Ilhan Omar is a very stupid woman

Those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it. It only takes a generation or two for a society to forget about the past. As our world says good bye to the last of the WWII veterans and “The Greatest Generation,” it is on the baby boomer generation to carry the torch of “Common Sense!” This in itself is a Catch 22 for the generation of rock and roll, free love, and social revolution. However, today, the burning of the bras and what was considered radical in those days, has been replaced with outright ignorance, decadent levels of neo moral relativism, and an all out assault on all things traditional Americana.

It seems that the hard truths that were learned via the sword and the blood of nations is easily forgotten especially when the education system in America is turning to indoctrination methods. Tuition costs at universities have grown at a rate that is 4 times higher than the consumer price index. Tuition rate growth is even higher than medical cost growth by a long shot. In order to support rising university budgets, education institutions have lowered education standards to enable the stoner socialists to stay in school. In order to stay in school, students have to depend on student loans etc. However, even though the mean income levels in America are not even keeping pace with inflation and the overall wage structure has gone down over the last several decades, universities charge more and more for shitty degrees. Many of these degrees are simply worthless. I mean, AOC waited tables and tended bar to pay off student loans for her worthless degree. Now she is a Congresswoman, and an authority on macroeconomic policy?

Today, society is witnessing a perfect storm of converging events, technology, and behaviors. Human beings were not ready for the information age. Logic and critical thinking skills are being replaced with regurgitating a Google search. Patience and the learning attention span has been replaced with instant gratification. Playing outside as a child has been replaced with social media fixation, sedentary behavior and violent video games. Actual personal communication and social contact replaced by virtual reality. Drug free lifestyles replaced with the normalization of brain power destroying marijuana consumption. Up is down, down is up, and truth no longer has a place in society. The big three TV channels replaced by 5000 TV stations that no longer seek to harvest the main stream demographic but target only segments. Instead of seeking social harmony, advertising and political entities seek to harvest disunion.

The rise of social media has shown that many in society are ignorant and easily trained. They can be told anything by the liberal left and they will actually believe it. In fact, many folks can be talked into supporting socialism even though it has failed miserably in the past. Below, is an example of a very stupid identity politics candidate Ilhan Omar. Below, she is blaming the USA for Venezuela’s totalitarian socialist regime. WTF?I guess she is too stupid to realize that under Maduro, Venezuela has no water, no electricity, and a million percent inflation. She does not understand that Venezuela is a product of their own socialist stupidity. The once jewel of the Amazon reduced to a socialist shit hole. This is Ilhan Omar’s vision for America when she is not engaging in Jew hating diatribe or degrading Christianity and Notre Dame. Then again, she is a rock star for the patently ignorant liberal left. A Democratic Socialist party that is dominated by ignorance, poddy politics, gender confusion, and envy ridden commiserative dead beats wanting free stuff.

The chart below is quite revealing. It shows that America’s mean income has stagnated. If we add Ilhan Omar, AOC or Bernie Sanders levels of socialism, there will be no money left for food, shelter, and the economy stupid. It is called shared misery.

Like I said, it is on the baby boomer to carry the torch of common sense. Republican common sense.

In the final analysis, we know that the Democratic Socialists are un-salvageable when a Democrat Congresswoman is a cheer leader for Maduro and Venezuelan socialism. The liberal insanity of the left has now become an episode of the walking dead.

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