Joe Biden the Jussie Smollett of presidential candidates

It is so amusing to watch as liberal airhead Face the Nation groupies seek to twist the divisive Joe Biden message into something palatable. They are the enlightened ones with the altruistic message that everyone is just waiting to hear. In reality many are low intelligence revisionist regurgitating liberal yellow press propaganda frauds. Some are irrational LGBT activists that want to shove an expanded agenda down our throats. Jesus must be eradicated from the school system and replaced with LGBT indoctrination starting in Kindergarten. The mere fact that they think their opinions are some how political gospel and the high ground morals of a nation, makes them quite ignorant and insulting. Do they look into the mirror each day and tell themselves that people believe the propaganda, or do they just spew gibberish to keep a job?

Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy during the Baltimore riots. At the same time, the mayor of Baltimore encouraged the rioters . Now we have Joe Biden seeking to exploit racial division for campaign donations in 2019. It is the same game plan to a T.

Jussie Smollett sought to create free positive press from a fraudulent and orchestrated racially and bigoted motivated hate crime. Today, Joe Biden is using the same playbook of racial division to kick start his campaign. Realize that the Obama administration routinely exploited division as the shiny object. No tragedy ever went to waste.

Joe Biden is the Jussie Smollett presidential candidate for 2020. Never mind that the economy sucked during the Obama administration and Joe Biden likes to make uninvited physical contact with female teens. Never mind that Obama was Bush 2.0. Just forget about 3.2% GDP growth and the ending of wars in the Middle East. Forget about the lowest unemployment numbers for blacks in documented history, just focus on Charlottesville and a misconstrued statement by Donald Trump.

I mean, I know I have a job and my 401K increased 40% in just two years, but touchy feely Joe Biden says that Donald Trump is a racist. Per Joe Biden it is better to commiserate about politically motivated racial divisioning than the dignity of a job.

Joe Biden just sent a message that stoking racial hatred for campaign donations is more important than societal harmony, employment, and the economy stupid. Same game plan as Obama and Hillary Clinton. Nothing has changed like we hoped. Of course we must now interject the poster boy of the LGBT movement and full on socialists looking for free shit as well.

It is an insult to the hardworking black community when vested political plantation owners of the Democrat party base their campaigns on corralling commiseration and exploiting racial division.

Ok, so the Democratic Socialist platform is now:

continued race baiting

student loan pay offs



LGBT indoctrination in the school system

letting the Boston Marathon bomber vote

enviro-fascist economic policies

the Stalinesque Green New Deal

gun confiscation

special invitation sanctuary cities

1.5 million illeqals a year allowed to cross the border

airplane prohibition

90% taxation rates

the rich paying for everyone’s college