Colin Kaepernick should run for president

There is room on the Democratic Socialist clown bus for Colin Kaepernick. he could sit next to Julian Castro. and commiserate about the American flag.

The tennis shoes fiasco is simply a collusive Nike stock value hoax. The reality is that Nike stock has split several times and is now at a 34 PE ratio. It is no longer the company started in a garage that used a waffle iron to manufacture shoes. Today, they use cheap labor around the world to make a massive selection of running shoes. They then pay athletes millions to wear them. Nike shoes are so popular among young African Americans that children in the inner cities would be killed just for their Air Jordans.

Colin Kaepernick now feels that he is a flag connoisseur of some sort. Only he can determine if a flag is racist or inappropriate. The jilted shitty race bating big mouth ex QB who never served in uniform hates the American flag. He hates the Betsy Roos flag and he hates the 50 state flag. He probably hates the American flag that was raised over Mount Suribachi. It is only a matter of time before Kaepernick calls the existence of the southern border as racist. As it is, Kaepernick’s hate for the Betsy Ross flag is a pathetic attempt at maintaining public relevance. It is a tragic display of desperation as he is relegated to irrelevance in the general population.

Brodheads brothers and a son fought for that Betsy Ross flag. Two would spend time on disease ridden British prison ships. We would be among Washington’s 2500 ragtag troops as they retreated to Pennsylvania. The American Crisis termed the situation as “A time that tried men’s souls!” A time when mean marched barefoot in the snow and left bloody footprints. A time when men died from exposure or every manner of disease for the birth of a nation.

Today, the Democratic Socialists are fielding candidates that support open borders. The hate the idea of a national border and a national sovereignty. In fact, they spoke Spanish to their preferred constituents and insulted the legal American citizen. We were waiting for Cory Booker, Beto O’Rourke, and Julian Castro to hoist the Mexican flag at their speech podiums. As it was, they were waving in illegals in order to exacerbate the current border crisis. A border crisis they denied even existed. Oh and even though Obama maintained border detention centers and nothing has changed during the Trump administration, he is to blame.

Colin Kaepernick should move out of the country. If he hates the American flag so much he should simply pack his bags and move. Americans are sick of his race baiting. He cannot deal with the reality that he was a shitty quarterback with a shitty attitude and none of the NFL teams want his caustic personality around. He is a loser and he blames the American flag for it. He should take a few ques from Demarcus Ware and become a positive force in our community and not a commiserative race baiting imbecile.

As far as Phil Knight and Nike, I will simply have to shit can my Air Monarchs and buy a different brand. Phil Knights politics suck, and his tennis shoes are over priced anyways. Phil Knight stands for division and marketing hoaxes in order to manipulate stock values. He is a toxic Oregon liberal.

Kapernick should marry AOC.