Jay Inslee owes the Washington State tax payer 4 million dollars

I dont know why I bother. The WAGOP has not once retweeted one of my articles. In 2016, they put another candidate’s website on the WAGOP website and not mine. If you read my articles you will find that I am much more intelligent and resourceful than their candidate of choice was. He might have been an officer, but I am a self made enlisted man that saw the world. I was never given a damn thing in my life and had to scrap for everything. I have never been rewarded by others, hence, I have to work much harder than others that are simply handed everything on a platter.

Jay Inslee and his tax and spend Democratic Socialist brethren passed a budget in the wee hours of the night. It is always the same with these folks. Even though the Donald Trump economy has proven to be a state revenue windfall that balanced the Washington State budget and provided a massive tax surplus, Inslee wanted more taxation. The strategy is to continually add conjured up inept taxation schemes, road access tolls and levies, and run people out of their homes via property taxes.

Inslee wants to tax the road you use to get to work. Tax the fuel you consume. Massively tax the 1000 sqft. rambler dump in South Tacoma to the tune of $400 a month in property taxes. Tax utilities and inflate car tabs. Then when one gives up, sells the house and looks to move out, Jay Inslee wants 10% of the profit. Donald Trump cut taxes on the middle class. Jay Inslee is taking a 1/4 of the average Washington tax payer’s monthly wage.

In Washington State, the property taxes, and utility costs are so high that rental prices are exploding and driving people into homelessness. Jay Inslee and his Democratic Socialist cronies know nothing about job creation unless it relates to union employees and multi generation taxation scams. He does know how to drive business out of town however. Just look at how he drove Amazon out of town and how he bad mouths Boeing.

Now Jay Inslee is using Washington tax payer dollars to parade around as a presidential candidate when he only polls at zero to 1%.

All of the Puget Sound’s newspapers and media outlets are turning on Jay Inslee and his tax and spend envro-fascist idiots.

Anyways Heimlich here is and article even though you are too damn stuck up to retweet one single article of mine when I have done hundreds for the cause. You want campaign donations but you and Susan control information flow like reactionary control freak misers.

It is simply amazing. Brodheads have served this country faithfully since we took New Amsterdam and established English speaking rule. I personally served my country as a dedicated veteran from 1978 to 2006. Even then, the WAGOP employ’s inept game plans and weakly presented identity politics candidates. They wont even share a damn article of mine. The list of inept candidates fielded by Susan and Heimlich is quite long. Of course, the State Reps and State Senators are also stingy control freaks that continue to lose ground because they are average and timid. They think that being average and pathologically congenial will win the day and they condemn and censure other people’s opinions. Its all about control.

The WAGOP continues to lose ground and are allowing the Jay Inslee style Democratic Socialist to rise up and destroy the Puget Sound economy.

In summation: The radical socialists in Seattle are conducting themselves in a very extremist manner. They call us bigots and racists and all manner of objectionable labels. All the while, they are simply a bunch of ignorant commiserative pieces of shit that want everyone to pay for their Marxist and commiserative schemes. The WAGOP remains timid and pathologically timid while Inslee turns the Puget Sound into an economic no-go zone. One of these days, you are going to have to make a real verbal stand. Playing nice has done nothing.

I have proven to be smarter, more worldly, more articulate, and much more engaged than many of your candidates. My claim to fame is not living in a camping trailer in some one’s back yard. I am an entrepreneur with several skills sets. I have never been given a damn thing on a platter. I stand and fight for everything instead of playing greater than thou control freak games.