Jay Inslee’s post debate bounce rolls into the gutter

You can see it in his face, eyes and demeanor. Even Jay Inslee knows that his candidate for president is an irrecoverable embarrassment to himself and Washingtonians. .

Today’s performance by President Trump was an embarrassing attempt to avoid responsibility for his own actions.” Inslee said in a statement released by his campaign.  “It’s time for Donald Trump to take ownership for his encouragement of hate and violence in America. From hateful chants at his rallies, to racist tweets, to praise for white nationalists, this president has done more to divide the United States than any leader in modern history.”

Of course, Jay Inslee does not even consider Obama stating that “if he had a son, he would look like Trayvon Martin.” Inslee does not acknowledge the fact that the Democratic Socialist party survives on sparking , cultivating, corralling, and maintaining racial division. In truth, today’s focus on the term “white nationalist” is just a continuation of your standard race baiting Democratic Socialist rhetoric.

Never mind that the El Paso shooter was a severe self loathing socialist and an enviro-fascist in the political mold of Jay Inslee. Never mind that the Dayton shooter was the first wholesale Antifa mass murderer.

Jay Inslee is not only a soft in the head Green New Deal enviro-fascist nincompoop that worships AOC, he is a loose lipped and irrational Al Sharpton wannabe.

Jay Inslee is a demonstrative extremist in every regard. He believes in extreme taxation measures, fee scams and outright swindle as it relates to the Washington state tax payer. The Washington voter can vote a tax measure or swindle down a half dozen times and Jay Inslee will attempt to push it through his democratically controlled legislature. They care little about the actual will of the people. To Inslee, “the end justified the means,” even if the end is simply irrational and unproven hog wash. In lieu of achievable carbon reduction milestones that are in harmony with our industrial model, Inslee is all about un-achievable and irrational extremes that only stupid and penniless Seattle liberals will believe.

It is time for Washingtonians to take ownership of the fact that Jay Inslee is a self serving extremist moron that needs to be put out of his political misery. !

Jay Inslee’s latest post debate bounce was more like a dog’s ball rolling into the gutter. All of the major polls do not even call out his name. It is quite easy to infer from his 0.0 support level that “nobody likes Jay Inslee!”

When Jay Inslee called Donald Trump a white nationalist, he crossed the line. He defined himself as a divisive fool and an Al Sharpton protege that will play the race card to elevate his status. In doing so, he labeled millions of Washingtonians as white nationalists. He proved that he is the supreme leader of the liberal gutter politics of Seattle.

It is time to dump the Jay Inslee political corpse into the hole along with all the Democratic Socialists that do his taxation bidding. We need a Republican governor that supports the will of the people, reduces taxation and bureaucracy, and supports the Electoral college. Jay Inslee represents the most extremist political positions in the country and is a danger to the melting pot and our cherished form of government.