Jay Inslee drops to .3

It is hard to watch a career political narcissist slide down the slope of the Maslow theory of hierarchy pyramid. At .3, Jay Inslee can no longer self actualize his rise in politics. In fact, his preeminence is evaporating.

When I ran for Congress in 2016, I was able to gain almost 8% of the Republican vote. Even as a total unknown, I attained Kamala Harris numbers. I spent $5,000 and drove around in a 1951 red Ford pickup. I had zero support from the Republican party save one invite over in Shelton. My public speech was obtuse to say the least. However, I was severely handicapped when someone elevated another Republican candidate to the WAGOP candidate list on their website. So much for fairness. This censorship behavior could be compared to the shadow banning of conservatives on Twitter, Facebook, Google and the liberal yellow press in general.

Jay Inslee has been a politician for decades. He has benefited from copious free press and unlimited recognition via unions, environmentalists, Seattle Marxists, big tech gurus, the Seattle Times, and the list goes on and on and on. Then there are the gubernatorial elections that expose him to millions. So, how is it that only 3 people in 1000 would vote for him?

Jay Inslee is somewhat of a liar. He strectches the truth and expects the liberal yellow press to drag the lie into the arena a pseudo truth. Then the liberal idiots will gobble up and internalize the falsehoods. The same folks that ran up an average of $40,000 in student loan debt “through no fault of their own” are easily manipulated. So are the Neo-Marxists of Seattle. Just dabble race baiting, class envy, and bigotry on the fishing pole and Inslee’s constituency will bark like self righteous feral city dogs.

All the Democratic Socialist governors take credit for the Trump economy. Governors like Jay Inslee and his Democratic Socialist dominated state house and senate have taken full advantage of the Trump windfall revenue streams. In addition, they have added 22% to the budget in just one year. Instead of being satisfied with Trump revenue streams, they add more avenues of taxation.

Folks are fleeing California in droves. They are moving to Tacoma etc. Some are selling their million dollar homes in Los Angeles and moving to Seattle. Folks from Seattle are offing $800,000 entry level properties and moving to Tacoma. The housing prices are exploding and Home Depot is seeing a massive uptick in patronage. The parking lot is full of shoppers and illegal aliens looking for work. Because of the new and heinous Tacoma City counsel landlord tenant laws, rents are inflating. Moreover, Jay Inslee’s property tax onslaught is driving low income renters and fixed income seniors out of their homes as well.

In reality, Russel Wilson has had more to do with growth in the Washington state economy than Jay Inslee. Hell, my dachshund has created more shovel ready jobs than Inslee. Jay Inslee only taxes the shit out of people. His so-called progressive policy lies are just that “lies.” Progressives and liberals never create jobs. They just waste tax payer revenue. The American people, small business, and innovative corporations create jobs. Jay Inslee only takes a week’s wage every single month from Washingtonians to fuel his penchant for massive Utopian government. He is probably the most fiscally irresponsible and money grabbing governor in the history of Washington state. As we recall, even Christine Gregoire cut spending.

Imagine how much Washington state taxation could be cut with a Republican dominated house, senate and executive.

Imagine the multiplier effect if 30% of Jay Inslee’s budget was cut.

Jay Inslee has gone from 20 people in 1000 supporting him to 3 people in 1000. This trend developed over only a two month period. If past is prologue, Jay Inslee’s pol numbers will be at .1 in another month. Soon the political infection will spread to Washington politics. Especially after the Democratic Socialist debates. Americans were appalled by the socialist and open borders rhetoric.

In the final analysis, the once successful politician that was handed everything on a political platter has lost all of his likability factor. It is like his constituents have done so much “Inlsee Ecstasy” that they now have basically zero dopamine left for the man. It is quite refreshing to watch Jay Inslee, the liberal piece of garbage, go down in flames. Even the most gullible and stupid liberals among us are not giving Jay Inslee the time of day. Inslee is caught in an “identity politics catch 22,” because he is just an old white tax and spend envro-fascist fraud dude that does not take it up the poop shoot. In the scheme of things, he has zero Democratic Socialist street cred.

It is time to stomp on Jay Inslee here in Washington.

Lastly, Jay Inslee is a fraud and a liar.

I believe what trump says. I dont believe a single thing that comes out of Jay Inslee’s big mouth. Just like the other 997 out of a 1000 people.