Iraq choreographed foreign policy theater

One can never under estimate the greed and intentions of the U.S. military industrial complex. 

During my military service as a C-141B/C flight engineer in the Air Force Reserves, I performed copious support mission in the Middle East during Southern Watch.  I stayed at the Kobar Towers before it was blown to smithereens. I remember when Martha McSally sued the U.S. Air Force over the “Burka Policy” in Saudi Arabia. A few months later, the twin towers were attacked.  

Operations Southern and Northern Watch were conducted for over a decade. American air power managed the airspace over Iraq for a decade before the Iraq war. 

After 8 years in Iraq, I thought it odd that the Obama administration would abandon all the gains made in Iraq for Afghanistan. A Republican administration would have modified the Status of Forces Agreement for Iraq and pushed for Iraq’s entrance into NATO. Occupation of Germany for the most part is obsolete. Germany could be relegated to just a gas stop and billeting for Air Force air bridge  and rapid reaction force assets. A military base in Iraq would have been appropriate. 

We now know that removing Saddam Hussein has precipitated the unraveling of “balance of power” in the entire Middle East, and Sykes-Picot is disintegrating.    

In some regard, abandoning Iraq seems to be a staged event. Now that Afghanistan is winding down, the military industrial complex needs another war of choice in order to maintain armaments production and stock values. Weaning the military industrial complex off of  a massive 15 year stimulus program at the level of WW2 is similar to the era of the Korean conflict. The U.S. military and it’s vendors have become accustomed billions a month in war ops tempo revenue. Now that spending in Afghanistan and Iraq have reduced form $20 billion a month to $2 billion a month, they must be freaking out.  

Eisenhower warned us.

It almost seems as if the folks on Capitol hill planned the collapse of Iraq just so America will be forced to maintain the massive military industrial complex spending spree. I mean, either Barack Hussein Obama is truly incompetent, or he is the main character in some sort of Iraq shopping for wars choreographed theater. “Mission creep” will tell the real story.

Think about it. Barack Hussein Obama’s management of Iraq is a disaster. Democrats skewered George Bush over “Mission Accomplished!” As it is, Barack Hussein Obama should put a banner on the Nimitz that says ” dummkopf!” As we recall, John McCain wanted to stay in Iraq for one hundred years. In 2011, Iraq was not ready for NATO or a continued U.S. presence in Iraq. Americans wanted out too. Now that all the gains that our troops had made in Iraq are turning into “Saigon,” 50 percent of Americans want something done about it. In addition, a half million displaced Iraqis are starting to like the idea of American troops protecting them from throat cutting stinking terrorists with bad breath and dirty underwear. 

 So, either Barack Hussein Obama is truly incompetent or the folks that run the top echelons of the country are playing Americans and Iraqis like a child’s drum. 

Karl Rove ” the architect” is running around wearing a Harry S Truman hat. I am starting to ponder.

Really, we have to wonder if our president is incompetent or the main genius yes man character in our shopping for wars foreign policy theater. But then again, the current crisis in Iraq has labeled both Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama’s foreign policy positions as  “Brain damaged! ”  It has also created an atmosphere where Americans want another shot at Iraq. These behaviors are obvious and predictable responses to failure. This is not the Paris Peace talks and the end of LBJ’s guns and butter. The baby boomer isn’t doing acid at Woodstock or protesting the war. They are reading the labels on their prescription drug bottles and hoping their 401Ks do not collapse. Our younger generations are too busy texting and paying off student loans to protest perpetual war.   

Somebody’s strategy is killing 3 birds with one stone:

1. Expose the inept Obama Doctrine

2. Expose Hillary Clinton’s obvious foreign policy incompetence ensuring a Republican executive in 2016

3. Maintenance of massive military spending and perpetual war for decades.     

We have to wonder who the real genius is is…. 

Is the Iraq crisis a by product of an obvious trategy or Obama’s dumb luck? 

Either way, it is a cross generational “wagging the tail of the dog.” 

I don’t think it will help the Bush’s and their 26 favorability rating for 2016. We can call that “collateral damage.”  



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