobbing. Flacco would prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that he sucks. Of course it would cost Elwood $10 million to find out what everyone else knew already. Meanwhile, Lamar Jackson is a freak.

Anyways, Bronco fans are sick of Elwood’s inept marry go round.

Play damn Drew Lock for the rest of the season and let him ride the Thunder.

Elwood likes to destroy solid talent by letting them ride the bench and playing head games. Dude we are sick of it.

Spare us Elwood!!!!

Play the Lockster and just kick back for awhile… WTF!!!!!!

Oh and “Good bye Big Joe !” The sands of the football hour glass have ran out for you…. Take your utter millions, hug your wife, and copious beautiful children and Flacco off!!!

Joe Flacco’s stock value shits the bed

He paced the sidelines with his cell phone stuck to his ear as Brandon Allen did not go 3 and out. Instead, the QB that had never taken a snap during a single NFL game made Joe Flacco look like an un-drafted preseason QB that was cut early from the 53 man roster. Elwood had pulled a no-name quarterback out of his ass it seemed. Everyone expected a less than Lynch QB performance, but it was different this time. In the luxury box, Elwood was spitting sunflower seeds and engaging visions of the playoffs. Meanwhile, all the AFC west teams won. San Diego would squash Green bay.

Joe Flacco’s short lived legacy in Denver would be buried by a passed around QB with zero experience as an NFL QB in regular season.

Peyton Manning would sustained a season ending neck injury yet come back to dominate the NFL and never skip a beat. Joe Flacco would sustain a neck injury and Bronco fans would collectively engage in massively hearty sigh of relief as Joe Flacco was relegated to season ending I/R. There would be no billboards.

Joe Flacco’s performance as an $18 million QB did not even rate as Osweileresque. In fact Joe Flacco made us forget about Osweiler’s Houston contract. Flacco would assume the mantle of the biggest QB ripoff in Denver history. The Flacco preeminence would vanish in Denver’s thin air.

Then again, Brandon Allen’s play could be an aberration. He could just be a Paxton Lynch look a like that got lucky. Either way, he inspired the team and played better football than Joe Flacco did all year.

It is now clear why the Ravens traded away Joe Flacco. The smoke has cleared. In lieu of rising to Elwood’s crossed fingered expectations, Joe Flacco continued the swirl of the Raven’s toilette flush. Flacco would not bail out Elwood like Peyton Manning did.

Joe Flacco is done in Denver.

Elwood has nothing to lose with Brandon Allen

If we look back at Elwood’s selection of Joe Flacco and its ramifications, we see some logic.

Shanahan never engineered a team for draft picks. He always played better than .500 football year after year. Elwood on the other hand, seems to intentionally set up the Broncos for failure.

Think about it. If Joe Flacco plays well, the Broncos make the playoffs and the Broncos get a huge post season payoff. If he sucks, the Broncos go 2 and 14 and get a spectacular first round draft position. He bolstered that prospect by recruiting Scangarello as offensive coordinator.Collectively, Elwood then has a Bronco team with shitty coaching, young receivers, and an over the hill Quarterback that cannot convert 3rd downs to save his grandmother.

The Broncos will put Joe Flacco on injured reserve. He will then not play another snap. If he happend to win a few games during garbage time, he would not only cost the Broncos millions, he would screw up the draft order.

Brandon Allen is an insurance policy.

There are no winnable games left in 2019 for the Broncos. Baker Mayfield will beat the Broncos. Josh Allen will come back to haunt the Broncos with a win. the rest of the Bronco opponents will pay their respects as Brandon Allen is the second coming of Chris Simms.

Yupp, Shanny never played for draft position. For Elwood it is all or nothing. If he doesn’t have a veteran quarterback to bail him out, he plays for draft position. This suggest that Shanny was a much better GM than Elway will ever be.

Elwood needs to pick up Joe Burrow in the draft

John Elway has demonstrated extreme ineptitude when selecting Post Manning quarterbacks. Then again Case Keenum was actually stellar compared to Joe Flacco. While Joe Flacco has a better arm, Case Keenum scrapped until the end of the game for a win. Joe Flacco, on the other hand, simply goes through the motions. In fact, there is no difference between Joe Flacco’s inability to score in the second half and Trevor Siemian’s demonstrative 2nd half malaise. Trevor Siemian engaged in the malaise for a million bucks. Joe Flacco cant do shit for almost $20 million. Trevor Siemian gave it his best shot. Joe Flacco goes through the motions. His play does not support his vanity or ego on the field. In reality, he is only hanging around to earn his $18 million.

