Jay Inslee a national embarrassment

As we recall, it was Barack Obama that stated “No tragedy should go to waste!” From that day on, the Democrats attempted to harvest every single white perpetrated incident against people of color for political gain. In essence, every white person that did something wrong was considered a Tea Party or Republican conservative. There was Gabriel Giffords and the Ferguson riots and so on. The list is massive. The Democrats were quick to judge George Zimmerman as a Republican racist. The liberal yellow press and Obama pulled the trigger a bit too quickly without vetting Zimmerman appropriately, because he was a Hispanic Democrat that voted for Obama.

Today, the Democrats have continued to go down the racist labeling toilette. Donald Trump was blamed for a mass murder in New Zealand. Just the other day, he was blamed for a mass shooting in El Paso and Dayton. However, the race baiting left was quick to label the shooters as Republican leaning white supremacists. In reality, the El Paso shooter was an extreme leftist that supported Democratic Socialist campaign propaganda. The Dayton shooter is being called the first Antifa mass murderer.

The entire field of Democratic Socialist candidates are harvesting the El Paso and Dayton tragedies for political gain and fund raising. They have even gone so far as to blame a sitting president for the murders, even though it is the liberal yellow press and the Democratic Socialists that are spreading the hate whitey gibberish. In fact, the liberal left has engaged in an extremely negative propaganda campaign since Donald Trump was elected. Donald Trump tweeted a few things about Ilhan Omar, but the liberal yellow press has turned Trump Derangement Syndrome into a a leviathan industry of racist and bigotry labeling. 90% of the media fixates on race baiting.

At this juncture, Jay Inslee has become a nasty big mouth for the liberal left. He is a political mut mix of Primila Jayapal, Kshama Suwant, Alexandria Occasio Cortez, Al Sharpton, Benito Musolini, Al Gore, and Karl Marx. In other words, he is a race baiting commiserative ass. If Inslee is not calling Washingtonians white nationalists, he is lying through his teeth about his accomplishments.

Inslee made a fatal political error when he decided to run for president. He would fall quickly below 2% and the big pocket donors like Steyer and Bloomberg abandoned him. Now he is languishing at less than zero. Jay Inslee is getting copious free press from every single liberal network yet he cannot move the needle. Washingtonians are now embarrassed as Inslee’s vanity and judgement are becoming suspect.

It wont belong before Jay Inslee’s political career is hung in the square by its heels for all to see. He has been exposed completely. Washingtonians understand that Inslee is consumed with extreme aspects of a severe Narcissistic Personality disorder. Under these circumstances, a likable Dino Rossi style Republican candidate would win the Washington executive. Washingtonians are turned off by the insanity and race baiting of the liberal left. We can see it in the Seattle city council races.