Jay Inslee exploiting the Trump economy

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On when he’ll decide about seeking a third term

“I have not established any particular day. The presumption is, if I was not chosen to help the country, I will maintain a healthy state of Washington.”

If Jay Inslee isn’t taking credit for the Trump economy, he is attacking the Electoral college, giving violent illegals safe haven, and taking bribes from Bloomberg. Jay Inslee ranks in the top 10 of disgusting and un-American liberal nincompoops. I would say that he is some where between Maxine Waters, and Adam Schiff. In fact, he is tied with Kate Brown of Oregon for the most heinous liberal governor on the West coast.

Christine Gregoire cut taxes to balance the budget. Jay Inslee is constantly looking for ways to screw the Washington tax payer and turn the Puget Sound into an economic no-go-zone. The self centered and self absorbed narcissist, that does not know how to call it quits, even bad mouthed the Boeing Airplane Company. He publicly back stabbed a massive employer that creates utter hundreds of thousands of jobs and huge multiplier effect.

The Puget Sound economy plodded along like an old cart pulling jackass on it’s last legs under Barack Obama. Even with zero interest rates, open ended quantitative easing, and massive toxic bond, and asset repurchase the Obama economy sucked. America was in two wars with maximum guns and butter, yet there was little job creation in the Puget Sound. Starbucks was littered with unemployed people without a single job prospect.

Of course when Trump was elected, there was an immediate stock market correction. In addition, unemployment numbers tumbled to historic lows. None of this happened under Obama. He was about regulation and wealth redistribution. Instead of job creation, Obama focused on what bathroom to use and same sex marriage. He then left the Middle East in ruin. Moreover, healthcare policy costs would triple in only 5 years or so. During this time, Jay Inslee focused on increasing budget and taxation scams. Instead of keeping Washington’s Trump economy healthy, he is the bureaucratic taxation parasite from hell.

The bottom line is that successful economy and Democratic Socialism do not mix. You cant have it both ways. You cannot have an enviro-fascist con man as governor and a growing economy. Someone has to pay the bills. If Trump is voted out of office, then Washington state’s economy goes with it. Then all the pensions and budgets that Jay Inslee is responsible for will simply shit the bed. Kate Brown’s Oregon pension program will go bankrupt. It will the era of Christine Gregoire all over again, except, Jay Inslee’s unsustainable budgets will cause massive budget shortfalls.

It is such a hypocritical catch 22 when jay Inslee brags about the Washington state economy when all he does is increase the budget and seek ways to screw the hard working tax payer. he does not care about the Washington State family. All he cares about are California style taxation scams and special interest agenda’s .

As far as helping the country, Jay Inslee wants only New York and California to control who is in the presidency. He and his cronies have taken away the will of the Washington voter in support of the popular vote. If the popular vote is ever ratified in this country, Washington state will have no say in who gets elected.

In the final analysis, Jay Inslee hasn’t done a damn thing for Washingtonians. He is just a filthy political parasite in the House of Harkonnen. It is time for a reckoning.