Jay Inslee drops off every single presidential pol


Click on the link above to see where Jay Inslee is these days. If you look at the graph, Jay Inslee is the bottom political scum layer. In fact, when the colors of Inslee, Castro and Gillibrand are mixed together it is the color of baby shit yellow or sick dog poop gray.

In the presidential polling scheme of things, Jay Inslee is basically the bottom feces layer that makes up the Democratic Socialist outhouse. He is now polling at .5 percent if the plus or minus error sides with him. If not, it is very possible that not one single polled person would vote for Jay Inslee. This is not an isolated event either. Every single major or minor polling enterprise has clipped Jay Inslee from the list. They have removed his name on all the pols. Ouch!!!!

Jay Inslee is not even an amoeba in the political primordial ooze. He is more like inert shit compost liquid. No scratch that. Jay Inslee’s political career is dead. All that is left is the composting.

As far as Attorney General Ferguson, some say he is like a weird Al Yankovic version of Loretta Lynch. they say he belongs in a Harry Potter movie as an evil asshole. The tax payer would garner joy to see Ferguson reduced to a tiny troll by “Tabitha”, and then squished in the corner with brilliant red Texas cockroach killer cowboy boots. All that would be left are some glasses, some hair and a rounded ugly expression of teeth. Somewhat like the remnants of a New York City late term abortion Blasio special. I would probably piss on him first and then employ a die grinder.

Per Real Clear Politics, Jay Inslee’s pol numbers plummeted when he opened his mouth. He quickly went from 2% to .5%. This suggest that he has lost his undeserved political charm and people do not like him. That is quite sad given that the airhead Democratic Socialist idiot voter can be talked into anything. They can be talked into killing a 9 month old and calling it a moral choice. They can be talked into allowing uncut pseudo trans-gendered biological male athletes to compete with girls. They can be talked into allowing high-school boys into the little girls room. Of course, they now believe that there are 20 different genders and that men can give birth. It is quite telling that Jay Inslee cannot talk a single liberal into supporting him. This reality suggest that his political selection quotient is zero….Oooooooh!

What a bitch!!! Only 5 people in 1000 support Jay Inslee. Then again, after he got an endorsement from AOC, the only people who support him are his wife and Bob Ferguson. However, if the error percentage applies, his wife may not even support him and good old pointy nosed Bob might be lying.

The good news is that Jay Inslee will not go quietly into the night when he finally quits his presidential bid. The good news is that he will run for a third term as governor of Washington state and then lose. Washingtonians are dying for a Republican Governor, House and Senate. If we are to save Washington, we must get rid of all the liberal freaks like Inslee and Ferguson. They have run their course. An expensive, heinous and decadent course from the government takeover of healthcare to their obsessive compulsive taxation disorders.

Old pointy nosed little Bobbie Ferguson likes to take stupid little pot shots at Trump. He could be considered the irrational mad dog judicial arm of the LGBTQ ” Gaystopo.” The type of Attorney General that might even jail a parent for not supporting the LGBTQ indoctrination of kindergartners. The type of guy that might fine someone for not selling flowers to a same sex couple while turning a blind eye to the injection of poison into the brains of a 9 month old baby crowning the labia. To many, his moral priority structure might belong in Treblinka’s medical experimentation ward. Gross!!!!! Of course truth is the best defense. For little Bobbie, it is all a matter of record. Hopefully he doesn’t catch you using an inappropriate gender pronoun because he may seek life in prison.

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