Jay Inslee calls Trump a white nationalist as his campaign shits the bed

In the above picture, Jay Inslee looks like he just shit his drawers. A precursor shit before his campaign shits the bed.

Jay Inslee has adopted the Evergreen College method of “white shaming.” If one does not vote the Democratic Socialist party line, then one is considered a white nationalist. Jay Inslee feels that all Washington voters whether they be independent, libertarian or Republican, are white nationalists if they do not vote for Democratic Socialism. It is an attempt to shame the weak minded into joining the Inslee ranks so the labeling does not apply to them. The rational is if one votes Democratic Socialist, then one is cleansed of all racist sin etc. In lieu of being baptized in the name of Jesus, one is saved and absolved of sin via the politburo. We saw the same method used during the Obama era.

As it is, Jay Inslee and the Democratic Socialist presidential candidates are basing their entire campaigns on free shit and race baiting. They depend on ignorance to carry the lies and propaganda across the finish line.

Jay Inslee is a real piece of work. The incompetent narcissist is basically polling at nothing. In order to elevate his status, he flings insults at the President of the United States. Jay Inslee is actively calling Donald Trump a white nationalist. hence , he is calling all Trump supporters white nationalists. That means over half of Washington state are white nationalists according to Inslee.

While Jay Inslee is a cash sucking bureaucratic moron, Donald Trump employs about 22,000 people. Most of these individuals are minorities. We can then throw in the Trump tax cuts and $24,000 standard deduction. Taxation reforms that put a couple of thousand of dollars into the pockets of hardworking legal immigrants. These tax cuts also lowered healthcare exchange policy costs. In some cases, folks are paying hundreds less per month for health care when the subsidies are factored in. We must then consider the lowest unemployment for minorities in pretty much history. Jay Inslee, on the other hand, only knows how to tax hardworking Washingtonians and create more levels of State bureaucracy.

Jay Inslee leaves out a few inconvenient truths about the shooters in El paso and Dayton. One of the shooters was a Jay Inslee style full on socialist. The other was a Democrat. In their sickening manifestos and social media gibberish, we found that one believed in universal income, universal healthcare, and several items on the Democratic Socialist freebie bribe list. In other words, they were more closely aligned with Jay Inslee’s Democratic Socialist party and Antifa than Trump’s 60 million voter base. Hence, these nut case killers were and are Democratic Socialist white nationalists. In fact, they are not Trump Republicans in any regard whatsoever.

Most Americans are melting pot nationalists. Donald Trump could be considered a melting pot nationalist. He employs legal immigrants and hung out with several black celebrities like Al Sharpton, and Jessie Jackson. He was only determined to be a racist when he won the presidency. The racist labeling was simply an extension of what the media started when Obama was elected. One was considered a racist if one did not support big government or the Obama tax and spend control agenda.

Jay Inslee has no shame. He is now flinging insults in order to elevate his status via negativity.

Donald Trump is not a white nationalist or a racist.

Jay lnslee however, is a self absorbed racist labeling narcissist and an enviro-fascist moron. He does not represent or govern hard working Washingtonians. He only abuses people and raises taxation levels on low income hardworking families.

Jay Inslee isn’t a nationalist either. His is an open borders/ sanctuary city supporting globalist. One could say that he is a tax and spend anti American open borders enviro-fascist Democratic Socialist bureaucratic race baiting garbage mouth.

Jay Inslee is jealous that Donald Trump defeated both the Bush and Clinton dynasties along with the deep state, and Jay, himself, cant get one single drunk on Las Vegas BLVD to support his presidential bid. That makes Jay Inslee a really soar loser.

It is time to go on the offensive and rid the Washington State governorship of this quack. We can no longer afford this white globalist in the governor’s mansion.