Elwood needs to pick up Joe Burrow in the draft

John Elway has demonstrated extreme ineptitude when selecting Post Manning quarterbacks. Then again Case Keenum was actually stellar compared to Joe Flacco. While Joe Flacco has a better arm, Case Keenum scrapped until the end of the game for a win. Joe Flacco, on the other hand, simply goes through the motions. In fact, there is no difference between Joe Flacco’s inability to score in the second half and Trevor Siemian’s demonstrative 2nd half malaise. Trevor Siemian engaged in the malaise for a million bucks. Joe Flacco cant do shit for almost $20 million. Trevor Siemian gave it his best shot. Joe Flacco goes through the motions. His play does not support his vanity or ego on the field. In reality, he is only hanging around to earn his $18 million.

We could give Joe Flacco a break. More than he already enjoys. After all Scangarello is a complete down grade from Bill Musgrave. I mean, an idiot off the street could make better play calls. There is a reason why the 49ers really sucked last year. Scangarello was part of that reason. We all thought Kubiak’s post Manning play calls sucked. Scangarello makes the Kubiak post Manning malaise look like an adventure in success.

Bill Musgrave was making enormous gains putting the Broncos back on track. As a reward, Elwood shit cans him and picks up the village idot for offensive coordinator.

It is quite clear that a high dollar over the hill quarterback and an idiot from the 49ers will never bail out Elwood like Manning did. In addition, with all the Broncos that are coming up for free agency, Elwood has to pick up someone like Joe Burrow and a bunch of rookies that have the attitudes to fight for it. Otherwise, his cap is maxed out. He has no room.

Joe Flacco plays like he is burned out.

Flacco is faced with starting at the bottom and dragging the Broncos up a long AFC West hill. He is faced with an offensive coordinator that should not be here. He is also faced with a general manager that changes coaching personnel like a student sharpens pencils.

Elwood hates mobile quarterbacks that add the running dimension to the offense. He likes old tall dudes that get sacked in the pocket. He won with Manning, but he went down in flames with Flacco. Given that utter lack of third down conversions, Flacco is just a slight upgrade from Paxton Lynch.

Elwood believes in keeping young quarterbacks off the field until they rot out. He does not believe in letting young talent learn the ropes of winning in the trenches. The Broncos let John Elway sink or swin right out of the box. He was allowed to learn how to win. Elwood needs to pick up Joe Burrows and see who is the last man standing in preseason.. However, keeping Scangarello around is both incompatible with Joe Burrows Or Drew Lock.

Bronco fans are getting sick of Elwood’s inability to create even .500 football. Whats John Fox up to these days?

Give Peyton Manning a call and beg him to be the Offensive coordinator. Tell him Brodhead sent you. Cry on the phone if you have to.

There will be a test in the morning. Let this be an omen to you.

There be some badasses down in Louisiana this year.

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