Garage design document (revision 1)


Vale View Design review committee


Stephan Brodhead

3011 Elderberry Lane Lot 12

To whom it may concern,

Attached please find PDF drawings for the garage build that we would like approval on.

The red line changes to the drawings are as follows:

1. Ceiling height for the entire structure will be a standard 12 feet.

2. Roof truss pitch will be 6/12

3. the 54 foot wall will be increased to 56 in order to achieve a balance if we change the configuration of the roof to match the left side box out.

4. The end garage door is omitted in favor of a window and a door.

5. The siding will be upgraded to the same 8 inch smart lap siding as the house. The gable ends will employ the same shake siding and corbels.

6. The entire garage will be wrapped to 3 feet with the same stone as the house.

7. The walls will be 2 x 6 x 12 lumber 16 inches on center.

8. The two garage doors will be 11 x 11 doors.

9. The roofing will be the same architectural roofing that was approved for the house.

10. 24 solar panels will be installed on the south face of the roof line rake.

11. 1 foot eave and gable ends

12. the gable ends will incorporate the same roofing brows at the house along with small windows.

The garage will be 70 feet north of the house and square with it. The east end of the garage will be approximately 60 feet from the (east) south to north property line. This location will not obstruct the bulk views of the next door neighbor.

The garage pad will be 32 by 56 and square with the house.

The design guidelines say something about a maximum of 32 foot eves. However, because of the number of solar panels, we need close to 40 feet of open and square space on the roof for the 8800 watt solar array. Please over look the additional 6 feet of eve line.

If the design is too mundane, we can always have the foundation plan revised to incorporate a matching boxout with the same dimensions as the RV boxout. I would then simply double gable it and rock the face to the exact standard as the house. Be advised that I would like to make these changes to the truss and foundation plan only. I would then submit them to you as a courtesy before paying for a permit. Either way, I will be building a very nice garage.

Lastly, we do not want to face the garage doors to the east because it infringes more on the neighbors view and does not take advantage of the sun for melting snow on the pad. In addition, we do not want the garage in front of the Master bedroom window. The lady that owns the green bomb shelter should not have to look into my garage when she looks at the mountains.

The house footprint is well over 4200 sqft. feet from eve to eve and gable over hang to gable over hang. Therefore, at 1950 to 2000 sqft or so, the garage plan is less than 50% the size of the house footprint.

Realize that I have a 16 foot tractor, a 24 foot Sprinter RV, a 25 foot F350, a 22 foot F250, and an old 1951 Ford F3 to store. I also have three garden tractors. I noticed a few folks in phase 2 have massive two story garages while copious others have garage doors that face the street. Many others have garage doors at 45 degree angles to the street. Hence, they still face the street. Sorry but I have too much stuff to settle for a 32 by 32 box.

Because I am at the northern most end of the vale View addition, I must be able to face the solar panels south and possibly west.

Again, per Colorado law, HOAs cannot reject the placement of solar panels. Moreover, the standard practice is to install solar panels that face south. You cannot ask me to locate the garage 300 feet from the house on the north end of the lot because a driveway would be cost prohibitive. It would cost as much as the garage.

Please offer valid advise in addition to approving this plan.

Once I gain approval, I will talk with Fort Collins truss and my engineer for the foundation plan. I will then send you the documents.

I will build the garage to match the house and be extremely aesthetically pleasing.

One last thing, I will have to make a road for cement trucks at the south west edge of the ditch. It will be just like the road that transitions the ditch where the dumpsters are. I will plant grass etc. There is no culvert so that is not a concern. It just needs to be 10 feet wide. The other scenario is cracking the $30,000 concrete job. Your call…..

Thank you for your time.