Donald Trump insults all veterans with his serial swinery

Donald Trump says that he has made sacrifices that are equal to the veteran?

As a former C-141C flight engineer in the Air Force Reserves, I was activated for Iraq. The C-141 was being replaced by the C-17 and we were down to the last two C-141C wings. One Wing was at March AFB, California and the other at Wright-Patterson AFB in Ohio.  Together, the two Wings had between 32 and 34 C-141 Starlifters. During the Iraq war, these aircraft were dedicated to the air evacuation mission from Iraq to Germany and Washington DC. Many times when restaging aircraft, we would haul fallen patriots to Dover AFB, Delaware.

Every air evacuation mission out of Iraq saw a completely packed aircraft. Men and women from every service would be among the passengers. Many would be walking wounded, while others were litter patients.

These patriot Americans served with dedication and dignity. On the airplane, they conducted themselves in a manner that was upstanding and respectful.  It is called duty, honor, and country.  Watching the medical crew work 24 hours straight and tending the wounded like they were babes in arms was a thing to behold. On many missions, I personally would be overcome with so much emotion watching the best humanity has to offer, I would hide in the aircraft’s bathroom and cry.

I would think about how these patriots had left their loved ones to fight for our national interest. I would think about the spouses and children that waited for their loved ones to return. I would give my respects to the patriots that had given their final measure and would not return to the warmth of loved ones and a full life. My father had served two tours in South East Asia, and I remembered how I missed him when he was away.

The most unnerving event for me was seeing a burned fighter pilot strapped to a gurney and sedated. A Brooks Army Medical Center Burn Unit doctor was by his side. The doctor had flown from Texas and was now flying back to Texas from Japan on the C-141.  He had been up for days caring from this wounded patriot. The Airman’s wife was also by his side, albeit heavily sedated.

The worst events Donald Trump ever encountered are when his limo was late or the batteries in a channel changer failed. Soldiers slept on the ground. Trump slept on an unused thousand dollar mattress in a 5-star hotel. The hotel room was probably ultra cleaned. He probably even had his own personal ass wiper.

Donald Trump is completely out of touch with reality. Moreover, he says serial stupid shit. Americans can no longer tolerate Donald’s spewing of insulting and imbecilic rhetoric. We cannot allow this man to speak for America. He is a national embarrassment and  engages in repetitive narcissistic swinery. Donald Trump does not understand duty, honor, and country. All he understands is money, greed,  socially inept gibberish, and heinous positions that are counter to Americana. Take your billions and shove it up your ass.


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Donald Trump Insults Vets By Claiming He Sacrifices As Much As Fallen Soldiers

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