Democratic Socialists continue slide into political gutter

The Humpty Dumpty Democratic Socialist party just got put in a political blender. They are so stupid that even the liberal yellow press cannot dumb themselves down enough to engineer an effective propaganda campaign.

During the week leading into the the 2019 4th of July weekend, the Democratic Socialists suffered their worst public relations defeat in modern times. Even the liberal yellow press in all it’s partisan glory could not run adequate interference for the orgy of gaffes generated by the Democratic Socialist clown bus.

While the Trump administration orchestrated 224,000 new jobs in June, Democratic candidates for president were talking about a massive freebie list, wealth redistribution, 90% taxation on the rich , higher taxes on the middle class, Cuba and Venezuela style health care, and socialist servitude. All of their diatribe would result in economic stagnation and a complete collapse of the stock market. For most Americans, the thought of handing the country over to politicians that never held a private sector job or ran a company is quite offensive.

Americans cannot fathom Biden or Sanders running the country given that these two entrenched DC insiders have 85 years of collective service in the DC Swamp between them.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump is demonstrating that he understands macro economic policy. The Democrats on the other hand, have demonstrated that they all want to take America on a failed Marxist path. Americans have choice between prosperity under Republicans or Venezuela under the Democratic Socialist.

Bush and Obama spent $6 trillion on perpetual war. Obama then gave ISIS the Levant. Donald Trump utilized minimum military assets to help Iraq rid their country of the Sunni scourge. On the 4th Of July, the liberal idiots were bitching about a few million spent on a celebration in DC. They forgot that Donald Trump paid for $1 million of it when he donated his presidential salary to the National Park service over the last 2 and half years. In addition, he reduced his White House staff and will save $22 million in 4 years in comparison to the Obama administration.

While Trump was celebrating the 4th Of July, the Democratic Socialist candidates were escorting illegals across the border, and doing campaign speeches in Mexico. Some were waiving in more illegals and blaming Trump for a wetback drowning. It was Trump’s fault that an illegal attempted to cross the Rio Grande with a child during the raging spring runoff. Then there was Alexandria something Cortez screaming at border agents and lying about illegals drinking from the toilette. Of course, the liberal yellow press will never tell you that Clinton, Bush and Obama all detained illegals in chain fence areas. They will also run interference for the Democrat controlled Congress when they denied there was even a border crisis and refused to fund the Border wall and more border assets. Trump has been working the border issue and asking for help for is entire term, but it is his fault that the border is being overrun. Meanwhile, Democratic Socialist presidential candidates are waiving in more illegal caravans and proposing the decriminalization of illegal border crossings.

The liberal idiots topped that off with calling the Betsy Ross Flag racist. Then there is the ridiculous idea of the elimination of private sector healthcare, student loan payoffs, and reparations. We must then process the New Green Deal fiasco.

lastly, Kamala Harris made a pathetic attempt at bringing up the school busing issue to attack sleepy Joe Biden. The school busing issue was settled over 50 years ago, but Kamala Harris must maintain her status as a race baiting identity politics candidate. Even the vice president of the first black US president in history is being attacked as racist. That “little girl” made a very bad tactical error and only served to fracture the Democratic Socialist party further. Independent voters are taking notice and rational Republicans are looking really good about now.

The choice is clear. One can either vote for turning America into a South American socialist ghetto or NIKE stock at a 34 PE ratio.