Hickenlooper’s presidential bid shits the bed

The Democratic Socialist party are completely against what they once championed like our Manifest Destiny. O f course they blame Republicans for race relations even-though we are the party of Lincoln and abolition.

Will Democrats want reparations for the offspring of black salves from Democrats or from the offspring of Republicans that took bullets for emancipation?

Per Real Clear politics, former governor John Hickenlooper’s poll numbers have basically dropped off the charts. In fact, he has been omitted from chart references and his polling numbers for every single major poll is registering at pretty much zero. Even the side note percentage reference has been omitted.

Hickenlooper tried to come across as a sane moderate Democrat. He did go along with the field in support of complete open borders and healthcare for illegals though . He stopped short and did not speak in Spanish while waving the Mexican flag at the podium however. Sadly, Democratic Socialists now only respond to identity politics and offers of free-shit. The average liberal voter cannot process political positions and policy. They only respond to candidates along the lines of neo-Marxism, color, religion, and gender idiocy and “poddy politics.”

Today, debt ridden college graduates are being told that their $60,000 in student loan debt was “through no fault of their own!” The same tactic was employed in 2008 for the subprime mortgage crisis. Of course, the candidates will not talk about universities and their ever expanding adoption of low level “stoner degrees” just for the revenue streams. They do not talk the reality that universities offer high cost worthless degrees that do not translate into private sector employment.


In reality, John Hickenlooper should simple call it quits and focus on some private sector goals. His likable boyish demeanor and personality sold well in Colorado, but it seems the rest of the nation is not responding. In addition, he is going along to get along with the current Democratic Socialist platform, so that makes him a follower.

Hickenlooper joined a clown bus of liberal candidates that support illegals over tax paying citizens. It is like they are running for president of Mexico. Hickenlooper simply got lost in the circus. He needs to quit and try again some other time.

Washington state’s current governor Jay Inslee is polling at .3 percent. Washington state’s current governor Jay Inslee is affectionately known in his home state as the worst and the most delusional tax and spend narcissist governor in Washington state’s history. If his national polling efforts are any indication, his political career in Washington state has been severely weakened by the Trump economy and the current Democratic Socialist agenda.

The Democratic Socialist field is shaping up to be Biden, Sanders, Warren and Harris. Biden and Sanders are severely entrenched politicians that have been in Washington DC for 85 years between the two of them. Biden is credited with tripling health care policy costs on hardworking tax paying Americans. Bernie Sanders wants the complete government takeover of healthcare. Both support open borders and the decriminalization of illegal border crossings along with free healthcare for illegals.

Elisabeth Warren suggests reparations for the off spring of black slaves, open borders, free healthcare for illegals, abolishing of the Electoral College, forgiving student loan debt, free college, and the abolishing of insurance companies. She also wants to “trust Bust Google!” What a Catch 22! a liberal who is not shadow banned by Google seeking to break up the tech monopoly.

Kamala Harris is basically the identity politics female candidate who is quick to play the race card.

In recent polls, homosexual presidential candidate Pete Buttigeig is losing ground as well. He will soon settle in at between 2% and 3%. ( The number of homosexuals polled).

The Democratic Socialists want to abolish the Electoral college so population dense liberal cities will dictate who is president. They can then eliminate our national border with Mexico along with enacting Venezuelan style Socialism. Liberals will then vote exclusively along class envy lines and wealth redistribution. America has never been exposed to this level of anti-American gibberish from a political party. It is time to level these pro illegal immigration traitors and take back the house and senate.

As far as Hickenlooper, I would be ashamed to be associated with his party.

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