Design document for garage

To :

Vale View HOA design review


Stephan Brodhead

3011 Elderberry

Concerning garage design and location

To whom it may concern,

My wife and I need to build a garage to house our tractor, attachments, trucks, lawn mower and classic 1951 Ford truck.

We have a fella scheduled to complete the house garage pad next week. He will also put new road base on the road to eliminate mud etc. We will have to put off the driveway until the garage foundation is poured because a large cement truck would crack the driveway.

The foot print of the existing house is 3800 sqft. This dimension includes the house, the attached garage, and the front and rear decks. 40% of this dimension allows for a 1500 sqft garage. I am proposing a 48 by 30 or 48 by 32 garage.

The garage as depicted below would employ the same roof structure configuration as the house when viewed from the south. The layout of the boxout would be basically opposite of the house’s stoned boxout, so it would give a nice illusion of being an extension of the house. The roof system would also incorporate a copper metal roof and the same eyebrows. The roof and gable system would also incorporate windows as well.

The stone work on the south face would be exactly like the house. The remaining sides would also be sided with stone per HOA guidelines.

The detached garage would have 2 each garage doors that face south. The dimensions of the garage doors would be 11 by 11. The inside height of the garage would be 12.5 feet.

We would like to place the garage perpendicular to the house 50 feet back from the house on the north and east side. (See site plan) This would allow us to minimize concrete work. In addition, we dont think it appropriate that the neighbor would have to see the garage doors out her view windows. Moreover, should we have to face the garage doors to the west, north or east, the cost of concrete work would be cost prohibitive. The above arrangement would not look very good and not allow us to show the matching roof detail.

The road would then continue in concrete to a 48 by 30 pad.

I understand that there are caveats related to garage door placement, however, several of the garages that have been built of late, as approved by the design committee , face the street. Several houses have garage doors that are at 45 degree angles to the street. In fact there are at least a dozen houses like that. Please allow us to place the garage doors facing the Vale View entry way. With this configuration, the detached garage doors will be at a 90 degree angle to Elderberry lane when one has transitioned the entry way road. We will also place trees on the east side of the lot.

Please consider this an appropriate design document for approval. It is just a garage. I will have to get with my engineer for a foundation plan. I will then get the appropriate truss plans. I will update the design document fully at that point. If I can get started on the permit process, I can then have the excavation and foundation done ASAP.

Here are some sharable links depicting the elevations.