We could give Joe Flacco a break. More than he already enjoys. After all Scangarello is a complete down grade from Bill Musgrave. I mean, an idiot off the street could make better play calls. There is a reason why the 49ers really sucked last year. Scangarello was part of that reason. We all thought Kubiak’s post Manning play calls sucked. Scangarello makes the Kubiak post Manning malaise look like an adventure in success.

Bill Musgrave was making enormous gains putting the Broncos back on track. As a reward, Elwood shit cans him and picks up the village idot for offensive coordinator.

It is quite clear that a high dollar over the hill quarterback and an idiot from the 49ers will never bail out Elwood like Manning did. In addition, with all the Broncos that are coming up for free agency, Elwood has to pick up someone like Joe Burrow and a bunch of rookies that have the attitudes to fight for it. Otherwise, his cap is maxed out. He has no room.

Joe Flacco plays like he is burned out.

Flacco is faced with starting at the bottom and dragging the Broncos up a long AFC West hill. He is faced with an offensive coordinator that should not be here. He is also faced with a general manager that changes coaching personnel like a student sharpens pencils.

Elwood hates mobile quarterbacks that add the running dimension to the offense. He likes old tall dudes that get sacked in the pocket. He won with Manning, but he went down in flames with Flacco. Given that utter lack of third down conversions, Flacco is just a slight upgrade from Paxton Lynch.

Elwood believes in keeping young quarterbacks off the field until they rot out. He does not believe in letting young talent learn the ropes of winning in the trenches. The Broncos let John Elway sink or swin right out of the box. He was allowed to learn how to win. Elwood needs to pick up Joe Burrows and see who is the last man standing in preseason.. However, keeping Scangarello around is both incompatible with Joe Burrows Or Drew Lock.

Bronco fans are getting sick of Elwood’s inability to create even .500 football. Whats John Fox up to these days?

Give Peyton Manning a call and beg him to be the Offensive coordinator. Tell him Brodhead sent you. Cry on the phone if you have to.

There will be a test in the morning. Let this be an omen to you.

There be some badasses down in Louisiana this year.

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Time for Elwood to go back to the QB drawing board again

Drew Lock was supposed to be a good deal. He was supposed to come into training camp after being drafted in the second round and be everything that Paxton Lynch wasn’t. Instead, Drew Lock could not compete with or distance himself from Kevin Hogan or Brett Rypien. Of course, after a tragic preseason, Kevin Hogan got the boot and was replaced by this Brandon Allen fella. A guy who has never taken a snap in a regular season NFL game.

As far as Joe Flacco, he will go on I/R and not see another snap as a Bronco. Just as he was beat out by Lamar Jackson after being injured, he will now be overlooked in favor of Allen, Lock or Rypien. As it is, the Broncos cannot bank their team’s future on Joe Flacco. But hey, Joe Flacco won a Superbowl and went to Disneyland.

In Denver, Flacco will be lucky to hold the clip board during the last 2 games of the season. To save himself from the embarrassment, he should use his neck injury to extricate himself from the NFL and move the hell on. It is either that or suffer the humiliation of being overlooked in favor of rookies and QBs that have never played on an NFL field during the regular season.

If Flacco was Jake Plummer, he would have quit yesterday and saved his dignity. Then again Plummer was 7 and 4 and on his way to the playoffs with the Broncos before Shanahan lost his mind. Flacco is sitting at 2 and 6. If past is prologue, Flacco wont have the ability to win another game even if he is healthy. He will ride the I/R bench for 6 weeks. He wont play another game in Denver in 2019, and be cut on the Monday following the last game of the season. Denver was his last hurrah.

Elwood must now start looking at another QB draft prospect. At this point in time, Joe Burrows looks enticing.

Like Elwood, Burrows is a coach’s son. He was breast fed on football.

Of course, Elwood will be too dense to pick up this fella. He will put all his marbles with Drew Lock and take the Paxton Lynch expressway.

The dude has guns and a cannon along with the Newhouse thighs.

This could be a smart version of Tim Tebow.

About this time, Elwood would love to have Tebow running over middle linebackers for the win given that Flacco cant complete worth a shit.

See ya later Joe. It was fun while it lasted. Think of the bright side: you won a Superbowl after Rahim Moore phucked up.

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