General Petraeus is getting the shit end of the stick

It seems that Eric Holder is dangling jail time over the head of David Petraeus for allegedly sharing classified documents with Paula Broadwell.

So, here we have an attorney general who stokes hatred in Florida and Ferguson while turning a blind eye to issues that cannot be construed as racist.  I mean, he says nothing about Jessica Chambers and how she was burned to death in Mississippi. I guess burning someone alive does not rank with racially charged issues. Now he is after a general who saved lives and got us out of Iraq?

Both Alberto Gonzales and Eric Holder have looked the other way while the federal government absconds our 4th amendment rights. Neither have said a word about the Bill of Rights or how Bush and Obama have the American public under surveillance. They lie to the American people and sift through our emails, phone calls, social media and financial records without court order. It should be Alberto Gonzales and Eric Holder going to jail and not David Petraeus.

General David Petraeus dealt with the Iraq Fiasco and bailed out Bush’s inept foreign policy.  Because of Petraeus, possibly thousands of American lives were saved and America saved a mountain of money.  Nothing David Petraeus has done has effected our national security whatsoever. So, instead of prosecuting  David Petraeus for a few stupid emails, how about focusing on the debt or the economy stupid.

Petraeus, David - Commander, International Security Assistance Force



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