Hey Zarif, three strikes and your out or is it 15/love

When I think of international relations with Iran, I think of Javad Zarif smiling out of the side of his mouth and stating lies and gibberish. It is really hard to respect a radical Islamic nation like Iran. Especially when we remember the Iran hostage ordeal. We also have to consider Iran’s involvement in both Syria and Iraq along with threats against Israel.

It would be quite amusing to see a verbal exchange between Jay Inlsee and Javad Zarif. They both speak out of the side of their faces. Then again Iran would serve it’s self well if it adopted Jay Inlslee and Germany’s national alternative energy plan. In essence they could shit-can the nuclear reactor plan and save themselves from a Chernobyl/ Fukushima fuel rod melt down episode in favor of clean solar power.

It boggles the mind that GE could talk the Japanese into building 5 nuclear power plants on the beach of the “Pacific ring of fire” only a few decades after Hiroshima. It boggles the mind that Iran wants nuclear power plants when they have a massive desert to put Chinese made solar panels on. As a country of merchants and shop owners, Iran’s economy would go nuts.

The Iranian’s made Iranian children cross Iraqi mine fields during the Iraq/Iran war. Hundreds of thousands of young boys were sent across mine fields to pave the way for a main thrust of an army division. They had run out of herds of sheep so they turned to 12 year olds. Iran’s military tactics were a hybrid of Gallipoli and Robert E. Lees trench warfare system before Petersburg. Today, a human wave attack would be met by M134 mini-gun firing line and the MOAB. What a terrible situation for the Iranian infantryman to be in. Human wave attacks met by bombs that can kill every living thing a 150 meter radius.

Iran would use nuclear weapons if they had them. They would use nuclear weapons to manipulate foreign policy.

Our buddy Zarif needs to tell the Iranian brass that another Iranian attack on American military assets might result in a low level US retaliation on an Iranian strategic asset. I am thinking along the lines of a “Tank depot!” Another thought would be an Iranian fighter base where 3 Soviet made aircraft are surgical reduced to burning aluminum. This would not result in human lives lost. The only question to be asked is if Trump is playing baseball or tennis.

Instead, let us come to the table Zarif and discuss this situation like responsible men for the sake of our countries.

Trump has demonstrated that he respects Iranian human life. He has extended an olive branch. It is time to talk some good deals.

Currently, Javad Zarif is going down in history as a terrible foreign relations minister. He is not doing the Iranian people any favors and is just an extension of an inept and radical fundamentalist Iranian police state. He could change all that by orchestrating a lasting peace. A lasting peace that does not get a million Iranians killed. Then again, Trump wont risk a ground war. He will just use technology to “get even” and not kill a soul.

Currently, the Iranians have attacked 2 oil tankers and a drone. One more unprovoked attack on a US military asset or an oil tanker is worth, lets say 4 F14 Tomcats or 10 beater F4 Phantoms.

Trump is a master at manipulating the world media stage. Most will see the retaliation as appropriate when there is zero loss of life.

Iran’s Air-Force is terribly under gunned. It would only be a matter of days before USA Air Power controlled Iranian air space. Javad Zarif might talk a line of tough macho crap, but their country has a dismal Air fighting capability. The Iranians had better stop what they are doing and focus on peace and international relations.