Jay Inslee slides to .4% in major presidential polls.

It is clear that Jay Inslee no longer has the political likability factor that put him in the US Congress or the Washington State governorship. Jay Inslee thought that everyone would rejoice when he threw his hat in the ring for president.

At first, Jay Inslee was at around 2% plus or minus 3%. This week he has slipped to .4%. At best with the margin of error in his favor, 3 in 100 people would vote for Jay Inslee. It seems however, that given that Jay has support from only .4% or .4 people out of 100, he probably received only 1 single vote per 100 people in every major poll. Then again, If we look at a traditional 1000 person sampling, it may very well be that Jay Inslee only garners support from 1 person in a thousand if the margin of error is factored in. .

Apparently, the word is getting around about Jay Inslee.

Jay Inslee’s vanity run is morphing into the failed campaign of a terminal narcissistic personality disorder in extreme denial.

Except for creepy Joe Biden and his name recognition, there is little room for a vanilla governor candidate. Today, the Democratic Socialist party is all about socialists and identity politics candidates.

Hey Jay, do not feel too bad, Gillibrand is at 0% and Hickenlooper is at .2.