It is time for Uncle Donny to stomp on some overzealous and treasonous bureaucrats

The Mueller Matrix has failed and Americans are now ready fro the red pill. In essence, Americans have overdosed on the blue pills given to us by the corrupt Democratic socialists and their liberal yellow propaganda press. We now have a high tolerance for the Blue Mueller Matrix lie, and want to see where the red pill rabbit hole actually goes. We want the real truth.

Robert Mueller played his hand and the hand of the FBI. It seems it was more about bureaucratic damage limitation versus real justice. In fact, it was simply one big propaganda scam designed to run interference for illegal deep state treachery. Stonewall Trump did not give a single inch.

Mueller doubled down on an 11 and the dealer gave him a 2. The dealer didn’t bust either. Hence, the Mueller probe lost all it’s chips, and then some. Mueller figured that he could snare Trump in process crimes and what the meaning of is is. However, unlike slick Willy, Uncle Donny would not be caught lying to the American people about a blow job from an intern in the coat closet. There would be no cigars either. Of course, Nancy Pelosi would age 5 years in a few months, and the nation would realize that Schiff and Nadler are McCarthyism style lying morons.

With no evidence of collusion or obstruction by the Trump campaign, Robert Mueller then defaulted to playing word games and orchestrating a final bluff. Word games that allowed the partisan hack idiots on Capitol hill to infer the ridiculous and engage in some sort of impeachment CPR theatrics. They breathed all their hot air and propaganda into the dead Mueller Report dummy to see if it would come alive. Even Amash ” the dick” is calling for impeachment with absolutely no evidence of collusion or obstruction by Trump.

The Democrats want to keep the Mueller Report CPR dummy alive, because they need the negative propaganda campaign to run interference for the Obama administration. It is clear that Mueller played his entire hand and now is waiting for what happens next. It is like he only has a few pawns and the King left on the board, and Trump has almost every single chess piece left. Some of Trump’s pawns were sweated in jail for their own behavior, but Trump is unscathed. Mueller and the Dems were hoping for a stalemate. They wanted Trump to move his pieces ineptly and allow for a stalemate. However, Trump never gave up any pieces or engaged in process crimes. Now he has complete control of the PR board and the Dems and the bureaucrats can only move one square at a time.

This SPYGATE fiasco makes Watergate look like a misdemeanor. It is now time for the Justice Department to get to the bottom of this illegal incident.

In the final analysis, Robert Mueller and the Dems played their entire hand and either busted or were dealt a 13. It is now time to stomp on some overzealous Bureaucrats and restore the rule of law. The Benghazi style media interference bluff has run it’s course. It is time for some payback.

In the final analysis, there is no compromising or cutting deals with an FBI that violated the 4th Amendment along political lines. Robert Mueller and his treasonous cronies must be exposed, tried, and punished for their crimes against we the people.