Jay Inslee “Fear and loathing in Las Vegas!”

Jay Inslee’s campaign for president is basically on a cold slab in the morgue. He flat lined several weeks ago. The sheet was draped over the campaign and his foot was tagged. At this juncture, we are waiting for the campaign to be shoved into the stainless steel body vault. Alas, Jay Inslee will not go quietly into the bright light of presidential aspiration obsolescence. He thinks that the heat of the Las Vegas sun will heat up the campaign corps and ease the rigor mortis of his un-likability factor..

If Jay Inslee is lucky, his round-table discussions in Nevada will net maybe a dozen people each. He will also gather zero campaign contributions because his campaign is dead. The Nevada Dems will simply hide the yawns and drink copious shitty coffee and wait for I-15 traffic to die down.

While Jay Inslee is the tax and spend moron governor from hell, Brodheads did copious in Nevada. We voted on and funded the Fremont/ Carson expeditions . We voted yea to the creation of the Utah territory. We authored the Senate bill that funded the topography survey for the transcontinental railroad. We funded the creation of the first telegraph across Nevada. We also brought the mail service before the Pony Express. Copious military roads were funded to include the updating of the Mormon trail that extends from Salt lake City to California. The road goes right through Las Vegas. A place where Jay Inslee’s presidential campaign corpse is decomposing in the sun.

Thornton Fleming Brodhead would serve with Jesse Lee Reno in Mexico.

I grew up in Nevada and was weened on Nevada conservative politics. We learned what a good horse was. We learned to say things like they actually are. I can say that Nevadans simply do not like Inslee’s kind. We know he is just a carpet bagger that shows up when all the hard work is done.

Jay Inslee should simply put all his campaign money on 13 black in a stinking Nevada Casino. he would have a better chance at winning on the roulette table than achieving a 1% support level.

In essence, Jay Inslee is shitting in the tub after a peyote bender.

My uncle Doug would fly the Boeing B-29 over Groom lake nuclear tests while reporters filmed the nuclear explosions. He would fly the Boeing B-52 loaded with Nukes along the Russian border during the Cold War. He would die young at the Spokane VA center.

Meanwhile, My friends the Sheahans are getting their Groom mine taken via eminent domain.

My Uncle Mike would see the ruins of Hiroshima before heading to Korea and being taken prisoner by the North Koreans during the Korean conflict. He was a Marine and lied about his age of 16.

Nobody likes Jay Inslee in Nevada….